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GW2 Pre-purchase Path of Fire Expansion and Support the Site

Pre-purcPre-purchase your GW2 Path of Fire Expansion here and support the site.

With the expansion announcement on Tuesday, a number of you have asked me for an affiliate link to purchase Path of Fire expansion. I am truly humbled by the number of inquires. As some of you know, I had great difficulty getting into the Arenanet Partner Program. While I don’t make long videos to hype up new players to try out the game, I try to make concise guides for existing players and keep you informed on GW2 news. Hopefully that have convinced some of you to least try out the game or return to it after a break. Fortunately it was bought to my attention that the affiliate program is independent of the partner program and I don’t have to be accepted as a partner to have an affiliate link.

So here is my affiliate link to prepurchase/purchase Path of Fire.It does not cost you any extra to purchase it from my link but will greatly help support me and my site (and maybe help me to get into the partners program in the future).Β Thank you for all the support over the last 5+ years and lets have a great time in Path of Fire!

For those who do not have Heart of Thorns expansion (it is the previous expansion but not required to play Path of Fire), you can purchase it at the same link as well. When you check out any edition of Path of Fire, you will see an option to add it for $20.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

113 replies on “GW2 Pre-purchase Path of Fire Expansion and Support the Site”

Oh, I’ve already prepurchased =(

But what do you mean you had difficulty? You’re THE Guild Wars 2 website for all purposes and intents! Everyone in GW2 knows you and goes to you for datas? This makes no sense!

I applied several times in the past since the program was open back in 2015 (including last week) but havn’t heard anything back and the people I asked about never responded to my emails or PMs. Someone at Arenanet did make an inquiry on my behalf and said they wasn’t able to get a straight answer.

That’s a shame. I agree with Trillium. I’m not active in these forums, but I come to your site for all my GW2 news. I always know when new stuff happens, I can find info on it here. Thanks for all your hard work, and hopefully you’ll be recognized for it in the future.

Same as “Just passing through.” Your site is easily the best site for GW2 (I haven’t played TOR in a while but I am sure you are still the best site for that as well). I am going to shoot A net an e-mail on your behalf. Nothing crazy, just kind of a “hey a net, get your sh!! together please…”

Also, is there a reason you never really feature builds for GW2?

I’m not sure it would be worth the effort when there are already dedicated build sites existing. Eg. or

I wish I had waited now. I just made this account simply to say is how I have completed so many achievements and such. It’s a site I check daily and it’s a shame to hear that you have had issues getting affiliated. Your hard work has made my gaming much more enjoyable and I thank you for that.

Perhaps if you had a Youtube channel where you made hour long videos for things that should take three minutes to explain they’d be quicker to address it…

I’ll be sending ANet a email myself about how they should address this situation.

There is definitely an audience for long videos but I always taught to be concise and get to the point. I rather people find their info quickly and go back to playing quicker. Thank you for the kind words πŸ˜€

How in the world can barely active Youtubers manage to stay in the program whereas THE in my opinion best help website and informational site for Guild Wars 2 gets rejected, someone at Arenanet seriously needs to add you already to the list.

Wow…..that’s really sad to hear πŸ™ I mean they named a boss ingame after you how are you NOT in the program?!? *really big sad face* And yes your website is all I really to go for guides and info, so please please please keep up the work! Also read the SWTOR guides. And i’ll use your link for pre-ordering me, mom and couple of brothers, hope it helps!

I already got mine directly from them. Please let us know if there is anything we can do in lieu of that to help.

I’ll wait for a sale, but I will make sure to use your link πŸ™‚ Your guides have helped me so much in the past!

Bought the expansion in game yesterday, if I had known about this I would have been happy to support you. πŸ™

If there is anything else we can do to help, let us know.

Thanks for everything!

I’m happy to support this site. Although you might want to do us all a favour and go a bit easier on the ads on this site! In 30-minutes ad blocker clocked up 5,000 ad blocks for this website. I had to install it since this website become so incredibly laggy because of all the ads, almost to the point that it wasn’t responding at all.

Very much this.
The ads are getting so ridiculous to the point I once suspected there are some dodgy stuff running in the background. The webpages, especially the guild mission ones, will refresh automatically for some reasons even after complete loading or I stopped the loading. I can no longer keep a page of guild trek open to help me during mission time due to how it made the game laggy. In fact now I can’t open up Dulfy on my phone due to all the webpages stop responding.
I don’t hate ads, I understand it’s what keeps some sites running and I’ve yet to pre-purchase PoF so I’m glad to support Dulfy, but there is some serious clean up/some sorts of optimization required here. I mean, if I can’t even load this page how would I be able to see the affiliate link?

