GW2 Path of Fire Stress Test on Aug 31

Arenanet will be conducting a stress test on Aug 31 for Path of Fire beginning at 2 pm Pacific.

We will be conducting a brief stress test for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire on Thursday, August 31st, beginning at 2:00 PM Pacific time (-7 GMT). Anyone with a Guild Wars 2 account is welcome to participate. To join the stress test, please log in to your Guild Wars 2 game account, create a new “Demo” character on the character selection screen, and head into the Crystal Oasis. Play as you normally would play, but because this is a stress test, be prepared for possible in-game performance issues as the testing takes place.

Thanks for your help!

  • Emil33

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really understand what a “Stress Test” is? :3

    • Chad Dumler-Montplaisir

      They’re are going to intentionally underpower/overload the servers so they can judge the impact vs number of players on the servers. In short, they’re trying to gauge the amount of needed server resources so that on launch day we can play, not watch error messages.

      • commentor

        which bounds to happen anyways.

        • Hyldenlord

          You didn’t play at HoT launch, did you?

        • El Barbapapa

          Honestly, the stability of a launch can greatly vary and any historical data could be considered useless. I’ve had some WoW launches in the past which went smoothly, while some later ones were disastrous. I was lucky a few times during the bad parts though.

          It really comes down to a number of factors, some of which are impossible to predict.

          • Trillium

            Indeed so.
            I remember playing both TBC and Diablo III on launch with no problems, even though other people were SUFFERING.

      • Crosknight

        yup dont want what happened on diablo 3 launch

      • Emil33

        Thank you 😀

  • FrycoN

    It will fail on launch anyway i’m tellin ya

    • Makarôn

      Well you know what one says… A MMO launch without crashes isn’t a good launch.

    • That’s what your parents have been saying about you for years.

      • FrycoN

        Funny. Did yours tell you were adopted?

  • Tora

    i wonder if one will be able to use the new specs on this stress test

    • Trillium

      What’s more important, will we be able to use mounts?
      Specs are ultimately all same thing, mounts are real stars.

      • Suan

        You know that new specs ARE mounts, right?

        • joe

          specs + elite specializations. Mounts are completely different.

          • Suan

            Yeah, not sure why but I read it as masteries. I guess my fever is not fully healed.

            • Victor Maze

              yh my nec gona use menta as new elite specilisation !(hehe)

      • Sotos

        Probably yes.
        I think the main reason is mounts cause they are new mechanics..

  • Ainseland


    Brace yourself.

    • nadrian3k

      It’s normal, i don’t recall any flawless release in mmo history. Good part is they are actually trying to smooth it out. A lot of companies don’t do that publically. Even so, expect first day issues so u are not dissapointed when it happens.

    • Isla

      I think it’s gonna explode!

  • korval

    Let’s help Anet destress these servers! 🙂

  • thomas28

    new specs are mouths i think

    • Lithlius

      uh what?

      • Answerer

        Mouths, you know, the orrifice you eat with.

  • Alot

    Could some explain to me what’s actually supposed to stress the servers besides the hordes of log ins usually associated by new releases? I’m not getting the point of this.

    • DD

      They will lower servers performances for beta characters to simulate the stress of much more players

      • Alot


  • Oh great, the test starts right when I have to go to work.

  • Ainseland

    is it up now?

    i’m not getting dat demo create option

  • axyd

    Wow anet be dumb. All they had to do was put Maw on the last beta.

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