SWTOR Season 8 PvP Rewards

Bioware has posted the full rewards list of Season 8 PvP ending on Aug 22 with Game Update 5.4.

PvPers, Season 8 is slated to end on August 22nd with the launch of Game Update 5.4. Before we get to the end of the season, let’s show you the rewards and what rating you need to be to earn them.

Bronze Tier (Rating 1250-1499)

  • Bronze Season 8 Battle Flag
  • Bronze Season 8 Frame Decoration
  • 15,000 Season 8 Tokens
  • Bronze Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
  • Bronze Season 8 Title – “Hot [Character Name]”

Silver Tier (Rating 1500-1749)

  • Silver Season 8 Battle Flag
  • Silver Season 8 Frame Decoration
  • 85,000 Season 8 Tokens
  • Silver Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
  • Silver Season 8 Title – “Sizzling [Character Name]”
  • Bronze Season 8 Title (in case they like the Bronze title more than the Silver title)

Gold Tier (Rating 1750+)

  • Gold Season 8 Battle Flag
  • Gold Season 8 Frame Decoration
  • 250,000 Season 8 Tokens
  • Gold Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
  • Gold Season 8 Title – “[Character Name] the Fiery”
  • Silver Season 8 Title
  • Bronze Season 8 Title

Top 96

  • Class-specific Season 8 Top 96 Title – “[Player Name], on Fire”
  • Top 96 Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
  • 350,000 Season 8 Tokens
  • Every tier exclusive reward from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers

Additionally, there are a host of items you can purchase with Season 8 tokens. Here is each item that will be available and its cost:

    • 150,000 Tokens – Flaming Makrin Mount

    • 100,000 Tokens – PvP Weapon Set
      • Blaster Pistol (main and offhand)
      • Blaster Rifle
      • Sniper Rifle
      • Lightsaber (main and offhand)
      • Double-bladed Lightsaber
      • Assault Cannon

  • 50,000 Tokens – Season 8 Color Crystal Lockbox
  • 5,000 Tokens – Previous Season Ranked Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox
  • 2,500 Tokens each – Stronghold Trophy Decorations
    • Damage
    • Damage (interior)
    • Frogdog
    • Frogdog (interior)
    • Gree
    • Gree (interior)
    • Health
    • Health (interior)
    • Rotworm
    • Rotworm (interior)
    • Speed
    • Speed (interior)
    • Empire [faction specific]
    • Empire (interior) [faction specific]
    • Republic [faction specific]
    • Republic (interior) [faction specific]
  • 2,000 Tokens each – Arena Themed Titles
    • Cove Cutthroat
    • Mesa Mauler
    • Orbital Station Obliterator
    • Canyon Crusher
    • Slayer of the Square

Get in there and go berserk! Compete to get as high as you can on the leaderboards and earn these great rewards. We’ll see you in Giradda’s Arena of Death.

  • Rozay

    Not interested. CM items & flairs look far better, unfortunately.

  • SirRobinII

    I like the rewards but with this meta I’m not bothered enough to play till t1.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Great… Coolest weapons I’ve seen in the game so far, and you restrict them to a limited time PvP event. I really hate how they arbitrarily throw in shit like this, just to piss the rest of us off. This is where the badass weapon designers are, apparently, since the Cartel Market and Pack stuff sucks more often than not.

    • Haggard

      I know right… cannon, blaster rifle, saber… all look awesome.

    • gua543

      IMO I think that whoever is left doing ranked deserves them. Bio makes class changes quite often, but the content drought there is as real as anywhere else in the game.

  • Thomas Parsons

    how do you get these pvp items?

    • guest

      You had to play ranked this season, you get tokens for doing ranked PvP

  • Jep Fareborn

    Too bad gearing for PvP is a complete CHORE since there are no decent PvP gearing guide tables out there (for every class / proficiency).

    • gua543

      Min/maxing gear for PvP is not worth it. Stack power and crit if you’re a burst class, put a little bit of alacrity if you’re a dot class. At the end of the day, the class you play and your skills with it will make the difference, not having the best stats possible.

      • nana

        Lolmerc and snipers and heal sorcs basically ruled the stuff at the start of the season.
        Hell majority of the top ranked stopped doing ages ago.

  • Lakemine

    I just wish ranked popped more like in GW2. In GW2 I can get a ranked pop at 2-3AM in the morning within 3-5 minutes, most times lees. In swtor, It takes 7-20 minutes to get a pop even for regular pvp, let alone ranked. I just wish I popped more. The rewards are awesome, and I think more people would get into ranked, but sadly it just seems the population isn’t there, or only at specific times? Just don’t know sadly.

  • Jonathan Parker

    So, what exactly are the chances of getting to Silver Tier by the time this ends if I’ve never played ranked PvP before? I really want those wepaons…

    • dyNASTY

      Just go win trade like everybody else.
      Bioware doesn’t punish win traders and 75% of the top rankers are traders anyway

      • Jonathan Parker

        I have to admit, I have no idea what win trading is. Again, never played much PvP to begin with.

        • dyNASTY

          when you deliberately lose/or a organised group let you bea them. so a player can generate rating

          • Jonathan Parker

            I see. I’ll get with my guild, see if we can’t do some grinding and experiment with that. Thanks.

