GW2 Design a Weapon Contest

GW2 is announcing a design a weapon contest running until October 8.


On Guild Wars 2‘s fifth anniversary—and with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ just around the corner—we’re pleased to announce the Guild Wars 2 Design-a-Weapon Contest! If you’ve ever dreamed up the perfect weapon for your character, here’s your chance to show us your concept and craft your Tyrian legacy.

We’re accepting submissions from today through October 8, 11:59 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7).

How to Enter

Download this .ZIP file and use the included guidelines and templates to create an original, digital, Guild Wars 2-themed weapon design. You’ll find many resources in this file to guide you through the process of creating your design. Please make sure to read the contest rules carefully! Entries that don’t meet the requirements will be disqualified, regardless of quality.

Once your design has been created, you will need to upload your entry file using the contest submission form. You can submit up to three entries, but they must be uploaded separately.


We’ll choose 20 finalists, and the Guild Wars 2 community will vote for their favorite entries. The top three winning concepts will be used as inspiration for the creation of new in-game weapons! Each of the finalists will receive various prizes such as gems, art books, shirts, and more—check the rules for a full list of prizes.

We can’t wait to see your ideas—and to carry them into battle!

  • Still waiting on mount week to start… but im assuming its gonna be just them talking about mounts all week instead of us riding them

    • Suan

      Well of course, there is no more betas/demos. Now we wait for the expansion.

  • Trillium

    “Sorry, we fired all artists except outfit modellers, please help”?

  • Trillium

    Design Requirements: Designs may not contain, as determined by the Sponsors, in their sole discretion, any content that:
    promotes …, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous;


    • Leah

      wait, what? how are you supposed to design weapons… without them being… weapons. double whammy on pistols here, I mean… those are STILL in game and all. you know, game where you slaughter living beings by thousands, glide on flimsy little magical wings over great heights, traverse puzzles that would be VERY deadly in real life and all….

      I figured they shoved it in there, to protect themselves legally, but maybe… they could have communicated with their lawyers better? or made it armor contest if they are so worried about being accused of “promoting violence/dangerous activities”

      • I have a hunch people are being intentionally obtuse.

        • Leah

          maybe. maybe not. its still a pretty weirdly phrased disclaimer.

    • Steven Kucher

      This might explain why so few of the pistol and rifle models look like actual guns

    • Scutilla

      The “sponsors” are just ANet and NCSoft, so I don’t think they’re going to apply this rule to a level that would disqualify anything currently in-game. If you had, say, a focus that’s a severed human hand, that’d probably trigger that rule.

      Though I saw the one about nudity and suggestive content, thought of the Living Short Bow, and snickered a little.

      • Alot

        Last I checked there was already a severed hand available as a weapon. Cant remember if it was a focus or a dagger. Plus the new expansion has a focus which is an intestine. So… yea?

        • It’s a scepter called Zhaitan’s reach. I was recently torn between using that or coldsnap on my white walker looking sylvari. 🙂

        • N

          There are 2, a dagger and a scepter.

          Dagger = Severed Dagger
          Scepter = Zhaitan’s Reach

        • narg

          Grim pact = pistol

  • jackofalltrades

    Finally!!! Know what this means? Means all you jackasses can stop bitching and complaining about “Ugly weapons” or “Lack of creativity” all of you kids who keep non stop bitching about arenanet and their armor and weapons NOW have a chance to show what you can do, lets see you kids come up with something “better” than anet, i’ll wait.

    • Ohagimaru

      Hey jackass, do you realize that one contest won’t change anything?

      • jackofalltrades

        Hey weaboo, It’s a start is it not? Faggot.

        • Mars

          Wow. Didn’t school start already? Don’t you have homework you should be working on, little one? At least take a nap so you’re well-rested before taking out your own self-loathing on the big, bad internet man.

        • Ohagimaru

          It’s only a start if they continue do it. For all we know this can probably just be a one time time thing, jackoff.

    • Talindra

      Only a polesmoker like you would fail to realize that some people think analytically and aren’t creative enough to design anything, but can still have a valid opinion about the state of the game. Plus, you emo post is a bigger complaint than most every comment about crappy weapons. Go figure.

  • Jay D

    Lol, my country cannot even participate, niiiice…

    • ShingYau Lau

      Same here

    • Ares Zax

      Same. This is the same deal stretching all the way back to GW. :/ US and Europe can participate. Rest of the world? You don’t even exist. >.>

      Still, good luck to those entering. Look forward to seeing your creations.

  • Alot

    This forces a bit of introspection and thinking about it, I’m not actually sure there are any in game weapon designs I would actually want :/

    Only improvements I could see to my current characters weapons would be the acquisition of H.O.P.E and a Tequatl claymore. Only designs I’d actually want would be an armor set to match the Chak weapons, a Luminate backpack without those #@$% white ribbons attached and, above all else, a pair of armored light pants without a dress attached -.-

    • Qnrad

      + some normal short blouses for medium, more and better shoes with heels

  • ANTtheRANT

    Crowd sourcing = out of fresh ideas.

    • I guess if you’re overly cynical. I think it’s engaging, and it has been great in other games.

      At the very least, it allows those who can do nothing but complain to try to actually contribute something.

      • ANTtheRANT

        It’s spec work. It’s a fun thing for the community to participate in, sure, I don’t doubt that at all. However these types of opportunities are allotted to the player-base more often than not because the idea-well has run dry. Hence the above comment. I may try my hand at it.

