GW2 Spearmashal Weapon Skins and Sunspear Outfit

GW2 Spearmarsh Weapon Skins and Sunspear Outfit from preorder and Deluxe/Ultimate Editions of Path of Fire Expansion.

Spearmarshal Weapon Skins

Can only pick one weapon skin to unlock. This is a preorder bonus.

Elonian Warsickle – Axe Elonian Recurve – Longbow Elonian Pocketbow – Short Bow
gw2-elonian-warsickle-skin gw2-elonian-recurve-skin gw2-elonian-pocketbow-skin
Elonian Carver – Dagger Elonian Runestone  – Focus Elonian Greatblade – Greatsword
gw2-elonian-carver-skin gw2-elonian-runestone-skin gw2-elonian-greatblade-skin
Elonian Smasher – Hammer Elonian Thrasher – Mace Elonian Sidearm – Pistol
gw2-elonian-smasher-skin gw2-elonian-thrasher-skin gw2-elonian-sidearm-skin
Elonian Matchlock – Rifle Elonian Rod – Scepter Elonian Wallshield – Shield
gw2-elonian-matchlock-skin gw2-elonian-rod-skin gw2-elonian-wallshield
Elonian Standard – Staff Elonian Cutlass – Sword Elonian Firelight – Torch
gw2-elonian-standard gw2-elonian-cutlass-skin gw2-elonian-firelight
Elonian Horn Skin

Sunspear Outfit

Available from Deluxe/Ultimate Editions of Path of Fire Expansion only. This is the Spearmarshal’s Presence from Deluxe/Ultimate editions.

Dye Pattern















  • Suan

    Man that outfit brings some memories back.

    • Nick Peterson

      yer fills like they ripped it right out of gw1 haha

      • Scutilla

        If it meant we would actually get some armor skins instead of outfits, I would say rip away. There are several Nightfall sets I’ve love to see in GW2.

  • Daaw Daw

    that whoud be such nice armor set….

  • Harold Jackson


  • Kevin Flanagan

    It isn’t quite the new paragon I was hoping for, but it’ll do.

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    That’s the Spearmaster’s Pressence? Standard edition it is.

    • Talindra

      No, its not.

      • wQnxy

        Can only pick one weapon skin to unlock. This is a preorder bonus.
        Available from Deluxe/Ultimate Editions of Path of Fire Expansion only.


      • Talindra

        Nevermind I’m wrong, sorry Urosh. It is… so Standard edition here I come.

  • Ritual_Ghoul

    Just as ugly as the outfits in GW1.

    • Henry Chavez

      bitch please, vabbian armor for female paragon was the sex

  • Nikal A. Katha

    The weapons look really nice for the most part, simple, with a theme. Really torn between the 1H Sword (curved!) and the Staff. Then there’s that scepter… I wonder if we’ll get a chance at the entire weapon line down the road.

  • Celty-san

    I think ill just buy the standard version, the outfit is a bit lacking in my opinion.

  • A new Dev

    this is so ugly and generic, they should change the guy who make the skins, cause he seems to lack creativity…

    • Apple Foster

      They’re meant to look like the paragon outfits in gw1 that came from Elona. It’s just a throwback.

      • Daaw Daw

        i have feeling,that every outfit and 80% of armor skins are throwback :DDD

  • Mihai Pop

    The outfit reminds me of Paragons. I think that’s what they were going for.

  • Shaggy

    well it looks like theyre testing the waters at the opposite end of the pool with these;
    simplified, streamlined instead of gaudy and impractical. also definitely trying to look back at gw1.
    sadly the opposite extreme can be just as bad.
    the weapons are nice, but im not a fan of the outfit.

  • Krystal S. S.

    Wow, very underwhelming. Standard version it is.

  • RKC

    Why do I get a feeling there is going to be a glowy/ partical version of those weapons? It look like they suppose to have it for reason? I guess I’ve seen too many chest weapons now from them!

    • Scutilla

      It looks like there are!

      In the announcement video, during the showcase of the Scourge you can see her holding what looks like a reskin of the Elonian Rod (scepter), with a glowing purple top and some extra decorations.

  • Kalavier

    Have they said anything about how hard it’ll be to get the other sunspear weapon skins? Because I really want the greatsword, dagger, sword, shield, and axe.

    • Willem

      If nothing I hope they will let us buy another one through gemstore, sword and staff my fav.

  • Trillium

    I really want that whole weapon set.
    It is better than any BL set, except Phoenix, obviously.

  • darks

    Not all that impressed with the look of the outfit. I was really hoping it would look like the one in the video the one NPC was wearing. Disappointed!

