SWTOR Bioware on Umbara Stronghold Exploit

Bioware published a statement regarding the Umbara Stronghold exploit, which will be fixed in a patch tomrorow.

Umbara Stronghold Exploit | 08.30.2017, 02:19 PM

Hey folks,

There is an exploit which was introduced in Game Update 5.4 that we want to make you aware of, so that you avoid it. Currently, it is possible for someone to use the Guild Ship Summon feature to bring you into the room where you buy the Stronghold, therefore subverting the process of gaining access to the room. This is not intended and is considered an exploit. Do not participate in this exploit. This bug will be fixed in 5.4a tomorrow.

Following the bug being fixed we will begin to investigate the impact of the exploit and what action is required. I will post a follow-up once that has occured. We take exploits very seriously and want to ensure that SWTOR remains an even playing field. Thank you to the vast majority of you, who avoided this exploit.


Umbara Stronghold Exploit | 08.30.2017, 02:29 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post
Should be fine. There is no problem inviting people to your SH, but the area he is talking about is where you buy the SH. This exploit allows people to bypass the key purchase that costs 60 tokens from the Umbara FP. That’s what the exploit is about.

This is correct. To clarify for any confusion, the exploit is someone Guild Ship Summoning you into the room where you purchase the Stronghold. This room requires an “Invitation: Trader’s Quarters” to access normally. Being summoned into the room currently ignores that requirement, allowing you to purchase the Stronghold without the required currency or access.


  • Ben Gimson

    Yeah I wonder why people would ever want to avoid doing the same laggy content ten times in a row…

    • Havik79

      Unless you solo it, then its 15 times.

      I don’t blame them (people) maybe if they hadn’t of hyped the SH and then made everyone wait a week after it was released to get it, or delayed it a week to fix the stupid bugs, or just let people buy it out right instead of doing the FP over and over there would not have been an exploit.

      I had hoped with Ben gone, Keith being more open and upfront (than they have been), getting some good QoL stuff, things would have gotten better, but once again a good idea poorly implemented.

      Which I hate to say, as this is what I had wanted partly, a SH you got for free as you progressed through an old proper rep system.

      • Rompe Himself

        I’ve said it before when Keith came on board, they may have different people in the lead role now but it is still the same shit SWTOR script they follow. Nothing will change but the Fanboi’s will bend over backwards looking for the smallest thing to point at and claim victory like this utterly pointless SH.

        So………………..September tomorrow here in Australia. That new Op in stages isn’t looking too good to be finished in the next 4 months huh given their track record thus far?? 😛

        Hell, piss weak content and they are STILL struggling to write up a roadmap for the remaining 4 months lol.

        • AbnerDoon

          It only took 8 months to get the first 2 ops bosses out. I have a good feeling with the remaining 24 months left in the year they can have all 5 out. :p

        • Havik79

          I know, I can’t help it, I am pissed off over this, and worried the stupid op boss will mean no new Makeb/SoR ect this year, but on the other hand leaving the heroics bug I just cracked 108 GC on my sin, and as an altoholic I thought I would never crack tier 2, so I am so happy.

          Then again, I have 4.5mbs adsl, so I am used to getting the short end of the stick in Oz.

          It does feel that there is Eric, Keith, Charles, a server manager, maybe 2 programmers, and an intern is all the staff they have, or I guess a guy in India for phone support.

        • Fred Garvin

          They’ve been quite careful recently to not specifically say the Op would be fully released within the calendar year as it clearly won’t be now.

      • Ben Gimson

        I did solo it and it’s 10 times. 6 tokens per run, 60 tokens for the unlock item. Still far too much though. I’m all for earning things in-game, but this is so far from the way to do it that it’s genuinely sad that they believe this is how games are supposed to be.

        And then to unlock the SH only to find it’s more or less unusable due to them fucking up the hooks so completely… it’s just depressing.

        • LargeMass

          It cant be used? The SH? I haven’t purchased it yet.

          • Ben Gimson

            More or less. The hook sizes and placements are just so poorly thought out that there’s very little you can do with them. You can only decorate the edges of most of the carriages, and medium hooks are the largest you can use. The carriages that can have decorations placed in the center are centerpiece hooks, which can be broken down into large/medium combos but, again, the combos are insanely restrictive.

            I’ve got pretty much every decoration in the game at my disposal and I’ve only fully decorated one carriage. Most decent decorations just won’t fit on the hooks available, unless you like having seating arrangements on the roof.

            Pretty much forced to dump crates and other containers in most hooks. There’s very little else that can be done thanks to the layout. Below is the best I’ve been able to do with one of the rooms. The entire middle section cannot be decorated, apart from floor coverings.


            • Mark Saunders

              that actually looks better than I expected it could look. Might look into it when the servers are actually back online… How long did the FP take to do each time?

              • Ben Gimson

                Yeah pretty pleased I manage to do that much with it. Trying to turn the next carriage into a sleeping area but it’s nightmarishly difficult to make the place work.

                Flashpoint takes about 20-30 minutes each time, roughly. Less if you don’t do the ‘hidden’ boss, but if you don’t you only get 4/6 tokens per run.

                Stealthers can probably cut the time down significantly. Lots of trash with lots of heavy dot abilities, so stopping to heal regularly takes up extra time. It’s not too bad for a run or two but it gets tedious pretty fast.

            • Deewe

              Pretty good

              • Ben Gimson

                Thanks 🙂

  • AbnerDoon

    So they let the crystals and tunings slide. But access to a 5k credit SH is taking it too far? lmao https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/743d0015db84a5936bc3789dde0d9de9278aea57a8dc14eaccc19780cc637f42.gif

  • Bang bang

    And took them extra 2 days, and still something’s wrong.

