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GW2 New Expansion Announcement August 1

Arenanet will be moving an announcement about the second expansion on August 1 9 am Pacific.

You can tune in at 9 AM PDT (UTC-7) here at the official page or visit back here for the recap


You’ve seen where one path ends, and it’s nearly time to learn where the Guild Wars 2 story will take you next. On Tuesday, 1 August tune in for a special livestream event at as we announce the details of our second expansion!

Tune in at 3:00 PM UTC (8:00 AM Pacific Time) on the official site at watch the 50-minute preshow, hosted by our Guild Wars 2 partners! The announcement will begin at approximately 4:00 PM UTC (9:00 AM Pacific Time).


3:00 PM UTC (8:00 AM Pacific Time): Preshow with OMGlitzy
YouTubeTwitch, and Facebook:
3:50 PM UTC (8:50 AM Pacific Time): 10-Minute Countdown
4:00 PM UTC (9:00 AM Pacific Time): Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement
4:30 PM UTC (9:30 AM Pacific Time): Postshow with Wooden Potatoes

We’ll celebrate with giveaways during the stream. Be sure to subscribe to our events on FacebookYouTube, and Twitch to be notified when the streams go live.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with you, and we hope to see you on 1 August!

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61 replies on “GW2 New Expansion Announcement August 1”

I wonder if “new outfits” will be advertized as major expansion feature. After all, they are the main focus of the game as of late, and will assuredly constitute majority of new content.

I really wish they would go back to making outfits into individual pieces of armor like when gw2 first came out.

Do you people who incessantly whine about outfits really not understand that an MMO needs to generate revenue somehow?

Mizu: sure they do, and that is not the problem. but when 99% of all newly introduced armors are either outfits, or when they are obtained through pve they look really dull and trash looking and has little to no cosmetic value (to make people just buy outfits instead), then there is a problem. its been proven time and time again that anet puts very little effort into making armors UNLESS its going in the gemstore shute.

Of course they want people to buy gemstore stuff. I don’t understand why so many people get so affronted by this idea. Again, revenue is a necessity. And yes, individual skins offer a lot more flexibility than full outfits and it would be fantastic if they went back to them, but outfits are easier to make and clearly people buy them, so it’s not hard to see why outfits are the main focus these days.

“UNLESS its going in the gemstore”

Slayers, et al would like to dispute that claim. Even trash tier outfits end up in the gem store.

Armor skins take as much effort as an outfit does, since outfits are still constructed out of separate parts (you can notice it when dyes bug and outfit gets colored in more than its four channels, mimiking how your armor’s dyed, for a moment). Its just they release it in the lame way that leaves nothing to imagination.

Nope! Complete opposite in fact. Outfits are technically all one skin. It’s armour that’s broken up and its meshing is why they rarely release armour now. They have 5 different races and thus, 5 different armour skins to make. On top of that, they have to insure that none of the armour clips improperly with literally every other piece of armour in the game. But sure, that’s the same as making one single armour mesh 5 times, compared with making 6, 5 times. Exactly the same effort

That’s different. A 3D modeller makes about same amount of modelling. Sure, a trained monkey that assigns models and stats to items has to do more work, but we’ve not yet reached level of civilization where animals have rights and can’t be overworked.

>they have to insure that none of the armour clips improperly with literally every other piece of armour in the game.
Oh yeah, great job on existing armour skins LMAO
And on top of that outfits actually do clip too (atleast with weapons and sometimes on certain race).
So this whole outfit justification debate was, is and always will be for me a giant piece of shit. Unless devs would actually communicate on that issue to explain how exactly it takes longer to produce armor instead of outfit. I simply don’t believe in “checking every combination” crap.

yes clearly gw2 is the only mmo in this world that has no idea how to make money, oh gosh you’re such a retard. It clearly has nothing to do with their marketing or development team, nop that’s not how you make money – nah the whiners are probably what cause the company to lose on capital, yeah you’re such a tard. Just stfu for a moment and take in all that criticism that this shitty company gets, then analyze it and use your brain this time, you will come to a conclusion that this company is the fault of no profit (or shitty profit). They are exactly like every other tardy dev/marketing team that complain about pirates while at the same time churning out shit with topped shittier drms.

you’re probably easily manipulated teen who has no idea what is capital and how it’s made.

you’re pretty much advocating the typical millennial ego bullshit, laziness is good – give us free stuff, like us you haters.

just more stupid buttcapes. that’s all you can expect from Buttcape Wars 2: Rise of the Assparka.

I want Necro with pistol, if it has that I’m sold, I don’t care if the rest is just the human Gods dancing the Macarena for a couple hours…


edit: NVM found it, so mounts huh? That’s gonna be weird, probably just in the new zone.

Been looking forward to this since the Devs realized they’d messed up HoT. For the first expansion there was literally no plan. They started working on it after the last released living world episode – which resulted in a content drought as the living world events dried up, an unpolished release and months of fixes afterwards – preventing the release of new content. A big stalling factor for further development in HoT was the realization that they needed to dedicate resources to the next expansion immediately, splitting the amount of people available to work on improving HoT in half.

Many sacrifices to content quality and speed of delivery were thus made in the HoT era to ensure things would go smoothly the next time round. So sseeing as HoT is now concluded, I’m looking for to seeing what a fully functional Anet release and update plan actually look like.

And having a thief char. Need one of em pre-release bundles to get one more character slot ^^

There was no singular statement in which the devs said HoT was a messup. There were however a series of events in which prime components of the HoT expansion were either canceled, delayed, removed, nerfed, made redundant or made skippable and of course the project head resigned before the Josh guy took the lead and changed development strategy. I personally liked how HoT worked at launch (save some rushed story points (and the undersized expansion zone list)), it was just made fairly evident by multiple feedbacks that the expansion did not meet people’s expectations and deviated too heavily from the design goals of the base game.

