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SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint and Rewards Guide

SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint and Rewards guide.[toc]

Getting Started


The entrance to this flashpoint is on Odessen and there is a mission terminal right before the entrance that allow you to enter it on story/veteran/master modes. To unlock that terminal however, you will need to have completed the Crisis on Umbara storyline.

  • Crisis on Umbara requires the completion of War for Iokath storyline. It should appear in your mission log (otherwise check your ship’s mission console). This is a solo mission that require you to complete a much easier version of the flashpoint on solo.
  • You can pick up on the War for Iokath storyline in your starship mission console. It does not require completion of KoTFE or KoTET but you must have completed the Iokath story first to get access to Umbara storyline.

The entrance/terminal is on the Alliance Staging Room accessed by a new turbolift.


Difficulty Modes

There are three difficulty modes available once you have unlocked the terminal.

  • Story – Fairly easy, can be done on solo with your companion. Generally fastest way to farm Alliance Recon Data.
  • Veteran – A big ramp up on difficulty from story. Two well geared players may duo it with their companions but it is recommended to do it with 4 players due to companion AI’s tendency to stand inside fire and die quickly (especially on last boss)
  • Master – A group of four players with 242 gear recommended with the standard 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS setup. Give the most Alliance Recon Data per run but takes a lot more time. Flashpoint is slightly overtuned so having 246/248 gear would help a lot.

Alliance Recon Data

Alliance Recon Data is the new currency earned by defeating the bosses in this flashpoint. It is used to purchase various rewards, including access to Trader’s Quarters that allow you to purchase the new Umbara Mobile Base stronghold. However, it is capped at 50 per week and 100 in total. You can see it by going to the inventory and look in the currency tab.

  • Currency is character specific and not legacy wide.


The bonus and last boss of the flashpoint will give you twice the amount of Alliance Recon Data so it is always worth it to do them.

  • First boss: 1 on story, 2 on veteran, 4 on Master
  • Bonus boss: 2 on story, 4 on Veteran, 6 on Master.
  • Third Boss: 1 on story, 2 on veteran, 5 on master
  • Final Boss: 2 on story, 4 on Veteran, 10 on Master.
  • Total: 6 on story, 12 on veteran, 25 on master.

Keep in mind that access to Trader’s Quarters costs 60 Alliance Recon Data so you won’t be able to get the stronghold the first week.


For those that just care about the story, here are all the cutscenes


Crisis on Umbara

Technician Canni/Shadow Assassin Elli Vaa

This is the first pair of bosses you will encounter early on in the Umbara Flashpoint.

  • Story:272k HP x 2
  • Veteran: 816k HP x 2
  • Master:1.9 mil HP x2



TL:DR Mechanics: Position yourself  for Assassin’s knockback. Kill turrets when they spawn/get upgraded. Need to kill Technician first due to the overwhelming damage he does. Tank taunt after Technician grapple a party member.

Technician and Assassin are a pair that you must deal together. Assassin has an annoying conal attack called Sweeping Slash that follows you and will knock you back quite a distance at end of the channel. Tanks may want to grab her and tank her in a corner (i.e. against the door to the next area) to avoid getting knocked off the train cart. Assassin will stealth out from time to time, reappearing and dropping aggro so tanks will need to taunt the Assassin back right after.


Technician has a grapple attack that can pull players to him and performs a Shotgun Blast right after that does a ton of damage on Master mode. He also loses aggro after Grapple so tank need to taunt ASAP after the grapple (wait for him to pull someone in before taunting). Additionally, he has a mechanic that is triggered when one of the pair reaches loses 25% of their HP. When this mechanic is triggered, the Technician will spawn autoturrets around the map (max of 6 at one time) and go immune (blue shield around him) to perform Tune Up on each, upgrading it and increase its HP and damage. You need to clear out the autoturrets quickly (both non-upgraded and upgraded) as upgraded turrets can do an insane amount of damage if left alive. Killing non-upgraded turrets will prevent him from upgrading it.


Technician need to be killed first to reduce the amount of Shotgun Blasts as it can kill your party quickly. After Technician is dead, Assassin gains an enrage mechanic and the Sweeping Slash hits much harder but it is an easy ride after that.

