Patch 5.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Umbara Mobile Base Stronghold Tour

SWTOR Umbara Mobile Base Stronghold Tour

Purchase cost is 5k credits (after you get the 60 Alliance Recon data) and then the room expansions are 1 mil (1200 CC) and 1.2 mil (1200 CC) respectively for the middle and front cart.


More info on the stronghold (costs, hooks, floor plans, pictures etc)


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Hmm interesting looking SH, I think I like Manaan a little better, but overall something very different if you like the SH System

So a direct copy of the train from the fp… And like zero dev time…. Great.

Can’t add this stronghold without deactivating one that is already decorated (max of six apparently)

So, zero community management time too (thanks for the patch notes and or announcements of the change guys)
As this is a change to prior stronghold additions… You really should’a said something.
Also… Because we had to grind to even get to the console that says ‘too bad – too many already.’
😂🤣 well done…

My subscription expired and there is no reason to subscribe again. Bad story telling, New planets in the past 2 expansions were a bad joke. They literally gave us 1 new planet with very little to do (Zakuul). Apart from that we got 2 locations that are supposed to be on the planets: the alliance base and that one where you still goodies from Arcann. They milk the players and shit on them at the same time. The story is making no sense at all from whosever perspective.

I find that things have grown steadily hum-drum since doing away with individual Class story lines. :/

I love how bioware didn’t increase the number of allowed active strongholds and used a new sh as their key marketing point…

Zakuul storylie makes sense for knight, counselor and warrior – but first and formost the knight because he actually engages the emperor directly, kills one of his pawns thus getting some recognition as some kind of equal.
The other two only gets some less attention by the emperor. But for non force user … they are just insects for valkorian and he would NEVER ever notice them imo.

Ehh, gotta disagree with that last line. Valkorion sees everyone as insects, but he’s a tactician; he wouldn’t arbitrarily discard a useful pawn just because they don’t have force powers. If anything, the fact that the tech users are able to match the achievements of their force wielding counterparts would actually catch Valkorion’s eye quicker. An early line in chapter 2 of KotFE actually has Valkorion reference the fact that a tech character has managed to achieve so much despite their lack of force sensitivity. He clearly cares a lot more about a person’s success rate than if they can use the force or not.

…Wait, what does this have to do with the Umbara stronghold though…?

As someone who has a preference for the Smuggler/Bounty Hunter classes. I really found little to interest me in the KOTFE/KOTET expansions.

Sorry, but I want to do low key underworld stuff. All this Leader of the Alliance, and having Valkorion droning in my ear stuff got tedious very quickly.

I’d only be too happy for them to go back to individual story lines, and doing more things with your companions. Though by this point, that’s probably wishful thinking.

I can’t believe how much of a wasted opportunity this SH is. AGAIN.

So they have something new for once, a MOVING stronghold, with this boring, but still unique (because it’s moving, duh) landscape surrounding it and… the only car with actual proper windows to enjoy it is the one where you can’t put any furniture at all. Idiots, idiots everywhere….

PS: I know there are open platforms with a view, but I can hardly make a bedroom there, can I.

It probably depends on the country or at least continent – where I come from, there definitely are windows there.

I’m assuming Umbara always has that level of light, meaning it’s daytime levels of light for the Umbarans 24/7. That would explain why a sleeping car would have no windows, since you wouldn’t want an open window next to your bed if you’re sleeping in the daytime. Being an armored train, even a closable window would weaken the armor’s integrity.

It might be a stretch, but I think it still makes sense.

Well, to each their own – I still want a window (not just an open hole in the hull, but a proper window) there for purely aesthetic purposes. So… yeah.

Here’s an idea: for the car with walls, but no roof, you can pretend there’s a rayshield there, and now you have a bedroom with a skylight. 😉

What if I don’t want that shitty hanging light? Ugh. This reminds me, we need more lights, more (appropriately sized) carpets and their associated hooks. The ability to resize decorations would be great.

Don’t think it’s that. I think they’re trying to do more than what the Hero Engine can handle and this is the result. The hamster is running on overtime, overloaded, and about to die. I really really wish they’d take a page from ESO and FF14 and update the game from the ground up but keep the same art style. The art style is fine, the engine the game is built on however is a bag of dicks.

