GW2 Catmander Commander Tag and Minis Guide

A guide to getting the new Catmander Commander Tag and Minis in WvW.

The Catmander Commander Tag and Mini Blue/Yellow Catmanders are new things added with the Aug 8 patch. They can be purchased in Alpine and Desert Borderlands in World vs World via a cat vendor found in secret areas accessed by some tricky jumps/drops.

Tag and Minis

Catmander Commander Tag

This cost 150gold and 250 Badges of Honor (or 300g + 250 Badges of Honor if you don’t have the original commander tag). They give you a set of commander tag with a cat theme that functions exactly like the original commander tags. This can be purchased through either the Alpine or the Desert Borderlands cat vendor.

  • Works as an additional set of tags, don’t need to have the original commander tags to use or purchase. It will not unlock the original set however so if you don’t have them the catmander book will only unlock catmander tags.


Mini Blue Catmander

Purchased from the Blue Catmander in Alpine Borderlands exclusively for 100 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets


Mini Yellow Catmander

Purchased from the Yellow Catmander in Desert Borderlands exclusively for 100 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets


Cat Vendors


The video will show you where to go for both blue and yellow catmanders if the text/images below can’t explain it sufficiently..Desert Borderlands start at 2 minutes into the video.

Blue Catmander (Alpine Borderlands)

Not the easiest cat to get to. It is just west of the Woodhaven in the NW section of the Alpine Borderlands Map. It is past the waterfall and right before the end of the Borderlands jumping puzzle. You have to jump through the waterfall and make your way into the jumping puzzle area.


After passing through the branch to the area with the final door of the jumping puzzle,, look to the left for a ledge. You want to move on the ledge carefully until you reach the left end and then carefully drop down while moving forward towards the wall. There will an opening with access to a secret area that you can drop into if done correctly. This drop is very tricky and having a mesmer that can portal you is very handy.


If you want to have this cat in your home instance, feed him a Gift of Battle. It will spawn it with a bunch of kittens.

Yellow Catmander (Desert Borderlands)

This cat is slightly easier to get to than the blue one so if you just after the Catmander tag, you may give this a try especially if your server has the Desert Borderlands as the home map. There is a waterfall to the left of O’del Academy in the NW corner of the map.


You want to get to the top of the waterfall and run across to a bunch of rocks on the left of the waterfall. Carefully drop down on the rocks and move towards the waterfall until you can drop no further. Then make a final drop to a ledge behind the waterfall.


On the ledge is an opening to a hidden area with quaggans. The Yellow Catmander is on the lower level past a body of water.


If you want this cat in your home instance feed him a Can of Spicy Meat Chili from your Portable Provisioner. It will spawn it with a bunch of kittens. If you have both the blue and yellow in your home instance, they will fight each other with the kittens.

  • BT

    What food does yellow desert BL cat want to be fed? I know the blue alpine BL cat is fed Gift of Battle, but it didn’t work for yellow cat 🙁

  • Santiago Selga-Eaton

    Just mentioned this in Reddit, but the Yellow Catmander wants Can of Spicy Meat Chili from your Permanent Portable Provisioner (WvW)

  • BT

    Thanks, just saw the update as well. So I fed both cats, one at Alpine BL (blue cat) and one at Desert BL (yellow cat). It unlocks at home instance a yellow catmander + kitten, and a blue catmander + kitten. Even has the mini catmander tags above them 🙂

    • Maowa

      I’ve got the blue one for now but I cannot found him in my home instance

  • Emily Bressie UNIV guild has figured out the needed food for both the blue and yellow catmander to add to the home instance. Blue: Gift of Battle (credit jskip) Yellow: Can of juicy Meaty chili from the provisioner (credit kiroshima.

    Then, when both are in your home instance they do battle against each other. Using the cat toy can make the kittens “squirrel” off in the battle and leave their commander to fight alone.

    • kazerniel

      this is so cute! tiny cat zerg battles in home instance aww

  • Elnareen

    Does the catmander tags works in other game modes? (just to be sure, not doing a lot of WvW, and never as commander ^^)

    • Maowa

      The cat tag works everywhere, not sure what you means with other game modes.. It’s a special commander tag :3

    • kazerniel

      Yes I saw it in PvE open world today 🙂

  • Jor Kaleen

    Does that mean that if I am in possession of regular commander tag I still need to purchase the cat extension?

    • George Smith

      if you want them but it sounds like you get a cheaper price somewhat

    • nicoper

      Yes, although it’s 150 gold and 250 BoH instead of 300 gold and 250 BoH if you have the existing commander tags.

  • Alot

    A step in the right direction. Ideally there should be rewards for commanders who lead different types of group content -> possibly a point system where after the main event had finished, all members of raid groups would get a 1-5 smiley review box ->> with the commander getting a point for each smiley from each participant ->>> and putting in a store to unlock commander misc with accrued points.

    • Lockheart

      All this would do is lead to a gameable system that punishes people for not being as social or popular than the “favorite” commanders.

      • Alot

        Popular commanders are the ones who get things done. The ones who get things done are the ones sociable enough to communicate the mechanics to their followers. Not seeing the problem.

        • Lockheart

          Ideally the reward for the commander is the objective being done, pretending that somehow being a mobile rally point takes effort in most situations is a bit much honestly.

