GW2 Mounts Guild Chat Livestream Coverage

GW2 Mounts Guild Chat Livestream coverage and notes.

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Early Mount Concept Arts



  • Mounts is something we have been considering for a while and we wanted to do something differently. In HoT we set up a lot of basic system for the game like masteries and in PoF we can expand on that.
  • A lot of games just have mounts as a cosmetic piece and boost your movement speed. We want to do something different, we want mounts to be part of the world and give you a difference experience.
  • We started experimenting with mounted combat a bit, since that is the place people tend to go when experimenting with mounts further. It felt a bit clunky and we didn’t want to overlap with the elite spec system. We kept them separate and made mounts more about movement and exploration like gliders in HoT.
  • Throughout development, we wanted to make them feel like creatures and not just a movement speed boost.
  • Alot of work went into the movement system and a lot of subtle things you may not be aware of .
  • We found it a bit clunky having players running to a fight and having to dismount to fight, so we tried out using engage skills, a way for mounts to jump into combat that also dismounts you at the same time. It put yourself at an advantage going into a fight and provide a smooth transition.
    • Springer jumps up into the air and land like a cannonball onto the group of the enemies below.
  • Raptor jumps by default a max of 800 distance but when you upgrade it with the mastery system, it jumps 1600 distance. Springer jumps twice as high with the mastery upgrade as well.
  • Mount camps are special renowned hearts in the open world where you can try out a mount, use its movement ability, and unlock it when you complete the heart. The heart teach you the mount abilities so you know how to use it when you unlock it.
  • For exploration we soft gated some areas where it was more efficient to use one mount over the others.
  • Each mount has its own tolerance to fall damage. Springer can take more fall damage than other mounts. At T4 of the Springer Mastery you can share that fall damage reduction to all mounts. When you max out the T4 Mastery of a mount, you can share some aspect of that mount with your other mounts.
  • For motion sickness, we do have options to turn off some camera options such as camera roll etc.
  • Some of the early concepts for mounts included a corgi mount.
  • Mounts were originally a bit larger ingame (30% bigger) but we had to reduce them to lessen the visual space they were taking so they weren’t blocking the view of other players. They also scale to the character size you used in in character creation.
  • We started out movement abilities we wanted to have and then tried to see what creatures would fit these. Spring mount was originally a Kangaroo but people loved the cuteness of the bunny.
  • Mounts HP, stamina and engage skill damage are all separate and independent from player’s gear and condition. This made them easier to balance.
  • Mount engage skills can synergize with each other like using the Raptor to pull enemies in and having a friend with the Springer mount engage to knock them down.
  • We intentionally disallow dismount in midair as it can break stuff such as having players to use springer to launch themselves really high in the air and then glide.
  • You are able to dye all the mounts at the same time without having to dismount and switching to the mount you want to dye.


  • There are hotkeys you can assign to summon a specific mount, allowing you to swap between mounts faster.
  • Some interesting mount development bugs


  • While developing the mount system they made the legendary wyvern a mount to test out the tether system



  • Movement speed boost hovering over water/quicksand and there is less friction so you can drift. Some of the expansion maps will have a lot of water for the skimmer to skim through.
  • Skimmer will be handy in some of the core Tyria maps like Orr
  • You can mount a skimmer while in the water as well, so you don’t need to go back to land to mount.
  • Skimmer also have lowered gravity, so you can drift in the air for a bit when jumping off cliffs/ledges.


  • Also known as the Teleport Wolf internally.
  • This is the mount where we came up with the creature first before the movement ability.
  • Jackal can blink forward and go through sand portals which conserve your movement momentum so there will be jumping puzzles where you need to go through a sand portal at a fast speed that teleport you in the air and you need to blink to the next area.
  • Jackal teleport direction depends on your camera direction so if you are really fast you can jump in the air, do a 180 camera spin and teleport back.
  • Zis

    Would be nice if mounts had bags to keep some loot for you.

    • Alot

      As opposed to the 4 bags you apparently keep the mounts in.

  • Фролов Денис


  • Trillium

    Still no info on alternate mount skins/models…
    It’s simply IMPOSSIBLE that there won’t be alternate skins, like with gliders, so why are they hiding that info?

    • Is it really “hiding it” when the items are probably not fully developed? Or when they clearly want the focus to remain on the expansion and its features, and the chance to allow players to enjoy the standard mounts (IN A PACK THAT HASN’T EVEN LAUNCHED YET) before throwing reskins out? That’s like getting upset that they didn’t show us the first five glider skins a month before HoT launched.

      I’m guessing we won’t get completely different skins because the mounts are a part of the story, and they have their specific ranch hearts, etc. so it’s unlikely that they’re going to sell a skin that converts your raptor into a corgi. You’ll be unlocking the masteries anyway, so it’s not like you’re losing an investment in not knowing before the pack is even available to play.

