GW2 New Hairstyles and Faces for Path of Fire

GW2 have added new hairstyles and faces ingame seen from Path of Fire expansion trailer.


These hairstyles and faces are available both in the character creator and also in total makeover kit. These are human only since they are hairstyles and faces from Elonian NPCs.

New Hairstyles

Human Female

Hairstyle 1


Hairstyle 2


Hairstyle 3


Hairstyle 4


Hairstyle 5


Hairstyle 6


Hairstyle 7


Hairstyle 8


Hairstyle 9


Hairstyle 10


Hairstyle 11


Hairstyle 12


Hairstyle 13


Hairstyle 14


Human Male

Hairstyle 1


Hairstyle 2


Hairstyle 3


Hairstyle 4


Hairstyle 5


Hairstyle 6


Hairstyle 7


Hairstyle 8


Hairstyle 9


Hairstyle 10


Hairstyle 11


Hairstyle 12


Hairstyle 13


Hairstyle 14


Hairstyle 15


New Faces

Human Female

Faces 1-3


Faces 4-6


Faces 7-8


Human Male

Faces 1-3


Faces 4-6


Faces 7-9


New Facial Hair

Facial Hair 1-3


Facial Hair 4-5


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

223 replies on “GW2 New Hairstyles and Faces for Path of Fire”

Holy shit! Hairstyle 6 was the same one that I gave to my ele in Guild Wars 1! Back then it was my last character created [like 6 months before GW2, my main was Dervish] Right now Elementalist is my main and they do give us a complete transformation kit with deluxe edition [both looks and name change] so I might change it just for the nostalgia sake.. hm..

btw, some people say that this hairstyles and faces can be created on new characters, no makeover kit exclusive. Need to check that one though.

they don’t have a star on the kit/appearance npc so I guess they’re not exclusive, no (also, they’re on the right of the list, exclusive stuff is on the left of the list)

They meant Anet is adding some more faces that aren’t the same stuff we get currently, which is predominately European in origin. The hairstyles don’t have any say in the matter, anyone with thick hair can pull off any of those styles

Just right now. When I came to this page, it only had hairstyles, it has since updated to have faces. They’re uploading, just slowly.

It didn’t say that when this was initially uploaded. It has since updated to say that, so we would not have known when these comments were written. It’s a shame.

I mean the expansion is about humans and our god that went rouge. And it’s about people of Elona so they need a lot of new faces and hairstyles for them.

The Elonan woman are beyond hideous, that makes me feel ashamed and uncomfortable. Also, putting an afro on a white person is cultural appropriation. And where are the separate bathrooms for gender fluid necromancers? Obviously the map needs to mosque as well. So many issues.

That’s probably because Dulfy used Caucasian skins. I’m sure it’ll look a lot better in Ebon, Nubra or Negro skin

Facial hair for Asura would have been REALLY nice. I hope some of these hairstyles can be use by Norns, And the third female face is giving me some strong Rhianna vibes.

Shame that they didn’t introduce a Muslim-style beard. (A full beard but with the upper lip/mustache zone kept clean-shaven)

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) says: “Trim closely the moustache, and let the beard flow (Grow).” – Narrated Ibn Umar (R.A.) in Muslim, Hadith no. 498

Would really appreciate if they would add it now that we’re going to the desert.

Nop.. Sorry.. The Prophet didn’t say that.. That’s a fake Hadith..
And we don’t want this stupid Muslim-Brotherhood style crap in this game..!

How about all the female characters have to wear hijabs and nothing else? C’mon man stand up for your beliefs!!

also expresion on that femhum describese those new hairstyles perfectly.

May aswell give you a head ups. Should Anet release another expansion that venture into Canthan and release new faces that are Asian looking, Canthan is all Asian related theme.

Shame, that this stuff does basically nothing for me. Everything I have seen from the art for the new expansion is…….so underwhelming it physcially hurts. They definitely picked the wrong continent with Elona. At least financially, I will go for basic edition after seeing this

It is because the expansion travels to the Crystal Desert (parts of which are in Elona). In the original Guild Wars- the three campaigns were based off different continents in the real world: Prophecies- Europe, Cantha- Asia, Elona-Africa. The characters from each of these campains looked like the people from these continents. Since the Crystal Desert is in Elona, the new hairstyles will be reflective of this geographic region (Africa).