          They already reap the social rewards by being good, rewarding commanding is just going to start making the entire role toxic as competition for participation stars would get in the way of the event.

          Never mind that this discredits the 40+ players in most events doing things.

          • Alot

            You right, we should scrap the rewards from WvW, PvP, raiding and high end fractals.

            No reason to reward people for rising to the challenge of specialised and demanding positions. Why should they get to lord over the rest of the community with cosmetics signifying their personal investments and accomplishments.

            Quite frankly it should be starter gear all round.

            • Lockheart

              Nice strawman, individual rewards are not the same as rewarding an individual for a groups effort.

              • Alot

                Only a straw to you chum and rewarding an individual for a groups effort is a different model from rewarding individuals who lead groups to success.

              • You must be popular. /s

              • Nitrobacter

                I think the original point in the discussion was about rewarding commanders for good commanding with benefits only for commanders! Not giving commanders new skins or stuff that everybody could use but for example giving them new tags by earning them with good commanding… If someone is to unsocial to earn them by commanding then he doesn’t need a tag at all

              • Lockheart

                I’d be for an evolutionary commanding tag, a way to distinguish regular commanders from fresh ones.

                But they have to tread carefully on that, since again, this can create a toxic environment if handled wrong.

              • Nitrobacter

                Make the shape upgradeable, like increase the number of edges/jags of the tag. Starting with the triangleish basic version up to a Star with 8 tips. They should be rewarded based on an increasing amount of points needed, which are awarded for player kills of the squad, captured objectives and a rating that the players give at the end of a lead (after a minimum amount of time of at least 10 min against cheaters).
                Special colors ( e.g. Black or white) could be awarded for achievements like reaching an average kill/death ratio of 2or3 as squad of at least 40ppl and so on

              • Brian Miller

                Or follow a military style title/rank progression?

              • Nitrobacter

                Who has the time to check the title of a commander (who doesn’t even have to display it) but seeing he has reached rank 5 commander tag (triangle to 8 tipped start= 5 level) is possible with a single glance on the map… Of course could the different tags have different military names but it’s not convenient to look it up closely when you are in a hurry to decide who to follow when the zerg runs off

      • Marianwhit

        Yup…the way it should be. There are some commanders that have a tag but no leadership.

  • Void

    It would be nice of the blue catmander would take some food as well. A Gift of Battle is a bit much…

    • wQnxy

      only if you had start to play gw2 a few weeks ago

      • Void

        Been playing since launch. Still only have 2 just lying around, and those are for legendaries I am working on and just don’t have all the mats for yet.

        • WorldsGreatestGW2Player

          I have 10, had 11 gave the cat 1….I just ran that reward track in WvW for a month

        • wQnxy

          own 10 legendaries, sold another 5 and still have 9 gifts of battle + fed 1 to kittycommander
          you can get 1 in like 4-5 hours jsut by playing wvw (exp booster+GH boost requried)

  • Taiwan Wolf


  • Pressed Rat and Warthog

    I keep getting kicked out of the Alpine jumping puzzle for leaving the playable area just before jumping into the waterfall. Any ideas?

    • Otakusensei

      Same here. Did they disable the content?

      • Pressed Rat and Warthog

        I think so. I found that there is an alternative path lower down at the bottom of the waterfall. I think the jump through is an unintended shortcut that got patched out.

        • Otakusensei

          Oh neat. Gonna try that now

        • Kasper Asmussen

          Which they didn’t patch foralmost 5 years… i don’t buy it.

      • Roman Glebsky

        Did pass through now in usual way by mesmer but very very fast. I did use portal to go up of rock and then blink.

  • Scutilla

    Calling it now. Unique gem store commander tag skins will be a thing at some point.

  • Shane Baker

    I am so annoyed by this price tag. Not because it costs another 150 gold but because I finally bought the commander tag, saved up enough gold, about 2-3 weeks ago and BAM first time ever releases these new tags. Wouldn’t be as upset if this was the first time this has happened to me also.

    • Laura Puustinen

      “300g + 250 Badges of Honor if you don’t have the original commander tag” so what’s your complaint exactly?

      • Shane Baker

        Laura, you totally missed the point. I said it in my original post. If you can’t see my complaint then I don’t know how I can make it more clear.

        • Mokuren

          Buying the catmander tag for 300 gold (if you don’t have the original tag) does not get you the original tag as well. If you had waited and spent 300 gold now you would only have the catmander tags not the regular tags.

          This is a new addition and does not in any way affect the old tags, so I don’t feel like they needed to give us a heads up, nor did they have to give us one for adding additional colours to the original tags. Last time they made a big change was when they upped the price from 100 to 300 gold, making them accountwide rather than just one character and they did give everyone a heads up so people had enough time to buy if they wanted before the price went up.

          • Shane Baker

            Well if this is the case then I’m not irritated about the addition.

  • Hugo

    I like cats, but why no doggos?, any lupus love in arenanet?, its 2017, I should be offended and feel left out by this 😛

  • Void

    I fed the cat but I can’t find it anywhere in my home instance.

    • Zarishi

      You need to feed both catmanders to get them.

  • Talindra

    Based on the cost of the Catmander tag, that means the Dogmander tag will be around 150,000 gold.

  • Holly Matthews

    where are the frogs, cause I think we should have some pet frogs

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