• Mr. Principal

    Abaddon’s moaning.. a bit annoying tho..

  • kazerniel

    this looks super ridiculous O.o

  • nadrian3k


  • Trillium

    When you are so badass you have elder gods carry you around at will…

  • Ares Zax

    LOL, OK, this glider is both hilarious and awesome. I’m so getting it when it goes on sale. XD

    • Retsurai

      its 400 gems. it will never go lower than that

      • Qnrad

        It will, just like floral one or auric or other one which i don’t remember

    • Alot

      When I saw this glider I assumed that this exact animation was going to appear in the human god-centric living world season 3 finale – with someone important being puppeteered by the forgotten god with this piece hovering behind them to show it was happening.

      As is, its a bit odd. If not against odd, this just ain’t my hue of odd :/

  • Ardenwolfe

    Um . . . pass.

  • Answerer

    Abaddon is an awesome God.
    I find this glider more insulting or degrading than awesome.
    It kind of does away with all the gritty -ness, around Abaddon. So no, i wouldn’t take it if i got 400 gems with it

  • Kormir took Abaddon’s Wisdom ! He is a god no more !

  • Talindra

    I’ll wait for the Lyssa titties glider.

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