Incase you didn’t see my above reply. We have identified the issue causing the loading and working with our advertisers to stop it and looking for new advertisers at the same time. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks Dulfy. I’m glad this is something you guys already noted. Bought the ultimate with your link πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

The ads have definitely been an issue. In May we were forced to switch from google adsense which we previously used for years to other ad providers due to a significant ad revenue drop (80% drop). This put us below red with the huge monthly hosting fees (our hosting fees is about $1100 a month at the minimum with Amazon AWS). The ad revenue drop I suspect was due to the wall street journal incident in which a bunch of ad companies pulled out of google ad network.

These other ad providers seems to serve videos ads and other media rich ads that causes significant more processing power/loading. I am definitely pretty annoyed with them right now and we are investigating exactly what is causing them. We can’t return to adsense as the revenue is still super low so we are trying to fix this issue or switch to new ad providers.

Hey Dulfy I do all of quantify’s web stuff and we’re about to release a completly new website design. I’m looking to switch from adsense too. If you find other providers you should fill me in. My public email is

Have you used You might have enough traffic to try out Icy-veins uses If I had the traffic I would use

I’m sad I already puchased cuz I would have loved to support you. Maybe i can send some guildies your way tho πŸ˜‰

My husband and I will definitely make sure to purchase your linked ones! You rock, I refresh your page at least once a day. XD

Glad i came here today looking for some news, and found your aff link.

I’ll gladly purchase the xpac through your link, you’ve already given the community so much it’s time we give some back.

shiet if i only knew this i would have buy from your link, i bought mine tru gem store

but no worries i might buy it again to my alt acct tru ur link

Wow, I didn’t know you weren’t already part of the partner program! That’s insane! Your site is one of the main GW2 resources we’ve used for years. Me and my small guild of 4 others have all decided to buy through your link on next payday. πŸ˜‰

My whole family will use your link. Glad to support your excellent site…. saved me from going bald from pulling my hair out on multiple occasions. Keep up the fantastic work.

I think you have a pretty nice influence on player retention as well as getting new players indirectly. Many players including myself check here for news on new content and log in for what they saw. I’ve also linked articles to friends who don’t play or haven’t ina while to show off something that was added. Anet did say they like word of mouth advertisement so it works just as well. I’ll use your link later. Not ina hurry to preorder at the moment but will eventually.

Thanks for providing such a great resource to this community. I hope you get more money for the higher-priced versions because I just used your link to buy the ultimate edition!

Your guides are very helpful so I will definitely use your link when I get around to pre-purchasing. πŸ™‚

Thank you Dulfy… I hadn’t bought the expansion yet and I just used your link to buy the Ultimate edition. Always very happy to support this awesome website.

I’ll absolutely buy it from your links then! You have been my go-to website for ANY information gw2 related for the past years, it-s the least that I could do πŸ™‚

I haven’t bought the expansion yet, but I’ve been using your site for years. Not only for my trips into GW2 off and on over the years (just coming back after 2 years), but also for SWTOR and BDO. I first come to your site if any new MMO is released to find out if you are covering it. So thanks so much! I hope us purchasing it from you helps you out.

Haven’t used the site for GW2 too much, but when I decided to foray into SWTOR I bookmarked the page because of all the good guides.

I’m always down to help someone who helps out the community, so I’ll definitely get the xpac through you!

Oh man! I just bought it a few days ago. Well, payday is Thursday so I will be donating directly to you instead! Thank you for every single thing you do for our community and the many others you help with. I cannot believe they will not make you a partner, shame on them! You do great work and we are all thankful!

How come they haven’t sign a partner deal with you yet? Your guides have helped thousands of clueless gamers figuring out jumping puzzles and collecting stuff in game

Dang, I would have bought from you if I had known. Well, I am going to buying one for my second account next week and I will definitely do it through your link.

Ever sine I found out about this I have been telling every single one of my guild members about it. And got my super deluxe as a gift through your link πŸ™‚

OK, I enter that page. But what’s different from the regular page? How do I know I’m making the purchase through Dulfy?

Fuck! I’m disappointed this didn’t come out earlier. I have already per-ordered. Is there a way I can credit you somehow?

