GW2 Fifth Anniversary Birthday Gifts

GW2 Players can now claim their fifth anniversary birthday gifts in the mail.
When you get this birthday gift depends on when you created the characters. Players who made their character with early access 5 years ago can claim their gift on that character now.

Opening the gift in the mail give you

  • 1x Experience Scroll (instant boost to level 50)
  • 2x Birthday Boosters
  • 5x Teleport to Friend
  • 1x Exuberant Dye Kit (same dye kit that was in the Champion of Tyria gemstore package)
  • 1x Birthday Card (5k karma)
  • Relentless title
  • 1x Backpack and Weapon Pack combo
    • You get this from an achievement so you can only get one per account, not one per character.
    • 2x Anniversary Weapon Packs (Luminous Weapons). You get to pick two skins.
    • 1x Anniversary Backpack (same as 4th anniversary)
    • 1x Anniversary Lounge Choosy Box (Captain’s Airship Pass, Royal pass or Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey for 2 weeks)
    • 1x Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock

Exuberant Dye Kit



  • muuv

    Yay! Happy birthday!
    Glad they are continuing to give us another backpack and I like how the skins look.
    Wardrobe unlock is icing on the cake!

    • mhm

      What is that wardrobe unlock?

      • nadrian3k

        Random unlock of a skin you don’t have.

      • Answerer

        Random unlock of anything
        – finishers
        – armament skins, including black lion
        – dyes
        – minis
        – backpacks and gliders
        – outfits
        Anything, absoluteky random and usually haram

      • Trillium

        Surprisingly, not Narnia.

  • Cirris

    I still haven’t used some of the dye packs from the previous birthdays. I preferred opening them when i chose a dye to match the wardrobe i was building for a character.

  • Isla

    I got an uncommon dye for the wardrobe unlock.. so if you have a few gold, I’d recommend completing your collection of common and uncommon dyes, so you get something more desirable (like a glider skin or w/e).

    • Answerer

      Dyes have an use, no matter how common..
      I got a mini piglet…
      Its like how your aunt brought you a gift from their attic

    • Saihah

      I got a charr cultural skin. I don’t play any charr 🙁

      • RoyalPredator

        Ha ha hhah … Yeah same kind of “luck” haunting me as well x)
        At least we could select a pool…

    • Trillium

      Good point. Time to finish cheap crafted skin collection.

  • Trillium

    sounds good
    now the most important question is whether this will be the only way to obtain them luminous skins…

  • Alot

    For the 9th birthday I’m expecting a lvl 90 instant booster. Just stating so now.

    • Trillium

      Nah, it will boost a character to 80 and then automatically create a new level 10 character.

      • Kit

        I think it’ll be a free character slot/80.

  • Scutilla

    I’m happy they’ve been gradually stepping up the awesomeness of these birthday packages- we’ve come a long way since duplicate Queen Jennahs.

    Unfortunately I’ll probably be sitting on my luminous pack until we know if they’re also available in PoF, and I need to do a lot of pruning on my wardrobe unlocks list to reduce the risk of a lame result. Will probably also save my pass until PoF starts, so for now I can entertain myself going through my stockpile of birthday dyes.

    • Hal Thompson

      My guess is, they’ll be available as part of the 6th birthday next year, just as last years backpack which was one per account is also available this year.

  • nadrian3k

    I like it…it’s very consistent. The backpack designs suck tho but apart from that they give us a lot of stuff. Thumbs up

  • Tora

    nice gifts, did anyone noticed that the luminous sword design is the same sword that appears in the birthday finisher that was given a couple of years ago?

  • Java

    Apparently the Luminous Skins, Backpack and Random Wardrobe Unlock are once per account? I have 2 toons with a 5th bday today, but only the first got the items above.

    • Yes they are once per account.

  • Lady Paradox

    Wow, Very Happy Birthday to us! That is a lot of stuff.

  • Emil33

    The masses seem to approve …. Good job Anet!

  • Frozenize

    4 years from now I might or might not getting this 5th birthday present lol

  • Laercio

    what better chose for dye kit?

  • Suan

    Wait so no Jormag Dye Kit? That’s balls, that was the only thing that I was looking forward to. Oh well.. I guess you can’t have everything.

    • Pink Popstar Xayah

      next year. maybe… hopefully…

    • Raizel

      Same here mate, so sad 🙁

    • narg

      you cant get dyepack from aniversary gifts, which are actually in shop, or was in near past (like jormag was), there is some time delay, idk how long, few month i think (or untill new dye pack are added to shop and replace actuall pack)

      • Raizel

        Jormag Dye Kit isn’t in shop anymore and it’s everything but actual, it was realeased 2 months ago.

