SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 1 – August 8

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 1 – August 8

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  • Darth Twinge

    So last week was a tuning and tulak horde armor for direct sale
    and this week it is a tuning and nihilus

    I’m not sure how to feel about this.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      They probably want to put the tunings out there now that you can unlock them in collections.
      My feeling is that a lot of people didn’t use tunings before since it was for one character only.

      • ConcernedGuest

        I wouldn’t even use tunings if I got them for free.
        Never bought any CM companions.
        Even scrapped the piggy bodyguard from nightlife event.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          You won the jackpot and intentionally scrapped it!?

          Looks like we got a badass over here…

          • ConcernedGuest

            Yes I scrapped Piggy. Only cared for the achievements. Got them – and be done with nightlife.

            During the whole Zakuul Expansion you get companions without end. For what reason having one more? For what reason buying CM pagages for some stupid robot or animal.

            I even scrapped the Shae Viszla token on every char of mine. Why should I use it? The only companions I care for are the original Five. None others.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              How does getting another companion hurt you, especially if you are never forced to use them once you have them?

            • Darth Twinge

              If you have at least 9 though, you can send 8 on crafting missions while the 9th helps you do heroics etc.
              Just sayin’

        • Acher4

          Yeeee, no.
          Troll, or something else i won’t get into… 😛

    • Jimms

      We’re so close to seeing the dread master helmets on here too

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Doubt it. These direct sale items are normally pack items, not boss loot.

        • Errtai

          Don’t be so sure about anything.

  • Jonathan Parker

    I really hate how arguably the best items from the Dark vs Light event, the dark and light attuned weapon tunings, weren’t actually made rewards from the event, not even for the people like me who went the whole nine yards to get everything done, but instead put them into those fucking packs. Because they were so fucking rare, they’re worth a fortune, and now they’re selling them for, what, $20? Fuck Bioware, I’m so tired of this greedy bullshit.

    • ConcernedGuest

      Just DONT buy it.

      And after all … who want a tuning? Stupid shining weapons … look into a star wars movie, anyone running around there with a “tuning”?
      This is a SciFi Game, not some fantasy with flaming weapon or ice weapon dropping sparkles of snow. What idiocy.
      Play it as a SciFi Game!
      No juvenile RIP dancer outfits on female commandos standing around on Hoth. Wear some goddammed ARMOR as a trooper!!

      • Jonathan Parker

        When the hell did I say anything about outfits? Where’d that come from? I have badass armor on my Commando, armored robes on my Guardian, black robes for my Assassin, that has nothing to do with a damn weapon tuning. I use a cyan crystal and a purple crystal for those two classes respectively, and it would look really cool to see come red and blue leaking out of them too. Plus, it would have been a great visual reward for those who reached legendary, instead of a set of armor that really only works for Troopers.

    • Acher4

      I disagree. There were some awesome rewards that you gained, if you worked, from the DvL event.
      The companion is still amazing, and the tank mount is effing badass.
      And those things… they are not being sold in any way. And it seems it will stay that way.
      And also, the tunings? They were for $ from the start.

      • Jonathan Parker

        I’m not saying we got nothing for our trouble, but nothing that I always use. The mounts are now basically trophies in my Stronghold, since I use other mounts that I prefer. I use the armor pretty much exclusively as an outfit for Elara Dorne (I don’t even use it on my Commando, since I already have really nice cosmetic armor), and even that’s not very special since they gave her that armor by default in the latest story update anyway. It basically just looks slightly different than everyone else’s Elara armor. Also, let’s be honest, the companion is pretty useless unless you just like the way she looks or her combat dialogue. She’s actually quite a prick for a light side companion.

        The fact that the tunings were always a paid reward is the problem. No one I know got lucky enough to get one from the tier reward packs, and the only other way to get them is to buy a shit ton of those Cartel Packs. The chance of getting one from those was so small that they’re going for ten fortunes on the GTN, so almost no one can get one now. It’s just a small bit of light or dark stuff coming out of your weapon, why the fuck did they feel the need to put it in as some ultra-rare thing that almost no one will get? It would have been a nice way to show our alignment, have a cool weapon effect, especially for people who use crystals other than blue and red (I really want the red tuning for my Assassin’s purple saber), and it would have been a nice reward for those who hit Legendary tier, since the other rewards are very limited in use, as I mentioned before.

  • Kubrickian

    We don’t even get the screen capture anymore on dulfy…….

    • JRP

      I’m sure she’ll get it put up as soon as she can, though. There’s a lot of games that she has pages about, and she works on updating them all as fast as she can, right?

      • CoHorn

        She’s a he and he is a they. it’s a company not a lone gaming girl.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          No, she’s a girl named Kristina Hunter.

          • ghostbeetle

            Damn, that’s a good name! I just envy people who were born with/acquired names that sound like action heroes from 90’s TV-series! I mean, doesn’t everybody?

