GW2 Crystal Oasis Preview Weekend Guide

A guide to the Crystal Oasis Map during the Preview Weekend running from Aug 11 to 14.


Raptor Racing

Raptor racing is a semi regular event that occurs just east of the Amnoon waypoint. You register with the NPC that spawns 5 minutes before the race starts and then race through a course with other players. There is an achievement for getting top 3 in the race. You can use the jump ability on your raptor to move faster but make sure to not over jump as you will need the energy to jump over gaps in the course. If you have trouble placing top 3, you can try to find a less populated map as you will be most racing against much slower NPCs than players.


Bounty Board

There are bounty boards inside the city of Amnoon. Each board has certain bounty posted on it unless the target is recently killed (it will just display as Bounty Board or empty if this happens). Interact with the board to acquire a bounty and it will be marked on your map. These bounties require a small group of players to take down (or a larger group for legendary bounties). Legendary bounties are on the board to the left usually.


You don’t need to interact with the bounty board to get credit for the bounty, it just make it easier to locate bounty targets. You can get the full rewards by just killing them.

Casino Blitz

Casino Blitz is a event that starts at the casino and lasts for 20 minutes with several stages. During each stage you will need to collect Casino Coins that are scattered over the marked area (be sure to look on the roof tops as well). Collected Casino Coins can be used to purchase a mini for 50 Casino Coins or consumed for Mastery XP.


Ecto Gambling

If you like to gamble, you can try the ecto gambling at the casino. You can purchase different tiers of boxes that give you some ectos and gold back. Purchasing the most expensive Sandstorm Orb have a chance to give you Superior Rune of Holding that is used to craft bigger bags (bigger than 20 slot).


Refugee Supply Run (Adventure)

Refugee Supply Run is an adventure that time you as you retrieve six supplies from edges of the map. To get gold you will need to complete it in a minimum of 5:30. Bronze and silver are 7:00 and 6:00 respectively. The optimal path I have found is to go from 1-> 6 as marked on the map. Getting gold definitely require you to have a good handling of your raptor mount with very little room for misjumps. Make sure to bring or trait for stunbreakers as you will need it at several places on the map since falling from too high of a distance with your raptor dismounts and stuns you temporarily.


Trade Crates

Trade Crates are caches that are semi hidden throughout the map. They require a Trader’s Key to open. Trader’s Key can be found as rewards from events but more reliably from heart vendors after you have completed a heart. Each heart vendor sell 5x Trader’s Key per day for Karma and Trade Contracts (a currency you get for completing events or from trade crates). Each cache give you various crafting mats.


Treasure Chests

You can find treasure chests in two ways. First is via Treasure Hunting Kit rewarded for events and activities. These lead you to a chest using a the special action key. Check on the map first to see the general area (look for the giant blue circle).


Additionally, on top of Pyramids and other hard to reach places, you will sometimes find a Glorious Elonian chest containing more treasures. Both of these types of treasures can give you Silvers of Twitching Forgemetal, which is used to craft Warbeast armor set.


Mastery Insights

There are 5 Mastery Insights obtainable with the current preview map. Three are pretty easily to get but the other two are a bit more tricky since they are designed with other masteries in mind. These two can be accessed via some tricks.


Imed’s Grotto Mastery Insight

Sifuri Quicksand Mastery Insight

Two way to get to it. One is bit longer but easier to do while the other is shorter but can be a bit tricky.

Quicker Method

Longer Method

  • Daniel Vie

    but what happens if you complete the Crystal Oasis demo objective?
    (chests, Bounties and Tip of the spear collection)

    • Nothing, nothing is saved. Your lifes a lie.Everything you do is for nothing.

    • Alot

      Yea. Expansion is arriving soonish. Finish up old stuff and enjoy the full release when it arrives

  • Kira Sternenfeuer

    So in total this preview event is not very good in fact it is as lame as the new maps that came with the living story. Are the maps beautiful? Yes! But what else?

    I like the bounty mechanic, the raptors, the chest search and the race but the map feels a bit lonely and that in the wrong way. This preview first of all shows that there are stil tons of bugs to get rid off before the release. Also I wished we could get a sneak peak into the specialisations like we could with HoT but unfortunately we can’t.

    The story we got so far also feels very unpleasant and most of all boring to begin with even it is stil a good introduction in the new map the story itself feels bad.