Plus I am LIVING for human female hairstyle #6! I will buy the expansion just for that!

You aren’t racist. Don’t be ashamed to express your thoughts. If someone challenges your intentions, ignore them.

Also, it’s not racist bc it’s a fairly innocuous question; especially if someone’s not familiar with the lore of Elona/GW1’s expansion of Nightfall.

It feels quite ok. Because it shops pretty well how little you can probably do with these faces if you do NOT go for a sub-saharan terran Africa style

The article says these are from Elonian NPCs, so it’s kind of implied that most of them would be black.

You throwing out “tone-deaf” assumption is you being ignorant. Not everything is about race.

I knew one of you snowflakes would have an issue with this. Aren’t you bothered that every character is either male or female?

If there were an option to have nonbinary options? yeah I’d be annoyed and then go on with my life, as usual when anybody ignores that we exist or uses us for some pissing contest on the internet.

But since this content comes from a new area that has predominately dark-skinned people, and that the hairstyles are so that people could make characters with greater diversity, leaving it out WAS a bit tone deaf.

But op didn’t even say it rudely. They commented that it was “a bit” off to use light-skinned models, and the person who made the article went “oops! updated that” and op thanked them.

Like what are you angry at, two people being polite at each other?

Nothing to do with these conversations at all. Its the bigger picture of how social justice is ruining the world. Some people can only see the different skin colors and have to point out how everything in the world is racist.

Sorry, I don’t agree. With current politics and the state of the sheer number of people who get their kicks out of trashing anyone who isn’t a white, cisgendered dude, I think we need people doing “social justice” more than ever.

“social justice” merely being a fancy phrase for “common effing decency to other people”.

It wasn’t “tone deaf” it was you providing a quick service and you just so happened to use the first skin color to pop up.

Back before HoT when I first heard people talking about how there wouldn’t be any new races because of the modeling work, I thought it would be neat to let people roll a Canthan or Elonian human, with a different personal story but the same base model. I guess being able to makeover your character as one is the next best thing.

Unfortunately I was really hoping the other races would get some love too, especially since I discovered all the male charr faces clip with basically all headgear. I like my female human’s look too much to change, and while my male is in the market for a more suitable look, cornrows aren’t it.

Hair Style 4 and 13 for females.. and for the male maybe the 6th one for Hair Style, as for the Facial Hairs, I only like the 1st one. The 4th is used by Balthazar which is nice that they put it in as an option.

Nothing to do with being offended but everything to do with they are literally faces/hair designed with Elonian (read: African) ethnicity in mind, and it just looks really bizarre on pale-skinned characters and probably isn’t the best way to showcase it.

Dissent is not “being offended” or “triggered” or whatever the hell stupid buzzword people like to whine out each time someone encounters a different opinion.

what a shame… catering to crying white boys who want to model Elonian hairstyles on white characters lol.. stop white washing, Tyria is a mixed world and it is ok to display ELONIAN hairstyles on ELONIAN characters without having to hear you whine about it..the game has been out for almost 5 years.. half a decade.. and when adding diverse cultural features to the game people like you refuse to understand it is important to people….it is a fantasy MMORPG sure… so why do you feel the need to force white characters in ELONIAN cultures?? even in fantasy Elona is an isolated nation so why would a random white character be rocking an Elonian hairstyle?! lol in reality it doesnt make sense and in the fantasy MMORPG setting and storyline it doesnt make sense. you’re a clown Caedes… a clown!

great post, but dulfy really should have previewed the new hairs on a dark skinned character. they’re meant for PoC, not white characters

And here is the snowflake, go be offended at nothing somewhere else. The hairstyles are meant for anyone who wants to use it and above all it’s fantasy, stop trying to bring your racist ideologies that blacks can only have certain things and others don’t.

“It’s Fantasy”– the argument dudebros like you always shut down over whenever someone tries to justify POC in any pseudo-historical fantasy setting. These are Elonian NPC hairstyles and should be modeled on Elonian characters. Yeah, you can go ahead and wear them on whoever you want in game, but it’s not going to showcase the hairstyles if you’re putting them on a white model– it just looks strange. You can’t do a lot of these styles with white hair.
PS: Reverse racism isn’t real.

