Black Desert Guild Attendance and Burning Attendance Rewards

In addition to the regular monthly attendance rewards, we will be getting the Guild Attendance Rewards and Burning Attendance Rewards as well.

Burning Attendance Rewards

Guild Attendance Rewards (medium or large guilds only)



  • Kazuhuehue

    Can we obtain the guild attendance reward twice a day during weekends if we missed out on the first few days??

    • Not for the guild one

      • Kazuhuehue

        so from august until dec there’s only 1 set of guild attendace reward or will it reset every maint/month? thanks

  • Nicsanar

    Hi! It have to be online a minimum quantity of person en the guild to take the attendance?

  • Nicsanar

    It have to be online a minimum of persons to take the guild attendance? or simply be a minimum of 31 in the guild?


    It’s kind of nice that people in any guild, be it solo or small, can get access to the better rewards and not get totally hosed for it, heh.

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