GW2 Gemstore Update–Level 80 Boost and Fiery/Icy Blade Axe

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Level 80 Boost, Fiery/Icy Blade Axe Skins and the Path of Fire Preparation Pack.

Here are the new items for today’s Gemstore Update.

  • Black Lion Instant level 80 ticket – 2000 gems
  • Path of Fire Prep Pack – 3500 gems
    • 1x Character Slot Expansion
    • 2x Bag Slot Expansion
    • 1x Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container (axe, sickle, pick)
    • 10x Black Lion Chest Key
    • 1x Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket
    • About 7550 gems worth of items for 3500 gems (or 5550 gems worth if you don’t count the Instant Level 80 Ticket)
  • Rival Skies Package – 1000 gems
    • Fiery Blade Axe
    • Icy Blade Axe


  • Retsurai

    Path of Fire Prep Pack, id buy if they removed the 80 ticket

    • Otakusensei

      You still need to have an open shared slot for the ticket, right? I’d buy it if it came with one.

      • Sotos

        Normally as all insta lvl tickets that i ve seen, provide an extra shared as well..
        When you consume it that shared will be available for use.

        • Otakusensei

          According to the wiki those are only the ones that come with expansions. The standalone ticket in the store requires you to have a free slot. I think the package ones are the same.

  • Kirin

    How does the “Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container” work?

    • Suan

      If I’m not mistaken it just a pack of gatherin tools that never run out of use, but they do not have any cool animations&effects.

  • Alot

    One the one hand I’d like Anet to make money. On the other hand I feel like the leveling ticket is a trap for people who shouldn’t be further exploited. If you buy two expansion you’ve already got 2 level 80 characters – plus the act of simply logging in every day seems to generate more then 10 tomes of leveling a week on average (as I do a weekly black lion key run and my tome count is still increasing).

    Surely there was some other convenience item which could have been aimed at the credit-card warriors who didn’t spec into int?

    • Zaire Kelly

      don’t for get the vets that get 10 lvl higher insta scroll each year. 4yr bday=inst 40. OMG please anet we better not get an insta lvl50 scroll for bday #5. I already have 11 toons and don’t need anymore insta w/e lvl tomes, i have plenty and no real need for another character. The extra shared inventory is nice, but its basically locked unitl you boost another toon you don’t need.

      • Alot

        Have 12 of them. They useless but its painful to delete items of apparent 2000 gem equivalency -.-

    • im using them as extra bank space, since i like store lots of materials. the insta-80 boost is the one that came up with some BL items too? if is it, its worth something

  • Mr. Principal

    No Ice/Fire Glider..?

  • Mike Kelly

    Those fire and ice axes look like cardboard cut-outs.

  • Sudenvarjo

    That’s a pair of great looking axes!
    I wish Anet would make matching fire & ice themed weapons for elementalists too… Sure there was the elemental sword (which ele would be able to single-wield soon enough, if they got one)… available as a rare drop from a black lion chest. -.-
    (…salty much? Yes I am! Silver lining? The new skins look awesome!)

    • Sorrior

      Wait different they already remove them from the chest loot tables?

  • rolalinii

    totally from gw1
    Decade Axes “Rival Skies”

  • visher

    >Black Lion Instant level 80 ticket – 2000 gems
    so this:

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