Other than your completely baseless assumptions and trolling that “reverse racism” (aka normal racism) isn’t real, it is fine to say that the faces and hairstyles might show better when shown on a black or brown character. This however can be said normally like I just did or it can have racist implications by saying they’re ONLY meant for blacks and not remotely for whites.

Ok everyone, picture this. One day a person of color sees this game and views a character that is Caucasian with a ornate braided hairstyle. Now this person knows nothing about this game but is clearly offended by this misappropriation. What if they complain? I understand that this is fantasy, but humans are taking from reality; when you install something from reality within a fantasy realm, you need to stick truly to what the human condition is. Currently , it is impossible for a Caucasian person to do their hairstyles like this because your hair is too oily.

Again, Im not bringing racism into this conversation, just the fact that this is impossible to do. I know its fantasy, but humans are real. This is the first time they have done this within the GW franchises. Since Elona is based off of African Descent, shouldn’t they just stick to the source material. This is why I dont have a human character in GW2. Misappropriation is the key word here.

Then their complaints will be laughed at. “Appropriation” is a term invented by racists who think cultures should be separated. And that’s a very very racist mindset.

No…. Misappropriation is a word used when, a company (Arenanet) is embezzling forms of other cultures to make money incorrectly. I dont think cultures should be separated, but I do believe that you should respect the ancestry of another culture. The post clearly represents that embezzlement; Im not saying that Caucasian people will rock some twist in the their hairstyle (someone will try it, it always happens) but not knowing or understanding the history behind what twist are is not cool.

This is not a history lesson ok, Im just trying to help arenanet from a black person’s point of view. I still love the game; Im just having a conversation online. If you decide to wear your hair the Elonian way and your character is not a person of color, you might catch some heat from someone.

Good thing no one owns rights to what someone does with their hair. It’s not appropriation or racist in any way, rather if you think it is you’re the racist one. Also if they only wanted to make money off of it they’d make it make-over kit exclusive, which it isn’t.

Also stop implying these hair styles are impossible for anyone that isn’t black, it’s delusional and no one will catch heat for having a hairstyle that’s typically associated with other races. If the one off snowflake does get triggered and starts harassing others for their ideologies they love to force on people then it’s a fast report to anet and that will be that.


Again, I even said in my original post that this conversation shouldn’t be about what’s racist. Again, we might only see people of color dawning these hairstyles.

All Im saying is that I really hope that others are respectful of the heritage and history that comes with those hairstyles. And its not delusional to think that white people can not rock these hairstyles; I saw a new post where I saw a caucasian person with a similar hairstyle. In my experience, these hairstyles on Caucasian hair only last a couple hours; on black hair these hairstyles can last for weeks. Yes its possible, but not realistic. Lets reverse that; I will never have straight long hair, its not possible with my genetic makeup, no matter how many times I perm my hair.

I actually love that I can now create a human character that looks like me. I just can not stand that I could possibly see the same hairstyle on a person that is Caucasian; not even 20 years ago, ethnic hair was nappy, ugly, and grotesque. Now we want ethnic hair on everything; the American Melting pot.

And in my experience it is possible for white people to have a type of hair that allows these hairstyles but regardless of that it’s not needed to be respectful of, that’s the entire point of these comments here. That it isn’t needed to say this needs to go on black and not white because it isn’t allowed/respectful but that you can ask it in a different way that doesn’t imply real life racist problems like saying these hairstyles would likely show better on brown or black characters in which I would agree, they do.

But instead it was made purely about race which is the thing I have a problem with since if anything, people should be happy if someone decides to participate in their culture and accept that things aren’t exclusive to them.

Mr or Ms The Flying Headsman,

This conversation is no longer about the game, LOL.

If you want to participate, learn about the history of people of color, learn about the struggles of that group, and teach others that are naive about that culture. Yes, braids are not exclusive to us; but they can’t be re-branded by another culture and monetized. Thats the part that is not cool.

If you want to participate, start here.