Alpha Slybex (Bonus)

This is the bonus boss located in the area where you collect the Adegan Crystals. It is very important to kill him as he drops the twice amount of Alliance Research Data compared to the first and third boss.


  • Story: 463 HP
  • Veteran: 1.61 mil HP
  • Master:1.89 mil HP


TL:DR Mechanics: Cleanse the poison stacks and avoid the deadly Poison Breath. Don’t kill the adds.

Alpha Slybex is accompanied by two smaller Slybex. Killing these smaller ones will give buff stacks to the Alpha, increasing his damage output. Avoid killing them if you can.

Taunts need to be aware that the Alpha drops aggro after every knock up and will need to be retaunted. He also drops aggro after stun and Poison Breath.

Alpha Slybex’s attacks will periodically apply 3 stacks of Poison on its target. These need to be cleansed by the healer as they can deal quite a lot of damage. Sometimes more than one player can get the Poison DoT so healing can get intensive.

His deadliest attack, however, is the Poison Breath. This avoidable conal attack deals massive damage and can pretty much one shot you in Master mode. Tanks and anyone in front of the Slybex will need to move out of it.


Vixian Mauler

Third boss, right at the end of the collecting crystal area.


  • Story: 463 HP
  • Veteran: 1.61 mil HP
  • Master: 3.20 mil HP


TL:DR Mechanics: Retaunt after Ground Pound, Fierce Swipe silences so avoid.

He has two attacks: Ground Pound and Fierce Swipe. Ground Pound causes him to lose aggro and tank need to re-taunt after Ground Pound. Fierce Swipe is a conal attack that silence everyone caught inside and they will be unable to use abilities for a few seconds. This can be bad for tanks since they will be unable to use taunt after Ground Pound.


Past 20% he gains Fury and increase the damage he deals by 25%. Save your class buffs here as the damage increase is fairly significant and you just want to burn him down ASAP. He also have a new Acid Burn DoT that he throw on group members that deals a ton of damage.

Umbaran Spider Tank

Last boss at the end of the instance. A bit challenging due to the adds management.


  • Story: 340k
  • Veteran: 2.57 mil
  • Master:3.21 mil


TL:DR Mechanics: Avoid Proximity Burner and watch out for the fire circles. Kill adds ASAP as they spawn and past 15% just burn the boss and ignore the adds.

Above 75% the spider tank has two attacks: Concessive Blast and Proximity Burner. Concessive Blast is simply a targeted AoE attack on a random party member while Proximity Burner is a frontal telegraphed fire attack that is easy to avoid that is targeted on the the target with highest threat (tank).


Past 75% HP however, the tank will spam fire circles on the ground targeting random party members along with Concessive Blast and Proximity Burner. These fire circles do some serious damage and persist for a while so you need to move fast as he drops these circles on you and they do damage immediately. Fire fields and damage from all the ranged adds that spawn can wipe out a group quickly.


After 75%, Spider Tank will also have a new attack called Turbo Cannon, a channeled attack that does quite a significant amount of damage so healers will need to keep an eye on the tanks.

Adds spawn at 100%, ~70%, ~45%, 25%, ~15% in waves. They can be melee (Shadow Assassin) or ranged (Umbaran Troopers). You need to klll the adds ASAP to lessen the damage on your party. The ranged adds especially can be problematic and DPS need to on them fast.  Past 15% adds spawn on a time interval so you should just focus on burning the boss from that point on. The Explosive Canisters will stun the adds but do little damage to them on Master mode. It is better to clear them out first as they can make it hard to see the adds when they spawn.

Bug: There is current a bug where if you kill the last boss but get killed by the adds, you will respawn at start of the flashpoint and unable to go back in to get your loot.



