GW2 Path of Fire

GW2 Upcoming Armor, Outfits, and Weapons from Path of Fire

GW2 upcoming armor sets, outfits, and weapons from Path of Fire. Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s thread.



These outfits are probably not part of the expansion.

Grenth’s Regalia Outfit – [&CzcAAAA=]


Champion of Tyria Outfit – [&CzUAAAA=]


Backpacks and Hats

Abaddon’s Mask

  • [&CqgcAAA=]    Abaddon’s Mask (light)
  • [&CpEcAAA=]    Abaddon’s Mask (medium)
  • [&Cp4cAAA=]    Abaddon’s Mask (heavy)



  • [&CtUcAAA=]    Hat (light)
  • [&Cr4cAAA=]    Hat (medium)
  • [&CskdAAA=]    Hat (heavy)


Largos Fin backpack – [&Cu0dAAA=]


Banners of Ancient Elona – [&CiIdAAA=]


Banners of Amnoon – [&CigdAAA=]


Banners of King Palawa Joko I – [&Cs8dAAA=]


Banners of the Sunspear Order – [&CgweAAA=]



Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter – Light

[&Ch8dAAA=] [&ClAdAAA=] [&CuAdAAA=] [&CtcdAAA=] [&CisdAAA=] [&CtgdAAA=]


Bounty Hunter – Medium

[&Cg8eAAA=] [&ChceAAA=] [&CuUdAAA=] [&Cn4dAAA=] [&CtMdAAA=] [&CvsdAAA=]


Bounty Hunter – Heavy

[&CpIdAAA=] [&CkUdAAA=] [&ChUeAAA=] [&Ct4cAAA=] [&ClUdAAA=] [&CgIdAAA=]



Warbeast– Light

[&CpodAAA=] [&Ch4eAAA=] [&Ct8dAAA=] [&CiQeAAA=] [&CjEdAAA=] [&ChgdAAA=]


Warbeast – Medium

[&CtwcAAA=] [&CsUcAAA=] [&CksdAAA=] [&CqodAAA=] [&CuIcAAA=] [&CsgdAAA=]


Warbeast – Heavy

[&ChgeAAA=] [&CuEdAAA=] [&ClkdAAA=] [&CvQcAAA=] [&CscdAAA=] [&Cv8dAAA=]



Elonian – Light

[&ClgdAAA=] [&CvgdAAA=] [&CiEeAAA=] [&CggdAAA=] [&Cj4dAAA=] [&Cu4dAAA=]


Elonian – Medium

[&CnAdAAA=] [&CuQcAAA=] [&CmIdAAA=] [&ChAeAAA=] [&CuccAAA=] [&CgYdAAA=]


Elonian – Heavy

[&CjMdAAA=] [&CqIdAAA=] [&CnUdAAA=] [&CrQdAAA=] [&Cs8cAAA=] [&CugcAAA=]



Spearmarshal– Light

[&CqgdAAA=] [&CrIdAAA=] [&CoEdAAA=] [&CsMdAAA=] [&CuEcAAA=] [&CgcdAAA=]


Spearmarshal – Medium

[&CoUdAAA=] [&CgsdAAA=] [&CkYdAAA=] [&CjcdAAA=] [&Cu4cAAA=] [&CnQdAAA=]


Spearmarshal – Heavy

[&CqMdAAA=] [&CvUdAAA=] [&CvUcAAA=] [&CgUeAAA=] [&ClodAAA=] [&CuMcAAA=]


Unnamed Light

Unnamed– Light

[&CmodAAA=] [&CvYcAAA=] [&CoMdAAA=] [&CuwcAAA=] [&Cl8dAAA=] [&CiAdAAA=]


Unnamed – Medium

[&CnEdAAA=] [&CuAcAAA=] [&Ch8eAAA=] [&ChweAAA=] [&CsIdAAA=] [&CgMdAAA=]gw2-unnamed-medium-armorgw2-unnamed-med-armor-2

Unnamed – Heavy

[&ChkdAAA=] [&Cu0cAAA=] [&CskcAAA=] [&CtAcAAA=] [&CqEdAAA=] [&CvcdAAA=]

gw2-unnamed-heavy-armor gw2-unnamed-heavy-armor-2

Elite Specialization


  • [&CtwdAAA=]    Deadeye’s Brace
  • [&CgkdAAA=]    Deadeye’s Rifle
  • [&CqcdAAA=]    Cursed Flintlock