            • nana

              Don’t make it too obvious ofc. Just make sure the losing team gives a good fight too, not complete r*pe

  • dyNASTY

    Nice timing on the announcement btw

  • dyNASTY

    Top ranked sorc hasn’t played since 24th april and according to the logs he was recorded at reaching 4200 in one day. LMFAO
    bioware open your fucking eyes

    • Nightrain

      Leaderboards were bugged for almost 2 months, so people got rating during that time. Recently boards were updated, but your rating refreshes only if you log in the game. He definitely wasn’t getting 4k in one day.

      • nana

        It does happen, believe that rofl.

      • n7x

        Well his rating obviously was not achieved by fair play anyway, as well as other “top” players. I hope bioware will wipe the rating for all these clowns.

      • dyNASTY

        I’ve seen Lyala multiple times throughout the time recorded on leaderboards to present day.
        I cant view his rating in game (of course i cant)
        But the guy is utterly garbage at the game, he has no mechanics or game knowledge
        he prolly win traded to such a rating, even if its bugged
        problem is, swtor will literally do NOTHING about it

      • Lighty

        Yea what nightrain said. It’s impossible even with wintrading to get 4K in one day anyways

      • John Doe

        bitch I remember you in season 4 you we’re hot garbage , could barely play that shitty JUG and later season you got in the top 20. You piece of shit wintrader just neck yourself.

        • Nightrain

          Hey I wasn’t that bad in season 4. Later I keybinded and apparently farmed your ass to the boiling point, if you’re raging here instead of dueling or queueing against me 😀

    • HypoCrit

      Lyala was wintrading, same for most Passive Aggressive and All-Star Sync Squad guilds 🙂

      • dyNASTY

        Yeah it’s pretty obvious, but my point is i find it very sad how bioware leave it til season’s end to do something about it.
        People like this should be crushed as soon as theyre exposed. And this person is relatively open about it too

        • Bolt Virus

          Lyala is, to be honest, one of the worst players on TRE. “top ranked” player died 3 times on SM Styrak. I didn’t even know whether I should spit at her, kick her or just shrug it off. We wasted field rez + 2 stealth rez for her, yet she still died.
          And Bioware won’t do a thing. Too scared of acting against players after they left SWTOR in huge numbers.

          • dyNASTY

            That hardly surprises me. On either accounts.
            To be honest the only reason this game is still around is because its carried by it’s theme, Star Wars, if not for that this game would be more barren than an Asian mmo that tried to bootleg
            It’s one of the main reasons I gave up on Ranked pvp, and feel like giving up on the game completely.

    • John Doe

      what open eyes basically 80% of the top tier players hacked their way into the ladders with no shame and blatant map hacks/cheats. This is why Ranked will always be a no skill joke game-mode.

  • Esacker

    nice one, i tryed realy hard to get like 1450 raiting to get Weapons but now ist Impossible to get any Raiting on my Server (VC) because there is no one left to play Ranked with….

    • AJ

      I sympathize, ranked is dead on Progenitor too.

    • Moray

      Yeah – at the beginning some players tried to gather enough people to do ranked, but it attracted a few toxic players – so no fun 🙁 (I went to T3 and never queued for ranked since :3)

  • ZestyM8

    Tfw when the only cool items in the game are in ranked.

  • jean pastel

    the s8 token rewards when u recieve them in letter, are
    Linked to inheritance or Linked to the character ?

  • Ramzzess

    Took me like 4 hours to get the rating for the weapons on Harb. Easy game

    • Haggard

      How hard is it to climb the levels?
      Since we still got 2 weeks to go, I’d like to try and see what happens.

      • Ramzzess

        It’s a little tough on harb, but I was playing assassin tank and that’s doing well at the moment. It also helped that a lot of new people started queueing up since the rewards were announced. Try going in as mara or merc and you’ll do fine

  • jean pastel

    the s8 token reward receive at the end of the saison in letter are Bound to legacy or Bound to character ? (shi**y translate before lol)

  • Ben Gimson

    That’s nice, but ranked still runs on a totally broken system, so no thanks.

  • michael fearless

    How is PVP still even a thing? Especially with rewards like these? Just … OUCH.

    • Jason Long

      Being a non-PVP’er, I’m actually envious of those rewards. Some nice items in there

    • Ramzzess

      The saber looks amazing

  • Fred Garvin

    Bronze Season 8 Title – “Hot [Character Name]”

    If your character’s name is Carl you just hit the jackpot.

  • Charco Vex

    Could someone show the difference between a black-silver color crystal and a black-silver striated? I’ve been unable to really find a difference after googling, thanks.

    • Edd

      Striated ones have a more dull color to them with some weird texture to the aura, not sure how to explain it…

  • EffectFanBoyf

    I assume weapons dont have particle effects? Or do they? Anyone knows?

  • Fred Garvin

    It’s ridiculous that they show the rewards for a season only a few weeks before that season ends. Then again, like most of SWTOR, they count on players hoping something great is just around the corner to string them along so…working as intended.

  • Halo fan


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