Achievement Description Reward
Crisis Averted Complete Crisis on Umbara flashpoint on story or veteran x1
Last Train Out Complete Crisis on Umbara flashpoint on story or veteran x10
Crazy Train Complete Crisis on Umbara flashpoint on story or veteran x25
Defeat Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin Elli-Vaa Defeat Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin Elli-Vaa on story or veteran mode
Defeat the Vixian Mauler Defeat the Vixian Mauler on story or veteran mode
Defeat the Umbaran Spider Tank Defeat the Umbaran Spider Tank on story or veteran mode
On the Hunt Defeat 15 creature opponents on any mode
The Culling Defeat 60 creature opponents on any mode
Umbaran Safari Defeat 240 creature opponents on any mode 20 Cartel Coins
Defeat the Alpha Slybex Defeat the Alpha Slybex on story or veteran mode
What Traps? Activate and destroy 25 deployable turret traps in any mode
No Mercy Defeat 25 Injured Umbaran Soldiers in any mode


Achievement Description Reward
Master of Disaster Complete Crisis on Umbara flashpoint on master x1
Advanced: Master of Disaster Complete Crisis on Umbara flashpoint on master x10
Elite: Master of Disaster Complete Crisis on Umbara flashpoint on master x25 20 Cartel Coins
Dynamic Duo Defeat Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin Elli-Vaa on master
Advanced: Dynamic Duo Defeat Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin Elli-Vaa on master x10
Elite: Dynamic Duo Defeat Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin Elli-Vaa on master x 25 20 Cartel Coins
Maul to the Wall Defeat the Vixian Mauler on master
Advanced: Maul to the Wall Defeat the Vixian Mauler on master x10
Elite: Maul to the Wall Defeat the Vixian Mauler on master x25 20 Cartel Coins
Down Came the Rain Defeat the Umbaran Spider Tank on master
Advanced: Down Came the Rain Defeat the Umbaran Spider Tank on master x10
Elite: Down Came the Rain Defeat the Umbaran Spider Tank on master x25 20 Cartel Coins
Apex Hunter Defeat the Alpha Slybex on master
Advanced: Apex Hunter Defeat the Alpha Slybex on master x10
Elite: Apex Hunter Defeat the Alpha Slybex on master x25 20 Cartel Coins



The vendor for Alliance Research Data can be found just right outside the entrance to Umbara on Odessen. There is an armor set, mount, and access to the Umbara Mobile Base stronghold being sold here. Reuseable Adrenal and Stims schematics are also being sold here.


Iokath Recombinator – 5 Alliance Recon Data, 10k Credits

  • Alternative way to get them as opposed to Command Tokens

Invitation: Trader’s Quarters – 60 Alliance Recon Data, 10k Credits

  • This pass allow you access to a new area that unlocks the Umbaran Mobile Base for purchase. Since the weekly cap is 50/week, you will need to wait a week to purchase it.

Indigo Mantorr – 15 Alliance Recon Data, 2 mil Credits


Umbaran Guardian Armor Set – 6-10 Alliance Recon Data per set, 100k-500k credits

  • Full set costs 58 Alliance Recon Data and 2.3 mil credits




These decorations are random drops off the flashpoint (any mode)

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153 replies on “SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint and Rewards Guide”

Of course it is, you expected them to give you good looking armours that you can earn by playing? If they did that, they’d lose all that easy money from direct sales.

I honestly think their current business plan is to release so much crap looking armour so that when they put a rare good looking set on the CM, the playerbase feels like BioWare is doing them a favour by ‘allowing’ them to get it direct.

That’s sad, It would be super cool and not farming for me since I have 15 characters and I am planning to do the new fp with all of them.

Keith mentioned that they were considering making the data legacy bound, but they haven’t so far.

Currently, it takes 10 runs on Story mode if you kill Alpha Slybex (bonus boss) each time, or 15 runs if you don’t. Also, it will take two weeks to get the stronghold since it costs 60, but the weekly cap is 50.

One of the devs also talked about QoL improvements in the roadmap that -might- make several currencies legacy wide. Would be nice to see sooner than SOON™

Do you know what the datapad is for? It is lying on a crate next to the second trash group, in the tooltip it mentions you need the security data for accessing the turret pressure points or something.

I think it’s for clicking the glowing red squares on the floor of the train. It’s probably related to the “What Traps?” bonus achievement (Activate and destroy 25 deployable turret traps in any mode).

