SWTOR Updates on Patch 5.4 Roadmap and Beyond

Bioware have released more updates to the Patch 5.4 roadmap released earlier.

Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap | 07.28.2017, 04:32 PM

Hey folks,

Keith, Charles, and I wanted to apologize for our lack of posting this week. The whole team has been pretty heads down working on a variety of things and so we haven’t paid you forum-goers our usual love. Here are a variety of things we have updates on or seen questions about.

  • Class Changes in 5.4 – We will make posts around each of the upcoming Class changes, akin to what we did with 5.3. My hope is to start those next week. Either way I will give you a better idea of timing next week.
  • Season 8 Rewards – The rewards blog is nearly finished and will contain all the deets, including tier breakdowns and reward screenshots. I am pretty confident it will go up next week as well. I will give you a status update next week.
  • Unassembled Component Changes – As Keith alluded to previously, there are Unassembled Component changes coming to PvP Mission Rewards. The TLDR is that we want you to be able to get more Unassembled Components each week overall while also making Ranked play a bit more appealing. We are in the final stages of locking down these exact numbers and so look for a post on this next week with the specifics.
  • Follow-up to Master Mode Ops Drops – Based on your feedback from the discussion thread, we are planning to add Unassembled Components to Master Mode boss drops with GU 5.5.
  • Follow-up on Bolster discussion – It was clear from the discussion thread that most of you would like to see Bolster go as high as possible, while still meeting our teams goal of having gear progression be relevant. We will be increasing Bolsters to 242 in PvP for GU 5.5 as well.
  • Umbara Stronghold – There were some questions about how this works. In short, you will need to run the Flashpoint to earn currency. That currency can be used to purchase rewards from a vendor, including a key to purchase the Stronghold. Once you have the key, you can then unlock the Stronghold for a reduced amount of Credits/CC. You cannot outright purchase the Stronghold, it has to be earned by running the Flashpoint to get the key.

Thanks everyone.


Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap | 07.28.2017, 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
So we have to earn in-game currency AND Credits / Cartel Coins.

So you are making us pay with the New In Game Currency, Credits/CC AND Grind Time.

Jeez, how cheap can you guys get?

You really are giving us less and less reasons to stay aren’t you.

All The Best

You’re on a roll today! 
The idea here is to reduce the cost of buying a stronghold by using your investment in time to lower the overall acquisition cost versus paying the full pop with either Cartel Coins or credits. We thought, hey, let’s try something new where an activity you’d do anyway, you could benefit from your efforts and obtain a key from a currency you automatically get by running the Flashpoint.

Unless we change it before release, 10x for Story/solo mode, or 6x for Veteran, or 3x for Master Mode will give you enough currency to buy the Key from the vendor. What I don’t know, yet, is the reduction amount for credits or Cartel Coins. Soon as that gets finalized, we’ll post it up.


  • Peter Griffin

    Testicles! That will be all

  • Shawn Hargrave

    Hahaha run a flashpoint to get a house lolz thats one way to get you to run rehashed content https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1dc9e4486ab0e0adb6345d571cbf12cd887c4e36c8cc7726db4a2a38868ff568.gif

    • Лев Сафаров
    • Seph

      Am I misunderstanding? This is a new flashpoint as far as I can tell. I’m 110% all for rewarding players for completing new content instead of just selling it on the Cartel Market.

      • Mark Saunders

        yer, i kind of like the idea. If the FP takes an hour or more though, and ten goes that might make it a bore. Fingers crossed it’s great to play and fun…

        • Rompe Himself

          I actually wouldn’t mind how long it takes as long as it is fun. Some of the old fp’s were long but great fun to do (for example Kaon under seige or directive 7).

      • j’oe

        but solo runs are so e-z and quick. and if u get a GG group for master mode, it would still take like.. less than 2 hours for the 3 runs

    • Nennavari

      Uhh, unless I’ve missed something it’s: run a NEW flashpoint to get a NEW house. Rehashed content?

