GW2 Gemstore Update–Sheet Music Glider/Champion of Tyria Outfit

GW2 Gemstore updated today with a bunch of items including the Sheet Music Glider, Champion of Tyria Outfit, Mini Squire Aurene and Scarlet vs Lion’s Arch Memory Box.

Champion of Tyria Package –  1800 gems

Includes all of below (except for the Memory Box) and 1x Exuberant Dye Kit (dyes can be sold and you can pick an exclusive dye from the kit)

  • Seems like they patched it so you can no longer sell the dyes.


Champion of Tyria Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern















Sheet Music Glider – 400 gems

Dyeable with two dye channels


Mini Squire Aurene – 400 gems


Season 1 Memory Box: Scarlet vs Lion’s Arch

1st free, 200 gems each or 10 for 1500 gems

  • The items you can purchase with the sprockets have not being changed.


Notable drops includes Scarlet’s Rainbow, Aetherized Rifle/Pistol skin from Rare and Fused Weapon Skins from the Super Rare section.

Anniversary Sales for Week 3

  • August 23: 25% off Shared Inventory Slots and 30% off Unbreakable Gathering Tools
  • August 24: 30% off Bag Slot Expansion and 70% off Total Makeover Kit (limit 1 per account)
  • August 25: 50% off Name Change Contract (limit 1 per account)
  • August 26: 20% off Bank Tab Expansion and 25% off Black Lion Keys
  • visher

    +1 everyone who read it like “shit glider”

    • duh

      well, this proves i’m the only idiot here.

  • Crosknight

    need more gliders where you stand up

    • Trillium

      they need to make a “Badаss” glider where you just glide standing up in noplussed pose without any additional SFX or graphics.

  • Niglif

    in Champion of Tyria Package ther is some exuberant dye kit and i wonder what colors ther’s to find

    • Updated the post

      • Jorason

        What if you already sold the dye from the kit before they made it account bound?

        • Nothing happens? They won’t ban you over it

          • Jorason

            Thanks! I’m just always paranoid about these kinds of things. It’s not my fault I got a sellable dye, but then I start thinking what if it’s unintended behavior etc..

            Anyway, big thank you for your content. Been regularly following you ever since you started with Dulfy!

            • Yeah they are not banhammer heavy like when the game first released. Besides no one is suppose to know it isn’t sellable. They messed up so they can’t punish you for it, especially since it involves RL money transaction.

  • Raizel

    Bank Tab!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Victor Maze

    i cant find the package thougth

  • Turats

    Wow, they aren’t even trying anymore.

  • Nitrobacter

    i thought the tyria outfit would be for the next birthday… Compared to the other outfit we got once for free it’s nicer but on it own to buy it it isn’t worth it imo

  • iqValentin

    Shared inventory slots, Bank Tabs AND a new opportunity to gamble?
    Boy, my wallet is not going to like this.

  • Ethan Moore

    that sheet music glider is so damn cool

  • commentor

    at least they listened. After taking heat from all the fiery criticism on buttcape, they relented and gave us something new: half a buttcape

    • Mike Kelly

      I propose the term cheekcape for these half buttcape, can I get a second?

  • Trillium

    So at least they acknowledge music exists in the game… maybe we’ll even see new music instruments… YEARS AFTER LAST ONE GOT RELEASED, GODDAMMIT!

  • Alot

    Wasn’t sure there would be a week 3 discount line. Glad I held my hand until now ^^. Was expecting the mobile advertising outfit to be an anniversary gift but at least this way it will have some exclusivity for anyone who actually wants to wear it.

  • Zavos

    I cannot express how thankful i am that Champion of Tyria costume is not the 5th birthday present

  • Ares Zax

    OK, I gotta admit that sheet music glider is one of the most original ideas I’ve ever seen.

    The Champion outfit looks pretty cool, but I think I’ll give it a pass. And Aurene doesn’t need any more costumes. I don’t need her growing up to be a spoiled brat. 😛

  • Taiwan Wolf

    costume isn’t too bad but it’s such an overdone style/concept. need something new, simple and unique that looks more relaxing/towns-clothingish…

    • Shaggy

      functional and stylish arent mutually exclusive, but theyve always struggled with that in gw2. i agree they need to take a step back and try some new ideas.

  • When are the sales starting?

    • Qnrad

      August 23???

      • Isn’t it today? Because I can’t see any discount :/

        • Nayvro

          Normaly they implement/remove stuff in gemstore at same time, for me it is 6pm so in 3,5 hours D:

        • Qnrad

          If it isn’t right now, it should be in about 0,5h

  • Man Man Lau

    70% off Total Makeover Kit ?
    hope can save it for making a lion charr in PoF

  • Nayvro

    Anyone know how long this sale stay? 😮 I might missed that part

    • It is updated every 24 hrs so you have to buy it within that 24 hr timeframe.

      • Nayvro

        So if im not mistaken, August 23 sale will end in 24 hours from the start of the sale? 😮

  • 🌻Ellie🌹

    Hey I have an idea why not add some of the super gorgeous gw1 armors to this gw2 game instead of this same ol boring ugly crap over and over and over and over and over and over. Copy & paste of armors from 1 game to another can’t be that hard, I mean they sure do have the copy paste of gw2 armors down why not try some other types of different looking things to appeal to a larger variety of people.
    This would be nice.

    • mind

      May be fire thier art designers can really help them

      • 🌻Ellie🌹

        Yea if I was shopping and looking at games and saw outfits like that on the box or website I would definitely be turned off waayy off. Having a more up to date and fashion savvy designer would help them a lot. Or they could just use gw1 armors those were a billion times more beautiful and appealing.

    • Maxymus
      • 🌻Ellie🌹

        Yea I already have that, but it’s not really my style it pretty much drags on the floor it’s so long like almost everything in this game. There’s maybe 1 or 2 short skirts or dresses for each profession (and they are all old they came out with the game 5 years ago) and like five hundred million things that are so long it touches the floor or with a hideous butt cape hanging off the back of it and an equal amount of boring tin man suits that they just keep popping out more and more of.

    • collide8

      this is naked. anything classy?

      • 🌻Ellie🌹

        That’s not naked…I don’t see any genitals anywhere. For me that’s a normal armor. And yea there was plenty of concealing armor in gw1 for those who liked that but there was an equal amount of non concealing and that’s what most wanted. If you’re curious just go look at guild wars wiki armors.

        • Nerco Main

          That one’s even decent compared to the nerco’s Scar patern armor.
          Those had no more clothing than a bikini/swimshorts (Bikini for the female, swimshort for the male (though the bikini was smaller than the underwear))

          • 🌻Ellie🌹

            I didn’t think any of gw1’s armors were indecent they were very beautiful in my opinion and had lots of detail and a lot of options to chose from so everyone who liked something short didn’t all wear the same thing cuz there was many to chose from.

  • Zarghor

    do u think that there will be more discounts after August 26?

    • DD

      No, this is the last week of discounts, 100% sure.

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