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GW2 Master Storyteller and Risen Research Achievements Guide

GW2 Master Storyteller and Risen Research Achievements Guide. This is a work in progress.


Storyteller: Balthazar – 3AP





Page 1

From the Northwest Shrine waypoint, run up the ledge and then glide across to a little terrace with two Botanists and an Oakheart.


Page 2

Near the heart vendor. Use the updraft between the two Balthazar statues to get up to this alcove. This alcove is slightly higher than the one for page 3 and you can glide down to get page 3.


Page 3

This is near the heart vendor. Use the nearby updraft to get up and becareful to not touch the lava or you will get burned.


Page 4

West of Lyssa’s Reliquary


Page 5

West of Lyssa’s Reliquary, just below Page 4.


Page 6

South of Pilaster Rock. It is near the sea level. Jump on the corals to the left to get in.


Storyteller: Dwayna – 3AP





Page 1

Inside a hidden room on the SW corner of the map past the sunken boat. Same location as Melandru Journal #6.


Page 2

Underwater, below the sunken boat.


Page 3

Near the Dwayna’s Tear Mastery Insight. Inside the spider nest covered by the upside down boat.


Page 4

Drop down from #5 to this ledge with Botanist/Oakheart and you will find this page.


Page 5

At the top of the waterfall where Cliff’s Edge Mastery Insight is.


Page 6

At end of one of the pipes that is underwater.


Storyteller: Grenth -  3AP





Page 1/Page 4

These two are next to each other. There is a small hole above the tunnel just north of the Southwestern Shrine waypoint. Kill some ley-line scavengers to grab their organ and then climb up the circular structure a bit before using the #2 skill to get up.


Page 2



Page 3

On the small rock just north of the Heart vendor. You need to go up a bit on the rock north of it and then glide over.


Page 5

Right beside Hiffa’s Camp POI.


Page 6

Behind this giant tree SE of Tears of Orr POI. You can kill a scavenger nearby and use the leyline organ to hop through the small gap at the back of the tree.


Page 7

A bit tricky to get in and can take a couple of tries but this page is inside the upside down boat. Get as high as you can and then glide/turn into it.


Page 8

Underwater along the north walls.


Storyteller: Lyssa – 3AP





Page 1

On a ledge fairly high up next to some Botanists


Page 2

On a ledge that is just above Page 3, reached by updraft.


Page 3

Another ledge pretty high up.


Page 4

Another high ledge.


Page 5

On top of the arches.


Page 6

Use portals/updrafts to get to this very top ledge in the Lyssa area and then use one of those Ley Organ #2 skill to boost yourself over the “wall”.


Once you are on the wall, drop down on the other side until you see a ledge with some redddish plants. There is a little cave on that ledge you can run in and find the page at the end.


Page 7

Underwater south of Pilaster Rock


Page 8

Underwater, in a small hole in the northern wall.


Storyteller: Melandru – 3AP





Page 1

Underwater by the statue.


Page 2

Use the updraft from Southeast Shrine waypoint and then get on the glass dome. Glide to the mastery point nearby and then head south. You will see a bunch of little rocks you have to jump over and past that is a drop down to a hidden ledge with the page.


Page 3

Use the updraft from Southeast Shrine waypoint and then get on the glass dome. Glide over to Watchman’s Roost and get in the updraft in the middle. This should take you high enough onto a broken wall with the page.


Page 4

From Southeast Shrine waypoint, you want to run NE and drop down carefully. There is a hidden ledge just below the big arch. You want to aim for the corner and descend very slowly or you will miss it.


Page 5

From Southeast Shrine waypoint, you can take the updraft/glass dome and glide straight to here.


Page 6

Inside a hidden room on the SW corner of the map past the sunken boat. Same location as Dwayna Journal #1.


Storyteller: Abaddon– 6AP

After you completed the Master Storyteller achievement, go to the Priest of Abaddon and talk to him.


This will unlock a new collection with the Master of Secrets title and 6 AP.






Page 1

This one is by the Champion Unchained Spider in a secret cave on the very top of the waterfall where Cliff’s Edge Insight is.


Page 2

Remember that secret area with the Dwayna/Melandru pages? Yes there is one for Abaddon here too.


Page 3

Use the updraft in the lava pool to get up here.


Page 4/Page 5

You can glide down from the Balthazar area into this hole. This hole has both 4 and 5 so you need to interact twice to get both.


Page 6

Underwater behind some foundation.


Page 7

Near the merchant selling stuff.