I believe the turrets spawn when you step on a trap. Yes, you can click on a trap but that does not appear to make a difference. But I may be wrong.

Stepping on the squares normally spawn turrets. There are 13 per run, meaning two runs will get you the 25 turret kill achievement.

However, if you pick up the datapad, the traps will deactivate if you step on the squares. You do not want this unless you’ve already gotten the hidden achievement.

I see, so if you’re in a group, only one player gets the datapad. If everyone has the achievement, then that player can run ahead, walk into all pads and deactivate them before the others join him.

I have to laugh at the screenshot with the currencies. Pre-5.0 you had three crystal levels, warzone and fleet commendations. But that was too complicated for stupid gamers.

So now you have:
– Light Side Tokens
– Dark Side Tokens
– Command Tokens
– Unassembled Components
– Iokath Power Shards
– Alliance Recon Data

Yup. Glad they made it SO much simpler.

Stop it with the holo personnel. I don’t know who has a hard on for holos but they’re not fun or interesting, just blue and grainy eyesores that add no life to the SH.

WTF were they thinking bringing back reusables locked to Biochem and making Biochem the best again like in vanilla? Such a weird move just for a tiny token sink.

I got into the solo mode by rejecting what GC gave me until I got CoU. I exited next to that terminal and it seemed to work fine for me. Never been to Iokath on that character.

Run into bug – couldnt finish flashpoint as I was in fight. Don`t know with whom. Restarted the game – still in fight. Oo Jumped from the cliff – appeared on the train with Tharon and Lana.
Left to Odesson through the stronghold. -_-

If you get this new Stronghold, an you have 7 active, or will one close? (So is the total amount of SH 6 or more?)

For now it seems like we will have to close one stronghold to unlock new one. It will be a shame if i’m right.

Wouldn’t make much since for them to do that after adding Yavin and Manaan, but then again its bioware we’re talking about =P

Continuation of that story is ok, its a shame it will take forether before I will see full story. And I like that new fp.

Traitor have different lines depends on our choices. Can anyone tell me if he is sending different letters depends on Umbara ending? I personaly like a letter from Arcann, such a sweatheart. Such a shame that game will not give me a choice to unleash Arcann on that traitor.


Based on the mail I got from Theron, it looks like they’re still using the “old” ones from the thread.

Correct. Just did it with my Sage and I got the letter apologizing and wishing he could come back.

My poor SI, she have too much backstabbers in her life. Good thing she refused to continue romance line with him.

At least Arcann offered her his hand :0 I hope he will be ok with 2 metal arms.

I can think about few options.
1) he had to do it to help us (really doubt that one)
2) his new friends will kill him off the moment they know he is no longer useful gor them 3) his new friends will let us see how they kill him
4) we will meet him one on one at some point
I really hope they will let me unleash Arcann on him, he seems like he is eager to serve. And it will be a funny show (will nevet happened)

I’m afraid that option 4 won’t happen, since all the Zakuulans (Koth, Senya, & Arcann) have been written out. Since we could have killed them, the story had to start ignoring them after KotET. :/

Arcann was more like option 5. Option 4 is “we will meet him one on one at some point”.

And I know really. But girl can dream, right? At least he can spam mail box

Because “Your choices (don’t really) matter, and we have to make sure we don’t counter them (and destroy the illusion).” Really disappointing. It would have been cool to see some real differences come out of an evolving storyline. For the story to ignore Arcann, of all of them, if you turn him… is just laughable. CE Beta monkey here… so don’t me wrong… love me some SWTOR… but choices really not making any difference in the end does get tired.

I’m assuming it’s because they don’t have the same resources they did at launch to make more than one storyline.

