GW2 Path of Fire Free Preview Weekend August 11- 13

GW2 is doing a Path of Fire Preview Weekend from August 11 to 13 open to everyone.


If you’re excited to play Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, we have an express ticket to the Crystal Desert for every Guild Wars 2 player! Come join us this weekend for a hands-on experience with the expansion.

The preview weekend begins on Friday, August 11, and runs through Sunday, August 13.

Who can play?

Everyone! You don’t need to prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire to participate—simply log in on the dates provided. If you’ve never played Guild Wars 2 before and would like to play during the preview weekend, register here to create an account and begin playing for free.

What can I expect?

You’ll be able to play the first part of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story, which will kick off your journey to the Crystal Desert. Once you arrive, the Amnoon Oasis map is yours to explore. Take in the sights, unlock the raptor mount, and have fun with other players!

On August 18 through August 20, you’ll be able to experience the new elite specializations for the first time in PvP and WvW.

To learn more about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or to prepurchase the expansion and receive extra bonus items, please visit the official site.

We can’t wait to see you in the desert!

  • Well that’s plans for the weekend sorted…

  • Gundam

    W8 so there will be none new elite spec to try at 11 ?

    • It will be from aug 18 to 20

      • Gundam

        There are any news about specs existing in pve environment on 18 ?

        • Should have all of them

    • gg

      Perhaps in PvE.

  • Banjal

    I just want to play with the new specs. I don’t want to spoil the next zones.

    • Kevin Flanagan

      I think next weekend will have the new specs, this weekend is more the zones and all that.

  • Tora

    wait wait “On August 18 through August 20, you’ll be able to experience the new elite specializations for the first time in PvP and WvW.”

    does this means that we wont be able to test the new specs till 18 or that we wont be able to try them in PVP/WVW till 18?

    • RabbitUp

      This weekend, it’s only the first chapter of the story and part of the first map, next weekend beta has the elite specs.

    • Won’t be able to test them at all until 18

    • mr_stealth

      Wording makes it sound like the preview on the 18th is pvp/wvw only, which would really suck for pve only players.

      I hope they’re going to give pve’ers a chance to try specs. Neither wvw or pvp would give much of a relevant preview for pve play. And HoT’s wvw previews seemed mostly deserted anyway.


    As much as I’d like to play, I’ll probably pass so I don’t spoil anything. I will play on the weekend of the 18th though, I’d like to try out the new specializations.

  • Ingmar

    ”Once you arrive, the Amnoon Oasis map is yours to explore”.

    Uhm, I thought the first map was called ”Crystal Oasis”, with ”Amnoon Oasis” simply being the major hub?

  • kazerniel

    I’m still in LS2 story-wise, but I can’t wait to see the new map and the mount! Such hype! x333

  • Tyrel Nephelim

    Any estimation for the time of release of this week-end of test ?

  • AbnerDoon

    Mount racing! /tear The starter mount is a great deal of fun for exploring the area and dropping the initial attack.

  • Zarishi

    Will the achievements reset after the demo too? and the rewards from it?

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