GW2 Upcoming Items from Aug 8 Patch

GW2 Upcoming Items from Aug 8 Patch. Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s thread.


Mini Blue Catmander


Mini Yellow Catmander


Mini Zalambur


Mini Squire Aurene

Mini Anniversay Aurene

Mini Springer Mount

Southsun Beach Mini Container

Elite Specialization Skins

Deadeye’s Rifle Firebrand’s Axe Mirage’s Axe
gw2-deadeye's-rifle gw2-firebrand's-axe gw2-mirage's-axe
Renegade’s Short Bow Scourge’s Torch Soulbeast’s Dagger
gw2-renegade's-short-bow gw2-scourge's-torch gw2-soulbeast's-dagger
Spellbreaker’s Dagger Weaver’s Sword
gw2-spellbreaker's-dagger gw2-weaver's-sword

Awakening Weapons

Awakened Axe Awakened Dagger Awakened Focus
gw2-awakened-axe gw2-awakened-dagger gw2-awakened-focus
Awakened Greatsword Awakened Hammer Awakened Longbow
gw2-awakened-greatsword gw2-awakened-hammer gw2-awakened-longbow
Awakened Mace Awakened Pistol Awakened Rifle
Awakened Scepter Awakened Shield Awakened Short Bow
gw2-awakened-scepter gw2-awakened-shield gw2-awakened-short-bow
Awakened Staff     Awakened Sword Awakened Torch
gw2-awakened-staff gw2-awakened-sword gw2-awakened-torch
Awakened Warhorn
  • Joel Daniel Christen

    I think it’s worth mentioning that those are the first collection items, not the final elite spec weapons!

    • KJ

      Good point to know, especially because none of them really look all that spectacular whereas typically elite spec weps look quite cool. (Tempest base weapon is quite flashy though!)

    • Nitrobacter

      Still looking for other rifle skins… The deadeye one doesn’t look very promising for the final one aaaand we have to unlock the ascended version first so we need a skin for the first weeks at least!

    • Ares Zax

      Yep. You can see what is likely the final Scourge axe in the preview videos, for example; it looks like there’s a ribcage wrapped around the torch.

    • Trillium

      yeah, you can tell by rather bland textures
      but these hold a lot of promise for final versions and some look cool in their own right

  • Nerd Defender

    And our fifth birthday present might be a mini Aurene? Well at least I’ll still have more Queen Jennahs.

    • Lockheart

      3 years of cats are scheduled from this expac forward. Good luck.

    • Cobalt

      we already have mini aurene.

      • Nerd Defender

        Up above it says Mini Anniversary Aurene which is why I thought it would be something different, probably slightly too. There’s also the Mini squire Aurene too, so or looks like there we’ll get 3 Aurene minis now. “Yay!”

    • Trillium

      you can’t overdo a cat thing >:3

  • Ben Pfarr

    @dulfy I have pictures of new skins that come after the elonian ones on reddit and at

    • Trillium

      Hmm, garish versions of Spearmarshal weapons… so does this mean there won’t be a way to get more actual Spearmarshal weapons?

      • Ben Pfarr

        To get the upgraded ones you need to get the original ones first.

        • Trillium

          aaaah, phew. that’s great.

  • Crotchduster

    so no holosmith sword??

    • Zack Maxwell

      You must be new here; they always leave engineer stuff for the absolute last minute. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, like when they abandoned making an actual class mechanic for the scrapper, and threw in the function Gyro just so something would be there.

  • Trillium

    Weaver sword looks rather elegant.
    Spellbreaker dagger is just a Mystic Dagger without sparks.

    Anyway, I’m confused about these bone weapons. I thought Anet avoided normal skeletons and stuff because China, that’s why Necromancer has those miscarriages instead of normal undead summons, but now we get a full set of blatantly bone weapons? What gives?

    • Answerer

      They have seperate servers, so maybe they get different skins, same weapons wrapped in rags maybe, i dunno. Why they never restored the west-undeads i dont know. But china and west also have different models for the risen

    • TapeKiller

      because the specific law ( is quite broad and open to interpretation.
      Many devs are cautious even if they won’t necessarily be affected by the law.
      And summoning skeletons has a definitely different meaning from using weapons made of skulls, due to how much they can have in common with certain superstitions.

  • Answerer

    Anyone else feel the new elite spec weapons look .. simple.. compared to the HoTs?

    • Tora

      i think its just their first versions, remember the original specs weapons? you obtained a simplier version of them when you obtained all their skills, but the ascended, cooler version required a lot of additional collection items to get

    • If you look at the other thread it shows both versions of the weapon. For instance, the ele sword initially looks plain, but when active it appears to have varying elements spiraling around the sword.

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