No thanks I’m not taking part in the American SJW culture, it seems to be damaging relations more than it is improving them rather than here in my country where no one really cares about that stuff nor cares about people giving their own twist to things of another culture as long as it isn’t being ridiculed or has a complete loss of meaning. Also this entire chain wasn’t about the game from the start but about the way OP said things so I don’t know why you’re bringing that up. And if with the monetization you meant these particular faces/hair then it isn’t since theyre offered in the base set of options for no extra cost.

On a side note I wouldn’t call buzzfeed of all things a reliable source of info for anything other than pandering to certain agendas/providing clickbait.

Racism is a real and complex issue. I do find that there is an understanding gap between identifying situations which could be or unintentionally become racist (easy) and calling them out without resorting to being racist oneself (hard).

Commenting on a lack of representation (and recognition) of not-white-people is media content is accurate. Then going on to dictate what white people should and shouldn’t look like, in the same bloody paragraph, leaves me with the impression that the writer doesn’t understand the moral equivalency hes claiming to vouch for.

So while I agree that Elonian hairstyes would be most accurately modeled on Elonion faces, it is in spite of the laughable contradictions proposed by griffin’s views,, not in any way because of them -.-

I get what you mean and agree, but you could have phrased that better, It’s true what you say but “they’re meant for PoC, not white characters” just sounds offensive and inaccurate. Saying that the hair designs were created with dark skinned/black people in mind and are meant to be an accurate representation for them, but are certainly for everyone makes a lot more sense.

lol black people have to play white mains or just “dark skinned” white people in video games for decades with styles that are CLEARLY not for us, but when the roles are flipped then we cant say that LITERAL designs for black characters (Elonians) without someone boo hooing… as a black gamer you dont know how much it means to me to experience black characters in a land of black people on an MMO… but I guess I can’t enjoy it without worrying about offending the same racist white gamers that shout the n word on map chat and freely express themselves.

Dude, she just preview and posted the image asap then to be repersented accurate.

Also are you happy now that she HAD to corrected it for you???

A Snowflake triumphs again!

An irrelevant victory, and you’ll never win a relevant one, but still congrats :)))))

Yay! I don’t like any of the new faces and hair styles. Happy because now I can avoid spending money on 10 makeover kits…
On the other side, I still hope that someday… within my life time, Anet will add more faces that are not 50+ y.o.

Now if only they’d do a big Afro-Pompadour hair, I can finally play as Janelle Monaé wielding a greatsword made of rainbows riding a giant bunny.

OH. MY. GODS. If that ever happens that would be amazing!! I have always loved her hair and her 50’s style. (I realize she’s changed it up now, but I like being one step behind pop culture lol)

these are Elonian hair styles though, why wouldnt they be styled on Elonian characters? I mean… it should be obvious…

Sooooo, all discussion about skin color and weather or not the pictures above or comment someone posted is rude, racist, inconsiderate etc aside (lol, take a chil pill peeps)
Is it me or is the hair in the female Hairstyle 14 too long? I love the look of it <3 ! but why until below the chin? 🙁 It makes every face/head look a tad weird and long to me… she needs a bit of a cut there ;] Or is this just my personal issue? I can't ' unsee' it 😮


I realize it’s supposed to be a shorn afro, but if you have seen the recent Game of Thrones Season Trailer, her hair looks SO like #9, she’s just missing the crown.

I LOVE how real SOME of the new hairs look, and I am jonsing for when I can log in and give my WOC/POC Daredevil the makeover she deserves!!! Mayhaps I’ll reply later, showing a Before and After?

Dulfy? Keep up the great work! Thank you! ♡

Sorry, I wasn’t descriptive enough. Let me elaborate; this post with Caucasian people wearing hairstyles based on Black African Descent is weird (makes me feel odd). Im really glad that Dulfy did this because it illuminated that this is possible in game.

why does it mater its a game where people can mix and match looks, people will do what they want with there characters in GW2 and its not going to hurt anyone in the real world.

If you want to get technical everyone originated in Africa and there are white people with that hair texture… very few compared to the larger white population but they exist.

I knew this would trigger a lot of the negative and borderline political banter below. Goes with the territory. I love all the updates, been waiting for Elona themes since launch. I’ll pour out some liquor for the ppl complaining that there’s nothing here for them (I can’t imaaaaagiiineee). Otherwise, thanks Dulfy! Gotta dust the ol PC off and jump back in to gw2. Exciting 😄

Another angry millenial lol. Let it out kid. You’ll be a resigned and complacent middle aged loser soon enough.

