SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 8 – August 15

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 8 – August 15

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  • Shadow

    New content out PogChamp Kappa

  • Deshik

    is it realy wise to sell light tuning for 2400 when they sold lightning tuning for just 1100 few months ago?

    • Sean

      They’re likely working out what price they can set for the tunings as a general practice, looking at the sales they get at different price levels, before they decide on a final price they’ll use to rotate through all the tunings.

      • Deshik

        ye but I think that in the range of willing to pay that much, they got it upside down

  • HarbingerZero

    Tried to buy the half off pack last week and it actually charged me full price. So now I’m wondering if any of these are really on sale. :-p

  • Jay Asher

    Lol their trying to sell the crap knock off verson of Satele Shans outfit for 20 bucks bwahaha

    • Jep Fareborn

      No thigh-high stockings, tho. 🙁 It’s like getting a Jori Daragon’s knock-off armor set without the panties..er I mean loincloth. :p

  • Acher4

    This Jedi gear, always looked good.
    Money well spent 🙂

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