GW2 Fifth Anniversary Gemstore Sales

Arenanet has posted a schedule of items for Anniversary Sales

Week 1

  • August 09: 20% off Amethyst Aegis and Emissary’s Staff
  • August 10: 20% off Peacock Scepter and Dragon Kama
  • August 11: 20% off Caithe’s Bloom Dagger and Belinda’s Greatsword
  • August 12: 20% off Kurzick Dual Axe and Storm Bow
  • August 13: 20% off Chain-Whip Sword and Replica Mirror of Lyssa
  • August 14: 25% off Watchwork Mining Pick

Week 2

Week 3

  • August 23: 25% off Shared Inventory Slots and 30% off Unbreakable Gathering Tools
  • August 24: 30% off Bag Slot Expansion and 70% off Total Makeover Kit (limit 1 per account)
  • August 25: 50% off Name Change Contract (limit 1 per account)
  • August 26: 20% off Bank Tab Expansion and 25% off Black Lion Keys
    • Velerion.5231

      chain whip sword! Fuck yeah <3

    • Ares Zax

      Oooh yes! I’ve been waiting for the Amethyst Aegis, EMissary’s Staff, Kurzick Dual Axe and Storm Bow to go on sale. 😀

    • Haydn Barker

      20% off isnt anything exciting though and the watchwork was 50% off on a previous sale. they are making sure you spend those 4k gems you got.

    • Ohm Ohms

      Anyone know when the anniversary sales will end? so i will save my 4000gems for that.

    • Raizel

      Discount Bank Tabs please!!!!

      • BlackPrinny .

        Increase Bank Tab limit while you are at it! ;-P

    • Joni Kenyot

      Char slot/bank/bag/storage pleaseeeee…….

    • Lockheart

      Don’t hurt yourself with that 20% discount anet. Jeeze. Lazy sales are the worst.

    • Goddess O’ Cheese

      give me discount character slots or give me death

    • gw1fan

      low discounts show how “good” the company behind gw2 does – compare that to steams (pretty much 24/7) 30%+ discounts (not counting asset flippers, or shitty games). Anet is clearly limp dicking it but, that’s just how it is when you don’t listen to your majority whining for specific content or giving you advice.

      I rather play shitty wow that this f2p crap.

      • 💆💆💆

        I like the part where you compared a game to a distribution service that takes a cut of sales w/o developing anything*. 👌

        * unless you think Valve is still actually making hl3.

        • axyd

          You just described ANET after HOT release. The cut they took was legendary weapons.

      • Name

        Go on then… Fuck off. =)

    • Vkitty

      Hello! I am really wondering when the cat ears will be coming back to the Gem store…does anyone know?

    • Jinxtah

      Is there anyway to see what certain items was discounted with in the past. I’m wondering what the best discount has been for the storage expander, and when that happened.

      • Marc
        • Jinxtah

          Yeah I checked there before posting, but that’s just from previous anniversary sales, and doesn’t contain the information I was requesting.

      • That FUI Guy

        I believe the storage expander has only been on sale twice before at 20% off.

        • Jinxtah

          I has been on sale in 2015 for 35% off as far as I could figure out by way of searching dulfy’s records. It’s also not worth it considering you can get a character for that price and use that.

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