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SWTOR Precious Cargo Command Pack Preview

SWTOR Precious Cargo Command Pack Preview. This pack was released on Aug 29. Updated with  ingame videos and images.



Diligent Engineer’s Armor Set – Gold



Keeper of Iokath’s Armor Set – Gold



Shikaakwan Royalty’s Armor Set – Gold



Wentross ER-1N Bowcaster – Platinium


Mischief – Platinum


Anarchy – Platinium


Beryar’s MK-3 Electroblade – Silver



Beryar’s MK-3 Dual-Electroblade – Silver



Beryar’s MK-3 Assault Cannon – Silver



Beryar’s MK-3 Pistol – Silver



Beryar’s MK-3 Rifle – Silver



Beryar’s MK-3 Sniper Rifle – Silver




Swamp Slybex – Gold



Obsidian Mantorr – Gold



Voracious Womp Rat – Gold



Czerka Bobber – Silver




Umbaran Purple Color Crystal – Silver


Pet: Swamp Slybexan – Silver


Pet: Indigo Mantorin – Silver


Regen: Lossen Up – Silver



Weapon Tuning: Indigo Fog



Dye: Cold Weather


Dye: Ceremonial Yellow



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49 replies on “SWTOR Precious Cargo Command Pack Preview”

Yes and the gold like the brown can’t be dyed and will just clash with 90% of the dyes as always. Can never use silver, gray, black, white anymore. Just like they love using wood grain on the weapons like it’s the wild west… I love looking at cartel market pack collections and trend shows me having less and less stuff from each pack. I came back after few months off since I won a month on Twitch, Subbed for 90 days, big mistake..

Yeah, totally agree. The last cool pack I wanted everything from was the one coming with chapter 12 of KOTFE. With I every pack I buy less and less stuff from GTN cause it’s literally rubbish. Quality goes down

No I am not talking about tier. I could give 2 shits about tiers. It’s all the trim/accessory pieces on these outfits lately that can’t be dyed. They love Gold/Brown and those clash with 90% of the dyes. Silver/Black/Gray/White goes a lot better with most dyes. But someone who designs this crap probably wears gold chains around their neck like a thug and has brown loafers, brown belt and brown watch band for every outfit in their wardrobe even if it does not go with it.

Do you guys also get this error? I cannot patch
” Unable to retrieve patch data. Please check network connection. (206)

Considering all the delays and problems they’ve been having with this latest update that’s actually the OPPOSITE of a surprise. Good luck.

I’m just after the Loosen Up item, too. *Maybe* the Shikaakwan Royalty and Anarchy blaster as well, but the jury’s still out.

These last couple of packs looks like someone took a lighter to their Kenner Star Wars vehicles and took all the clothing off mixed them up and randomly put them back on their figurines. That swamp slyback looks like a dewback with it’s face and tail melted to molten plastic.

I like the royal armor. Gold, black, and red is a great combination. I might use the chest and legs for my Assassin, a bit of armor and a butt cape are always welcome additions. Still never taking off my spiky finger gauntlets though.

I like it except for the hat. I still think the hat would look good, but just on a Twi’lek (like the set’s inspiration Hadiya) or as part of a pirate look.

Unfortunately, as I just found out, it looks incredibly stupid on my Assassin. The gold isn’t actually part of the “dye” colors, it’s just part of the armor. Anything you attach to it just has black and red, and it looks really weird. Too bad, could have been so great.

I wasn’t too fussed at first but previewing it on my Twi’lek changed my mind. Fits my character’s ‘upper crust’ theme pretty nicely.

I quite like the Keeper of Lokath Set. Though I won’t lie, recent outfits in general have been rather ‘phoned in’ I feel. I wouldn’t mind seeing more official/lore inspired clothing again.

Heck. Almost two years, and I’m still hoping to get Senya’s armor at some point.

Speaking of lore sets:
“Shikaakwan Royalty” is basically Hadiya’s outfit from the time of the Jed’aii and Rakata.

One fabulous armor set and 2 bad ones – and usually I am the most forgiving person around when it comes to gear but I don’t want to play these odds in a pack – especially when the other sets have zero re-sale value. Think more than a few people will wait to acquire what they want with in-game creds this time.

i managed to get the Keeper of Iokath’s Armor Set and will put it on sale when it comes off bound i na few hours, not seen another set on sale yet so will work out a price later

Update: The long-awaited “Shadow Disciple” set has been datamined for Patch 5.5. I’m hoping we’ll get it with the Singularity Pack.

Interesting… Some of the armor sets coming in 5.5 ‘sound’ pretty interesting.
‘Umbaran Guerrilla’
‘Proficient Hitman’
‘Bionic Warrior’
‘Agile Sentinel’
Where are you searching, Ji’inx? =o

Mmm, no. Afraid none of these interest me. The Keeper of Lokath’s chest plate might be serviceable when mixed with other armor parts. But it’s not going to be worth the price a ‘gold’ item usually goes for on the GTN.

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