Black Desert Mystic Awakening coming to KR Aug 31

Pearl Abyss will be releasing the Mystic awakening to KR servers on Aug 31. The Mystic awakening features a pet dragon.


  • Cameron Wilson

    Will the drgon be like a weapon and come with different skins?

    • Don’t think so.

    • xeonome

      she simply transforms into a dragon. that’s her awa. The end.

      • Cameron Wilson

        I hope they get a cool weapon then.. they’ll definitely want to monetise it with skins so there must a physical weapon.

        • xeonome

          If she gets dual swords which she actually holds in her hands (Yes I am talking about you DK) with better animations than ranger awa then I will re-download BDO.


    Just hope they focus on the content instead of throwing us mystic like they did with striker..

    8 or 9 months behind korean version when it comes to actual areas and big changes?

    • Lee Malina

      Kinda always like that with Korean Games and their Updates in the West. 3-6 Months is normal… 8 or 9 is heavy :c

    • Eric Miller

      They’ve pushed content very fast in comparison to the previous versions. Just focus on not being such a whiny gamer……

      • ANNONNY

        I don’t think you realize just how much stuff they haven’t added/changed if you’re saying that. Don’t be such a “clueless gamer” derrrrrrr. Pfft, haha…

        • Ohagimaru

          He’s just one of the many who play the game as part of his routine to kill time but as much as it’s part of his routine..he don’t know what he’s doing it for.

          “today i’ll grind my ass off just like any other day-that sounds good”.

          I left the game simply because of the lack of content. By content I mean new story-line or continuing, new maps, etc.

  • Leonardo nascimento santos

    NA class mystic 31 Aug?

    • Denive

      …”coming to KR Aug 31″

  • Alexander Yee

    So she’s going to be like Goku? Dragon Fist?

  • Ohagimaru

    She’ll be fisting people and the dragon will be like an after-effect which will increase the range of her attacks. I bet there will be a skill where she can “enter the dragon” to enhance her prowess as well-something like a henshin moment.

  • J Cs

    Dont have pet dragon it is jsut Skil leffect so dont panic and kidding players thanks!!!!

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