GW2 Gemstore Update–Flame and Festival Box and Abaddon’s Mask

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Flame and Festival Box and the Abaddon’s Mask

New Items

Season 1 Memory Box – Flame and Festivals – 1st one free, 200 gems each or 10 for 1500 gems


  • You can get Black Lion Commemorative Sprockets from these boxes which you can used to exchange for many items such as Molten Jetpack, Scarlet’s Kiss, Mini Karmas, Captain’s Airship Pass, Royal Terrace Pass, Desert Rose skin etc. These items you exchange for are sellable. The number of sprocket drop is random, I got anywhere from 1-67 sprocket per box


Abaddon’s Mask – 500 gems



Anniversary Sales

Season 1 Memory Box – Flame and

  • taran47

    I… wait… why is there no sale on the 17th? Anet, why you skipping my birthday in particular? T_T

    • Drayven

      There are also only five days listed so logically the 21st is also missing, it’s just less obvious since it’s at the end.

  • wQnxy

    no discount on shared slots =[

  • Alot

    And the answer is yes, you can purchase the dredge decorative jetpack for 1000 rng tickets.

    Mixed feelings about the Abaddon helm for my necro. Its awesome but it would mean my necro’s neck would stick out from his otherwise metal bound chassis :/

    • Was considering the helm for muh bae, but her current one is just a part of her now. Plus it looks better-fitting for her in general. Was previewing the helm and shadow abyss looks more light/metallic than it does on her current helm. Plus the back is tentacle-y enough, and if I really get thirsty for bloody calamari I can just log into Skyrim. <3 I'm sure it'll sell tho, its an awesome helm.

  • Suan

    Wait, what? A random guy can get lucky [and we know there’s gonna be some people like that] he gets 50 Black Lion Commemorative Sprockets and he can get both Captain’s Airship Pass and Royal Terrace Pass?! Wha- I bought both for 2k gems with real money.[around 25 euro I guess?] How could anyone at ArenaNet think that this is a good and fair to others idea..
    What the hell..
    I am pissed. It’s like a father that takes two sons and tells both of them to climb a mountain, first son gives his all, nearly falls to his death but in the end he makes it. Second son starts to climb but father says, no, no Jimmy, you can use this shortcut that whill take you 3 times less time and is a lot safer. Both sons get to the top in the end and both get rewarded but was it fair? No..
    I understand that business is business but man, I am fucking displeased with that stupid sprockets thing. Haaaa..

    • Kida

      in terms of Fashion Wars this is most offensive move what they could do, according to that most of skins from previous seasons was unique to players that literally play durring that time and put some effort in getting those skins now some rich bum just need to use his credit card and get them all. So can we call it now Pay to win mode ?

      • WK

        Except it is nothing like “Pay to Win”. It gives players who wasn’t around for S1 a chance to get something that was previously unavailable to them. You are one of seven billion people on earth, “unique” is a dead concept and crying because someone else has the same toy as you is quite childish.

      • skelk

        Put some effort as in; got ridiculously lucky on playing time limited content at a period when gw2 wasn’t as popular, and enjoyed high ingame values of the skins they got ever after? Almost all of the skins they put from LS1 in the box are RNG ones – there wasn’t any effort in getting them in first place apart from grinding time limited content, which many other players who weren’t super lucky did at that time.

      • Elro

        I know right! The worst thing is that nobody even asked for this. All the skins were unique rewards for the people who played when they were available and now they’re giving them away for free cause…well, idk? I’d get it if the boxes weren’t being given away for free for every single player and werent dirt cheap, but seeing shit like this happening is just ridiculous.

    • Kyosumari

      Except the second son would be given a shortcut that may or may not work and is completely RNG otherwise your analogy doesn’t work. That’s the point of RNG boxes – you can get lucky af, or you can spent hundreds of dollars and never get enough to get what you want because you can also just as likely get only 1 sprocket. You paid a larger price for a guaranteed pass – these are random chance for those who like to gamble.