“I had great difficulty getting into the Arenanet Partner Program”

Not gonna lie, that is a wee bit surprising. Even more so since I mostly ignore the official site and use this one instead for the news and info’s.

was planning on just getting the standard collection (HoT and PoF bundle). If they can have you pimp that link too I’d be on board

oh damn Dulfy, as i researched and discovered you didnt have a link on release day, i had to go with WP and already purchased PoF. good to hear you have one now. perhaps xpac3 you will get my patronige.

Luckily i’m more cool-headed about buying stuff. So if i decide to buy PoF i would definitely use your link in the future.

Done! I couldn’t be happier to support you. This has been my go-to site since you started covering GW2 and I would not have played since head-start until now unless this very site existed. Thank you.

I don’t believe there is a separate client, it is the same one you use for normal gameplay. Just keep that one updated when the patch arrives later today

I can’t buy from your link!! Is anybody else experiencing the same thing? I received page error after “Login to continue” button. Below is the error description.

HTTP Status 500 – 502

type Status report

message 502

description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

disappointed as I have tried to prepurchase the expansion through dulfys affiliate site and the money sees to have been taken through paypal but the order did not process and I have not received the expansion – I am raising tis with guild wars 2 support and paypal/credit card company – I hope this can be rectified as I will not recommend this to anyone if it does not get resolved – guild wars 2 say no record of purchase – whats going on here

Hmm the purchase goes through arenanet website directly, the affliate link is just a modification on the url to track it. Did you have a paypal transaction record? I know arenanet had some server outrages so could be related to that? Hopefully it get sorted out

I have a friend who is interested in GW2, does buying HoT and PoF together get the base game as well? I just want to make sure before I share the link.

Ms. Dulfy:

If you are willing, may I translate this page to one of Taiwan’s game site, I am one of the administration personnel in GW2 fan-sub-forum (Kinda like subreddits).

With your approval, I will then translate your this page and I am surely many Taiwanese gamers including myself will be supporting you this way πŸ™‚

Kind Regards,

Chief Charr Charr (we met in game once, it was awesome talking to you!)

Dear Ms. Dulfy:

Sorry to use super slow reply against your prompt reply, got caught up in work so I can only do translation before I go to bed…

Please check 3 things below:

1. I did a “Chief Style” translation of this particular post, if you want to have a look in the language without translation, please visit “”

2. I feed the translation back to google translate, it translate poorly (of course), but if you still want to check it out, please visit “”

3. This translation post will stay on top of the GW2 Taiwan fan-site until the pre-purchase has finished (or until someone from Taiwan nag about that why I should treat Dulfy “special”… which is not likely). Please see picture attached of the position of this post on the game site

Keep the good work up and you have more supporter than you think all over the globe πŸ™‚

Chief Charr Charr

A returning player from the original GW2 (I don’t want to refer to it as Vanilla. LOL). Totally skipped HoT but I’m psyched to go back in PoF. Lots of catching up to do, but thanks to your site, it would be easier for me to be on top of things. Been using the info on this site since I started playing years ago. Thank you for the help you gave to us players.

Pre-order done using your affiliate link. Thanks again Dulfy! πŸ˜€

Ms. Dulfy

I prepurchased the Ultimate edition through your link. πŸ™‚

I hope we get to enjoy the quality stuff at this site for years to come. πŸ˜€

I just bought the ultimate edition at your link.

I am always thankful for what you and your crew have done to GW2, Dulfy.

Keep up the good work, and I truly hope you will become an official partner!

Love the site, have used it for years now. Just pre-ordered the Ultimate edition off your link, hope it helps!

The link doesnt work for me i click on it nothing happens. I tried to open it in another tab it opens a blank tab

am thinking of buying ultimate POF for now… so my qn is what will be the price for HOT if i decide to buy it later…. will it be 30$ or 20$? explain as when i wanna buy ultimate POF it shows to add HOT for 20$ , so will it be available for same even if i buy later.

I recently came back to GW2 to catch up on 4+ episodes of the living story and, while I’m not totally thrilled with the direction the game’s taking, decided to pre-order PoF last night after finishing that story. It’s nice to have a way to help out this website in even a minor way. Whether or not I really get into the expansion, the guides alone here have helped me enough over the years to be worth more than the entire cost of the expansion. So this is a tiny gesture of gratitude.

I ordered the Deluxe version through your affiliate link, I’m happy if this helps you because you did a wonderful work creating this site and helping so many people. Love you Dulfy

I quit GW2 but if I was still playing I would definitely have supported you. Whenever there was an update or addition to the game yours was the first site I linked to. Glad you’re still around, and still helping the player community.

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