  • [&Cj0dAAA=]    Firebrand’s Axe
  • [&Cr0cAAA=]    Firebrand’s War Miter
  • [&Cq8dAAA=]    Expurgation



  • [&CsYdAAA=]    Holosmith’s Lucent Vent
  • [&Cm0dAAA=]    Holosmith’s Sword
  • [&CgEeAAA=]    The Cutting Edge



  • [&CuocAAA=]    Mirage’s Axe
  • [&CvMcAAA=]    Mirage’s Veil
  • [&CiceAAA=]    Veilrender



  • [&CmUdAAA=]    Renegade’s Casque
  • [&CukcAAA=]    Renegade’s Short Bow
  • [&CsIcAAA=]    Guerrilla Arc



  • [&ClcdAAA=]    Scourge’s Tendrils
  • [&ChMeAAA=]    Scourge’s Torch
  • [&Cg8dAAA=]    Guide for the Lost



  • [&ChEdAAA=]    Soulbeast Pads
  • [&CsocAAA=]    Soulbeast’s Dagger
  • [&CqkdAAA=]    Fang of Mokele



  • [&CuUcAAA=]    Spellbreaker’s Dagger
  • [&CmcdAAA=]    Spellbreaker’s Redoubt
  • [&CpEdAAA=]    Silence of a Thousand Years



  • [&CssdAAA=]    Weaver’s Antipodes
  • [&CiYeAAA=]    Weaver’s Sword
  • [&CsgcAAA=]    Warpblade


Misc Weapons

Final Sting – [&CicdAAA=] Gate of Good-Byes – [&CsEcAAA=] Might of the Vindictive – [&Co4dAAA=]
gw2-final-sting gw2-gate-of-good-byes gw2-might-of-the-vindictive
Sohothin – [&Ci0dAAA=] Staff of the Lost – [&CgQdAAA=] Stone Spite Cleaver – [&CoIdAAA=]
gw2-sohothin gw2-staff-of-the-lost gw2-stone-spite-cleaver
Focus – [&ClMdAAA=] Sword – [&CgkeAAA=]
gw2-focus gw2-sword-2

Balthazar Weapons

[&CoodAAA=] Dagger [&Ci4dAAA=] Greatsword [&CusdAAA=] Greatsword
gw2-balthazar-dagger gw2-balthazar-greartsword gw2-balthazar-greartsword-2
[&Cv0dAAA=] Hammer [&CkQdAAA=] Longbow [&CqAdAAA=] Staff
gw2-balthazar-hammer gw2-balthazar-longbow gw2-balthazar-staff

Luminous Weapons

[&Ch0eAAA=]    Luminous Arc [&CkwdAAA=]    Luminous Brunt [&CocdAAA=]    Luminous Caliber
gw2-luminous-arc gw2-luminous-brunt gw2-luminous-caliber
[&CgAeAAA=]    Luminous Claymore [&Cr8dAAA=]    Luminous Curio [&Cg0eAAA=]    Luminous Dirk
gw2-luminous-claymore gw2-luminous-curio gw2-luminous-dirk
[&Cq0dAAA=]    Luminous Flange [&CgceAAA=]    Luminous Labrys [&CtsdAAA=]    Luminous Pillar
gw2-luminous-flange gw2-luminous-labrys gw2-luminous-pillar
[&Ck8dAAA=]    Luminous Repeater [&CpsdAAA=]    Luminous Saber [&CjkdAAA=]    Luminous Shot
gw2-luminous-repeater gw2-luminous-saber gw2-luminous-shot
[&Cl0dAAA=]    Luminous Trumpet [&Cs0dAAA=]    Luminous Vigil [&Cp8dAAA=]    Luminous Virge
gw2-luminous-trumpet gw2-luminous-vigil gw2-luminous-virge
[&CjQdAAA=]    Luminous Ward