      • Suan

        Yes I understand. RNG, but I was not talking about people that will buy those boxes, but -yet again just like in my first post- about people that will get the free box and with that free box, get 50 sprockets. That’s unfair in my opinion. And like you said, it’s just luck, but there is me who gets 1 sprocket and a mini, and there will be a guy that will get 50 sprockets and with that, possibility of picking up 2 items worth 25 euros. And that’s just the passes, there are other items in that sprocket vendor that are worth a lot of gold, and these are sellable. I probably wouldn’t have problems with that whole thing if either sprockets were not inside the free box, or there was no free box from the start. My point is, if you pay to test your luck with a RNG and you can get something amazing or nothing I’m cool, hell I’ve used 70 keys on BL chests to get that Zephyr Backpack&Glider combo and still don’t have it. But when you don’t do anything and one guy gets item worth 1k gold or 1k gems while another gets nothing. That annoys me. I understand your point, and part of me completely agrees with you, but there is this other part that just boils inside when something like that happens.

        • Lithlius

          To be fair the Passes are how old? I have the Perma Airship one from god knows when when it was FULL PRICE and honestly i use it so littlle IF at all. That was my conscience choice I dont mind a new player getting it for less money or effort honestly. Thats how sales and deals work my friend, anything out of season gets ridiculously discounted as time passes. You know, like ” Greatest hits videogames, or summer sale games, or an out of year car… or about to expire food… or anything…

          • Suan

            The passes still cost 1k gems each, There are sales on them from time to time, just like on almost anything in the gem store. I don’t think time has to do with anything, but oh well.. if someone gets it from a free box good for him I guess. If someone buys 3 boxes and gets it with 600 gems, cool. Now that I think about it, they did something similar before HoT. There were this live events where we could farm some kind of currency and then buy Toxic gloves or shoulder skin with it.

            • Elro

              Cant but agree with you! Every time I have been playing the game the passes have either just been on sale or gone on sale after I have stopped again. Selling every little thing from my storage and borrowing gold from friends to buy a pass this summer only to be basically handed one to me for free a month later? What the fuck Anet.

              They’re doing a good job making sure I wont waste time and money on stuff like this when they just decide to give it all away for free down the line.

          • Elro

            And how do you manage to use it “so little if at all”? The passes give access to the best hubs in game with barely any load times and max size charrs with their wings standing on every station. How do you manage to find so little use in it unless you spend all your time in wvw or spvp, where the passes still serve as better hubs than whats provided?

        • Calixtus

          Here have some cheese.

          • Suan

            I’ll be blunt I have zero clue what does that mean, is it like “you salty kid?” or something? Or are you trying to give me a virtual cheese of sort? I’ll assume that this is a line you like to use so it’s probably better to get the answer from you rather than google.

        • ShingYau Lau

          consider it is the real life. legendary precursor is another example, someone get it from wvw at the first time they play while I have started playing since gw2 launch and I have never find one from wvw.

          • Suan

            Well we are in the same team then, high five for our “RNG hates us” team! 😀
            Never had a precursor drop too.

            In my opinion then moment the Heart of Thorns launched they should have changed first generation completely, they gave us mastery system with a mastery that allows us get our precursors and then legendary weapons. So they should have changed first gen precursors to be ascended weapons and make them and first gen legendary weapons to non saleable. All people that put “buy orders” on TP would get their gold back and people that wanted to sell legendary weapons would get them back. This RNG precursor system was stupid from the first day of GW2 and still is, the first generation at least.

            • ShingYau Lau

              change1st gen to ascended wep? Pls don’t…
              The precursor was never the biggest problem, it’s the T6 materials cost you arms and legs. Annnd, the 2nd gen offers you a precursor while double up the material you need…..So your life just goes harder with 2nd gen actually.

    • Asda

      How is it “unfair”? No one held a gun to your head and forced you to buy those passes. No one forced you to pay real money for them either. Is a sale on items that were released years ago “unfair”?