Maybe, but similar mission on nar shaddaa when you about to confront shroud, there moving cars and you jump on them, didnt saw problem there…

eh i got SH cause it was cheap compared to the others, it has the same framerate issues the train section of the flashpoint has, only diffrence is there isnt npc/monsters that make worse. and I have 6700k, frankly 16man ops and wz have better framerate and smoother, then the train section of the flashpoint and SH, which makes even less sense to me.

Can’t enter the Trader Room with your other characters even after getting the stronghold. Kinda bad business.

Annoyingly its the same with every in speeder view out of a front windscreen too.
Huge opportunity missed imho.

Centerpiece hooks on top? I’m putting the luxury spa on top of my train and no one, not even the emperor himself can stop me!

The speeder was a really nice touch. Now I get to pretend it’s the wild west: space edition and ride alongside a train.

One thing concerns me, though. If we don’t start off with the front car… who’s driving our stronghold?!

It looks like people below are saying you have to close one. I think I’m gonna wait and see if BW changes their minds on that before doing so…

Well then, not getting that one. At least not now. I already have 2 Strongholds (Yavin, Manaan) fully unlocked with zero decorations, because the decorating mechanism is idiotic as hell, and takes 1000 years.

yeah. I currently have all of the other’s decos maxed out and dont feel like throwing all that work away. Especially if they decide a couple weeks from now to just allow you to add it in addition to the others. Thats what happened when the Yavin one came out…

You gave up Coruscant SH for the fail train??? o_0

And of course the Fail Train is just the flashpoint. We all know BW Austin do their best to put out absolute minimal content for even less effort despite the money coming in from subs and Cartel Whales.

No it does not. Months, yes. Just take on a stronghold, picture a theme in your mind, and start decorating. The only problem now: many decos are not available anymore or ridiculous overpriced in the GTN.

For me Coruscant was made an Jedi Embassy and DK as Sith Reclusium. Many perfectly suited decos available by crafting or farming.
Nar Shaddaa become a galactic museum (trophies from operations and flashpoints) as well as a grand casino.
And Tatooine an republic fortress, lots of gun emplacements, artillery, troops, tanks, walkers, a full fighter wing in the hangar, barracks, etc. (oh the horror of denova HM and NIM runs for getting a full tank platoon).

Ben, have you ever unlocked a stronghold, transferred a character from that server to another, and the newly unlocked stronghold was automatically unlocked on the new server?

Did you have to reactivate it on the new server? If so, did you have to go to that specific stronghold’s terminal, or could you reactivate it directly from your stronghold interface?

I was just wondering because I want the train for two servers, but I’m only going to buy access to the Trader’s Quarters once. If I can reactivate it directly from the strongholds interface, then I’ll be fine.

I’d transfer from the character you’re unlocking with (then back again if needs be) just to be safe. That said, I can’t remember ever having to reactivate any of my personal SH’s, so I think you’ll be alright.

I’m not transferring my main because he’ll lose all his outfits and my secondary server doesn’t have all its cargo holds unlocked, either.

Well, your call. I’d go forward with low expectations were I you, but hopefully it works out fine.

I’ll have to temporarily deactivate my Manaan stronghold anyway just to unlock it. Reactivating it will give me my answer.

When I transferred from a dead server to Harbs, I had to reactivate all my strongholds again. The worst part of course is having to place all the decorations once more.

Were you able to reactivate them directly from the strongholds interface, or did you have to reactivate them from their specific terminals?

No, I had to use the Fleet SH terminals to unlock the desired SH I wanted unlocked before I could use them. It made me panic because when I moved, I tried to access them via the SH UI first as one would think to do and it didn’t work and I shit myself thinking all the money/time that went into unlocking them. But then I went to the fleet and all good. Stupid it has to be that way but then this is BW Austin we are talking about – The “special” bus of the Game Developer world.


What’s funny is that even though the personal version costs 5k, you can still unlock it with 50 CC. Who’s dumb (or oblivious) enough to do that??