    • nadrian3k
      • Lockheart

        It was pretty ugly back then too. Its a lazy homage and they are trying so hard to feed off of the nostalgia kick from their best expansion.

        • RKC

          It would had been cool if it was one of Paragon armours back in Nightfall!

        • nadrian3k

          You seem very upset for not throwing more money at them. Buy the standard model and with the $ difference invest in gems if u really want to give them the money. I am sure they will release cooler sets.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    Well eventually I want to see if Anet grows the balls to make outfits that are purely intended as sexy for male characters or not.
    This outfit is a step in the right direction though, even if it’s a copy of GW1 stuff from what I’ve seen online. It’s a lot more form fitting than what I was using before on my heavy characters, which was the Pit Fighter armor. And it has better dye channels.
    Hoping they actually make something that will make me go “Whoa!” and throwing money at the screen…

    • Celty-san

      I need sexy stuff for my male characters, i want to see a medium armor with no trench coat so i can see that sweet booty.

    • LOL Really?

      Also wouldn’t mind if they’d actually fit skins/outfit to the Charr frame, instead of just stretching them to fit. It’s always looked so tacky.

      • Taiwan Wolf

        And Sylvari. Outfit doesn’t fit to the male’s shape at all, as always.

  • Fong Xiong


  • Lana

    Would be nice to get a preview code for the Sunspear Outfit. It doesnt show in the bank or hero panel unless you have it.

  • Qnrad

    Torch is nice

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Looks bad on non-humans. ;[

    • Suan

      Well, Paragon was a human class.

    • Qnrad

      It’s ugly on all races

  • Out of all the beautiful paragon armors they could of chosen they chose the ugliest, man put in vabby armor.

    • Sv3
      • Yea I know, it’s like gw2 designers aren’t capable of making pretty armors so they just always gravitate towards the most plain and ugliest they can find (and hideous butt capes galore) I guess it’s easier for them. They need to hire some pro armor makers like gw1 had. Beautiful armors is what draws some people to games and these are just pathetic.

        • Wrath

          They do it on purpose in my opinion. One of the drawbacks of having a non subscription model. If they introduced a lot of good skins in game, fewer people will buy outfits from gem store.

          • Imo even the gem store outfits look like crap,they aren’t very good at making armors/outfits, but of course I got so used to gw1 armors which were extremely beautiful so I guess I have higher expectations when it comes to that sort of thing.

          • Sv3

            I would still buy these skins if it’s not an outfit. I like the chest piece, but that’s it.

    • I would not call this an armor=)

    • Fong Xiong
  • Robert D Milne

    & another kick in the **** to say:

    “this is you favorite character we removed to replace with the engineer.”
    ” oh & you play an engineer now?”

    “thats too much hassle.”

  • Robert D Milne

    love the rifle, spikes right where you stick your head to line up a shot

  • Pedofilný fašista Smotana

    Ahahahaha what the hell, you can pre-order and get ONE weapon skin? This is the new low.

  • McKoy

    Great. More skirts.

  • Daaw Daw

    i whoud love to support anet,but these pre-purchase/premium/deluxe bundles are pure trash,they didnt learned shit from HOT.

  • Sv3

    Pay more money for skins made by interns with no creative talent or attention to details. Male Norn leg clipping? *sigh*

    • Geary

      It’s because he’s standing on really uneven terrain. Inverse Kinematics will always cause clipping in some cases, it’s simply a trade-off for your characters feet being on the ground.

  • Beast Mode

    I like the weapon skins they have a very real and authentic look but 1 skin for preorder and a shitty outfit? Pathetic. Anet managment has driven away all its talent and this is what we get.

    • David

      The outfit is the starting outfit Paragons get in Guild Wars 1. Since Paragons came out with Nightfall (Campaign that is situated in Elona), then it would be fitting to have this as an outfit. While I do agree that it’s plain looking, it’s a nostalgia thing for GW1 players and lore related. Honestly, I think it is the perfect item since we’re heading to the desert. Some people might cry for a Dervish related item since it was also a class that released with Nightfall (I want something Dervish related), but meh.

      Honestly, they’re just collectors items. In Guild Wars 1, every collectors edition had a Mini Pet, a set of weapons that were just for looks and didn’t really have any good stats, and/or special emote. So this is nothing out of the norm for Anet. If you don’t like the items, then don’t buy the deluxe edition. Stay with the standard edition. These items were meant purely for collectors sake as with the exclusive stuff that came with collectors editions of the GW1 expansions.