Awakened Weapons

Awakened Axe Awakened Dagger Awakened Focus
gw2-awakened-axe gw2-awakened-dagger gw2-awakened-focus
Awakened Greatsword Awakened Hammer Awakened Longbow
gw2-awakened-greatsword gw2-awakened-hammer gw2-awakened-longbow
Awakened Mace Awakened Pistol Awakened Rifle
gw2-awakened-mace gw2-awakened-pistol gw2-awakened-rifle
Awakened Scepter Awakened Shield Awakened Short Bow
gw2-awakened-scepter gw2-awakened-shield gw2-awakened-short-bow
Awakened Staff     Awakened Sword Awakened Torch
gw2-awakened-staff gw2-awakened-sword gw2-awakened-torch
Awakened Warhorn

Mordant Weapons

[&CsAcAAA=]    Mordant Bonespitter [&ClQdAAA=]    Mordant Brazier [&CnwdAAA=]    Mordant Cesta
gw2-mordant-bonespitter gw2-mordant-brazier gw2-mordant-cesta
[&CokdAAA=]    Mordant Crosier [&CrsdAAA=]    Mordant Crusher [&CvYdAAA=]    Mordant Infantry Bow
gw2-mordant-crosier gw2-mordant-crusher gw2-mordant-infantry-bow
[&CtocAAA=]    Mordant Key [&Cn0dAAA=]    Mordant Longbow [&CiQdAAA=]    Mordant Revolver
gw2-mordant-key gw2-mordant-longbow gw2-mordant-revolver
[&CuYcAAA=]    Mordant Scutum [&CkkdAAA=]    Mordant Sickle [&CiEdAAA=]    Mordant Slayer
gw2-mordant-scutum gw2-mordant-sickle gw2-mordant-slayer
[&CgwdAAA=]    Mordant Slicer [&CjUdAAA=]    Mordant Sword [&Cm4dAAA=]    Mordant Trumpet
gw2-mordant-slicer gw2-mordant-sword gw2-mrodant-trumpet
[&CgodAAA=]    Mordant Warclub

Sunspear Weapons

[&ChEeAAA=]    Sunspear Carver [&CsQdAAA=]    Sunspear Cutlass [&Cu8cAAA=]    Sunspear Firelight
gw2-sunspear-carver gw2-sunspear-cutlass gw2-sunspear-firelight
[&CpUdAAA=]    Sunspear Greatblade [&CkIdAAA=]    Sunspear Horn [&CmkdAAA=]    Sunspear Matchlock
gw2-sunspear-greatblade gw2-sunspear-horn gw2-sunspear-matchlock
[&CrMdAAA=]    Sunspear Pocketbow [&CswdAAA=]    Sunspear Recurve [&CucdAAA=]    Sunspear Rod
gw2-sunspear-pocketbow gw2-sunspear-recurve gw2-sunspear-rod
[&CiUdAAA=]    Sunspear Runestone [&Ch0dAAA=]    Sunspear Sidearm [&CtodAAA=]    Sunspear Smasher
gw2-sunspear-runestone gw2-sunspear-sidearm gw2-sunspear-smasher
[&CvEdAAA=]    Sunspear Standard [&CnsdAAA=]    Sunspear Thrasher [&Cg4eAAA=]    Sunspear Wallshield
gw2-sunspear-standard gw2-sunspear-thrasher gw2-sunspear-wallshield
[&Ct0cAAA=]    Sunspear Waraxe

Unnamed Weapons

[&Cv4cAAA=]    Axe [&CtccAAA=]    Dagger [&CuscAAA=]    Focus
gw2-unnamed-axe gw2-unnamed-dagger gw2-unnamed-focus
[&CvQdAAA=]    Greatsword [&CiodAAA=]    Hammer [&CvwcAAA=]    Longbow
gw2-unnamed-greatsword gw2-unnamed-hammer gw2-unnamed-longbow
[&CvIdAAA=]    Mace [&CnMdAAA=]    Pistol [&CiIeAAA=]    Rifle
gw2-unnamed-mace gw2-unnamed-pistol gw2-unnamed-rifle
[&CtAdAAA=]    Scepter [&CoAdAAA=]    Shield [&CjwdAAA=]    Shortbow
gw2-unnamed-scepter gw2-unnamed-shield gw2-unnamed-short-bow
[&CjgdAAA=]    Staff [&CmMdAAA=]    Sword [&ChAdAAA=]    Torch
gw2-unnamed-staff gw2-unnamed-sword gw2-unnamed-torch
[&CgUdAAA=]    Warhorn

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184 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Armor, Outfits, and Weapons from Path of Fire”

i had high hopes for new armor skins,but after ive seen this shit,over and over overused butcapes and treanchcoats,milion fucking spikes,random fins,metal plates…
nothing changed at all,anet didnt learned shit from past 3 years,canceled preorder and im gona wait for release if its actualy worth something.bcs this is just one big FUCK YOU from anet.