    • Lemming Jensen

      out of fresh ideas and open for free cash from our slave-idiot-players who want pixels for rewards.

  • Emil33

    for the love of the Six someone make a better longbow please! Wings of Dwayna is getting old and Kudzu needs a makeover imo.

    ~ hides ~

    • wQnxy

      wings of dwayna is ugly..

  • 🌻Ellie🌹

    Could we have an armor or outfit designing contest too, we already have lots of nice looking weapons but hardly any nice looking armors or outfits, the designers could use the inspiration.

    • Ares Zax

      +1 for this! My Sylvari badly needs another plant-themed armor (NOT outfit) set! I really wish ANet would make a complete Toxic armor set. 🙁

      • Qnrad

        Mine too

  • Ares Zax

    Anyone else notice that the “Design must be not of an underwater weapon” rule? XD

  • commentor

    Please god, submit something different than the usual. I’m tired of Anet design team’s unhealthy sexual fetish for glowing floating parts on weapons that make no sense even for fantasy standard.

  • WidekeyboardIII

    Rip australian contestants

  • Funnynel42

    Yay, yet another comp where the rest of the world doesn’t exist.
    Add South Africa!
    Add Australian!
    Add the rest of the world to participate!
    It’s unfair to these players/designers that play this game and can’t enter.

    • Alot

      Complaining about two countries being absent at the same time? Do you simultaneously exist in both?

      • Funnynel42

        I’m complaining that these countries don’t exist as part of the world. I’m just trying to get the rest of the world included. It’s bs that only some countries are allowed for this comp that it played world-wide and not available for everyone that plays it.

        • Alot

          As a resident of South Africa I’ll chime in then that our customer protection laws are so strong that it is dangerous for global companies to include us in these sorts of things -.-

          • Funnynel42

            As another resident of SA I’m angry that this is happening. It’s 2017, and almost everything is done online. Why sell the game globally while the giveaways and competitions are limited to certain areas?
            I’m a artist myself, I know a lot of other artists that love to create stuff that would like to participate in this comp, but due to it being limited they are not allowed to take part? SA and other parts of the world ca’t participate in something they love and spent a lot of time on. It just feels bad to be excluded from this as this is preventing many great artists to compete.

    • narg

      have no server, have no game

      • Funnynel42

        I can play just fine. The server/game isn’t the issue. It’s the limitations of not being able to enter this comp.

        • narg

          your country have no server, so you cant participate (just kidding, you cant participate, coz Anet have no office in your country)

    • Robert D Milne

      Yep its proof that Anet is run by people that believe the equator is where the world ends and the Southern hemisphere is a trick by the US government. 😉

      • Funnynel42

        It’s funny cause it’s true. We are a myth.

    • Conika

      And Latin America? C’mon even you forget about us

      • Funnynel42

        “Add the rest of the world”
        I did kinda include you guys too…

    • Shaggy

      pretty sure theyre limiting based on where they can reasonably send the prizes. theres a lot of hurdles for international shipping.

      in fact ive got friends in australia whove ordered game stuff only for customs to confiscate it because they said it wasnt ‘up to societal standards’.

      Anet probably just doesnt wanna deal with all the extra bullshit required to promise shipping to any country

      • Funnynel42

        If that’s the case, then they can just send everything digitally or make a note that people outside of these areas will not receive any physical content. Even then, a company of this size would have some plans in place for shipping world-wide. How else did they sell the physical copies of the game in these places?

  • Janine Hoppe

    please, someone make some designs in the style of the shining blade or the gothic dual axe… but for scepter or greatsword etc… i am too bad at drawing xD

  • Gian Marco Goni

    I checked the rules list and I suppose that I could make a “weapon design” without professional tools or applications on computer, just a big white sheet, pen/pencil, colours and the jpg photo file of it. Is it correct?

  • Conika

    If I’m out of the mentioned countries list, I’m not able to participate, then? Does somebody know about that?

  • Shaggy

    this is our chance to show them what we want out of weapon designs

    • Lockheart

      Implying the majority aren’t going to just submit some energy glowing nonsense because muh animes.

  • N

    Are we able to use modeling programs like Blender to create a weapon then just bring it into Photoshop or wherever and put it on the template? I personally am not great at drawing so I’d rather do it this way but I did not see any mention about that in the rules, though I may have just missed it.

    • lolno

      you’re full of shit, modeler who is bad at drawing – it’s like a race-car driver who is bad at being a truck driver (truck driving is easier)

      And it’s a design contest – doesn’t matter how you do it, they are interested in free designs that they can potentially turn into ingame models that the original designer will get for free (probably)

      • what

        lmao you don’t need to be good at drawing to be good at modeling/sculpting, different people are good at different things. you cannot compare driving to creating different types of art.

      • Dosko

        what a retard. y would he have to be good at drawing? all a specialized 3d-modeler does is turn OTHER PPLS concept-designs into 3d-models. it sure helps to be able to draw, but it isnt mandatory. even more so on a non-professional level, so stop spouting nonsens.

        at op: u are fine doing whatever u want, u could use paint, blender, zbrush or scratch ur design into a stone with ur fingernails and then take a photo of it. all that really matters i think is that u use the provided template as part of ur final post.

  • Jemmy

    meh, not gonna work for free nor for pixel ingame crap (only for cash) 8)

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