SWTOR CM Weekly Sales July 25 – August 1

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales July 25 – August 1

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  • Havik79

    I wonder how much they will flog lightning tuning for.

    • KevinSaku

      They already did once for 1800 CC

      • DoubleDoom

        And another 600cc to make it account wide and currently useless for players using legacy weapons for alts


    They need to give us a strap on tuning, been nailing every ERPer on Ebon Hawk these past few days 😏

  • Jep Fareborn

    They need to start posting rare Stronghold Decorations as standalone ‘sales’ on the Cartel Market, such as the music Jukeboxes, and Arrangement: Underworld Bar, and more variety of decoration bundles in general. The devs wanna push for Stronghold ownership, then they need to stop piece-mealing and drip-feeding the good decorations and dish ’em out.

  • Space_lol

    So this is the “new content”?

    • Don Loco

      Yep, pretty much the only content they seem interesting in faithfully producing.

    • Disgusted Customer

      Nah this is the plan for the next 2 years.

  • Victor

    They should make a complete operation (with all the bosses) in place of these useless baubles…

    • 平賀才人

      Hahahhaha…. :NOPE: thank you

  • Acher4

    The Tulak mask is practically amazing. They artistically brought it to the game, and thankfully its finally easier to get it. 😀

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