      I’m starting to wonder if you simply enjoy saying negative things about the game, especially given that I’ve not once seen you say anything positive. You occasionally have a point, but it’s starting to look as though the conversation in your head goes something like this:

      “Okay, Dulfy will probably be posting something new in a couple of days. I don’t know what it’ll be about, but what will I say? Well it will have to be negative, I know that. I won’t enjoy myself otherwise. Oh, I’ll say something about rehashed content! Sorted! Now what GIF will I use?”.

      ‘Cause lets face it, you clearly didn’t think THAT comment through properly.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        oh look a rare sighting of a carebear!

      • Whitedragon
      • Don Loco

        My question is where do you get this is a new flashpoint? I read the release and it simply says “..you will need to run the Flashpoint..”, nothing about if it is new or old or even what flashpoint. As this company has said a great deal but like Rump delivered very little in return I trust what they say as far as I can throw a Buick.

        • Nennavari

          Crisis on Umbara – Our story will continue in a new Flashpoint coming on the planet of Umbara. This Flashpoint will launch with all 3 difficulties, Story, Veteran and Master. For Umbara’s Master Mode we are trying something new, and depending on how well it goes, we may do something similar for all Master Mode Flashpoints. Specifically, a player will need to have an average gear rating of 242 to use Group Finder. We won’t prevent pre-made groups from going in directly, but this will prevent under-geared players from slowing down your group. We’re adding a new average rating identifier on your character window which will be based on the items you have ‘equipped’.

          Extract from http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9366529#edit9366529

          • Don Loco

            Gotcha. To be fair I haven’t been on the main site in a while. Thank you for clearing that up.

      • Ruth Tannahill

        To be fair, they could just reskin the flashpoint as your stronghold, which would make it rehashed content, in a way. In fact, it kinda fits in with the concept of defeating the obstacle and claiming the reward. It does become silly when you think about it, though. Here’s some conductor or something who walks up to you and says “I’m sick of you and your friends coming in and trashing my train. Six times in a row? If you want it that much, fine. Here’s the stinking key.”

    • Fred Garvin

      As it’s focused around new content I think this is a good idea. Probably one of the best I’ve seen out of them in a long time.

    • Whitedragon
  • CrumpetTrumpet

    Okay, the important questions:

    -Is the currency guaranteed to drop with every run of the flashpoint?
    -Is the currency something I’ll have to fight other players for on a roll?
    -Is the currency tradeable like all other prefabs and research data?
    -Is there a restriction on how much currency I’m allowed to accrue in a day?
    -How many times am I going to have to run this thing?

    • Mark Saunders

      looks like this – “Unless we change it before release, 10x for Story/solo mode, or 6x for Veteran, or 3x for Master Mode will give you enough currency to buy the Key from the vendor. ”

      so ten times for story/solo.

    • Rompe Himself

      It could well be a currency drop everyone rolls for like their last couple of flashpoints (Assault on Tython/Korriban incursion). Have to wait and see but my guess is that won’t be an issue if this fp can be run solo. Jesusbot has your back.

    • Ruth Tannahill

      If it takes 30 units of Umbara currency to buy the key, they could award 3 for story mode, 5 for veteran mode, and 10 for master mode, all as part of the last boss drop. That would fit with the 10x, 6x, 3x model Kieth put forth.

  • Strongholds = junk storage

    I’ve fully unlocked 2-3 strongholds just to waste credits…but soon I just closed them all down and kept one to store my legacy crap etc.

    wouldn’t it be better if each stronghold had say a unique quest or 2 attached to them? even if just some petty shit like an annoying neighbor, just to give it a bit of flavor?

    • Nomad

      lol, ding dong ditch or ring and run as it was back in the day

  • Ben Gimson

    So, the Umbara SH won’t be available for guilds?

  • Fred Garvin

    Earning something by running content in the game? Finally, a good idea. Now take 90% of what’s on the CM and have it become attainable this way as well.

  • Asteron123

    I hope this flashpoint has a solo option. I often struggle to find a group, and a good one at that.