Page 8

Inside the pool of water by Abaddon’s Reliquary. You will need the buffs from each of the other reliquary to open the door that drops you down to the room below with the chests and pool of water. Beware that the system is buggy and you can lose reliquary buffs and won’t be able to get them back once the hearts are done until the daily reset. The page is invisible but swim around in the little pool until you find the interact button.


Page 9

Found next to the Overgrown Gazebo POI in some bush.


Page 10

This is by the Secret Garden POI with all the botanists.


Page 11

To make this easy, grab a ley-line organ from a scavenger and use the #2 at the bottom of the scroll and just glide up as it is hard to jump to the scroll otherwise.


Risen Research – 7 AP





Page One

Inside this half broken building here.


Page Two

Close to the Southeast Shrine WP. Need to jump over some rocks.


Page Three

In the broken building/rubble right below the vista.


Page Four

Not far from the Southwest Shrine waypoint, climb up this nearby rock and drop down to get it.


Page Five

On a scaffolding right below the cliff hosting Dwayna’s Mastery Insight.


Page Six

Can run straight from Southwest Shrine


Page Seven

Found in Abaddon’s Reliquary


Pruning the Weed/Withered Rose

Pruning The Weed – 3 AP

Once you have finished Risen Research, go to the Overgrown Gazebo and now you will have an option to confront the Veteran Kingpin up there. Defeat it to earn the achievement Pruning the Weed.


Withered Rose – 2 AP, 1 Mastery

When you killed the Kingpin, you can now pick up a journal nearby. Bring the journal back to Dahlia


If you never talked to Dahila before, you need to talk with her once and then you will get the option to tell her the news.


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84 replies on “GW2 Master Storyteller and Risen Research Achievements Guide”

I found page 3 of Melandru – it’s by the Watchman’s Roost POI. You need to use the updraft in the middle of the tower to get to it, it’s a little white scrap visible on one of the broken wall sections.

To springboard off of Retano’s comment, once you have the Risen Research achievement done, you can talk to the friendly kingpin at overgrown gazebo for the Pruning the Weed achievement, and the journal for The Withered Rose is on the ground nearby. It can only be picked up after beating the kingpin.

If you drop a bit below Balthazar #4 there’s #5 on the shelf, very close to 4. Can’t upload pic now 🙁

Some pages require the associated reliquary buff I think, because some are ‘unreadable’ to me right now.
They state: ‘The writing on this tablet is indecipherable. It seems to move and twist making it impossible to read.’

what’s this buff? Or maybe we need to complete the title to unlock those. I know there are tablets like that at the champion spider, south west under the boat, forgotten plaza

I found one literally inside Abbadon’s Reliquary. I couldn’t read it though. It’s in the pool of water right in the middle of all the chests.

theres one in the water south of balthazar. basically directly south of the one you already have marked. its underwater with a little arch thing. no pic sorry.

page 3 for Lyssa is directly beneath page 2. like just right off the western ledge, and boom, youre there.

i keep interacting to the Abaddon page #4/#5 underwater it only gave me #4, then i came back after reset still won’t give me the #5 HELP!

I get it now, you don’t have to kill exactly this one Veteran Kingpin, if you killed any you can just pick up journal.

Found the journal. It is located north east of the gazebo by the bushed to the right of the rocks (2 o’clock of the gazebo) .

the 1st screenshot (and possibly 2nd?) for lyssa #6 is wrong. the video shows that it’s not that platform that you use the leyline organ skill on, its a different platform with plants visible.

Dwayna page 4: the instruction is to drop down from page 5, but looking over your screenshot these pages are nowhere near each other. Perhaps some more instructions?

At some point they really need to add a home instance bookcase where one can put all these achievement books which clog up your inventory. It really sucks being rewarded unique once off items, filled with lore, which take up an inventory space unless discarded.

If they ever make a resource which is salvaged from runes, glyphs and recipe books, hopefully they’ll add a home research station which you can insert these books into to increase the total number of materials you can “research” there each day.

A large number of these do not provide enough information to actually find a way to the location with the page. Or the location has insufficient landmarks and more is needed (looking at you Lyssa 7)

Lyssa #6’s first arrowed image is not form the same location that you ley-organ jumped up in the video. It really threw me off for a bit.

You can get to 6 easier by porting to the ledge above the botanists, then gliding from the SE tip of that ledge around to a ledge on the eastern wall. You can follow that ledge and spam-jump up to the area you used the ley organ to get to.

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