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Kakao just released an official English translation of the GM’s Note that was released in Korea a day earlier.

Dear Adventurers,

For this post, we have prepared something special for all those who love to forecast into the future of Black Desert Online. Well, this is your chance to see if your wild guesses and imaginations will actually be realized! We have prepared the official Developer’s Notes just released in South Korea where all the cool and amazing updates and contents-under-development have been unveiled!

Please keep in mind the backbone of this special Developer’s Notes is based on the Korean client and you may see quite a lot of differences, typically in terms of schedules. But for now, please enjoy!



I am Jae-Hee Kim, the Executive Producer of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards all Adventurers for your continuous support and advice.

Today, we the Black Desert Online Development Team want to greet you dearly in written words.

Since our grand launch in March of 2016, we started out with 36 servers in 3 worlds which later combined into one mega server, one world. Thanks to all of your support and passion, we added many more servers in the following years to end up with a whopping 49 servers in total as of 2017 today. And we would have to of course mention the successful launch on Steam earlier this year. Along with the continued server additions, Black Desert Online has had countless updates up to this point, only to better serve our loyal community.

We realize well that such progress would not have been made if it weren’t for your much love and interest. “Thank you” alone cannot express our appreciation towards you all.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the upcoming updates and some of the contents that we are currently working on.


Quantity & Quality of Updates

Since the CBT/OBT in South Korea in 2014, Japan and Russia in 2015, NA/EU in 2016, Taiwan and South America in 2017, and soon-to-be joined China, our service territories pretty much cover almost all of the globe.

To be able to provide each region with new updates every week, well-focused development and intense coordination with the Quality Assurance Team are extremely crucial.

For weekly updates, both development and QA work needs to be done within 5 days. The actual time in which the team can solidly work on the actual development is only about 2 days per week.

We always spend a good amount of time reviewing after each update and listening to our Adventurers. Therefore, we have been mulling over your feedbacks that implied that our updates lacked in-depth quality.

“How can we provide a better and stable service while coming up with quality updates?”

After having series of discussions on this question, in the first half of 2017, we have come up with a renewed update process which yield a systematic update process. However, the result was not satisfactory and upon further planning, we came to the conclusion of implementing a routine of biweekly maintenance. By doing so, we expect that we can secure more time for development while maintaining higher quality and stability in both our service and updates.

We do understand that there might be some Adventurers who will miss the weekly patch notes. However, we ask for your generous understanding as this new routine will ensure sublime quality updates.

Also, we are aware that some Adventurers have the following concerns.

“Aren’t they trying to focus more on other platforms?”, “Doesn’t every other week mean that we have slower updates?”

To give you more perspective on this subject, it is true The Black Desert Mobile team was created last summer but it remains as a separate project with new recruitments being made in the team as we speak. As the team is kept bolstered yet remains separate, the mobile development has already made considerable progress.

Black Desert Online has its exclusive team and organization which runs independently irrespective of the Mobile team, and we want to remind you recruitment and development are done separately.

We do believe though, that the very philosophy and direction of the two teams of Online and Mobile will not be different.

That being said, it will not stop us from providing Adventurers with quality and timely services as we will not have any personnel transfers of any sort. It would further add more depth and precision in our service and update.

Now, we would like to give you a sneak peek into what we have been working on for future updates.

Reinforcing Existing Contents

Rabam’s Enlightenment – Skill Enhancement

Rabam’s Enlightenment is a skill enhancement system developed as a 2nd Awakening project.

Looking back, the original idea when we tried to introduce in the first Awakening was to “actualize the individual class’s novelty into a new weapon.” However, what we got after applying the first Awakening to the game was rather just a “new and powerful weapon.”

With the introduction of new, powerful skills, a huge change in the play pattern occurred creating many positive as well as negative effects.

We implemented a number of patches to reinforce this, however, none of them was considered perfect.

After much consideration, a Skill Enhancement system was created which enables creating a new skill by combining two Non-Awakening skills.

We hope that with the implementation of Rabam’s Enlightenment – Skill Enhancement updates throughout the 2nd half of this year, Adventurers will be able to enjoy and have more fun with their main weapon, as much as their awakening weapons, in both PVE and PVP.