        • Drivan

          Damn, all you had to do is read the “About” page to not be wrong…
          Trolling fail.

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          Actually dulfy.net is just Kristina. She keeps it separate from the other sites.

          Linkie with a graph as well as an explanation here: https://mmo-fashion.com/about/

          You need to click on the Members tab to see how things are broken down.

          Hope this helps

    • JRP

      See, it’s there now.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Revanites got their asses kicked – so why would I wanna wear their loser armor set for? ;p

    • Gpusi

      Revan is a loser too but you see everyone wearing his gear…. 😀

      • Лев Сафаров


        • Jep Fareborn

          Prestige. Worldwide. :p

          • Anonymous

            Speaking of Prestige Worldwide, remember the newest release of Skiff type mount?
            It LITERALLY is a boat + hoe.

  • Jordan Placer

    Still no Revan Reborn. This would solve the servers selling it for 300 million credits if the CM would just get it. Ugh.

  • ZestyM8

    I’m astounded.

    Pointless Sales & that these packs get shitter every fucking week. Cheers Bioware.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      People have been asking for many of these old pack items to be up for direct sale. How is giving paying customers what they want “pointless”?

      • Syced

        because most people that post stuff like that usually think the game revolves around them first and foremost lol.

        • ZestyM8

          Yeah I totally think that. Damn kid you are some dumb naive mofo.

          • Syced

            well why did you post that then? because the sales were Pointless TO YOU!. others on this same disqus said they like the sales.

      • ConcernedGuest

        You are right in this.
        But it’s still bad that the game seems to revolve most around CM and not about bug fixing.

      • Rob

        The people buying from direct sales are not their only paying customers, however I perceive them as being the only customers they care about.

      • Snowbund

        The only thing I’ve been asking and dreaming for I finally got after a year and a half in the game as a subscriber by time card. That is in fact Satele Shans armor set. Now I just buy dye modules because its now unlocked account wide for me. I told my guildmates many times, when Sateles armor set comes direct sale, I’m buying first chance I get. it came on direct sale back in May I believe it was, so I bought it, next day I unlocked it account wide. I am now quite happy…. now if only I can get the damaged weapon tuning…..

      • Acher4

        Exactly. 😉

    • Whitedragon
  • gua543

    This is bait. I can’t describe it any other way. Fuck getting good looking gear from in-game activities. Dish out 20 bucks and look awesome at any level.

    • Zasz

      I wouldnt force my chars into most of those CM sets…

  • fkl

    Still waiting for tunings we can earn outside the cartel shop, Mr. “Liar” Musco!

    Now they are selling all the Cartel Pack crap directly on the CM…

    • AbnerDoon

      They had the Dark and Light tunings that were drops from DvL reward packs.

      • Ben Gimson

        Those were still CM packs though.

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    Throw up the Imperator’s Command Hoverchair. I’ll buy two.

  • I’m always encouraged to see more and more direct sales. I buy every one of them whether I have them or not. The ones I already have I sell on the GTN for credits. I refuse to spend money on gambling.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      What a reasonable response… O.O

    • Rance

      Holy shit John, what happened to you? lol

    • Rob

      I hope this was sarcasm John. I definitely do not like to see the direct sales, in fact I’m sick of the Cartel Market in general. Everything they do now is just a desperate cash grab.

      The CM has essentially enabled BW/EA to make a ridiculous amount of money so easily that making actual worthwhile content has become too expensive and time consuming for them to even bother. Hence the decline in quality and quantity of updates over the last few years.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      >I refuse to spend money on gambling.

      If you’re going to pretend to be John Smedley, may not want to say something 100% opposite of his previous actions. When he was running Sony Interactive, he was very much for gambling. They didn’t call it that of course since that would get them in legal troubles but still….

  • Sabretooth

    Sill waiting for the unstable peacemaker light saber

    • Zasz

      The last saber like that went for 7.000 tokens…

      • Sabretooth

        I got 8

  • Maint.

    Oh you took the time and effort during a one time event for these tunings? Fuck you guys, now everyone can have it for $.

    • Darth Twinge

      Yeah, but I think it’s been dropping out of Hypercrates as well for some time, based on the amount of these that always seem to be on the GTN.
      Being it was from an event though, If anything, they should have only added it to those vendors in the fleet bazaar that require tons of tokens from all the events to acquire retired event gear such as the Chevin race items if they wanted people to obtain them later on.

      • Ben Gimson

        Tunings weren’t from the event, sadly. They came out of packs.

    • Yeah, the DvL event was a complete and utter FUCK YOU to the players. Oh and BTW, when you were done grinding like a little bitch…. they reset all the achievements for it LOL!!!!

      • Paulo Gomes

        That’s when they don’t get rid of the achievements altogether, like the Dark/Light Jaesa achievement…

    • Acher4

      It was with $ right from he start, They just made it easier to get exactly that object and not at random from crates. 😉

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