    • Fred Garvin
      • Ruth Tannahill

        There, there, solo mode flashpoints are great for when you need to earn a few last minute conquest points to make cap and you’re awake when most of your server is asleep. Or, in this case, for grinding Umbara currency when you have half an hour to kill and none of your friends are online.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “10x for Story/solo mode”

    • Twoandahalfcents

      What is it with these cretins and their copying and pasting images as a substitute for actual wit mentality?


      Frankly, Fred Garvin. People (I guess you might qualify as one) like you are the reason some of us don’t like doing group content.

  • Rompe Himself

    While the idea is actually *SHOCK* good to make this new SH cheaper by running this new fp (and assuming the fp is actually fresh and new, not just a mobs in a tunnel scenario like Star Fortress was, which made running it utterly boring), the question soon becomes how worthy is the reward for running the new fp a few times to firstly unlock it then making it cheaper to purchase the more you run? How big is this sh and will it be as shit in hook placements as their recent manaan sh? I cannot imagine this sh will be as big as yavin’s sh or even bigger then manaan which i think is the smallest of them all. I have a feeling it will be small especially if it is on a train. A simgle room of hooks perhaps?

    • Ruth Tannahill

      It kinda depends on whether they model the stronghold on a train layout or on a car layout. If it’s the whole train, expect a series of 3-5 connected rooms, where you have to pass through each room to get to the next. Each car of the train would be a room. If they set it up like a railroad car, I’d expect a front room with a corridor off one side, and small, individual rooms opening onto one side of the corridor. I’m kinda wondering if it’s going to be all dark and red like what you see when you google “Umbara”.

  • Darth_Insidious

    This is tempting me to join the game once more lol

  • Havik79

    Nice, the idea of “questing” for a SH is something I have wanted for a while, and 10 times in solo is not that big a grind, I just hope they will have some good items other than the key to use the currency on.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Tying the SH to running new content? Good move. Surprisingly good move.

    • Rob

      At the rate they were going I assumed that everything new would only be available through CC purchases in the near future. This is a welcome change in direction. I will be watching this space for developments, hopefully they can release themselves from their micro-transaction direction and focus on getting and retaining subscribers with lots of good quality content.

      This was a step in the right direction. I feel like maybe 6.0 might be me trying again.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Yeah, they’re moving in the right direction. I won’t be running to the bank to renew my sub just yet, but who knows? I might try again soon, as long as they don’t do the Valkorion Family Ties thingy again…

        (Family Ties??? With Michael J. Fox??? Yes, I’m THAT old, lol…)

        • Rob

          Yeah I’m not gonna rush back to sub either, especially as their current releases of content are still too infrequent and/or incomplete.

          I’m still extremely unhappy that they are staggering this ‘Operation’ one boss at a time. They probably would’ve earned at least a few months of subs off a lot of us Raiders if they’d bothered to release 5 bosses at once, to master SM and HM and try NiM.

          But that was business that they were to lazy to go after as they had CM dollar signs in their eyes 🙁

          Ps, I remember the Keaton family. That was one of those god awful 80s television shows, that I watched in the 90s 😛

          • Errtai

            Yeah same, I *might* resub with 6.0.

            I just wish this Keith guy would have been around when they were working on 4.0. Looks like he’s carrying the game to the right direction but sadly the damage has already been done with 4.0 and 5.0.

            I am for example, already busy somewhere else now, I have new friends and totally happy with what I’m doing. It will take more than goodwill and small baby steps to the right direction to make me return.

            Well okay, I lied, I will insta-sub the moment they announce Kira is coming back. Okay, here I said it!!

            • Paulo Gomes

              Hey, I subbed just to get Vette! And would definitely consider a sub if Jaesa was to return.

              I think Keith has good intentions. Sadly the lack of interest in the game by the people that could/should invest in it is the same… Let’s see how this goes.

              • Errtai

                Maybe it’s me I don’t know, but I never RP’ed any of my Warriors as a copy/paste of Vader (which I know most people did). “What is thy bidding, my master?”…. nah, not my style.

