GW2 Side Stories Achievements Guide

A guide to the new Side Stories achievements which replaced Current Events achievements with the Aug 8 Game Update.

Conservation of Magic

(New) Meta: Conservation of Magic –10 AP

  • Complete all of the achievements in this section for 10 AP, 1 Tyria Mastery Point and Mini Accumulated Ley Line Energy


(New) Ley of the Land – 5 AP

  • To complete this newly added achievement, go to Magister Ela Makkay in Lion’s Arch and pick the I’m here to talk about the lodestone I gave you for this achievement. May have to do some of the other achievements below first.


Achievement Set One

  • Ley-Line Cartography
  • Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Hold the Line
  • Magic Dispersed

Achievement Set Two

  • Out of the Wrong Hands
  • Thwart the Inquest
  • Ley-Line Research
  • Ley-line “Research”

Achievement Set Three

  • Flinnz’s Retirement
  • Keadin’s Study
  • Garen’s Defense
  • Loonaloo’s Paycheck
  • Shana’s Ambition
  • Fiona’s Stockpile

Justice of the Blade

(New) Meta: Justice of the Blade – 10 AP

  • Complete all achievements in this section for 10 AP (except for Bounty Hunter), Bounty Hunter Tittle and 1 Tyrian Mastery point


(New) Maintaining Order – 5 AP

  • Talk to Shining Blade Officer Ralan in Divinity’s Reach and select Any new to report in the dialogue. May have to completed some of the achievements below first.


Achievement Set One

  • Tip of the Blade
  • Long Arm of the Light
  • Bounty Hunter

Achievement Set Two

  • Informed Politics
  • Long Arm of the Light II
  • Stay of Execution

Achievement Set Three

  • Open Letters

Anomalous Occurrences

(New) Fragmented Anomaly – 5 AP

  • Disperse a Ley-Line Anomaly without it reabsorbing any fragments. Basically you have to CC and kill the anomaly fragments fast before they reach the Legendary Ley Line Anomaly.
  • Give Endless Anomaly Fragment as reward

Achievement Set One

  • Ley Line Researched
  • Anomaly Sighted
  • Dispersed Anomaly
  • Anomalous Results
  • Anomalies of the World

Achievement Set Two

  • Bloodstone Sightings
  • Bloodstone Harvest

Achievement Set Three

  • Burden of Choice

Transfer Chaser

All of the achievements in this section can be found in this guide


  • Transfer Chaser
  • Disturbance in the Depths
  • Sensor Scouter

Knight of the Thorn

All of the achievements in this section can be found in this guide


  • Knight of the Thorn
  • Dreams of a Thorn
  • Shards of a Thorn
  • Sword Taxonomy
  • The Sword Regrown
  • KJ

    Replaced current event achievements meaning those skins are no longer collectible?

    • kazerniel

      I’d like to know this too. I haven’t done LS3, so I haven’t done Open Letters either 🙁 Or Knight of the Thorn, but at least that one seems to exist in this new version too.

      • DragonWhimsy

        They’re the same they’ve just been organized better and the category is renamed. Plus some meta achivements have been added that grant core Tyria mastery points.

        • kazerniel

          Yay, thanks!

    • Replace is not the right term I guess, it is the same achievements but labeled as side stories now

      • kazerniel

        Thanks! I’m actually glad they renamed them. With ‘Current Events’ it always felt like I should do them ASAP, otherwise they might expire. ‘Side Stories’ doesn’t imply the same transiency.

  • Anonymous

    Cool update… Wish they would fix the fucking game.

    • Sascha Grebe

      Meaning what? The whole game is a bug?

      • kazerniel

        I guess they meant that the European servers were down for the whole day yesterday D:

        • Raizel

          They’re still down for many people, they still cannot pick a character, getting “network error” everytime they try (I’m among those people -.-).

          • kazerniel

            aw D: I couldn’t play at all yesterday, but tried it just now, and it seems to work. I hope yours gets better too 🙁

        • Sascha Grebe

          Probably but posting anonymously such a general post is just rubbish. Without the update the servers would have crashed too 🙂

  • Alex

    did anyone get the fragmented anamoly achive so far unable to get it whole map isnt and we are killing it fast

    • Arrakis

      Same here. Been in 5 attempts all failed despite full map all focused, cc and killing fast. Apparently there was always a fragment reaching anomaly despite the fact we killed them all. Am i missing sth ?

  • wQnxy

    Fragmented Anomaly – which event is that?

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