Even though we have done numerous class patches in the first half of 2017 trying to even out certain distinctive differences, we are well aware of the fact that Black Desert Online may fall short of your expectations regarding the ideal balancing among the classes.

Rabam’s Enlightenment, too, can affect the balance to a certain degree; however, please bear with us as we continuously endeavor to provide Adventurers with better balance patches.

For your information, the below chart shows the K/D ratio of each class a week before the Oasis Festival (announced in KR) and the 4th week of July. You will be able to notice that the K/D ratio of the top 3 classes compared to the rest has been reduced from 0.45 to 0.23, which is a considerable improvement.

March, Week 4, K/D ratio (based in KR servers)


July, Week 4, K/D ratio (based in KR servers)

Of the top 100 highest AP players, the Dark Knight class holds 31 of the positions and still is ranked first in terms of K/D ratio. However, as shown in the chart above, the gap is noticeably closing.

After making the announcements at Oasis Festival, we have been making continuous progress as we introduced many patches, however, we know that there is more room for improvement.

Now onwards, with the update of Rabam’s Enlightenment, we will continue to gather and analyze our data and your precious feedback to strive to satisfy more Adventurers through more active and steady patches than during the first half of the year.

Training of Black Spirit

“I’m just too busy to play.”, “I wanna level up even while asleep.”

Training of Black Spirit, which was available only for special occasions in the Korean server, will soon be updated as a regular content.

Go find a Skill Instructor, purchase a coupon, and interact with the Scarecrows. Then you will be able start the automatic training and gradually obtain experience points.

Of course, it will not be as efficient as actual grinding, but it will surely help the short lack of experience after your daily grind.


New Siege Weapon

Following the Trina Matchlock, Siege Axe is the new Siege Weapon which will be introduced soon. The strong Wooden Fence protecting enemies’ Fort or Command Post can be damaged with the Axe.

Siege Axe’s damage will not be determined by the spec. of the player’s equipment, and thus Adventurers with relatively lower-grade gear, too, can contribute to your guild by wielding the Axe to damage the Wooden Fence.

Conquer Battle Shield, unfortunately, is not being developed at this point as we are doing more preparation work and studies about it. We will of course endeavor to deliver some good news soon.

Mystic Awakening

You must have guessed it, we are working on Mystic’s Awakening.

Unlike Striker’s Echo Spirit, Mystic’s Awakening will be applied with a different concept and make her stronger than ever.

New Tutorial System

“Black Desert? It’s too complex~ Isn’t it a difficult game to play?”, “How the heck do you do cooking?”

Black Desert Online is being continuously updated with a revamp of the early game pathing, fixed quests, new UI for tutorial, new help texts, strategy guidelines, video guides, etc. to help Adventurers.

That being said, we are aware that there are still many Adventurers that find the game too difficult to get used to. For that, we are preparing a new Tutorial System.

In the New Tutorial System, the Black Spirit will assist Adventurers with quests, grinding and so forth, so that the whole process can be a lot easier.

Later on, the new Tutorial System will also be applied to other contents such as fishing, cooking, alchemy, so that you can play these contents with less difficulties.

Items without Enhancement

“I’m quitting after trying too much of Enhancement”, “There are 100 Stacks accumulated!”

Enhancement is an important system of the game, bringing both joy and frustration, or hope and misery at the same time.

Black Desert Online will introduce new items that will help the frustrated Adventurers after failing in Enhancement or those who just began playing.

We know that there are Contribution Items such as Kaia Series, which have been playing such a role. However, it lacked the strength for efficiently grinding in Mediah.

Following Asula’s Crimson Eye Series, which were recently applied on the Korean server, a new item series will be added that can be obtained in Mediah.

The new item series can be obtained when specific conditions are achieved in Mediah; and we expect the performance of the item will be in the vicinity of PRI ~ DUO levels.

<Screenshot of new weapon and equipments. Black Shroud Longsword, Mediah Merchant Guild Helmet (Skill EXP +3%), Beia’s Dark Magic Gloves (Critical Hit +1), Derek’s Light Leather Shoes (Movement Speed +1). Cannot be enhanced>

There are more contents like Energy Burning, reinforced Farming, or improved Imperial Delivery that are being developed, but here, we have informed you of only the contents that are developed to a certain degree.