    The worst part for me is the way Balthasar recrutes his minions by killing NPC…….Well didn’t we had those 2 times allready? Pls stop such stupid explanations where enemies come from it is boring to fight the same enemy mechanics all over again and again and again. Why was Scarlet such a cool enemy to beginn with because she used enemys that where there allready before and buffed them in a cool way. Balthasar started this way too than he completely changed his whole recrutement to get back to the old dragon tactics of rising dead and so on.

    But why? He has lots of interresting fellowers and the possebility to get even other enemy groups too like the flame legion that looks for the power of a god and could make a perfect match for why Rytlock is back in action too and could easely work as a double agent plot too later on betraying

    Balthasar to gain the power they searched for. On the other side we have the Zaishen and the priests of Balthasar as well.

    In total the story starts really weak misses lots of potential from the start and looks like the same stuff we allready had before.

    So what are the good things about this sneak peak? Well at least we can try out a few statcombinations for the old builds we normally have to gather on our self in the normal game.

    Oh ok there were a few things that I really liked ^^ The challenge to become a sous chef was really nice and I reallyl ike the Illusionist NPC that talks about the specialisation and the Hydras are freaking amazing and challenging enemys I really look forward to fight 😉

    • Lithlius

      OK i think yoi are misjudging what an open preview is. it IS a beta event. it IS to catch bugs and the like . Chances are not even HALF the events are running because some may cross from the areas of the map that are closed to us.

      Also Balthazar is not raising the dead he used to ( like old norse mythology Valkyries) gather the souls of the worthy and bring them to his battle at the Fissure of Woe it seems that these Eternals he has brought from there and somehow Bound their souls to a new body forged except he is getting a little greedy and grabbing everyone now..There are presedents to this from GW1 when Shiro did the same to create his ShiroKen. The envoys, intervened then. My point is this is waaay deeper than you are seeing it. we barely have ONE mission from the story and it barely has any exposition so dont judge that aspect YET.

      This is a test after all. They are not going to give ass everything in the preview cause then wed have nothing to discover even on that tiny area of the map.

    • Asda

      The map is “lonely”…? Why? Because there’s only a few players checking out the demo? Hell, I’m enjoying having a little room to myself to explore. It’s going to get a lot more crowded when it goes live and frankly I’m not looking forward to seeing 800 idiots with all their stupid particle effect infusions on their raptors crammed into every corner of the map.

      If anything I think the map is still a little cluttered for being a desert. I hope we get to see some actual “wasteland” areas with whole stretches of barren wilderness to get lost in and explore. It gets a little tiresome when there’s a point of interest or a mastery or event or cluster of pyramids every five feet. This is a very common game design oversight, it isn’t bad to have a little bit of emptiness to use as an atmospheric breather now and then.

      And Scarlet wasn’t cool.

  • Adama Thetan

    I found a “juvenile Sand Lion” collectable by the shattered templar point of interest in Siluri Sand Sea

  • Orcus

    There is one more mastery point. It is on the roof of a building right in front of the east gate of Amnoon.

  • Steven

    Canyon Jumping mastery has been disabled for the Beta. It doesn’t tell you that until you have enough mastery points and experience.

  • GreatestGW2PlayerOfAllTime

    It was too difficult…I couldn’t get through the town…I gave up at fire dogs..that was just the instance to get into the map….meh

    • Asda


    • Adam Šafránek

      I played it on autoattack while I went to get myself some tea.

    • Nitrobacter

      Played it on a class I am barley familia with without changing the traits but changing the weapons so that what little there was of build synergy was completely destroyed and still made it…. I don’t even see your problem

    • kazerniel

      Try it with a sturdy class, like warrior. (Or a class that you’re most familiar with.)

    • Emil33

      I completed this on both a ranger and guardian :3 Just gotta keep kicking ass until you have no more ass to kick!

  • Spunkii

    I found that the first heart you do in the instance scenario slows down things a lot… why did they not just chuck you into more action?? Instead they put some slow tedious heart in? Why? XD

    • Asda

      Builds up your Raptor using skills, teaches you how you can jump across gaps, gets you familiarized with your can’t-turn-on-a-dime lizard constantly falling off the edge of a ledge just before you stop.

  • Krofika

    In the casino you can bet on choya pit fight. Speak to an NPC standing nearby and select red or green. Dont know how to get rewards tho, the fight finished and i didnt get anything even though i had the bet buff.

  • Ben Winstanley

    There are 6, not 5, mastery points available in the demo map

  • milk

    For the adventure, you can use WP, it will help you save some time.

    • When I used the wp, it ended the adventure right away.

  • milk

    After you collect all 6 I think, not sure if you can do it in the middle of the run

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