Black Desert Altinova Tavern Quests Guide

Black Desert Online Altinova Tavern Quests Guide. These are new quests helping players to level from level 53 to 56.

To get these quests, go to the newly added NPC Datu Varudatu by the tavern in Altinova. Click the shop button and purchjase the quest scrolls from him.


He sells various kind of scrolls. The basic ones at 50k silver require you to kill 350 mobs of a specific kind and give 2% XP at 55. Advanced ones requires more amity (but also give amity) and have you kill more mobs. The most expensive scroll requires 1000 amity and 700k silver to purchase  but give you 30% XP at 55. You must be level 53-56 for these quests

  • These quests basically just give you more XP in exchange for amity and silvers.


Scroll Price Requirement Reward Amity Gain
Fist to Fist I 50k 350 kills at Abandoned Iron Mine 2% XP @55. +20
Robbing the Rogues I 50k Kill 300 Wandering Rogues 2% XP @55. +20
Food Chain I 50k Kill 300 manes 2% XP @55. +20
Breaking the Spells I 50k Kill 300 Elrics 2% XP @55 +20
Crushing the Steel I 50k Kill 300 Helms 2% XP @55 +20
Graveyard Dominator 100k 400 kills at Soldier’s Grave 7% XP @55 +35
Dominator of Ancient Weapons 100k 500 kills at Hasrah Ancient Ruins 7% XP @55 +35
Dwarf Dominator 100k 50 kills of each kind at Abandoned Iron Mine 7% XP @55 +35
Elite Hunter 500k Defeat elite mobs at various locations 18% XP @ 55 +150
Cute Little Things 500k Kill 1000 Small Manes 12% XP @ 55 +100
Fist to Fist II 500k 1300 kills at Abandoned Iron Mine 10% XP @55. +35
Robbing the Rogues II 500k Kill 1200 Wandering Rogues 10% XP @55. +35
Food Chain II 500k Kill 1200 manes 10% XP @55. +35
Breaking the Spells II 500k Kill 1200 Elrics 10% XP @55. +40
Crushing the Steel II 500k Kill 1200 Helms 10% XP @55. +40
Guardian of Mediah 700k Kill 10 Skeleton kings with Cartian Spell 30% XP @55. -700
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