                My Warriors are free souls, passionate, intelligent and capable. Therefore they like the company of other such beings. Lana for example is the perfect companion for my Warriors. Theron, same.

                Also my 2 Juggs and my Mara are great warriors; seeking challenge in each battle they fight in. Therefore they like the company of Torian, Shae Vizla, Qyzen Fess, Major Pierce, Xalek etc…

                Having said these, I must say that I never liked any version of Jaesa. She just doesn’t fit well with this whole “proud warrior who follows his passions” type of character. Which is how I RP’ed all my 3 Warriors. Light Jaesa is plain boring. Dark Jaesa is a psychopath. None of my Warriors are any of those.

                Jeez, writing all these made me want to login and play one of my Warriors :).

              • Paulo Gomes

                Shit man… My thoughts exactly!!! Got a sudden urge to login and have a taste of the Dark Side… 🙂

            • Rob

              I couldn’t agree more, this Keith guy seems to at least realise that there is group activity needed in a MMO. It’s such a shame that they put Ben in charge for 4.0 and 5.0 releases.

              That being said the amount of content they currently release is still way behind their rivals and whilst I do no play another MMO a lot of people have moved on and are like you say happy where they currently are.

              Fingers crossed for 6.0 but I fear the amount of effort needed to make this a viable MMO option in the current market is something they cannot achieve whilst their primary focus is boosting their bottom line with Cartel Market gimmicks. When they priced that Unstable Arbiter Lightsaber at the same cost as 6 months of sub i realised that the game was forever gone 🙁

              Personally I have been using my ToR time to read lots of legends novels and comics, I’m a massive Star Wars fan and I yearn for this game to return to a state where I can subscribe and enjoy it again, alas, I know in my heart this is an impossible dream.

              However, maybe if Ashara comes back, I’ll roll my Sorcerer out for one last hurrah 😛

  • guest

    So they are giving us a key to reduce the cost of buying the Stronghold. Reduce it from what? If they want us to not have to pay credits/CC why not give it a low price? What a stupid response.

    • Kubrickian

      Keith seems to get the idea that we’d rather have 5 smaller strongholds in 1 year than a giant one every 5 years. He probably got wise and looked at housing in other games and realized everyone doesn’t need to live in a 5 star palace. Besides the smaller ones are cheaper to unlock.

  • MAKE

  • Whitedragon
  • I like the direction and that we are getting a roadmap. Only thing I think is funny is the Devs were trying to get away from a bunch of different comms to adding more and more with each expansion.

    • Drivan

      That was probably the real plan. Get rid of all teh old Comm’s that would allow folks to gear quickly and slowly add new ones.
      They have done this in the past, this time it seems like they were trying to be a little sneaky about it.

  • InfuriousGames

    Umbara stronghold? Time to get clone wars PTSD

  • Mr_Darkside

    Mmm, if I come back what class would be recommended with all the changes that have occured?

    • DerpDude

      Any force user class…non-force users will most likely get hammered.

    • Drivan

      Magicka Templar in ESO… 🙂

  • Sotos
  • Sotos
    • Dk-io

    • Rompe Himself

      Pity Ben Irving didn’t lose his job or end up going down with SWTOR when it dies. He fucks the game up then gets to walk and somehow keep a job within BW. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62a2ea5152abad9eebc1c677d22856792e58f956ac7106c1ef6f258e7aed3fcf.jpg

      • Rob

        Ben Irving is a genius. He realised the Cartel Market is where the real profit was.

        I bet one morning he came and said ‘Fuck the updates, they take time, effort and imagination. Let’s do direct sales for items we have deemed rare’.

        I loathe that guy 🙁

    • Bryan

      Since 2014 or 2015 sometime. Almost full under by now.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    will that new currency legacy wide or not?

    • Fred Garvin

      No but on the forums they said they are looking into making all currencies Legacy wide in the future.

      • AbnerDoon

        Heh F2P will have 350k legacy wide instead of per character.

