SWTOR Future Roadmap and Umbara Stronghold Cost

Bioware producer Keith went on the forums to give an update on the future roadmap and Umbara Stronghold cost.

Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap | 08.22.2017, 05:22 AM
Hey all,

I’ve been heads down on whole variety of things the last few weeks, so I haven’t been as active on the forums nor have I been able to keep up with PMs. I’ve also been drafting the next Roadmap update and making changes based on feedback I’ve been given and read here in the thread. It’ll be few weeks before the Roadmap is ready to release, as we’re making final refinements to the content and delivery schedules.

Sorry about having to delay Game Update 5.4, but as Musco pointed out, it was too impactful to release. For those who earn the ability to open the Umbara Stronghold, I’m sure you’ll find the 5,000 credit price versus the normal 2M credits a nice change.

Lastly, we’ve had a few queuing hiccups on our East Coast servers over the past couple weeks, but we’re making some adjustments in tomorrow’s maintenance that should resolve those going forward.


  • Deshik

    oh well

  • Darth Ji’inx

    5,000 credits? Not bad.

    • JustHadToSayIt

      It’s 1.655 000 tbh 😉

  • Bunsen Proffezor

    Lastly, we’ve had a few queuing hiccups on our East Coast servers over the past couple weeks, but we’re making some adjustments in tomorrow’s maintenance that should resolve those going forward….means all servers get killed tomorrow maintenace ….. if things go the known way hrhrhrhr

  • Errtai

    5000 credits is great news. It means I can unlock it as preffered and enjoy the train ride :).

    • Darth Ji’inx

      That’s only the back section of the train. The middle section costs 800,000 and the front costs 850,000.

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        That would be 2 of the 600k escrow unlocks if you’re a preferred player, 3 if you’re a f2p. Not pretty but it’s doable.

        • Guest

          Yes but th a-holes on the GTN want millions for those escrow unlocks.

          • Dr. Mike Wendell

            You’d have to discuss that with the “a-holes”. Back when I first started playing the game, we had folks willing to help out f2p and preferred players. Not any longer.

            And a friendly reminder that not everybody who lists items on the GTN is an “a-hole”. I still have yet to raise any of my prices over what I was listing them for over a year ago.

        • De-ranker

          Actually it’s not doable, because every escrow on the GTN is sold for more than 350k, if they’re on the GTN at all.

      • Havik79

        Wow, sounds like its a small SH then.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          • Havik79

            Wow that is much bigger than I thought it would be.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              It could still have rather limited hooks like Manaan.

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    Wait, so we CAN skip the content and just buy it at full price?

    • Guest

      No, 2mil I said what they charge for any SH.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I’m not so sure. It looks like we’ll use 10 “Alliance Recon Data” to purchase a key, which will unlock an area on Odessen where we can buy the train. Unless there’s a way to purchase it without entering the special area, then you’ll have to play the content.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      No, you can’t get it another way.

      In regards to the 5,000 credit price:
      “That’s the cost of buying the Stronghold, so it’s not actually a discount since you need to run the Flashpoint enough times to acquire the Key. Once you have the Key, you can go purchase the stronghold on [Odessen].

      Someone else asked if the 5,000 credits was the cost for the additional rooms, too? No, those are similar to the cost of Manaan rooms.


  • Wayshuba

    I really wonder sometime what they are doing there. Some things just make them seem so utterly incompetent.

    You knew three months ago that come August a new 90-day roadmap was to be expected by the time 5.4 came out. Since the roadmap represents a grand total of maybe 3-4 hours work over three months, couldn’t the draft have been written three months ago and circulated among the powers that be and ready to go at the time 5.4 dropped. The fact they need a few more weeks is completely laughable.

    I swear, the reason the roadmaps are coming out like this is probably because each quarter they have to call the suits at EA to see if this is the quarter they are announcing pulling the plug. If EA says no, then they can work on stuff to do for the quarter since it seems the game has one more quarter of life.

    • jsf

      That’s the poblem with being incompetent. Sometimes you seem utterly incompetent.

      • Mark Saunders

        why did I read that and think….”TRUMP!”

        • Sean

          Because you think it’s funny. which it ain’t. I come to SWTOR to forget local politics and enjoy theirs. Maybe you can do the same….

          • Aamer Kastoff

            Thank you, Sean.

            I Have a simple copy paste I use for this crap. “Dear leftists/anti-Trumpers you lost, deal with it and move on (like you said Trump would have to if he didn’t win) like the rest of the decent people. We just want to live our lives without you shoving your totalitarian ideology on the rest of us. We don’t care about your virtue-signalling or latest easily debunked fake news monologue, please just get a life and stop trying to burn the world down. Thank you and have a pleasant day.”