Whisper someone in the new stronghold for an summons so you can check it out…
Exit stronghold and appear by the Umbara stronghold console…
Buy stronghold without ever running through fp…
Yay for devs… Who don’t play the game…

Or… Just get a summons to the console directly…

Its sort of a metaphor for the game. Each section is pretty much the same as the last with minimal variation, on a boring ride to nowhere, and over time it just gets filled with more and more expensive crap.

So far, I feel that they’ve peaked with the Yavin one. :/

It’s definitely no Denliner. I’d have preferred to have a Starship hook on a flatcar. And a route that didn’t just boil down to an unreachable destination in the distance.

Nope, sorry developers. I think I’ll pass, and just keep waiting for that Hoth Stronghold.

Dev A: We need to release content. Let’s make a new FP!
Dev B: We need to release content. Let’s make a new Stronghold!

And since we know it’s BW, Dev A and Dev B are one and the same person…

Why that sound? It’s flying in the air, why the sound of wheels, rails, couplings and so on, it’s so out of place.

That doesn’t explain the sound of a train with wheels playing in the background. Personally I like the sound, always found it pretty calming, but the guy’s right; it makes absolutely no sense for that sound to be used.

I imagine BW just thought ‘train needs train sounds’.

You are exactly the type of customer BW needs to hold onto – one who is easily impressed with this mediocre effort in new content. Word to the wise: Don’t go comparing what you are being served here in SWTOR against just about any other MMO out there, sub or F2P/B2P. You might be in for a rude shock if you do!! 😛

Why are you so worried about what I like and dislike people like different things I think it’s cool you don’t move on.

You are a complete and utter asshole, Rompe Himself. Dude, what’s your fucking problem?
Compared to other MMOs, SWTOR is the only one with the kind of storytelling presented for initial levelling from 1-50.

You might be in for a rude shock when you interact with other human beings, and no one likes you because you’re a complete douche-bag.

having all 6 previous strongholds and all of them giving me 150% conq bonus total – this SH is completely useless to me since it gives no conq bonus unless i lose some of those i had before

That is why BW have the 6 SH limit in place specifically because of conquest and players that fill their sh’s with nothing but chairs etc to pump up their conquest score on 100% trash filled sh’s.

i have tatooine fully and properly decorated same for nearly half of NS. there is really no need to put more work into it when im using those two only.

You are using a SH as it was meant to. I too when I was subbed, had my Yavin, Coruscant, Nar Shadaa and Dromund Kaas Sh’s filled properly to resemble the different themes I went for with each one. Sadly there are many who try to cheat the Conquest system via trash filled sh’s. BW said they may look at making the limit all 7 sh’s but first want to work out a system to make Conquest work properly without being gamed by trash sh’s. That should take a year or two at their rate lol.

You call it cheating I call it necessary evil. The only reason I have strongholds is to have a few QT points across the galaxy and to have a place where all amenities like legacy bank, GTN kiosk, mail box and vendor are in the same place. Nowhere else can this be done in the game. As long as I can avail of filling my SH with trash for the Conq bonus I will do so. It’s neither an exploit nor a cheat.

So excited for all this new content! I can barely contain myself! A stronghold and a flashpoint? All in one patch? What will we get next? Half of a boss fight? Keep up the good work Biofail.

Out of all the Strongholds so far, this one is probably the weakest for me. 🙁

I don’t see the point of making it mobile, when all you’re going to get is essentially the same view. They should have put it on a loop/circuit with randomized events. Added a few tunnels, etc. Missed opportunity there I feel. And as an actual base, it doesn’t come across as particularly serviceable, or homely for that matter in terms of aesthetics.

Yavin still remains the best thought out and designed one. Closely followed by Tatooine. And I echo the request for a Hoth/Ice planet as a future setting.

There were already some hints that they were working on a Zakuul stronghold when Manaan was first datamined.

They already have some nice models to work with: Kaliyo’s apartment and Vaylin’s Palace of the Eternal Dragon.

Oh, I have been waiting eons for a Hoth Stronghold. We haven’t had a snow based one yet, which gives a unique novelty value. Plus it’s a movie planet from pretty much the most popular one in the series. Just a few arguments in it’s favour.

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