        Sub or die! :p

        • Ahmet Yılmaz

          They need to boost preffered status, I know that they need subs but CM runs the game. They cut preffered players from ops after Galactic command and removal of Ops pass. If they give a low limit for credits they will lose a lot of preffered players if they have any left. You should also consider that they lost a lot of sub because of lack of group content. They said this game will take WoW’s place when I started playing it. Look at it now , sad…

          • AbnerDoon

            Agreed, you really can’t do preferred anymore. I have all the unlocks but without passes or the ability to use the command system in any form they are worthless.

    • 平賀才人

      It doesn’t even matter, if you are in for the SH just farm it for the key and the SH is Legacy wide. Yet I do think it will work just the way Iokath currency works

  • Jiří Dobeš

    you should also fix animation for sins ability called Maul which ever since 5.3 uses wrong animation from its mirror ability from rep side called Shadow Strike – and tbh i switched from rep to imp just so i would avoid that animation – its so glitchy during fights. like it has only 10-20 fps max.

    • Лев Сафаров

      I thought it was intended…

      • Jiří Dobeš

        dont think so. i checked everything i could find about 5.3 and havent found single mention about it – so i assume its a bug

        • Лев Сафаров

          Probably, before 5.3 maul was more harsh if i can say that.

    • Whitedragon

      both animations work fine, the problem is they don’t crit!

  • De-ranker

    Just make it like ESO where every house requires you to complete in game activities. The notable homes for example require you to complete 40-50 quests in all 5 zones for the corresponding alliance, with repeatable quests not counting.

    • Whitedragon
    • Leah

      as much as I like ESO system, you STILL have to pay gold or crowns (aka cartel coin equivalent) for it. although if you pay with crowns – no need for achievement 😛 and there are houses that are crown store exclusives. if they should copy anything from ESO (whose system i MUCH prefer) is that bulk of the furnishings are either craftable or achievement based AND there is no hook system. its all free placement.

      • FK Yeah for Free Placement.. Though imagine that Swtor’s Glitchy & Outdated Engine comes to play with that “as well like in many other areas” so maybe need to use silly Hooks cause of that. Would imagine so.. Kind Regards: Ex Sub for 4.9 years until realised that things not getting better / Normal like Mmo based on Big IP should be. Prop. still subbed 8 months 2 long time as axed it in early Dec 2016.

        • Prumpprime

          you know that ESO also uses a modified Hero engine right?

  • ConcernedGuest

    Can’t see reason for more SH. For what? Decorating the first 4 was funny. But Yavin was nothing more than a disgusting ruin. Just filled it up with FP and Ops tropies until 100%.

    Manaan that could have had so much potential … underwater laboratories, maybe an underwater submarine bay, is just an open place, 2 mini rooms with … centerpies plates? Some big room above and some small garden.
    And an amount of hooks that makes it impossible to decorate it in any decent way without making it look like a garbage dump.

    I see no reason for even trying this new train SH. Also the only ingame value of a stronghold is for conquest. And spending millions of credits just for some meager % points while it is so easy to get to the conquest cap … well, no sir.

    • Rompe Himself

      HEY!!!! I will give credit where credit is due to those fools at BW Austin and say I think Yavin was their best SH, but and it is a big BUT, you really need to have good decorations to make it look awesome.

      Hell, I got told by a BW CSR that a few of them checked out my Yavin place cause they thought it rocked which gave me a grin (I had a decoration glitching and the CSR fixed it and showed it to a few other BW peeps supposedly because he was impressed with how I did the SH) but then when you spend over 150 mil or more on decorations to say nothing of hours, I would hope it looked good, not like so many awful Yavin SH’s I have seen on Harbs where everyone throws anything in a room to get their points up or get their 100% with no thought put into how functional the room would be. People made their SH’s into storage rooms filled with shit. One Yavin SH I saw, had the place packed with nothing but chairs to get the points. But yeah, Yavin works only with good deco’s. For poor plebs, I could see how Yavin would suck (Not saying you are though).

