SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.5 V1

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.5 V1. The items are likely part of the upcoming Singularity pack and incomplete currently.


Agile Sentinel’s Armor Set


Bionic Warrior’s Armor Set


Proficient Hitman’s Armor Set



Nahut’s Heavy Cannon


Nahut’s Heavy Sniper Rifle



Umbaran Spider Tank



Deck Officer Dye Module/Fleet Commander Dye Module


  • Haggard

    Ok… I gotta start betting on the lotto.
    When the Crisis on Umbara flashpoint was released I was talking to some guildies that it would be awesome if there was a mount that looked like the spider droid boss.

    Well… There it is.

  • Luis Rosado

    Think I’m gonna pass on this one. If you like the stuff here, more power to you.

    • Harston

      Harston liked that.

  • Kubrickian

    While their last pack looked awful the mount in this pack looks very appealing. Most likely it will only have a 000000.0000011 of dropping and you’ll need to buy 5 hypercrates to possibly get one.

    • Galathir Darkstone

      Pfft. If you’re still buying hypercrates to get what you want, you’re falling in to the trap. The only reason to buy them these days is to sell them on the GTN… then just buy the few items you want from the profits. Let someone else RNG themselves into oblivion.

      • taylor swift

        always sell to credit farmers :

  • Vanguard

    Excuse me? “Version 1”?!

    • Haggard

      Susceptible to future updates, since it’s data mined info.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    That Bionic Warrior’s Armor Set. I was wondering how long it was going to take to get an Ultra-man costume. Hahahaha. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1956e856c8b8169c250a87cd051fe5fbe8e3ac796eb6f5a8b1bed125b1cc57c.png

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It could be the NAHUT armor set if they are continuing the current trend.

    • Twoandahalfcents

      Oddly that was my first thought as well. That, and Iron Man.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Known Info (datamined): This pack is called “Singularity Pack.” NAHUT’s deco is called “Reclaimed Singularity Droid.” This pack includes NAHUT weapons. Recent packs have included armor sets inspired by the current Zakuulan pantheon bosses (“Tythian Disciple” & “Dynamic Paladin”).

    Speculation: “Bionic Warrior” might be based on NAHUT…

  • pokedigijedi

    I was hoping the Spider Tank would be a companion but that works too

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    Mount? Oh baby.

    Those sets look like they were made for mix and match.

  • H*mr

    Spider-Tank, Spider-Tank,

    Does whatever a Spider-Tank does.

    Can he swing from a web?

    No, he can’t, he’s a tank,

    Look out, he is a Spider-Tank!

  • Harston

    The Bionic Warrior and Proficient Hitman look really nice… But the Agile Sentinel? Ehhh….

  • Darth Ji’inx

    NAHUT: https://i.imgur.com/n1QAtJM.jpg

    Source: Jedipedia’s reddit

    Thoughts: While it looks plain and boring, the Zakuulan legends describe him as “gray, formless and cold.” Based on the design of the exhaust pipe behind his head matching the barrel of “Nahut’s Heavy Cannon,” I’m assuming that he will have a forcefield around him.

    • Ben Gimson


      Be great if they could pick a theme and stick with it.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Damn, that looks strange. I’m probably picturing it way smaller than it actually is. I love Zakuul architecture and design, not too big on the stuff we’ve been getting from Iokath. Tyth was badass, this… not so much.

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