I’m sure you’re correct. I’m sure EA has butchered the budget beyond all sense. That doesn’t change that they have managed to disappoint pretty much all of the original players by not only continuing the trend of doing a little as possible on the story front, but also reducing the number of stories… and then the number of chapters with each successive update. We launched with 8 stories. We got 2 with RotC. Since then, we’ve gotten one. Heck, for the SoR storyline, we got 2 new planets. I’m discounting Manaan and Rakata, because they were just a places to stick FPs. Then for KotFE, we got one planet. But 12 chapters to start and then what, 6 more, IIRC? KotET we got how many chapters? One of those was on a new planet, but that’s the only thing that was on that planet. After that, we started get little bites of story. We never did get the rest of our old Comps back. When we do, will any of them even get any story at this point? They’ve even thrown out the Alert Missions, right? And they cut the overhead on voice acting in half on those. Like I said before, I love me some SWTOR. But it’s ironic that a game so well known for story content has a proven track record now of giving us less and less story. Especially after making such a fuss and fanfare over KotET. I’m not sure what to expect moving forward. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse than it has.

Recent datamining suggests we’re getting an Ashara mission on Voss, Andronikos on Nar Shaddaa, Corso/Risha on NS, and Vector on Alderaan. Besides the Vector one being Agent only, we know nothing else about mission format, requirements, or release dates. Looks like they may be focusing on getting back more of our remaining LIs soon.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out the traitor isn’t really a traitor but infiltratng the order instead.
And if that’s the case I could see them secretly cooperating with the person debriefing you.

Because reasons. 😛 SWTOR writing? If I wanted to make up a reason… then I’d argue The Order has bugged his implants. So he has to play is straight with them. I’m sure the writing will just say “I had to convince them!” – if, in fact, he’s still on our side. Personally, I want to bury him next to Quinn.

I think it’s all to do with the Scyons, however it’s spelt, they made a big deal over them then they just disappeared like a fart in the wind.

May be I’m wrong but Order skirt looks like part of Scions set. And I’m sure we are not done with Scions

Reused assets aren’t really an indicator of a connection. Saw a pretty interesting theory earlier today that it’s a cult following Izax, and Izax is the Gravestone (or at least that Dark Sanctuary area that’s never been explained).

Its just an opinion that have all rights to exist just like that theory you saw. I’m not telling it will be that way in game, ok?

My point is the figure in the FP wearing the skirt that the Scions wear isn’t really a reliable indicator that the new group is anything to do with the Scions.

Not even once have I claimed that to be a reliable indicator. You are the one making a scene out of nothing unable to accept that opinion. I`m not asking you to agree with me, just accept.

I may be right, but most likely wrong, the same goes for that precious theory you have found.

Its just another opinion that have all righs to exist. Nothing more nothing less

Dude, grow the fuck up and calm down. If you can’t handle a discussion on a discussion thread stay off the internet.

You really should follow your own advice. You are making a fool out of yourself right now.

I’m making a fool out of myself? You’re the one getting all upset over a discussion. Not sure why you’d come here of all places if you get so touchy over nothing.

Good idea to offer rewards for specific Umbara currency, but the additional credit prices are RIDICULOUS. Two million credits for a mount, and 2.3 million creds for an armor set, on top of how many things you got to run this FP? Come on…. Oh and of course no Legacy wide currency.

Bioware, you can always trust them to fuck up a few things even if they actually offer something positive.

I think the hike in credit prices started with the Iokath vendors. Maybe they were looking at the current hyperinflation on the GTN?

This is how it is for now, they have said the Umbara tokens will be legacy bound when they make credits legacy bound, but no word on when they will do it.

Hopefully the legacy limit for Alliance Recon Data is raised to 1000. It was easy to hit the weekly limit in a few runs.

I really hope they don’t chase another portion of the F2P base away with a tiny legacy credit limit as well.

If they will not make credit limit based on how many characters f2p/ prefs have, or will not make it 2mils+, making credits legacy bound will be a mistake

I think the mount price is because they put the ugly version for once in the next pack. This one is definitely better looking than the pack version. Though the pack does have a matching pet for it.

A shame I can only hold 350k credits right now. lol

Seriously, so yeah here is a new stronghold, but tough shit you have to do this FP grind for 2 weeks before you can have it.

Who the hell wants holo decos.