      • Vanechka

        Agreed. I have seem some really nice Yavin strongholds…. To me is just way too large and I don’t have the right decorations for it. Since Yavin was not for me…. I just filled it up with chairs. Manaan was just right. I purchased it as a guild stronghold for my guys. Work in progress, but I think it’s gonna turn out awesome.

  • mavrok

    personally I’m not grinding missions/opps for a stronghold fuck that.I’d rather rent my ass out for the creds and buy it

    • Jordan Placer

      It isn’t a grind. Ten runs of a flashpoint is nothing compared to the grind we have for Command Rank.

      • Rompe Himself

        Or the pointlessness of Star Fortress and the leveling up of the Alliance, only for it to mean sweet fuck all in “Keeping Up With The Valkorians” aka KOTFE/KOTET

      • ConcernedGuest

        If there is a new flashpoint I will run it eventually 25 times just for the achievement and deco. Who cares about 3 runs?

    • 平賀才人

      Yeah me too lol

    • Vanechka

      Until we see how much rep it will take. Best not to call it a grind yet. In my server it will be easy even if it is a grind.

  • mavrok

    why don’t you give us a stronghold relevant to the story and big enough to house all the decorations that most players have accumulated over the years and make it “the player base”

    • Shawn Hargrave

      why not give you a REAL house with a neighborhood? and why not let you craft houes and place them where you like? oh wait thats swg im thinking of….

      • Vanechka

        Stop living in the past. Move on.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          NOt the past im playing the swg emus its free you can have your pos joke of a stronghold with no nieghbors/nieghborhood

          • Prumpprime

            pretty sure the failed SWG MMO is in the past. Even now at its lowest SWTOR has more subs then SWG had at its peak.

            move on man

            • Shawn Hargrave

              Im playing it right now theres a lot of emus out there its free i can play my wookie and fly my ship freely

              • Prumpprime

                how does that change its not in the past? you are playing a dead game. Highest pop SWG emu is like maybe 1k

                SWG failed so bad they had to give full refunds for the Obi Wan expansion

                No other game in the history of gaming has ever given full refunds for a poorly released expansion.

                You are in the past if you are playing SWG EMUs

              • Shawn Ladner

                If im playing it now its not in the past now is it? If its so dead and so bad why did people bother to make emus? In swg i can play my wookie and fly my ship freely can you do that in tor? You cant play a wookie or fly your ship freely in tor oh and my house is in a city with players hook free btw

              • Prumpprime

                HAHA did your account get banned?

                i know what SWG is and it still failed and is one of the top 3 biggest failures in MMO history next to Warhammer and Tabula Rasa.

                it doesn’t change the fact you are living in the past playing a failed MMO. Oh i get it you must be autistic because you don’t understand what living in the past means.

              • Shawn Ladner

                Oh look a rare carebear sighting people! u dont seem to understand what emu means or what in the past means either it sounds like your on the shortbus with your whiteknight suit on. Like i said ill be playing swg emu right now as in today. With my nieghborhood and my hook free house while playing my wookie and flying my ships freely in open roam space so enjoy your cookie cutter cartel market

              • Prumpprime

                sigh…. i know what EMU means its clear you don’t know what living in the past means. You are missing the point.

                SWG died. The game failed and is considered one of the biggest MMO failures of all time. At its peak population it had less players then SWTOR has at its lowest.

                It was such a failure that when the Trials of Obi Wan expansion came out they had to issue refunds to players. That has never happened in any other MMO since then.

                Yes you can still play SWG on private servers, but you can play EVERY MMO that is dead on prviate servers even Warhammer online so that doesn’t mean SWG was a quality game.

                You can play a wookie and free fly ships but even that isn’t enough to keep people playing it. If it was it wouldn’t have been a huge failure.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                No i didnt get banned /smh

              • Prumpprime

                if you didn’t get banned why are you using 2 accounts? pretty sure that’s against Dulfys rules here

              • Shawn Hargrave

                Lol you must be new here

              • Prumpprime

                i am are you saying that you use sockpuppet accounts?

              • Shawn Hargrave
    • Ben Gimson

      The SH is relevant to the story?

