SWTOR Bioware on Bugged CXP Dailies

Bioware made a statement regarding the bugged CXP dailies giving out more CXP than intended.

It’s Raining CXP, Daily | 08.30.2017, 01:58 PM

Hey folks,

When we released Game Update 5.4 last week, we also introduced a bug which many of you have already noticed. The Daily Missions for Czerka, Oricon, Black Hole, Yavin 4, Ziost, Section X, and Iokath are rewarding substantially more CXP than intended. Instead of giving 75 CXP per Mission, they are currently awarding 1125. That’s a lot of CXP! Proooobably a little more than we would like you to get. For that reason it was our intent that we would address this bug in tomorrow’s patch. Well, the gods of Iokath were the only ones strong enough to overcome it. After tomorrow’s patch, only Iokath’s Dailies will be back to the appropriate CXP values. The other 6 Daily Areas will still be bugged, which means they will continue giving you crazy CXP (during double CXP!) until we fix them next week.

Until they are fixed next week, enjoy them. We tried to fix the bug, the bug didn’t want to be fixed (pretty sure Keith sabotaged it, he loves all that CXP). So enjoy the extra CXP for a few more days.


  • Ben Gimson

    Wow, surprised they aren’t banning people for ‘exploiting’ like they normally do.

    • DoubleDoom

      The have a record of not banning people where the problem cannot be avoided. i.e. dailies are part of the game and not an exploit. Whereas they ban when the intention is to exploit. They still havent fixed the NS heroics auto popping on rep side and they said that wasnt an exploit as you have no way of knowing which heroics are going to pop up (even though you can keep rejecting until NS appears).

  • 1 point for bioware, this was a classy and borderline funny response.

    • Havik79

      Yeah I have to admit it made me smile, but yeah as below I am surprised this isn’t an exploit, but the Umbara SH summon is.

      It’s funny, they leave it for the old dailies, but Iokath which is as dead as the others they fix.

    • Rance

      I could see the real Musco saying that lol.

  • TheCulprit

    Well, I guess I’ll be running some old dailies tomorrow. If I had known sooner….

    • Christopher Tranter

      Fortunately I twigged it on Tuesday. I did Coruscant and get about 150 CXP a bonus and mission. Then went on to CZ 198 next and was getting 2.5k CXP for each mission and bonus. I was like, is that right seems daft, so tried Ziost next and got the same. Did about 20 crates in a couple of hours doing all the daily areas.

  • Panda

    Honestly, they could leave it, at least some of the daily area began to revive again

    • gaelicvixen

      Keith has posted in the thread since then and stated:

      “There’s a legitimate reason to lower the CXP values as they are out of whack with the rest of the game, but there’s an even more compelling reason to not lower it all the way back to 75 and to review the values across the board. I like a lot of your suggestions about rotating it, finding a good compromised amount, giving you a reason to visit these areas, and substantially reducing the time it takes to level up your alts (catch-up mechanic).”

    • I haven’t seen this many people competing over spawns in years.

      On the one hand, it’s frustrating ’cause I can’t do my standard ~15-20 minute rotation like I have been the past several months (when I get the itch to play and grind a couple more paltry GC levels).

      On the other hand, there are actual players on these planets for a change. And that’s been fun if I’m being honest. It has totally broken the monotony. And, gasp, I’ve actually grouped with random strangers a half dozen times in the past two days. Not that you need a group, but it’s such a fun change of pace.

      How refreshing.

      They should leave it for these 6 daily areas. And maybe change Iokath back to the “broken” huge CXP. I’d certainly play more, and it makes the horrid GC system almost tolerable.

  • Emprah

    No bans? This is an actually smart move. Come on BW Austin get better. If Games Workshop could do it so can you.

    • dtxu

      You can’t ban people for just doing dailys the normal way.