Your definition of grinding is rather skewed. Get some friends and run it master mode a few times. problem solved. Unless you’re shit or have no friends – in which case, gl luck to you in general

Lol, i just read everything and watched the cutscenes. Glad i stopped playing this game months ago. So this “update” is one flashpoint? Jeez. Story has gotten worse too. Hey look! Another ally that becomes an enemy, just so we can make up another “story”. Yep, gg. Thanks for posting all of this again Dulfy, always nice to read your updates.

Lol … just one more currency where they claimed to get rid of currencey almost a year ago … still nice Mass Effect style helmet.

Hey BW/EA: Can I get the rest of the N7 armor? Would like to do a new vanguard or operative wearing full N7 suit.

Is the Companion Reclaim Terminal working? My game freezes everytime I use it. I can’t get my comp back

1) Train laggin AF (on new pc conf while new games AAA class runnin on ultra at 60+ fps LOL)
2) Flashp easy and borin on every difficulty level.
3) Story seems a bit poor. Deus ex machina in this story…looks like they were in a hurry and just threw it to player like – we need to stitch story together so here your drama sht.
4) Grind few times to get 50 and wait till the week off for another 10 to get another crappy stronghold? Thats what they think ppl should do till the new update?? (or run 2 easier bosses in Iokath op?) wtf
Seems like old time bioware team that made a perfect headstart in 2011 and nice runnin in 2012 just left the company.

“1) Train laggin AF (on new pc conf while new games AAA class runnin on ultra at 60+ fps LOL)”

Nothing new there. Swtor performs badly seemingly regardless of the capabilities of the machine running it.

Not only do you have to grind against a weekly cap on the token drops, but doing it to get the new stronghold is pointless if you already have the others unlocked — you can only have six total, and you’ll get the ‘Sorry, Charlie’ notification if you try. Stacking up the tokens to buy the vendor access is fine; they may increase the stronghold limit later, and you’ll want to be able to grab it then, but don’t bury yourself in Umbara FP runs to get your 60 tokens ASAP if you’ve already got the other strongholds.

Heh. My highly uneducated guess is that whatever caused those two patch delays was connected to the stronghold and they failed to fix it, so instead of delaying the update yet again, they just blocked the SH behind weekly limit to get themselves more time. IMHO that’s the only -somewhat- logical explanation for not letting people get the SH straight away.

Assuming it wasn’t their original intention to artificially delay the time it takes for people to get the new SH.

Arcann is one with the Force.

And he found a new Force techniqe to send e-mail…

Even Qui-Gon Jinn never discovered this.

1) Find hint about the traitor on umbara
2) Find out its theron who accompanied you
3) Threaten him before he escapes
4) Return to odessen to see theron in the command center looking at a computer like nothing happened


stims requires biochem 600 to use? 0.o nice whats up with cyber and the others?
thumbs up!!!!! good job !!!!!

This is a return to the old reusable stims biochemists could craft and use. Save a bit of creds for your main to level biochem on it….

For Vixian Mauler the boss is taunt immune while he is doing abilities.

In the video he says “taunt immune” but there is no mention of taunt immunity in the fight explanation.

When Vixian Mauler drops aggro be sure to hold your taunt until the boss is just swinging like normal.

My god what a buggy mess and they delayed it two days to fix the bad bugs?

1. Group mates end up in different instances so many times.
2. Turrets bug which is okay if your stealth but non stealth has to /stuck and hope for the best.
3. First set of bosses reset like you’ve pulled them out of range. Even though you’re in a small area in the middle of the car.
4. If you die at the last boss there’s a chance you will respawn back on the train. So no loot which really sucks.

> 2. Turrets bug which is okay if your stealth but non stealth has to /stuck and hope for the best.

If you are stealth, do yourself and your group members a favour and don’t use vanish. Stuck like everybody else. It will bug out even more, if you don’t stuck. This has been an issue since forever (Underlurker being another example).

I may add another bug to the list, where you can’t click the final door on the train, right before the final cutscene. If this happens, leave the instance and re-enter, it should work now.

Okay so anyone know if there is anything but the stronghold sale in that Trader’s Corner? Like more stuff to buy and such?