      • Suan

        I think you got your info wrong sir, so. Last year, on the 4th birthday they gave us Bloodstone Dye Kit as an option with many others while it was a fresh addition to the gem store. It was there for like a 2-3 weeks max. Jormag Kit is in the game for about 2 months now. My guess, they just want to suck people for money with that permafrost dye and probably went a little lazy about it as they gave us the same kit set that people who buy the latest pack [which is not worth its price] get.

        • Alot

          Is permafrost the uber white one? 🙁

          • Suan


  • Turats

    Oh the beauty of being an altoholic. I made about 8 characters back when I first started 5 years ago (plus more a bit younger than that), so… yeah, there you have it, Let’s just say, choosing what dye to take has become somewhat redundant lol. Plus the other “gifts” accumulate nicely on top of that 🙂

    The ugly of being an altoholic? There’s no such thing as having a bountiful gold reserve. If I stuck with just one character, I’d have more gold than I’d know what to do with. But I stick by with my alt-ernative lifestyle… wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Leah

    <– still regretting deleting one of my original characters :/ but oh well.. still getting cool stuffs on 4 of them 😛

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for posting this. Yes, they did this right. Very happy.

  • So… I some how did not get the “1x Backpack and Weapon Pack combo” is this a glitch or am I not understanding something.?

    • narg

      one stuff come in mail second stuff you will get when you log in with 5y old character in chest (dumb af, and you can get all stuff only once anyway, even more dumb af)

      • Anonymous

        I had the same thing. I was like WTF. where’s my shit? then opened the chest and it was there.

      • Ah thanks, I had eventually figured it out already though (I really need to stop letting those bouncy chests stack up…)

  • Carlo Siegfried

    i have about 6 instant 40 8 instant 30 6 instant 20 and 2 stack of single level .. why would a 5 year old account need instant 50s…

    • Anonymous

      all a ploy to try and get you to buy more slots for no reason.

      • niwaar

        Some people left the game and are now coming back with the PoF. So yeah, a free level 50 is great.

      • OldTimer

        Seems that way to someone in my situation (or yours). I have one character for each profession already maxed out and a bank filling up with scrolls and tomes. I don’t think I want to buy another slot for key farming and probably should clean out my bank.

        But some like to have a character of every race and gender for every profession, so are buying the slots anyway. The free 50 might be nice for one of them, and as someone else replied, someone coming back to the game with an empty character slot might use the 50 scroll. Maybe something about the new specializations will make them want to try a profession they didn’t get into previously.

    • Maxymus

      You can also use those to get some free Black Lion Keys 🙂
      Every week, create a new toon and do the personal story. At the end of the Lvl 10 PS you get 1 key (1 time per week), at PS lvl 40, 60 and 80 you also get keys.

      Currently I only have 5 instant lvl 40 and some tomes 😛

      • narg

        60 and 80 is not worth of time, its take too long lvl up, but 10 is pretty easy, 40 only if you have rly lot of free time, i still have like 20 lvl20 boosts and about 400 tomes, so i am fine for long time 😀

        • Maxymus

          Agreed. But since I had lots of scrolls and wouldn’t use them for a real toon, I used them to get 2 keys per week 🙂

          Used my lvl 20 and about 12 tomes, did the story (they give about 5-6 lvls) and some city completion (bonus transmute charge, if you wanna try another BLK, go to “real” maps) to get the needed lvl to story 40. Bonus: With the personal story I also unlocked all the Order Weapons for the backpacks collection ( )

          Now I might use my 40s and do the story 10 and 40 right away.

          With the 50s, I might wanna do the story to lvl 60, don’t know. It will be kinda boring to me. xD

  • Asda

    I understand only getting the achievement bonus items once, but I’ve only gotten one mail as well for my account despite having 5 day-1 characters…

  • RKC

    From the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock I got the Dragon Kama which I was very happy with since you cannot get that skin via normal means anymore!

  • Qnrad

    Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock gave me Jack-a-lop, so happy it isn’t some crap

  • Nitrobacter

    somehow 1 of my day1 chars looses day… o.0
    My ele (who was going to be my main since ele was my main in gw1) who is definitly day1 char now is 7 days younger than my other day1 chars… i dont know how this can happen but i think last year she had lost only 5 days compared to the other chars… is there any1 who has different problems?

    • eveets23

      I had the same thing with my ele too. It happened in the 5th or 6th anniversary.
      Otherwise, my warrior, which was created at the same time (2-3 days earlier), saty at 5 years old.

      • eveets23

        3th or 4th anniversary, sorry

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