Black Desert Rulupee’s World Travel Season 2 Event Guide

Black Desert Online Rulupee’s World Travel Season 2 Event Guide. This event runs from August 19 to Sept 3.


There is a quest from the Black Spirit called Beginning of the Journey you will need to complete. To get this quest, you need to be at least Level 50. If you didn’t get this quest, there could be other requirements such as

  • Making sure you set your quest preference to all.
  • Completing Rulupe’s World Travel Season 1 and complete the Retired Adventurer’s Gift #1 and #2 from that quest line (I personally wasn’t able to get this quest from the Black Spirit until I completed Retried Adventurer’s Gift #2)
  • Completing a quest from Altinova Wharf Manager that send you to the Altinova Inn.


This Black Spirit quest will take you to Altinova Inn where Rulupee is at for this season. You will need to come back here for quest of the quests.


Event Schedule

This event starts on August 19 (Aug 18 after daily reset) and ends on Sept 3. A new quest is given every day during that time period. If you missed a day, you can still come back the next day and pick both up. If you don’t want to do it everyday, you can wait until Sept 1 and all the quests will be available.

After Sept 3 however, you won’t be able to pick up any of the Memoir of Happiness quests but you can still proceed with the Adventure quests and complete them anytime after for the Knowledge.





Upon completing all 14 Adventure quests, you will get Old Moon Guild Travel Journal II knowledge and earn 1 energy.


Old Moon Guild Gift

For finishing each adventure quest, you can get 1x Old Moon Guild Gift that have a chance to drop the following items.


Retired Adventurer’s Gift

For completing Day 7 and Day 14, you will get an additional quest from the Black Spirit called Retired Adventure’s Gift #3 and #4. These will give you 200 Contrib XP and 1x 10G Gold Ingot.


Daily Example

For this example, we will do Stonetail Racetrack, which is the daily of the first day.

Go to Rulupee in Altinova Inn after you have done the Black Spirit Prerequisite. Talk to her to get the Stonetail Racetrack quest.


Head to the quest spot in Stonetail Ranch (use the autopath feature on your quest log or use the world map). Talk to the Old Moon Guide to complete this quest and then grab the Memoir of Happiness #1 quest from him. If you are doing this after Sept 3, you won’t get this quest.


Head back to Old Moon Branch Head in Altinova Inn for your reward. If you havn’t skipped any days, you are done for the day. Otherwise keep going until you catch up.

Remember on Day 7 and Day 14 you will get a 3rd quest from the Black Spirit called Retired Adventurer’s Gift #3 and #4.

  • Aviere

    Is Rulupe’s World Travel Season 1 quest line still available to complete?

    • Yup

      • DavidPS

        How start the World Travel Season 1 ?

        • Talk to Rulupee in heidel inn. A guide to it is linked at the top

          • DavidPS

            Okey! Thankyou! And isn’t a must to complete it since I started with the new ones without even startarted the old ones

          • Tom Guy

            Rulupee doesn’t have a quest other than Elder’s Bridge and neither does the black spirit… any ideas on how to start the World Travel Season 1?

  • itf

    Doing the Lord’s good work Dulfy. Thank you.

  • Oliver Yang

    the starting quest is called Beginning of the Journey

  • Andreas Demetriou

    after the event has finished will the knowledge be obtainable ever again? anyone know?

    • Yup, you can still keep doing the adventure quests

      • Andreas Demetriou

        thanks for your reply!

  • David Chumilla

    Is the whole sep 3 day included?

  • RyuBlade94

    This second “season” was so bad. Traveling back and forth through the whole desert just to get to valencia, every damn time. If you want to do this quickly you probably want to leave an alt in valencia.

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