    • visher

      So ehm… are permament airship pass or royal pass any good really? (i got 27 sprockets from free chest :3)

      • Suan

        Between the two.. hmm. if you’re playing human race then probably Royal pass just for the sake of immersion. But if you don’t play as human or don’t really care about that, then AIrship
        -it has a nice view on the Gendarran Fields map.
        -you can have a nice long glide from there.
        -you know those Pact karma vendors that have some cool stuff and travel the map on daily basis? One spawns right under the airship from time to time so that’s another cool thing.
        -airship has a npc that royal pass does not, it’s the one that teleports us to daily games like Keg Brawl, Sanctum Sprint etc. These games are sometimes in daily so unless you have this pass or the new ones you have to go to Lion’s Arch for that npc. Royal pass does not have it.. not sure why..
        -Airship pass is more cramped which makes it easier and faster to use, it can get crowdy at times but something for something.
        I guess that’s about it, if something pops to my head and I did not mention about it then I’ll edit the message.

        • visher

          Thank you for this summary!
          Though i was asking more about is any pass itself worth it. As in after you had yours do you think you could live without it or is it a life changer?

          • Suan

            It is kinda a life changer, it has all these things you need very close to each other. Now if you have a guild you can always visit your Guild Hall for it, but as a “lone wolf” type player it is necessary, for me at least. I don’t regret buying them, and I use them every single day, multiple times. I own 3 of these lounge passes and if in the future they’ll add a new one that looks cool or has something interesting then I’ll probably get it as well.
            Now, one little thing to the previous post, the Royal pass has this “unique” trait which is changing when some events happen in Divinity’s Reach. Like Wintersday, Royal pass is very close to the whole thing so they also change everything there, same thing happens when Lunar year is going on. You can probably look it up on youtube or google.
            Overall it is a very useful thing to have. [It’s value rises when you use it in shared inventory slot so that all characters on your account can use it].

            • visher


            • visher

              oh, that’s rather nice. with new birthday gift i would be able to test one of the passes myself for free quite soon.

    • Fred Garvin

      Play a game that doesn’t have cash shop gambling boxes. They do exist.

      • Suan

        Easier said than done, I’ve been with Guild Wars for 13 years now. I guess I would only quit if they added a subscription fee to play the game. Other than that I will stay and enjoy of what is good and complain about the bad [imo] aspects of the game.

        • Fred Garvin

          Understandable. After 13 years you must have quite a connection to the game’s world. Here’s to hoping you get more good than bad!

    • Rance

      Let me preg your waifu.

  • Voreo Sabrae

    Such a great gift… though bit bummed out mine gave me worthless junk 🙁 lol

  • Pink Popstar Xayah

    A gift?

    More like wallet bait.

    • Talindra

      But you are only 24 sprockets away from the Royal Terrace Pass! It’s only useless after POT launches.

  • HateFractals

    Forget the jetpack, give me those Gifts of Ascension!

  • visher

    Bought desert rose with gold, i think there won’t be better chance.

    • Alot

      Bought the star-cake recipe. I missed it at the time and despite relying on a rather rare resource, its a fairly potent buff – plus I only got one ticket from my free box -.-

    • visher

      update: fuck me.

  • Alot

    Of note is the selfless and thoughtless potions. These provide a limited time cosmetic effect which displays a halo above your head or devil horns slightly in front of it. Seeing as legendary trinkets are now a thing, it will be interesting to see if jewelcraft gets to make legendary trinket versions of these.

  • Caesok

    Where is the discount? still says 500 gems for Raven’s Spirit Glider on EU

    • Gliders are not discounted. They worded it poorly. Just means they are returning

    • Max K. S. Peros

      you dont know how to read and you blame dulfy.
      August 15:
      1) 50% off all mail carriers,
      2) Raven’s Spirit Glider and Super Cloud Glider return,
      3) one free Season 1 Memory Box—Flame and Festivals.

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