I really like the look of the Elonian and Spearmarshal armors, but I main a Warrior so that could be the reason for that. Those sets looks really cool in heavy.

The buttcapes on medium gear again is annoying and I swear the medium bounty hunter set looks like the Orr set… but I like almost everything else. I can already see some nice combinations I’d like to try out with the light set.

And holy **** is that a lightsaber for the holosmith!?!?

If we get to carry Sohothin What happens to Rytlock?
I wasn’t going to use a Holosmith but…. Lightsabre??? OK, im tempted!

For those of you sick of the buttcape, the Elonian heavy armor now offers half buttcape, half buttshield. Get yours today!

4 nice looking pieces of armor in the batch i guess. Take ones picking where one finds them.

Well, it’s official. GW2 now has lightsabers in the form of the Holosmith’s sword. XD Luminous weapons look amazing, the new elite spec final weapons generally look nice (except for the Deadeye rifle. Bleh.) New armors look kind of meh.

Grenth’s Regalia for my “Presence of Grenth” character! <3
And Abaddon's mask for my "Shroud of Abaddon" character!
And Balthazar's actual greatsword for my "Weapon of Balthazar" character (unless npc weapon)?

At any rate, it seems those gems I got from PoF Ultimate will be gone before I know it. 😛

That “focus” looks like a sex toy. Aside from that, this all looks really good. I love that we’re getting some in-game variety, and armor that fits thematically with Elona.

Curious to see Sohothin listed.

And finally, whoever is designing medium armors needs to let the buttflaps go. There are other ways to distinguish medium armor other than trench coats and weird skirts. You can do it Anet designer, I believe in you. HMU if you need references.

Well, don’t even need to buy it. If it’s anything like HoT specializations you just need to unlock the Holosmith traits and get your lightsaber. 🙂

Yay, more buttca¨pes and trenchcoats! Meanwhile, heavy armour gets a buttcape-y armour that looks quite good.

Five new armor sets. Most of them sensible-looking, at that. Praise to Frog.

Lots of neat standalone pieces, too. Let’s just hope not too many of them end up cash shop fodder.

Looks like I am going to have quite the shopping list (or more likely, meta grinding) next month.

More bleh armor sets. The Unnamed Heavy one looks to be the best of them, and the Elonian/Spearmarshal set have the appropriate flavor, at least; the others could easily be mistaken for vanilla GW2 armor.

The weapons, however, are a much different story. I like almost all of the new Elite specs’ weapons (and armor pieces, for that matter), especially Warpblade, Silence of a Thousand Years, and The Cutting Edge (duh, lightsaber!). The Luminous weapons are spectacular, but probably come from the BLTC – sigh. The only weapon set I dislike more than like is the Sunspear one.

Legit I love how you cannot please this community with anything, they will find something to bitch about. Armors too ugly, stupid looking weapons, why are legendary items so hard to get? Why are certain classes so OP nerf or I quit.

Seriously don’t like it don’t play, it’s simple. Don’t like it why don’t you draw something you think looks good and upload it, or are you afraid it’s going to look like shite?

On a positive note, good job Anet for taking your time in doing this stuff, looks amazing and can’t wait to buy it. Thank you for the post Dulfy.

Not liking the look of armor is not a reason to not play a game and thinking the armor is ugly in this game has been a consistent complaint since the beginning, it is a legitimate complaint that Anet continues to ignore. It’s not killing my interest in the game, but when armor is ugly its okay to say its ugly, its not okay to tell people not to play a game they like because they have a legitimate complaint. The armor is ugly. People point out that the armor is ugly. Calm down.

This all looks amazing. I have wanted to go to the Crystal Desert since day one. Finally! Cannot wait!

i really hope the weapons are not all black lion weapons. please we need new weapon skins that you can get from drops.