      The gliders are skins. If they offer reskins of the existing mounts it’ll most likely remain the same creature, like a raptor with some additional details, more dye channels, or different armor, etc. so that the mounts still fit in with the story, and how you acquire them. You won’t be replacing the Springer with an Oakheart, for example. With that being the most likely scenario, does it really matter if there’s a springer skin in 4 months that has some crystals on its armor? Is that not just the slightest bit underwhelming?

      Further, with each mount having it’s own mastery track and unique skill, it’s even more unlikely that there will be cash shop-based mounts independent of mastery tracks. The animations for the four (or five) universal mount skills would also be a pain to carry over to every single possible reskin. Glider skins didn’t change the functionality of the glider, and didn’t require new mastery tracks — they also didn’t impact the overalls story of HoT. I’d wager we’ll only get new mount species as a result of living story (i.e., the leaked Griffon).

  • Either they are keeping it a lip tight secret or they really did remove Griffon from the game.

    • Lithlius

      There is a few possibilities
      1- was removed after some testing it may not have panned out
      2- Itll be part of Living world Season4
      3- Its a secret mount
      4- its a skin for another mount cause the leak didnt have a mastery list for the griffon that i remember

      Im not sure if im 100% correct but ithe way I remember it, for HoT they advertised 3 new maps and yet we got 4 with Dragon Stand so that mount could be something like this

    • Zavos

      Probably Season 4. I think they mentioned a while back that Path of Fire and living world were developed by different teams collaborating for synergy. Its possible that the gryphon was created by the season 4 team using the path of fire development toybox.

  • Alot

    I’m a bit meh over mounts in general. Not offended that they there, just don’t care much for them. Most mmo’s have this thing where people don’t care for the vanilla experience once expansions come out – so being able to burn through central tyria with mounts will improve that experience for plebs even if it violates some of the challenges.

    What I’m personally quite excited for is the possibility of a living world map with a map exclusive centaur mount. Been wanting to fight on Centaur back for ages ^^

    • Kevin Flanagan

      I felt similarly, but on something closer to the wyvern shown, or even something as mundane as a dolyak.

      • Alot

        Custom mounts give the potential for epic story quests (or raid roles) with little added effort. Without doubt there will be a quest in which we mount that Wyvern in the exact same way it was used in the test and without doubt there will eventually be a WvW role (and accompanying mastery) in which you can mount a supply dolyak to make it go faster or provide extra supplies to a roaming horde.

  • Qnrad
    • Van Hellstain

      You got my vote!

    • Isakichan

      “Some of the early concepts for mounts included a corgi mount.”


    • Emil33

      I would create an Asura JUST to have this mount! LOL

    • Kevin Flanagan

      So I love my corgi, and he would make an adorable mount, but honestly that triceratops is doing it for me.

    • AbnerDoon

      The Norns and Charr would need one for each foot. 😀

    • KJ

      Now we just need to find a way to get Norn and Charr to ride it too 🙂

  • Soul

    Wow 1 dye channel on all mounts…. Well I guess they did that to sell mount skins that will have more then 1 dye channel.

    • Lockheart

      More likely just added as an afterthought of “that would be neat”. Don’t trust these guys with gemstore content myself, but I don’t think they went in rubbing hands and twirling mustaches.

      • Pickle Dust

        Even if they did, they need to make money somewhere. You get a one mount of every type simply by playing. If you want more, or ones that might be able to be dyed I have no problem with them being gem store items personally.

  • Nitrobacter

    “tl.;dr: here are some pics of funny bugs, concepts of stuff that was to cool for you and infos we already gave you…”
    some of the concpet arts are so much cooler than what we will get now… I just hope that mount skins won’t be to expencive since you have 4 mounts but only 1 glider at a time…

    • Alot

      I am fairly interested in the mount pricing. Personally I’m expecting the worst ^^

  • Talindra

    It’s exciting for me not knowing how many keyboards I’m going to ragesmash because of mounts.

  • Robert D Milne

    concept mount 4 (jumping spider) looks better idea than the animals mashed together to make up the Springer.

    Mixing a rabbit and a kangaroo? WHY

    What about all the gw1 creature types that could be used instead? Or at least us something that looks like its at least part of the game. add if you like or dislike the Rabbaroo below im interested in your thoughts.

    • Lockheart

      Because they have some novice devs trying to be original in a game that doesn’t necessarily need new wacky deviant art OC creatures being shoved down their player’s throats any chance they get. Can’t wait for the gemstore bunny armor.

      Given the other, objectively better concepts presented. Its probably a push by a small portion of the team that was allowed to happen. They said it best in the actual dev talk about mounts, Bunnies were not needed.

      Is it an unforgiveable blunder? probably not, but these types of things have a habit of piling up. Which is sort of why Heart of Thorns was reviled. Lots of little dumb ideas amassing into a pile of frustration and “literally why?”

      • Alot

        There is a certain value in visually asserting what a mount does – so I don’t mind the hop/hop/hop themed bunny mount thing. I find the jackal to be a bit conceptually weak though

  • Jasmine Lock

    Dammit I would have loved to ride a wyvern into battle.

  • kazerniel

    Poor Queensdale, attacked by a Wyvern 😀

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