  • Whitedragon


  • Jonathan Parker

    I’m honestly shocked they’re not banning people or resetting their rank because of this. Finally, Bioware leaves something that helps us in the game instead of fixing it immediately. Now I wish they’d do the opposite, fix some of the bugs and glitches that hinder us sooner instead of waiting for more than five fucking years.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      They did this with the heroics. They were all supposed to be weekly but you can run many of them daily. They left them that way and told us to enjoy the “exploit.”

      • John Kosto

        Nope, heroics were daily missions from when they were first introduced to the game, until 4.0. Then they became weekly, because they dropped Alliance Crates, and many many credits, so that people do not farm them and gain hundreds and hundreds of crates and crazy amounts of credits. It actually kind of made sense even.

        With 5.0, Alliance crates are really not that important to the game anymore, and Heroics needed to go back to being daily, because they were also included in the Galactic Command system. So that’s not a bug that wasn’t fixed, it was actually intended to be this way, and still is. It would make zero sense for Heroics to be Weekly after 5.0. That’s why the amount of credits was reduced too. Still a shitload of money though.

  • Fallen

    we can fix bugs servers down since morning Yea right time for Malgus to clean house

  • Jiří Dobeš

    first time ever dailies are worth doing and *we gotta fix it*

  • Emon McCullen

    haven’t played in like 2 months. Seems like I need to catch up on a few alts this weekend

  • Fred Garvin

    Until they are fixed next week, enjoy them. We tried to fix the bug, the bug didn’t want to be fixed (pretty sure Keith sabotaged it, he loves all the slap-ass brown-nosing I do in these forum posts for lulz). So enjoy the extra CXP for a few more days.


  • Zeus Fagervold

    I haven’t played this much in a single day since the expansion released. This is how fast the cxp should go. As soon as it’s over I’ll most likely stop playing again because progression will take forever. I went from 100 to 135 just in a few hours.

    • Although I have continued to play off-and-on I clocked something like 6 hours today and 3 hours yesterday. I haven’t played SWTOR with that level of focus since RotHC.

      I took my main from ~235 to ~275 and then thought “what the heck, let’s see what this does for an alt.” I played the alt through Black Hole, SectionX, Yavin, Oricon, and Czerka only (plus a few bonus missions). The alt went from 3 to 90 in maybe 2.5 hours, 3 hours tops.

      The time-vs.-reward of CXP was soooo much better. I still got the same RNG crap, but with nearly 90 crates to open I managed to get 4 purple set pieces and 3 purple other pieces like relics, etc. Granted they were all Tier 1, and there was still a ton of trash, but it felt more rewarding because the *time* I spent on it wasn’t horrible. (Plus I played my Knight for the first time in over a year, and it was fun tackling these old, boring missions with a different rotation.)

      • jaydog

        This. I keep my subscription but i only play when something new drops. But this weekend i played non stop and enjoyed it. I just got off. My main went from 55 to 182. And i am all but fully decked out in 236 gear. It felt good to finally get rewarded for playing the game versus buying cartel packs. They made the grind worth it for once. And its a shame its going away.

        I have not seen so many people on Black Hole at one time in a couple of years. A couple of years.

      • Zeus Fagervold

        I went from level 100 to 300, with a bunch of tier 4 crates. I am soon fully 248 decked and the journey has been fun.
        This truly is how fast the cxp should have been. I play every day now because I know as soon as this will be fixed, I will have no interest in that excruciatingly long grind.
        If they also added a 0.1% chance to get cartelmarket items through these crates, with this cxp ratio they would actually have a decent system.

        Alas never gonna happen and I will quit playing again very soon I fear.

  • Adam Haynes

    Dammit, I missed this! I see it still glitched or did they already ruin it?

    • ForgottenKnight331

      While it isn’t doubled anymore, the dailies are still giving over 1000 cxp till next Tues. They claim they will patch it then.

    • Zeus Fagervold

      Make sure you buy the 100% boost. It will earn itself back several times.

      • Adam Haynes

        Thanks, I ended up doing just that and it did just that!

  • haya face

    Can someone please tell me where the oricon dailies are for imp side? I have searched all over the map…

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