GW2 Elite Specialization Week

Arenanet will be giving more details on the upcoming new elite specializations with PoF this week before the preview weekend.


In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be giving you more details on elite specializations, mounts, and the story you’ll experience as you explore the Crystal Desert. This week’s focus is on the nine new elite specializations you can unlock in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™.

Log in this Friday, August 18 through Sunday, August 20 to try out your favorites in PvP and WvW during the elite specializations preview weekend!

  • August 15 – Elite specializations developer diary video and blog
  • August 17 – Elite specializations on Guild Chat
  • August 18 – Elite specialization preview weekend begins
  • August 28 – Mount Week begins
  • September 3 – Crystal Desert and Story Week begins
  • Cordig

    A week dedicated to mounts? Sweet!

  • Trillium

    A mount week? Then what was the one that just ended about?
    I already miss Rapty ;(

  • Shinokata


    But seriously, I am so excited to get my hands on the Deadeye and Mirage specs, though most of them seem really cool.

  • Emil33

    Mount week? Wha? Whats that now?

  • Suan

    I feel like either I misunderstood this or other’s here did. For me it’s just them announcing what they will be talking about in the upcoming weeks. Not new preview weekends. The preview that happend last weekend was probably the only one we’ll get. This weekend 18-20 we can check out the specializations but that’s it. After that we are entering the 5 weeks wait for the expansion to come out. On the way, ANet will post articles about all features of this expansion.

    • Shinokata

      You are correct, the only demo weekends were this past weekend and the one approaching. In the time between now and release they will be dedicating weeks to information/blogs/videos on different subjects.

      • Trillium

        that’s a shame, means second expansion will get as much testing as the first one. which is TOO DAMN LITTLE for an expansion this size

        with no dedicated PBE its a wonder GW2 releases working content at all

    • Alot

      Meh, still a clear improvement over their old announcement style. Looking forward to that weekend.

  • Qnrad

    Mount Week and Crystal Desert and Story Week sound interesting

  • Tora

    just saw the Elite specializations developer diary video and blog and wow, they didnt even mentioned soulbeast, spellbreaker nor deadeye, the 3 classes i wanted to hear something about, it seems that the only way to get to know more about them will be to wait for the preview weekend

  • Lourdes

    Mount Week? is that a week they talk all about mounts again or do we get Rapty back?

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