SWTOR No Changes to Medicine Operative/Sawbone Scoundrel in 5.4

Bioware won’t be making any nerfs to Medicine Operative/Sawbone Scoundrel in Patch 5.4.

Class Changes: Medicine Operative / Sawbones Scoundrel | 08.18.2017, 10:18 AM
Hey folks,

As we continued to look at the changes we had planned, supporting data, and player feedback, we have decided that we are not going to be making any changes to Operative and Scoundrel healing in 5.4. Right now, these Disciplines are overperforming in HPS and we do feel that they will need to be nerfed at some point. However, even though their HPS is high, due to the Disciplines lack of burst healing it can be quite challenging to keep players, especially tanks, alive. For that reason we are going to hold off on any broader HPS nerfs until we address the burst healing issues of the Class.

We are going to take a look at this for 5.5 and see if that will be the time to make these adjustments. Once we get closer to that update I will let you know what our plans are for Medicine and Sawbones! Thanks everyone.


  • Médici

    5.5? I’ll only get back to the game if they release a 6.0, reset this crap gear system (can continue with GC but bring back coms too), give nice rewards for flashpoints/OPS/ PVP, focusing hard on group content (GROUP!) .Enough of solo things, solo quests, solo pve, solo life style.

    • Firbolgar Avangerson

      TL;DR the last producer and EA’s decisions fucked it up so bad that I dont think it will survive.

      They can do all of that, but that wouldn’t be enough. The NiM community was repeatedly decimated and now there’s almost no more NiM capable guilds/groups. Despite all the salt, raiding is still a cooperative endeavour and if there aren’t people around to raid with then it won’t matter what kind of contemt they put out.

      • Craft Beer Brewer

        This game was doomed soon as Disney disbanded Lucas Arts taking out the middle man giving EA full control to ruin this game like they ruin every game they have their hands on. They focused on making packs a monthly every two month thing when old packs would be every 3-4 months. If people would stop buying this crap they put out the game would be shut down. Oh and they will never merge servers cause that would admit the population is down in the game and they won’t admit that. It’s like NASCAR sponsors pull out don’t have interest cause no one watches or goes to races anymore. Tracks once sold out years in advance can’t give tickets away to fill seats.

    • CL

      Comms gear in 4.0 was essentially crap–no set bonuses, and unoptimized mods and enhancements: IIRC, the 220 gear had A mods and the 2nd tier enhancements. At least with the current system you can buy with command tokens T1 (230) gear that would have been the equivalent of 216 ops gear in 4.0. Except for being able to maybe use one non-set-bonus 220 armoring (which I would generally get in an ops anyways), I never found a reason to buy anything with my radiant crystals..

      The current system works pretty well if you do ops at even a casual level–you get T2 gear in SM ops rather than the T1 in 4.0, and you even get T3 if you do the VotMG SM ops (though only a relic and chest (I think) until they add more bosses. And since 5.3, every boss in an ops is guaranteed token drop (and 2 pieces from the last boss, x2 if you do 16 man). I’d have to agree that FPs give crap, but they gave me crap in 4.0 too, as it was inferior to ops gear. PvP is currently a great way to upgrade gear without relying on RNG, from what some in my guild say (I don’t PvP at all).

      • John Dullebawn III

        The fact was that gear was fine for players that just ran story mode Flashpoints and those that wanted to start entering story mode operations. Now the weekend warriors have the same gear an end game NiM player has through GC. Granted both ways had issues, but the current system is shit.

  • DerpDude

    “time to make these adjustments.”

    • Kobu

      I think they are holding off on the “nerfs” until they figure out how to buff the burst healing while at the same time decreasing the overall HPS while keeping the class play style unique.
      Can’t just rename Merc or Sorc abilities, it still needs to feel like an Operative healer.

      • DerpDude

        Well…bot exactly nerfs but un-needed changes which won’t cut them some slack in burst-heal intensive fights.

      • Qam

        Buffing burst is easy…kolto inject. channel during move will do it. However that might be bit OP 😀 Still once an med ops healer….always med ops healer. I’ve been rocking him since 2.2/3 well befor palace and fortress and loved that class since, event during its hights and lows.

  • Tom Hanlon

    How about you stop nerfing classes that don’t need nerfs and fix the fuckups you’ve made (sages).

  • De-ranker

    Fuck burst heals. I just want stunned damage reduction so I’m not an easy kill when my breaker is on cooldown.

  • Guest

    Just leave the Sawbones class alone. I like it the way it is.

  • John Doe

    RIP Sorc/Sages never viable again.

  • Trist Radiant

    Wait a minute. On one hand, they say the class is over performing, but in the next breath it just can’t keep up with healing…? They’re admitting their methodology and their metrics are flawed. What a bunch of dimwitted idiots. I came here to see if there was any reason to return to this game and I see that things are worse than ever.

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