      • 平賀才人

        Yes it is. Its located on Umbara where the Story events are taking place.

        • Ben Gimson

          Thanks, but I know it is…

  • Acher4

    As said before, I really like the roadmap, the constant information and where this will all lead. 😀

    Also, thanks at adding the comment Dulfy, Got a laugh out of someone really throwing a somewhat fit, after gloriously losing the point of the new SH and the easier experience we will have to obtain it. lol, some hate filled people are really dud…

    • Rompe Himself

      It is easy to share the “constant” information when not much is actually happening or being released. Compare the patch notes 4.0 and beyond to the ones pre 4.0. Big difference.

      And yet, just as I said previously, what amazes me is that despite how little content they release now, they still takes weeks and months to release information.

      • Acher4

        I don’t know. Last years, personally, I mostly felt we got enought frequent updates to keep me interested, but ofc there were downtimes. I mean, there will always be some downtimes, but it’s part of the package of an ever expanding mmorg with story driven gameplay.
        But last months, since the shift, there seems to be more communication and more “small” updates with an obvious try to start making far more small pachages of content in the future. I like that “shift”, but time will tell if it will be successful.

  • Shawn Hargrave
    • Dataminer 2324

      It’s ok Revan is coming back from the dead…

      • Drivan

        Please dear God, no…

      • Shawn Hargrave


  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    The idea here is to reduce the cost of buying a stronghold by using your investment in time to lower the overall acquisition cost versus paying the full pop with either Cartel Coins or credits.

    The irony in this, 90% of the player base could purchase the strong hold right now, so instead of spending less time trying to find the credits or cartel coins to buy the strong hold, they are going to have to spend more time doing this “content”

    We thought, hey, let’s try something new where an activity you’d do anyway, you could benefit from your efforts and obtain a key from a currency you automatically get by running the Flash point.

    Translation: We thought, hey, if you don’t want to do our pointless flash points, we’ll force you to do them.

    Side note: I have no probelem with the umbara strong hold being shipped out this way. However I do have a problem with not allowing players to purchase it if they don’t want to do the flash point, because personally, I don’t enjoy flashpoints, and I would rather just buy it.

    Lastly, if a strong hold is being sent to the entire playerbase, the players who can’t afford the discontinued and impossible to get decorations, are going to find a high level of frusteration when they have a strong hold that they can’t even decorate to their liking. But I guess thats no different than now, even for people who have been playing since the initial strong hold release and have the decorations, but still can’t decorate to their liking because of the idiotic pre-placed hook system. gg bioware

    • boo hoo you

      If you can’t do a FP in master mode 3 times, maybe you DO need to spend more time playing and less time dressing barbie.

      • Rompe Himself

        Given the population left and their ability, I think barbie dressing is just one aspect.

        Hell, when last I played when 4.0 came out, the wife and I got grouped with these two utter scrubs who thought they were the best yet one was geared with tank stats but was a healer supposedly (and during the FP couldn’t even keep himself alive cause he just kept spamming one type of heal which, when combined with his shit gear…….) and the other was just a mismatch of shit (Tank gear in some, alacrity in others, power in maybe one implant) and I can’t remember what spec he thought he was. These two clowns kept dying easily and blamed us, the pure dps players with BIS gear (At that time). We tried to offer advice on their gear and my wife, being the bad ass healer that she was in swtor, offered to give some tips. They told us we were nothing despite our gear and despite not dying like these two fools.

        Eventually we just left because these two were total scrubs who didn’t want to be helped or improve. Sadly not the first nor last time we saw players of that caliber left in the game after 4.0.

        Once I offered a player who was wearing Aim gear when he was an agent (This is going back before the mastery change) to buy him better gear cause I felt bad for him. Told me to fuck off. I shrugged and just followed him and laughed as he wiped on simple Dromund Kaas wildlife.