            Sometimes it works… more often it just sends them in to a rage that only them writing a ten page post hurling insults seems to cure.

            • Bryan

              Yes, you just want to live your lives without ‘totalitarian ideology’ by defending a president who’s been allowing if not out right supporting racist and violent alt right ideologies. Go back to watching Faux News…

              • Aamer Kastoff

                Back up any of your claims with proof. Go ahead show your proof and no just becuase CNN said so is not proof. Meanwhile the rest of us will get on with our lives knowing it will never happen.

                That’s the problem with anti-Trumpers and leftists in general they have don’t use logic, reason, science, or fact. They use propaganda, opinions, riots, and easily debunked fake news.

    • Eban

      That and it feels like this is all anyone is currently working on.
      With other games dropping patches with content they usually are working on a future expansion as well but with SWTOR it continually looks like its all hands on deck to create a single ops boss or a flashpoint and struggle to get it out on time.
      People think they’ll release another expansion in December (ish) I’ll be astounded if that happens.

      • Havik79

        That is the problem, EA have only considered this a cash cow never a serious game and given them enough stuff to do things so they could make good content and even more money.

        I don’t see them giving us 6.0 with the normal story expansion this year, they are wasting too much time on this stupid op.

        • Wayshuba

          I doubt there will be another expansion… at all.

          They are struggling to put out even the minimal amount of content they have to date. You are eight months into the year and have received a grand total of TWO Op bosses. At this rate, the operation won’t be completed until next summer.

          You got a daily area on Iokath which is practically dead already, and a new FP on a train. Plus two strongholds.

          As I stated once before, it is obvious there is a skeletal team working on the game at this point.

          • De-ranker

            Iokath was dead after 2 hours.

  • Star Wars as a brand sells itself. I just don’t understand why Star Wars online games never find their way into the hands of competent Developers and distributors. It should be an easy layup every time….

    • Tom Hanlon

      I honestly think most developers don’t want to do Star Wars because of the demands placed on doing those games. Remember how LA told Obsidian to do KOTOR 2 from scratch in 9 months? Yeah, not the friendliest boss. Also, there’s very little wiggle room for one’s idea because Lucas (and now disney) have always been very possessive of the material, the story, the content, etc. Also, past precedent says that when there is a downturn, things get FAR more restrictive (see LA’s relationship w SOE post-NGE). It’s not as easy as doing other games that don’t have as established of a universe. Also SW fans are EXTREMELY picky, making it high risk, high reward- games that do really well go down in history and still get picked up over a decade later (KOTOR) and those that don’t live on in infamy like the shitty Anakin-Padme dialogue in Attack of the Clones.

      I shudder to think of another Star Wars MMO under Darth Disney. Considering how TOR really took a while to turn profit, and the fact that WoW is still king, I don’t see another one in the future.

      • Chris Nail

        Maybe it’s just a simple matter of pay, benefits, and work-life balance. Based on everything I’ve heard from friends who worked in the industry, game development is the sweat shop of programming jobs. You need a real passion for games to survive. I’ve never worked anywhere the devs wrote the roadmap, that always came from higher up, so I wonder why devs always take the blame when something popular gets put on a backburner. All things considered, SWTOR is better than most.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Probably because EA promised LucasArts/Disney a whole lot of money and has a track record of doing so. Just take a look at the Madmen um Madden games.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Looks like we’ll have to wait until Thursday…

    • Havik79

      Friday for me, they doing the patch at 10pm for us Aussies.
      A few weeks for the road map is ridiculous, its almost the end of August now.
      I am glad for the better communication and giving us better QoL stuff lately, but come on 90 day road maps should be ready before the start of the quarter they come out in.

      • ZestyM8

        Guess i’m not the only Australian here who gets shat on.

        • Havik79

          Could be worse, for WA it would be what 7pm, at least for us on the east coast we get time to play before they shut the severs down.

  • Adam Haynes

    Sorry but I don’t think I would waste 5k on that thing. I’ve taken Amtrak from LA to Seattle and will never, ever make that mistake again. This SH looks just like that long, long, boring, painful ride. Just the same thing over and over, I really don’t get why they even made it?

    • 平賀才人

      Well its always good to have more and more options for the housing system if you don’t like it, well doesn’t matter, just don’t purchase it, others will. Thats why they made it.

  • Fred Garvin
    • Whitedragon


  • Danny Seth

    Finally, they learned the law of compensation. 😀
    Paying 1.6 mil for the full unlock is a good way to make it up to the players.

  • Bunsen Proffezor

    …big shit on Umbara, worst idea ever

  • Hermetist

    Oh my holy god, I haven’t even properly decorated my Coruscant and Yavin SH, and they made two more… 😀

  • Whitedragon

    minimum effort maximum $$$’s that’s how we please EA

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