Champion of Tyria, why can’t you be armor instead of outfit. I want those gauntlets and graves for my guardian

Why does ANet hire fashion designers with such bad taste? I’ve only felt attracted for about 3% of armor/weapon skins. Even some legendaries are not even worth the effort considering how ugly they are.

I don’t think they have fashion designers at Anet anymore( it sure doesn’t seem like it when you look at gw1 armors compared to gw2 armors). They probably use interns to make all the armors and outfits which all look pretty much exactly the same with a few minor details. It would be cool if they hired some good fashion designers though, I’m sure it would make a lot of their customers very happy.

Unnamed heavy armor and Luminous weapons…I need this for my Guardian

Celestial dye + White Gold = Hnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Took a look at that Sohothin in game, I’ll assume that’s not a skin for us but probably some sort of power up for Rytlock. Looks crazy though.

Too many negative comments. Well I of course don’t admit that buttcapes and trench coats are cool but I took look on few sets and pieces in game, and they definitely look better there. Really nice looking headgear and boots, some set have nice top, while other bottom. And really interesting heavy I guess it was from elonian set, something like light armor cloth type. Things could be worse. It’s a little sad that they don’t listen to people as everybody says no more trench coats. But however I recently discovered that profane armor was ir gw1 (I never played it) And now when it’s designed in gw2 everybody says how bad it is and slutty, however it’s the same armor. So in gw1 it was ok, but here in gw2 its bad? Well you never can please everyone.
Oh and weapons, mostly look so cool.
Hat with hair, it’s like a dream.
And another thing bothers me is those largo wings, like I like them so much but they are so big at the same time. Probably gonna cost a 700 gems as a glider combo. They could sell or make a armor from that what largo females wear, I would definitely buy or whatever needs to be done.

Bro do you even read? did i mention something that I have against revealing armor? no, its just everybody else always complain. it was just comparison how people loves gw1 things, but when same things is gw2 its ugly or whatever.

Write more than one sentence >> include the word “slutty” >> too much for an ADHD-riddled MMO player’s brain to handle. 🙂

Combine Light warbeast helm, Banner of Ancient Elona, + Shadow Blue and Abyss dyes, while getting creative with a few other pieces and you have Guild Wars Batman.

Some of the staves are straight up inspired by polearms — the Balthazar one reminds me of a glaive, naginata, or almost even a rhomphaia. Daredevils and Revenants get melee staff. Enjoy your pseudo-spears!

Hmm I always feel like light armor for males always suck. Maybe its time I stopped playing Mesmer and played a medium or even heavy armored class because the gear looks better.

I like the light armor for males too. Good armor combo potential. I have medium and heavy male human though. I’m disappointed with medium being trench coats/buttcapes again, wish I trade one medium for a light armor.

I’d like to see the krytan necro armor from gw1 brought back..
Also do I see “bat ears” on some of those armors…..(wheres scarecrow um I mean abbadon!!)…I’m the player character im always annoyed…Good times.

I need those Unnamed Weapons …. I love the serpent accent, especially on the mace and staff. Amazing indeed.

okay, i forgot about guild one, my bad
legendary is just for the selected few who can farm that much, so it hardly counts
otherwise its just leystone and bladed.
mistward is one weight only, not a full set.

Butt cape, trench coats, weapons with long and extra slender handle ended with a giant decoration at the hilt and with over proportion head. Not say these are ugly, even though they are, but pretty much same shit, just different toppings. The fetish is unreal.

Anyone who has ever shot a rifle knows how impractical that Deadeye shoulder piece is. You’d be slicing your face open and completely unable to aim.

This is lovely! Well, two of the outfits are lovely. The rest feels like Anet’s usual attempt to embellish a peanut. Does anyone else just want the clothes on the Elonian refugees? I want all of those! I hope argos-soft has these skins up soon too.

Those Unnamed sets remind me of the NPCs you find in the Bone Palace in GW. ANet why you always gotta toy with my nostalgia like this?

Wow… those are some of the ugliest armour designs I’ve seen in a game. Jesus, ArenaNet, you continue outdoing yourselves here. Thank god more medium trenchcoats too.