      Also, I am not white knighting Anet. I have my issues with the company here and there to. I am just using common sense and past history.

      • OldTimer

        As much as I loved my paragon, it had the worst-looking basic armor in the game, may be the one thing I’m not nostalgic about. OK, and I didn’t much like Crystal Desert or the later-attached Desolation. I’m not looking forward to being set on fire by hydras again, but artistically the new zones look way more interesting than the original desert.

        Anyway, you’re right; it’s the kind of stuff Anet puts out, and since I will probably pre-order, I will have this stuff and just not use it.

  • Jyenh
    • TehOwn

      Nice model. Now rig it to a player model that can vary in shape and size and try to avoid severe clipping as much as possible and make sure that it is visually appealing in all lighting and optimize it so that it renders smoothly in real-time as opposed to prerender.

      Still, looks good.

      • Jyenh

        This is from the original GW Nightfall game. I’m horrible at putting textures on models, far out of my reach, and I haven’t even attempted at rendering fluid materials.
        I see your point though. Anet always chooses old human armour, but there are a lot of norn/asura/char armour that could be adapted too, just go to and search charr/norn/asura. (I tried linking, but kept spamming the pictures).

        • TehOwn

          I was just pointing out that while the GW2 outfit looks god-awful, it’s a bit unfair to compare it directly to a concept. Not sure if you were trying to or just providing the history, it’d be more fair to compare it to the actual in-game art from GW1 (which is still better, lol).

          Edit: Or maybe you weren’t even shitting on the skin. Maybe you actually like it. Damn, I didn’t think of that. xD

  • kelgo13

    Whats with the “Ab Plate”? if i remember correctly the stomach was exposed on both sexes. as in bare no straps.

    • Wrath

      Probably got tired of getting stabbed in the gut.

    • Jyenh

      It’s the NPC sunspear armour. I commented a pic below.

  • Nitrobacter

    I have rarely seen a better reason to save some money than these punishments of bonus content of the deluxe edition… At least it’s cheaper than hot and has more maps at release!

  • Brian Kendig

    Keep in mind that the price of the Standard edition ($29.99), plus a purchase of 4000 gems ($50), equals the price of the Ultimate edition ($79.99). So if you think you ever might eventually buy at least 4000 gems in the game, then you may as well get the Ultimate edition and get the extras it gives you.

    • Suan

      Yeah, the Identity Repair Kit is 1000 gems, new lounge Lily of the Elon Permanent Pass another 1000, Spearmarshal’s Presence outfit 700 gems, character slot 800 gems, Max-Level Boost – well, we can’t buy that but, it gives us a shared inventory slot that’s 700 gems. So all these items are around 4200 gems. So more than 50$. So for a 80$/euro we are getting stuff worth 130$/euro . My only problem is that ArenaNet does not change.. I don’t remember the right words sorry, but basically 80$ is not equal to 80 euro. I’m simply forced to pay more.

      • Brian Kendig

        I meant – one of the things included in the Ultimate edition is 4000 gems. So if you buy the Standard edition, and then you buy 4000 gems, then you may as well have gotten the Ultimate edition which gives you the same game and the same gems for the same price, plus a bunch of other things.

        • Well, that’s actually what Suan is saying just converting those extras you mentioned into money. 30€/$ basegame + 50 €/$ gems + 50€/$ extras…

      • TehOwn

        “basically 80$ is not equal to 80 euro.”

        Remember that in the US their prices do not include tax, so they pay $80 + tax. Whereas in the EU, the tax is included in the price by law.

        $80 + tax = $88 (depends on state) but ANet gets $80
        €80 (inc tax) = €80 for you but €66.66 for ANet (due to VAT).

        €66.66 = $78.49

        So ANet actually makes more money on sales in the US than in the EU. The reason you’re paying more is because of the European Union’s VAT.

        • Suan

          Eh, not so sure about that. I should have paid around 340 my money [at least that’s what google says when I check] but when I was paying it asked around 365. So a little bit more. I’ll assume there was some kind of VAT there. But I completely have no idea about those things so yeah..

  • xeshirem

    My first thought on that shield is that it looks like the Daedal shield, or at least the outline does. One of my favorites really, best Motivation attribute skin. Might just get it even if I don’t play anything that uses a shield…
    GW1 reference:

  • James Blinston

    i double clicked the sunspear armor how iget back to my preveious armor?

    • It is an outfit, just uncheck the outfit in the equipment tab

  • Lesly Phillips

    I bought the deluxe edition and my Spearmarshal’s Presence outfit is still locked. What am I missing?

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