I think I’m going to have some VERY upset characters… because having your mate backstab you is even worse than normal.. (For those about to bring up Quinn and/or Kaliyo, the agent could see that coming, and the Sith… always needs to watch for betrayal.)

Yea k and the dark side Agent and Warrior killed Kaliyo and Quinn And dark side anyone does not take betrayal well…. so poor Theron And my Warrior was nice to Quinn he his now a Cybrog ….Oh Theronnn….. think you need some new body parts 😛

Dont worry. Theron only did it to infiltrate the “Order” to find out more about them.. Im sure. That being said Im still going to force choke his ballsack next time I see him. you know cus he did not let me in on what he was planning..

Umbarra in a nutshell:

– Stupid story : check
– Bugus FP : check (Oh and in the french version, even the creatures triggers some Umbarians/Imps talks)
– Non explorable gorgeous area : check
– Awful replayability : check (When I’ll own the stronghold, I won’t go there anymore. Like Iokath…)

Please… Keith… Umbarra could be a nice planet to explore. But really… Quality control should be one of your goal. Umabarra crisis is a half baked product, a bad release. Of course it’s only my opinion.

LOL@Reusable Stims and Adrenals.

Why would I bother when they have a track record of just deciding to take away reuseable consumables?

Earning something in game only to have it only to have it stripped from you by the Dev’s when it wasn’t even top tier. Ya not gonna give them the chance to do shit like that to me again.

Yeah and even if he left he would’ve been obtainable back via the comp terminal. But meh they know people would complain about lossing him and bring it back with the terminal anyways so they didn’t even took their time removing it.

He is obtainable via the terminal. I think it’s a glitch if you kept him without using the terminal. 7/8 of my characters had to use the terminal to get him back.

Well considering all the bugs that came with this patch I wouldn’t be surprised. Still I find it funny how they delayed the patch for a couple days to fix bugs and still we get a patch full of bugs and exploits.

Hmmm… You know… something about this is familiar… A group that triggers a war between all the great powers, in order to bring about peace… If only my agent could remember what that was…

The Alpha Slybex’s Poison Breath is a bit buggy at the moment. Last night we repeatedly had people dying to it while standing off to the side or even behind the boss (poison farts?) – very annoying as you basically fall over dead with no warning.

In the end we actually found it easier to just kill the adds first anyway, because that way you get rid of their constant pouncing and knockbacks, which allows for more stable positioning. It requires spam-healing on the tank afterwards, but it’s perfectly doable.

Theron: “In a few minutes, this train will collide with that mountain range. You’ll be disintegrated……..”

Theron escapes, Train crashes, you escape by jumping out the window of a speeding train. Train crashes and comes to a stop eventually. Your character looks over the wreckage and sees the ENTIRE train carriage survived intact except for a few spot fires. Seems a writer does not understand the meaning of “Disintegrated” lol.

Vintage modern day BW Austin writing.

please message me back i need to know the following does it reset a week from the day you did it or does it reset on a specific day of the week every week? please message me back and let me know

Anyone else see a mile away this is how he infiltrates the new threat?
There was no other point of shooting out the window except to give them
an escape route while making it look credible that he betrayed them.
Best way to infiltrate the new bad guy’s team.

His reasoning certainly doesn’t make any kind of sense if compared to the actual choices I’ve picked.
But it could just be bad bad writing. It’s not the first.

It’s worth mentioning that the SH has very bad hook-layout AND more importantly, you don’t get the front of the train first, but the back. So to get to the ‘cockpit’ you need to may a couple of mill credits.
So much for using the train as a spaceshuttle for RP purposes

Canni and Elli Vaa on STORY mode – If you have a strong enough companion on Healing, this is the least chaotic method:
– Get Elli Vaa to attack and follow you. Run back to the entrance and around the corner. Canni’s grapple cannot pull you through a wall and he won’t wander out as he’ll be busy with your companion. Elli Vaa might vanish on you but will reappear to attack you, and in that tight space her AoE can’t toss you around.
– After killing Elli Vaa, kill all small Autoturrets, then big ones, then Canni. He’ll eventually spawn more but he’ll have fewer to upgrade during his turret upgrade phases.

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