Will Andy G be along shortly to tell us he knows you’re telling the truth because he knows you’re future Andy C, and he’s future you?

You are an angry person with little control over your emotions. Uneducated, poor, come from a broken family, probably been to jail. You smoke pot and feel hopeless. So for a brief moment on the internet you can pretend to feel better than others.

Actually it looked like his response was to weirdos (like you) on here angry and emotional on anything remotely attributed to “black ppl”. But Elona is original lore. Your random insults are laughable. Luckily morons, too, can enjoy Elona and the new content.

Actually I’m crazy for black women and can’t wait to make a new character. Haven’t decided on the hair yet! I’m well under middle aged, Hispanic, and happy. Unfortunately I enjoy getting a rise out of angry millennials. Its something I’m working on…

lol y u trolling bro, im glad you’ll be enjoying. Party with me if you ever see a “Dhalik” running around 🙂

racist white nerds would prefer that black characters only have those stupid fucking Afros or dreadlocks…. up until now as a black a male character you only had a choice of TWO hairstyles on this game. putting up with the male white dominated gaming community in the US having to hear people shout the N word on map chat all day long on pretty much every game with online play.. this means a lot to people like me to have a more realistic view of ourselves rather than always having to wear afros and stupid shit in every game you play or have straight hair that was designed for white characters…. the very same people that watch Friends and don’t question why there are no black people in New York or the same people that watch Sigourney Weaver black an Egyptian queen lol… the gaming community is largely exclusivist to others who arent the standard white male and when we get to see something a bit different we see a mass upheavel and salty salty tears come pouring down your pimpled faces.. yall can rage all you want, I am happy as shit about this.. even though we have to see a white character here rock Elonian hairstyles… but I guess we can’t have it all right?

really? because all I see is black people being happy that they can now have a character that actualy looks like them and pointing at other companies, going see? see? THAT’S the way to do it. in fact, dulfy wasn’t even the first place I first saw this hear, but rather I saw it on tumblr and it was nothing but praise from black people and so-called sjw.

yep. cowardly little child, hiding behind your screen. aren’t you a precious little stinker, thinking you are a cool one. how adorable.

No offense, but are you not also hiding behind a screen? Anyway, looks like you’ve won an internet victory here with your witty compliment-insult combos.

I literally don’t bother playing black characters most of the time because of the hairstyles and racist nerds who love to spam slurs at you if you’re even a little brown in games. Easier to enjoy the game if they think you’re white or an alien creature. Sad.

GW2 negro edition

My only complaint is where is afro for male – that big afro should’ve been for both; would’ve been cool to have big male afro with that long strip beard on norn.

“GW2 negro edition” Sounds to me like you thought black people never existed in the world of Guild Wars and Arenanet just recently added them, well I hate(love) to be the bearer of bad news, but they’ve always existed in Guild Wars. I’m so sorry(not) that black people existing offends you so much. I would recommend you play Guild Wars:Nightfall but I’m sure you’ll start flipping out and foaming at the mouth the moment you play.

lol you got triggered by that comment, the person was probably fishing for tards like you, snowflakes – gotta love easy triggering

“tards” “triggered” “snowflakes” *yawn* Those words are so played out, time to get some originality, Mr. Guest.

TBH I prefer his unoriginality over yours: “Wow, some guy said the Spanish word for ‘black’, which American blacks preferred to be called half a century ago; better listen to that Pavlovian tick in my brain and cry racist!”

Throw away your overused, meaningless tripe before you expect others to do so.

Amazing, out of all of the people in this comment section you could’ve replied to, you decide to cherrypick and reply to me. “TBH I prefer his unoriginality over yours” I bet you do, cause you use those same words and direct a lot of “overused, meaningless tripe” at certain groups of people so of course you know a thing or two about that.

“Preferred to be called”.. you mean over n****er? How dense are you? Stop speaking on behalf of black people, idiot. No one wants to be called negro and the context that asshat used it in was meant to offend.

Take a shot every time “”snowflake”” you guys are so boring that you see some very basic level inclusion as something to be upset about…. You can tell some research went into these designs (that’s a very ancient Egyptian looking male #10!) and it was extra cool of Anet to include these without a kit!