The weapons are cool, the armors are alright, but the outfits make me want to die. That Champion of Tyria outfit is the ugliest wearable in the game

The Champion armor looks to me like a free 5 year birthday thing since it has a similiar gw2 dragon on it. like the anniversity Royal guard outfit

I was excited at first about the luminous set, after seeing a preview in game, but on closer look, they suffer from what a lot of the new sets suffer. A lack of textures. And I don’t mean decor/jewels/shiny light/etc. I mean a simple metal texture, or wood or whatever the weapon is made of. This gets glaring when there’s big surfaces (another example is Devoted Shield).

Anyway, I really like the unnamed weapon set and the Sunspear ones. A few of the armors are looking good too. Nice to see they toned down a bit the korean loly trend they had going for a while.

PoF test weekend hype going strong!

Edit: Oh and the unnamed set seems to go perfectly with the new legendary sword… which I’m crafting at the moment… awesome!

For me the Luminous weapons kinda look like Exalted v2. And the Mordant is basically Risen stuff with some bits of gold here ad there.

God damnit I just spent my time transmuting my armor so I could wear my Grenths Hood and dying my hair and stuff and now they bring out an outfit with the hood attached. … -_-

It seems worthy of being a legendary greatsword. Its a bit odd that there are 6 in the set though – unless its a raid weapon set

I really like the Elonian armour! Finally something not-ridiculous. And the Balthazar weapons look badass.

Ironically, if Anet decides to release more skin retexture effects like the recent celestial infusions, the most sought after items in game will be the overly revealing ones – which means everyone will be looking for more skimpy armors for their male characters.

Let’s trade: you get the next medium trench coat and I get what ever sexy light or heavy skin you don’t want for my female thief!

What do you mean ” finally ”?…………
The game has always had a majority of non sexualized armor…..
The overwhelming majority of the gear is NOT sexualized, only a small minority of it is. And you have the optino to customize your character as you please.
If you set your own bias aside for a second and actually have a look through all of the gear in the game then most of it isn’t.
It’s just getting tiresome how people act as if just because the option for sexualized gear exists, it somehow means that all of it is and they talk about it as if it is.

Not to mention, that most of the sexualized gear is NOT ARMOR.
I am getting sick and tired too of people talking about CLOTHES as if it’s armor in games.
Actual armor, okay. Whatever. I you don’t like sexualized armor, then don’t use it. And if others want to then it’s none of your business, and it bothers you too much then go play another game without it.
But if it’s not portrayed as actual armor then it really doesn’t matter because it’s not even mean to be protective to begin with, which is the case in most ( not all ) cases of it in GW2.
Light ” armor ” for example isn’t actually armor. It’s just clothing.

I went through all the female armours on the wiki last year, and (obviously somewhat subjectively) marked all of them as good/mixed/bad based on how sexualised they were, and there were more bad ones than good ones (especially among light armours and racial/faction armours). So many of them ticks several boxes on the Female Armor Bingo.

And of course, I can choose the options that are not sexualised, but I still play in a space where most female characters wear those ridiculous underboob tops and such, so these armour options influences my game experience even if I don’t personally use them. Therefore I’m glad for all new added options that don’t try to sex up the character in combat.

Dude if female skin bothers you so damn much don’t go online and never look at your TV and never go outside, and if any females live in your house or if you are one yourself put a burka on them/you…problem solved. Now stop trying to repress everyone else because we will not comply. And no this game isn’t any where near sexualised you just have a very distorted view of the world.

1. Guessing it’s a woman based on comment history, thus not threatened by female skin (but way to miss the fucking mark, bra-vo).
2. God forbid someone wants armor that looks like it’s actually appropriate for combat and not solely for nerds to jerk off to. Crazy!

My characters are almost all scantily clad, so no judgment, but I don’t shit on people for not being into it either. It’s a waste of fucking energy to get so salty and defensive over someone merely appreciating variety in order to dress how they want to. It’s a hard concept, I know, but “live and let live” is a far better policy than expecting others to adopt your tastes and viewpoints and getting hysterical when someone voices an opinion that you don’t immediately agree with.

It has literally no fucking bearing on you.