If someone really wants a list of every design change implemented after the HoT launch that I can remember I will make a list but it seems a bit pointless – especially seeing as I’ll be listing issues the community had which no longer exists anymore -.-

you can look forward all you want, but so far it looks 100% the same as HoT, all of the leaked content is more of HoT – more specializations, maps and hero poins, and yeah a mount, whoopeee. *not*.

There is nothing wrong with the concepts of specialisations and hero points (or new maps), its a question of how they balance their implementation. The trick is managing to make the acquisition of hero points a meaningful experience while still being possible for the entire player base.
So in short, complain about how they fudged it a week after release, not a week before -.-

Lmao what else do you want?! What the heck do you look for in an expansion? New story, new specializations, new and interesting masteries. Give me that and I’m a happy camper.

Which WoW did you play? I started at cataclysm, had to buy all expansions.
GW2 is gonna follow the last-one-only payment system

I can’t speak for 2010 but at least since WoD in 2014 the previous expansion(s) were rolled into the base game.

Probably not. HoT had a new profession because heavy armour only had 2 profs, where medium and light had 3.

New specs, as we’d expect and know from leaks.

Actually races would be more likely than a new profession (although I’d still be pretty surprised if we got a new race this expac). Pretty much any idea for a new profession could be covered under the elite specialization system

I’m curious but not intensely so. I fell for the hype with HoT – especially revenant – and well, that didn’t pan out.

Fingers crossed for the new ranger spec being shapeshifting.

Nah. Seeing how widely its been touted that mounts are incoming, the most awesome ranger spec possible would be a mounted specialisation.

As I read this, you approve of a mounted class if mounts are ridable throughout tyria. Depending on animations, its probably possible to have mounts move at a normal pace in old zones, allowing for exclusive ranger speccing without breaking anything.

Thing is..i have a feeling the mounts won’t be like an “inventory item” which u can pop. I think they will be related to a heart locally and you only get it in a certain area.

I hope i am wrong tho..i would love to have it as my own personal thing…not something i have to constantly grind the same shit over and over again and which dissapears after i exit a zone. That would be lame.

And honestly dude….if they come up with the retarded excuse “oh but it would break the immersion of older maps” i will go crazy. If you already poured thousands of hours in this game..if u already finished most of everything this game has to offer…i think you don’t care anymore about being immersed in the same shit places you keep visiting. If anything you would feel better knowing u have a faster method of traversing shit.

I don’t know of anyone who would ever say “oh..i wish there wouldn’t be mounts available in this immersion would be so immersed!” Let’s be fking real.

But ANet has a tendancy of delivering “wishes” like a Ginnie….. as in “you think u get what u want..but actually you don’t”

Here’s a concept you can readily put your faith behind: Anet wants you to buy gems.

To get you to buy gems Anet wants to sell you desirable mounts. For mounts to be desirable, they need to be closer to gliders then bouncing mushrooms. Ergo, I’m not worried in the slightest that mounts Will be confined to very limited areas.

There are countless ways to balance mounts in the old maps. Personally I like the idea of removing their bonus speed or limiting the speed bonus to the same as the city jogger mastery.

Oddly though, one place where full speed mounts could shine in hot content would be the wvw desert borderland. Maps too huge, mounts could make it reasonably interactable.

Yea..i was thinking of the same thing about gems as u are talking about (especially skins and whatnot)….i just hope they will be an item that i can use whenever the fuck i want and wherever the fuck i want. No maps have to be changed in any way shape or form because mounts = moving speed increased on land…nothing more (except if they introduce flying ones)…so it’s the same thing as having a speed boost on your character.

Mostly agree. MMOs are built around constraining you as much as they are about enabling you. While i want to have access to my mount as the norm, taking my mount away from me is a good story telling device. I’d expect to have it throughout vanilla GW2 but I’d understand if it were restricted from the verdent brink and tangled depth for story telling purposes (and highlighting the gliding mechanic).

Also it would be pretty cool if they were willing to give every mount the same personality in the same way the commander has the same personality regardless of race – cause if they did that, they could make the mount a central character of the GW2 story. It would humor me no end if I knew my noble stead would stand by me through absolutely any circumstance, unless an apple cart rolled by, in which case said mount would viciously desert me until an unspecified point in the forseeable future.

It’s a good story telling device as long as it’s taken away only in story..or untill you fully finish the story..but anything OTHER then that “limit” is just a retarded constraint with no basis whatsoever.

It’s going to suck ass. Buy it anyway since you probably spend thousands on less developed games for your phone. I’ll pay the $60 just to see for myself the incredibly large hype-to-disappointment ratio.

Now now, i got the feeling anet really listened to all the criticism, so in having positive vibes. If course it’s make or break now, so if they fail to live up to the hype this time it could be disastrous

Smart programmers never work in gaming. Its the most stress with the smallest payout. These are not very intelligent people we’re dealing with. It will most certainly be a let down.

But you’re right. This may or may not be the last Anet purchase of our lives.

4:00 PM UTC (9:00 AM Pacific Time): Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement
4:30 PM UTC (9:30 AM Pacific Time): Postshow with Wooden Potatoes

So it’s only 30 minutes? Wha? That’s balls. If I remember correctly HoT was like 1 hour long? Well, I do really hope they are gonna show Elementalist spec so I can have my confirmation of sword and start crafting “Shining Blade”.

It’s because as they stated recently, they will treat the expansion as a regular living story content update..only much chunkyer. It’s a different take.

I am curious at the amount of “stuff” we will have in the next expansion.

I hope they’ll follow wow-expansion model, I want free hot (wow gives out free expansions that were priced prior)

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