Black Desert Aug 2 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online August 2 Game Update Patch Notes.

Greetings Adventurers,
This week we bring you several updates including the fix to Arena of Arsha, a brand new Terrmian Waterpark Event Series and the Black Spirit’s Adventure has restarted! This weeks patch will be 908.18MB
Notification of Service Maintenance Schedule Change

  • Schedule: Every other Wednesday (Once every 2 weeks)
  • Starting from: August 2nd, 2017 after maintenance
  • Duration: TBD
  • Due to the changes in service maintenance, the next maintenance will occur on August 16th, 2017.
  • Duration of the biweekly maintenance is to-be-determined. Please check the relevant maintenance announcement for the exact duration.
  • As service maintenance will occur biweekly, guild/ family/ character name change will be processed every other Wednesday.
  • In addition to regular service maintenance, temporary maintenances and hotfixes may occur and as always, we ask for your generous understanding and patience.

Event & System


  • Black Spirit’s Adventure Event has been restarted.
    • Starts August 2nd 09:00 UTC ~ Ends August 30th 09:00 UTC

  • Brand New Terrmian Waterpark Event Quests are here!
    • [Event] A Midsummer Night’s Sand Gatherer
    • [Event] A Midsummer Night’s Lighthouse Keeper
    • [Event] Have You Seen a Mermaid?
    • [Event] A Fool who Believes in Legend

[ System ]

  • Fixed the guild reservation issue with Arena of Arsha.

Class Changes

All Classes
[​IMG] Ninja

  • Fixed the issue where Target Chase’s effects would not be activated when Ghost Step was used right after Target Chase was used in Quick Slot.

[​IMG] Kunoichi

  • Fixed the issue where Target Chase’s effects would not be activated when Ghost Step was used right after Target Chase was used in Quick Slot.

[​IMG] Dark Knight

  • Fixed the issue where the front roll in non-combat mode of the Dark Knight would look different compared to other classes.

[​IMG] Striker

  • Skill effect of Striker’s Flow: Landslide has been adjusted to fit accordingly to its target range. Effects of the skill Flow: Strikethrough has been adjusted.

Item Changes

  • The Pure Black Stones have been improved so that the items’ buff effects would not disappear upon character’s death.

Pearl Shop Update


Mechanic Changes

  • Characters below Lv. 50 cannot fire cannons from [Guild] Galley and Epheria Sailboat.
  • Gamepad Input Settings under Settings have been changed.
    • Walking – DPad Right
    • Adventurers who have set Gamepad Input Settings previously can go back and change the settings themselves.
  • ​Glow effect of the candles in the background has been adjusted.

Quest Changes

  • The quest icon for the quest ‘Mudster Specimen’ has been changed to a more fitting icon.
  • Fixed the issue where ingredient knowledge of Blue Coral was being obtained instead when gaining knowledge on the trade item Oceanic Coral. Fixed the name mix-up during the quest [Event] Spooky Tale.
  • Fishing quest ‘Catching Seaweed’ completion requirement has been changed from Exchange to Obtain.
  • WP and SP Potions have been added to the completion reward options of the following quests.
    • Subduing the Rebels II
    • About Al Rhundi…
    • Secret in the Underground Storage
    • Heidel Investigator
    • Surveying the Glish Ruins
    • Taking the Written Orders
    • Art of Persuasion
    • Bandit Punitive Force
    • To Calpheon!
    • Fear of Reyas
    • Delphe Outpost
    • To Florin…
    • Suicide Corps in the Wilderness
    • Suspicious Move

Interface Changes

  • Game TIPs found on the bottom-left corner has been updated.
  • Equipment Window will now show AP, Awakening weapon AP & DP in its tooltip.
  • Gamepad Input Settings under Settings for ‘Walking’ has been changed to ‘Dpad Right’ key.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where Karma was reduced when players attacked enemies and destroyed forts or command posts at the same even with the Force PVP deactivated during Node/Conquest war.
  • Fixed the issue where ‘Give Gift’ button in the Pearl Shop would overlap with character name input box.
  • [Chat] Fixed the issue where scrolling up and refreshing chat window would show overlapping of texts.
  • [Chat] Fixed the issue where chat window scroll would disappear when disabling the Simplify UI option.
  • Fixed the issue where the highlighting on the trash bin icon would not disappear even when mouse cursor disappeared.
  • [Customization] Fixed the issue where editing work would appear twice under Edit History.
  • Fixed the issue where wild horses would get stuck between terrain features in Balenos Mountains, Southern Mountain Range, and Calpheon Treant Forest.
  • Fixed the issue where candles wouldn’t light up at times inside residences.
  • itf

    Got a guide for the new quests?

    • Shane Jordan

      Two come from NPC’s already there, the Fishing Otter and the Musket quest Otter. Musket quest otter does the Fool and Mermaid quests. Its a simple run back and forth to talk to people.

      Another quest starts from the Olivia Inn Keeper, she has you deliver lunch boxes to the merchants in the Waterpark. Quest gives you shovels… now to find out what to do with them

      • itf

        I meant these two:
        [Event] A Midsummer Night’s Sand Gatherer
        [Event] A Midsummer Night’s Lighthouse Keeper

        Tried to wait during night time to see if anything pops but nothing.

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