I felt like I was directly on point. Some one going around calling females who like to show skin or people playing female toons who like to show skin ” sexualised”. Females who show skin are NOT sexualised or sluts like some A-holes on here keep saying and I get tired of seeing people say that.I find it EXTREMELY offensive but w/e I know it’s a waste of energy arguing about it. And no there isn’t more skin revealing cloths on this game than non skin revealing cloths, quite the opposite and THAT was the other point they were talking about that I commented on and disagreed with.

But since my comment trying to defend mine and a lot of other’s clothing tastes that a few people are extremely judgmental and rude about is so controversial I’ll go ahead and delete it.

It’s nice that some male armours are finally a bit more revealing. 🙂 It was really boring to never see any skin whatsoever on male characters.

“Making capes is a hard thing to do” , now look at the banner of ancient elona , why you lie to us Anet. 🙁

I will say, there is a distinct difference between making a floats 2 feet behind your back banner thing and making the capes rigged to the character meshes. The backpiece tends to jut out way further than a cape would.

Its likely due to them having the Charr and Asura races to design for. The super tiny Asura profile and the awkward spine of a Charr are likely to blame. Most of the type cape rigging is done at the conception of the model. Trying to glue it on post release is more effort than its worth. And would likely look bad.

I’m no expert in the modeling field, but generally adding new rigging points is a pain in the ass no matter what the scope of your project.

as I said before, cloaks should be cultural, which would solve a lot of problem. Humans/Sylvari/Norn would get cloth/leaf/fur capes respectively, Asura would get… no idea what… fairy wings, maybe? and Charr would get badass scarves or back-spikes or trophy racks or something.

But the amount of bitching they would get if they chose that route probably makes it preferable not to add them at all.

I don’t know what the cape fixation is — I’d be more interested in eliminating buttcapes from all future medium/heavy armor sets.

Dulfy, are you going to do guide for demo expansion where to find chests and the other thing, or chests are in random places??

Elonian/Spearmarshal is hideous, I can’t even. I get the need for robes and deserty looking gear but, um, you could have simplified rather than making our characters look like weird colonial religious slash weird cultural mardi gras what the what gear. I mean, simplify that monstrosity and it might be salvageable to look at but daaaaang I don’t know why I’m so frustrated. lol.

Just lose the head piece, and maybe trade out different gloves and it’s fine, IMO.

But then, I’m really into the desert vibe – and I’m bored of human T3 cultural, Leystone, carapace, and bladed armor sets. I’m burnt out on the mix of Incarnate + Whispers sets. And while I’ve been toying around with dry bones + primitive light armor (again, desert appropriate) it still isn’t as striking as the new armors. Subjective opinion, sure, but I don’t think they’re nearly as hideous as what other titles typically deliver. It also seems like we’re at least getting more options than we did with HoT.

They might feel that he takes attention away from random loreless losers, and replace him with yet another random loreless loser. They already turned Canach away from Bland Destiny’s Edge Replacement because he was the only new character worth attention.

gotta be honest – the armours look particularly ugly withe colour palette used, but I can see why dulfy went for the strong differnece colours

2 years, Everyone wanted the sword from that finisher, many requests where made, two years later an entire set is released and no one even notices.

Sounds like a personal problem. I actually enjoy the looks of the armor here, and do encourage more regional/cultural differences in future armor sets. After all, its what GW1 had.

Same. The Elonian set without the headpiece looks great with the mesmer mirage headpiece (if you want to be on-theme) – especially in rich golds and jewel tones (desert-appropriate), and I’m saving transmute charges to put Warbeast or bounty hunter on my necro. Although the Bounty Hunter light armor head piece looks like a cat head.

Compared to other armor drops in-game, these are pretty decent. Compared to the options you get in other AAA titles (like BDO or SWTOR) they’re outstanding.

jesus christ stop making outfits and and make skins like the phalanx armor D: it would be way better because like that i could change those shoulders from champion of tyria 😛

Arenanet.. go hire true designers.. of if they want to do something nice, let them do.. Cuz this skins present lack of imagination.. go learn from World of Warcraft

If I wanted WoW-lookalike stuff,; I would play WoW… but unfortunetaly much of this stuff is re-vised from GW 1 (and actually uninteresting ).. there are reasons why people actually leave World of Warcraft with the comic-style animations and artwork behind

That’s because it is the same weapon. It’s just reskins of the same “artifact” weapon. A weapon you level up over time.

dear god pls no. Every weapon in WoW is so horrible unpractical and over the top. Just full of skulls, horns, jagged bits. Every single weapon you just posted looks like edgy garbage

hmm quite a few in GW2 are unpractical too, or do you believe that greatsword is the embodiment of practical?