  • Amodin

    I don’t play anymore, but I’d like to know if the preview window finally got fixed… I bet it didn’t. How’s that Cartel Market interface running?


    • AbnerDoon

      No it hasn’t been fixed or acknowledged. They prefer to ignore all posts on the preview window.

      It’s only been 2 years it took 3 years to fix the entry level flashpoints from crashing at the end. But they had more staff back then to work on the issue. 😀

  • dfsdf


  • Jep Fareborn

    Face it. This game never left BETA. :p And the development ‘talent’ (or lack thereof) at Bioware speaks for itself.

  • Whitedragon
  • AbnerDoon

    Their simple patch broke core parts of the game. No ETA when it will be online again.



  • lolipop

    CXP bug – naaaaaaaaahhh it’s fineeee…. use it all you want, as long as it lasts….
    Umbara SH Bug – NOPE!11!!1one1one DO NOT USE IT


    • Sebastian Zyzański

      its not a bug, its a feature 😉

    • A Guy

      By letting people use the CXP bug that they cant fix yet people will see the devs as being generous. Its called good PR.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Maybe you shouldn’t have put the stronghold in a fucking room that required everyone to wait a week to get it because of your arbitrary currency restriction.

    • A Guy

      Dont know what your mad about. I got mine with a few hours of work on Monday and then Tuesday after reset. /shrug.

      It was super easy. Just required a few runs of the FP.

      • Len Hobbel

        really i seem to be only get 4 or 5 per run…15 runs in a day? damn you are persistent

        • AbnerDoon

          With veteran mode it is 10 or 12 per run. When you get a semi solid group it’s fast and easy. When you get a bad group it is a stack of repair bills however.

  • Shawn Hargrave
  • A Guy

    I love that they always say, “dont do it or else” and nothing ever happens. LMAO

    I recommend everyone does the exploit that can. EAWare is all talk.

  • AbnerDoon

    After all that downtime and they still didn’t fix the exploit.


    Today , 05:58 PM | #58 This is the last staff post in this thread.

    Hey folks,

    As a heads up, the fix for this exploit did not get implemented along with the patch issues we had today. That means that this is still possible until we address it next week. I just want to reiterate that you should avoid this exploit until it is fixed.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Victor

    There are some pvp players who cheat, but Bioware banishes them just for a week each time… But usually, when a good player discovers and uses an “exploit” like this (accidentally or not), he is banished for life… So, we let the pvp cheaters start again, after a week, to annoy the others players, but we punish once and for all the guys who exploit just a bug !

    I know, Bioware didn’t talk about ban (yet) here, but I doubt that they make an exception…

    • Ezechiel Darken

      Now list cheats to me.

      • Victor

        Players who use skills of other class, players who haven’t got any reuse time, players whose we can’t take off more than 10% of life (we were 5 players on him for awhile, and he had still 90% of his life… no damage on him), players who kill you with 50k damages in just one power… Do I continue ?

        If you don’t trust me, you can watch this videos for examples : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAskYPoK9uU

        And the guy is still in game…

        • gua543

          Wtf, how can he/she not have a permaban with this much evidence?

          • Rompe Himself

            Simple: Because BW Austin are lazy as fuck. Only time they care is when their precious Cartel Market is impacted or if the exploit is brand new. BW Austin appear to have an in house date for whether they should be given attention or not. Once the bug etc passes this date, it falls off the radar and zero fucks are given by BW. See the Preview window bug.

            • Dr-Waffle The-Third

              the preview window is still bugged? That was around in january!!!!!! Shit developers

              • Shawn Hargrave

                i remember when you couldnt even move the u.i and they tryed to sell it as a feature when every other mmo has that at the get go lol a moveable u.i hahaha

              • Dr-Waffle The-Third

                Oh my god lol these guys have no shame lmao. Cancelling my sub right now. fuck these guys. I was already planning on doing it, but I just needed another reason, and that sure as hell wasn’t hard to find one.

              • Dr-Waffle The-Third


          • Shawn Hargrave

            welcome to tor lol

          • John Kosto

            He/she is not the only one. I have played many pvp games where the opponent team does that shit all the time, and more. And when I talk about pvp cheating in general chat, people think that I am complaining because I am not “as good at them”. As if I care about pvp anyway. I only do it for fun when there’s nothing else to do, or to get some unassembled components. It is really ridiculous.

        • Shawn Hargrave


          • How the hell did he get up there lmfao too much time on their hands….

        • 2nd video confirmed…I’ve seen that guy in game he’s still here

    • Drivan

      Cheating to get a stronghold takes $ out of EA’s pocket in the form of you not buying cartel coins. Cheating in PvP only annoy’s other players and EA Doesn’t give a fuck about other players.

      • Victor

        No, the bug here, doesn’t impact the coast of the Stronghold. Because, to have this stronghold, you must reach a specific room on Odessen. To unlock this room you must have 60 components that you receive in the new flashpoint on Umbara. And AFTER that, you can buy the stronghold.

        The bug, here, is to can go in this room without unlock it. But the stronghold costs the same in credits or cartel coins. BW doesn’t lose any $ with this bug. Otherwise, I think that there would be an other update to correct this in priority 🙂

      • Big ol’ facts

    • Marrks

      when you 1v1 a sniper and suddenly starts to heal himself

  • Asteron123

    To be honest. You could offer the Umbara Stronghold to me for free ,and still wouldn’t take it. Never mind an exploit.

    • Ditto I wasn’t impressed really and I have enough junk in other strongholds.

  • 平賀才人

    They could’ve just added the SH for direct purchase lol.

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