Check this out, particularly the far bottom image. There is a pretty active circle of conversation and study regarding the hair texture of ancient Egyptians. The man on the right is an Afar man, an ethnic group inhabiting the horn of Africa who regularly sport a hairstyle strikingly similar to what we see in ancient Egyptian art. Knowing the setting of Elona, it’s possible Anet was going for that iconic Egyptian look or was emulating something close to the Afar hairstyle in general. But either way I think it’s an interesting parallel!

O you were talking about the hairstyle itself, not the person. I wish they would have just separated the hairstyles from the head. Actually thanks for posting these photos. Hopefully this will inspire folks to learn about the culture.

Oh yeah definitely! Should have been clearer in my comment, sorry! I thought it looked pretty odd for Dulfy to be previewing these hairstyles on super white models. I guess they probably default to that combo for hair previews…but I think it’s doing a genuine disservice to what these styles represent. ‘Here’s the new hairstyles from fantasy africa and also here’s a whole bunch of white models sporting them’ lol intentions aside that’s just not the best presentation.

Honestly just from a customization standpoint I was actually glad they did it that way only because it’s easier to see the details and textures. I didn’t immediately realize Anet finally added black hairstyles until I saw the textures and then I got excited. I think I made it all the way down to the afro puffs and then was like “Wait what?!” lol.

Thats soooo fcked up to harras the ancient egypt culture like this. Egyptians were not black, they were their own thing. What are you showing is sub-saharan people, not north africa, the continent is giant and there are culture and genetic differences between nations just like in europe and asia. Assuming all africans are black is a ignorant and racist statement.

I’m Malagasy (East African/ Austronesian mix) with French and Chinese origins so I’m actually pretty happy we can make uncommon (or maybe unrealistic) mixes of hairstyle/ face/ skin color as long as the INTENT wasn’t to be offensive. I mean it’s a FANTASY game.

Anyway I don’t care much cause I only play Charr 😀

Chill out people, yall are going to hell anyway B)

This is what will me make come back to the game, finally I can roleplay as a KANG.


The faces looked fine here, but oh my god they’re terrible in-game. Both genders have like two faces that look cool, while the rest look like mashed potatoes.

The hairstyles are really cool, though, but if you want a decent looking Elonian, just take a core face and make the lips and nose wide, much better than what anet made

what is the damn problem with different colored skin? are you all so childish that you cant see passed something that looks different than your own skin? get a grip, grow the hell up, and just play the damn game. its a good addition to the game, and if you dont like it, dont use the new looks! Its so easy!

Someone is offended by us being offended about non-offensive stuff, im so offended right now!!

(A joke, of course,
You shouldnt give tumblrs too much attention as it seems to be what they feed on)

yeah true, i guess i shouldnt honestly be surprised that people are trolling. this is the internet after all. its the few that take this so seriously that really grinds my gears lol

We’re at a point in history, albeit brief and pointless, where a segment of society feels that they’ll make enormous social changes by going online and pointing out everything that is potentially offensive. Eventually those people will get jobs and this feeble movement of social justice will end without fanfare.

i hope it does soon. i get it if there were some actual discrimination or some shit, but people are just ridiculous.

Finally more faces and hairstyles which work well with dark skin tones.
Creating a decent Elonian was pretty much impossible before.

I highly doubt it, there’s too many lines of dialog they’d have to record and I’d assume it’d cost way too much to make it worthwhile…

They could always just add a pitch slider to the character creator so we could at least make the voices sound deeper or higher… That’s at least SOMETHING.

Are female hairstyles 13 and 14 only available if you buy PoF? They’re not showing up on my hair style kit preview. 🙁

Holy crap. The timing is amazing. Right after Charlottesville(i know this was done way before that lol) they finally add black hair and faces to the game. Literally a black avatar patch lmao. Only took… way too long.

How dare they show white faces with black African hairstyles. They are misappropriating black culture!!! What next, basketballs & leather baseball caps worn at an angle?

lmao after all the cringe blonde white ppl modeling the dreads I’m lowkey surprised they used black characters for the elonian faces
where were those models when you guys were doing the hair lads

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