But WoW has the worst case of imagination for both armor sets and weapons, almost all the tier sets are always the same, a few skulls there with a bit of wings or GIGANTIC PAULDRONS (which I hate sooo much) which clutter my character’s vision…

Um, every third player in GW2 is wearing rainbow colors and swinging around weapons that create more lighting pollution than New York City on Christmas….

That’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black… except the pot is flashing so much it gives the kettle a seizure at the same time.

Wow doesn’t really have bad design. It’s just that they are meant for a more fantasy approach while Gw2 is more of a realistic approach. But seriously sometimes anet’s design are just downright ugly.

lol Warcraft weapons look like toys. and most of there base mesh is reused and rehashed. its textures in the most of the weapon and armor which are different.

Blizzard design is kinda cartoonish, GW2 has its own style, to me it’s pretty decent and I like like WoW, go play it.

WoW Sucks shit. Dont compare some lame ass shitty graphic game to the advanced core mechanics and developing of ArenaNet. Fucking baddie.

Thats the same sword each time with a different color and a few with different skulls. Otherwise, theyre exactly the same.

That’s because it is the same weapon. It’s just reskins of the same “artifact” weapon. A weapon you level up over time

Are you kidding me? Those new GW weapon skins are probably the best looking fantasy weapons I’ve seen in a long time.

Woah man, dont wake the sleeping bear. You brought WoW into a discussion, everyone knows you HAVE to hate WoW.

Hey Dulfy!
So I’ve been exploring the expansion trying to find a lot of this armor.. what I’ve found so far:

1. Elonian armor is unlocked through story, and Spearmarshal armor is sold in recipes from karma vendors AFTER the Elonian/rare version of the armor is unlocked. Sunspear weapons work the same way, as do the Awakened weapons (rare awakened weapon unlocks recipes for exotic mordant weapons).

2. Bounty Hunter armor is crafted from recipes sold by Priory Scholar Elise. She sells one recipe at a time for Karma and Ley-infused Sand. She moves every week, so I’m assuming she sells a new piece each week. Account bound.

3. “Unnamed” armor is the Royal Funerary Armor set, unlocked via exploration achievements for PoF. Once the set is unlocked, you can buy recipes/pieces (unsure at the moment) from the elegy vendor (currency for legendary bounties).

4. Still haven’t found warbeast armor yet.

I’m also achievement hunting (in general) so if you have a way for people to contribute I’d be happy to help (for now I’m editing the wiki with things.)

The Unnamed Weapons, are called Funerary. I’ve got a drop from somewhere, Book of Awakening to Light, and in the primeval tombs there is the Primeval Steward; I guess we purchase them from him but don’t know how… he says you need to complete some ritual :/

I don’t remember where I got the book either – that’s what unlocked all of the Royal Funerary Armor. I’ll go check in with the steward – I’m pretty sure that’s where we spend the Elegy Mosaic currency (as per the item tooltip).

Yep, looks like it! I’m not sure what the related weapon collection is though — Hopefully not the staff of the lost / dwarven forge set. 🙁 I’ll have to test it.

Well I don’t care what anyone says, I think the Sunspear and Mordant weapons look really cool and I’m digging the Egyptian aesthetic in the designs

did they change the balthazar weapon skins? the war god black lion specialist skins look different except the gs. anyone know anything?

there are balthazar weapons and forged weapons, dulfy seems to have mixed them up a tad, hence two greatswords skins being displayed. most of them are forged except for the greatsword on the right (the one balthazar actually wields)

Has anyone figured out how to get the unnamed focus under “misc weapons” [&ClMdAAA=] that looks like a body part/intestine thing?

I’m not sure if it’ll ever become an actual weapon skin, it is a part of a heart in the Domain of Vabbi. At The Necropolis, there is sometimes an Awakened Mummy who throws around organs, so you can put them into jars. The intestines are a part of that, something she will throw at you. Not sure if it’ll be turned into a proper skin, despite being datamined.

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