        Yup, the players left in game really need to learn to play but that is part of the problem when Bioware caters this game more so towards the Cartel Market then actual skill. People just want to look like a boss, not learn how to be a boss in the game.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Man, have I got that sort of stories to tell… I’ll just tell one that is an example of the playing level of this game, and what difference it makes to actually know how to play:

          Taking my Corruption Sorcerer for his daily workout, I ended up on Czerka Core Meltdown through GF. There was a reason I always took my Corruption Sorc to do this kind of things: it was a class that could sustain itself pretty well before the numerous nerfs. It was the last Force self-healing class to be hit with the nerf hammer. That meant I wasn’t relying so much on the healers. I could pretty much do half the healing I needed to get by.

          But this group was trying to get by the Enhanced Duneclaw for some time. The tank and the healer were saying it would be the last run, because this boss was impossible… In SM! The other dps didn’t say anything. I was like: really??? Impossible? You guys must be joking. I do this every other day, while drinking a coffee.

          Well, we start the action, and sure enough the tank and the healer, completely oblivious to the mechanics wipe early.

          Now, the other guy was a Vengeance Jugg. I could see that he was a good player, and he knew what he was doing. Between the two of us, and because I could off-heal and bubble him, we went for it. And killed the boss. Two players. The Jugg was masterful in his use of Def CD’s.The other guys kept telling us in Chat to stop, we were just wasting our time. Nope. We did it. And they couldn’t believe it.

          And in the end of that particular FP, I got to use my favourite Yoda line: “and that is why you guys fail…”


        • Darth Twinge

          I saw a corruption sorc earlier this month that was wearing mostly tank gear.
          Even with the mastery change it happens XD

    • Kubrickian

      Agreed. You should have the option of buying the stronghold especially with servers with such low populations they aren’t going to get many pops for a flashpoint.

      • Rompe Himself

        Which is probably why it will have a Solo mode.

    • Ben Gimson

      Way I read it, it sounds like doing the FP just reduces the cost. I got the impression you could still buy it for credits.

    • Roy C. Bishop

      I remember when games required you to do content for stuff and if you didn’t want to do it you didn’t get the stuff… oh wait 😉

  • Sabretooth

    I just want th e clipping loincloth and capes in conversation, buggy assault cannons, wacky enemy npcs, and the soundless intimidating roar

  • Burritos

    Next time just make announcement about future announcement on swtor patch 5xx.

    Reading the latest announcements i think this game is going sink one day, eventually.

    • Vanechka

      People been saying that for over 5 years…

      • Rompe Himself

        True but the game isn’t getting bigger and better either. The shrinking population is testament to that.

  • Twoandahalfcents

    I’m curious to what the Umbara Stronghold will look like. Thought it was a new planet until I googled it.

    Any clue as to when we might see some concept art or something to give us an idea of its layout?

  • Loxicon

    The craving for star wars is finally got to me, any clues on what class should look at making?

    • Paulo Gomes

      That depends. Do you fancy yourself a Force user? Close combat? Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior is the option. Like to wield a lightsaber but prefer longer range engagement? Consular or Inquisitor then (and bear in mind that lightsaber of yours is just for show, you won’t be using it to deal much damage, if any at all). Like to be a soldier fighting for the Republic? Be a Trooper. Want to be a Han Solo type of guy/girl? Go Smuggler. Always fancied Boba Fett in the movies? Gotta go Bounty Hunter. And last but certainly not least, if you like your Star Wars with a bit of secret agent flavour pick Imperial Agent.

      Some classes have better storylines than others. But it’s a personal matter, so I won’t bore you with my personal preferences.

      And last, if you want a specific type of role in the game (Advanced Classes) there are some considerations. If you want to purely deal damage, any class has a role for that. Only Knights, Warriors, Troopers, Inquisitors, Consulars and Bounty Hunters can tank. Only Consulars, Troopers, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents and Inquisitors can heal.

      If you don’t grasp what a dps, tank or healer are in an MMO, I suggest you google that. Seriously, not trying to pick on you. Do it, so that you understand what playing an MMO is all about.

      It gets a bit more complicated with the Advanced Classes, but this should get you started in picking a class…

      • Loxicon


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