From small details to a systematic reform, reinforcing the existing contents will be surely and continuously made.

New Contents to be Added

Vell, the Heart of the Ocean

It was a new challenge for us, yes, the Heart of the Ocean, Vell will soon be released to Adventurers!

Vell is a colossal marine creature appearing in the northern sea of Lema Island. To defeat this boss, you will need a number of mighty vessels such as Galleys and Epheria Frigates, which will be introduced soon.

A great reward for the great size of the creature will be waiting for you. Make parties with other eager Adventurers and board on the same ship together! Use Cannons and Matchlocks to defeat the beast!

When partied, contribution level will apply evenly to all party members. This means that teamwork between the Adventurer who pilots the ship and the one shooting cannons would be crucial.

When you defeat Vell, you can obtain “Heart of Vell”, the highest-grade Alchemy Stone.

Heart of Vell

Luxury Auction

For those Adventurers who obtained a great deal of fine equipment might think, “I have no use for my silvers.” Luxury Auction will be introduced just for such Adventurers.

Items that were not obtainable before or of extreme rarity will be registered in this auction. You will be competing with other Adventurers through bidding. Once the auction is done, you will no longer be able to bid for the item.

Items like “Class EXP Transfer Coupon,” “Arsha’s Weapon,” “Life EXP Transfer Coupon” are discussed for Luxury Auction registry. Moreover, we are planning to introduce more exquisite items via Luxury Auction every patch.

<Screenshot of the Luxury Auction. A Skill EXP Transfer Coupon is registered.>

A Real Adventure and Journey, Camping System

“I want to stay here a little bit longer…”, “I don’t want to go back to town”

If you were to venture into the Black Desert world or hunt at a hunting ground far away from the village, you might have had experienced a time when you felt that it was a little bit too early to go back to town.

To allow adventurers to stay at a certain location safely and for a longer period of time, a Camping System will be added.

A tent can be placed on your horse and then installed when a suitable location is found. The tent will provide a limited range of amenities.

You can briefly use the features that were available only in towns, such as repairing equipment or purchasing various remedies.

We plan to continuously research and develop various tent shapes and new effects in the future.

Contents that would require a bit more patience

Next will be about contents that would need a bit more time for development.

All our Black Desert Online developers are always doing their best to keep their promises with Adventurers, but there are some things that need more time than the above-mentioned contents.

These would be the airship and climbing content mentioned during the first half of 2017. In order for these two contents to be implemented into Black Desert Online, in a new non-existent form, more research and ideas are needed.

In addition to the above contents, to change the existing life content play style, a higher or new version of life content is being planned. It can range from new life content specified characters, sound and graphic remastery, donkey upgrades, and etc.


We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the last user outfit contest which was held in Korea.

As the quality of the outfits sent by the Adventurers was much higher than our expectation, our team decided to consider actively producing more of these outfits than we had originally planned.

So, as long as it was within our capability, we produced them as much as possible.

The rest of the outfits that we were unable to present to you, were outfits that could not or were too difficult to be formed and implemented into Black Desert Online. We would like to thank you for your understanding.

Also, we are aware that as the number of classes grew, the speed of updating new outfits for each occupation has not been the same.

To increase the number and quality of outfits, we have been hiring additional workforce since the beginning of this year.

And not only that, after every new outfit update, we are reading and taking in all your sincere feedbacks, both good and bad, regarding the outfits.

It is not so easy to satisfy everyone, but we are always listening to your precious feedback in order to be able to satisfy as many Adventurers as we can.

In conclusion,

These are the plans for the second half of this year.

We had been consistently updating in the first half of the year, however, there were some contents that required more validation of its implementation and ended up being delayed or canceled at the last stages of its development.

The developers are also regretting this as much as the Adventurers.

With our improved process, we will do our utmost in order use our development time more efficiently and create more enjoyable contents, in order to thank the Adventurers for their continuous interest and support.

We would like to thank all the Adventurers who are enjoying Black Desert Online and we will do our best to continue to be an enjoyable Black Desert Online.

Thank you.

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