Black Desert Mystic Class Trailer

Pearl Abyss released the class trailer for the upcoming Mystic class today. This class arrives today for KR and will be arriving on NA/EU in Q4 2017.

  • Razyiel

    I am so sold on this – already liked triker pre awakening and this one looks even better with the fast sidesteps and more footwork than her male counterpart.

    One more guess…might that tornado/lightning part in the end hint at some magical infused awakening power or am I going too far with that assumption? 😀

  • Jean Grey’s Anatomy

    Q4 is pretty far right? That would be October-November-December?

    Or do they have their own fiscal year I’m not familiar with?

    I thought the transition between Korean Striker and NA/EU Striker was way shorter than that.

  • Cristian Aska Malatesta

    So much noise for 3 fists and 1 kick…

  • Djangus Roundstone

    so how far behind is US compared to the Korean version at this point? I played at launch and haven’t touched it since but I was thinking of going back

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