GW2 Gemstore Update–Geomancer Glider and Rox/Taimi’s Package

GW2 gemstore just updated today with Geomancer Glider for 500 gems and Rox/Taimi’s Package for 1600 and 2000 gems respectively.

New Items

  • Geomancer Glider – 500 gems


  • Taimi’s Package – 2000 gems
    • Taimi’s Outfit, Mini Scruffy, 1x Immortal Weapon Choice, Scruffy Backpack
  • Rox’s Package – 1600 gems
    • Rox’s Pathfinder Outfit, Rox’s Short Bow Skin, Rox’s Quiver Set, 2x Communal Boost Campfire

Returning Items


  • Bloody Prince’s Outfit – 700 gems
  • Gwen’s Attire – 700 gems
  • Mad Scientist Outfit – 700 gems
  • Slayer’s Outfit – 700 gems
  • Ironclad Outfit – 700 gems
  • Nature’s Oath Outfit – 700 gems
  • Bone Pick – 700 gems
  • Tireless Harvesting Minion – 700 gems
  • Tireless Logging Minion – 700 gems

Time Limited 


  • Available for 3 days only
    • Glowing Crimson Mask – 500 gems
    • Ringmaster’s Hat -200 gems
    • Shattered Bloodstone Circlet – 400 gems
    • Sport Sunglasses – 200 gems
  • Available for 4 days only
    • Shadow of the Dragon Gloves Skin – 300 gems
    • Shadow of the Dragon Helmet Skin – 300 gems
    • Shadow of the Dragon Shoulder Skin – 300 gems
  • Available for 5 days only
    • Fuzzy Bear Hat – 200 gems
    • Fuzzy Quaggan Hat with Bow – 200 gems
    • Mask of the Jubilee – 400 gems
    • Mask of the Queen – 400 gems
  • Available for 6 days only
    • Braham’s Wolfblood Pauldrons – 300 gms
    • Chaos Gloves Skin – 500 gems
  • roxoxo

    Geomancer Glider looks great, but feel sorry for people behind HP Train and JP.

    • NoxInfernus

      Can’t be any worse than the Raven Spirit Glider. If a few people pop those in any train or WvW blob, you just need to ride it out and hope you are on course.

      • Veluta Lunata

        You nailed it, that thing drives me crazy!

  • Delphox

    Oh, I was hoping to see the Unbound Magic Gathering Tools would return. Since I’ve seen someone use them a few days ago I DESPERATELY want them as well. :/

    • Answerer

      They’re really worth it, the UM pours in like rain, average 1-5 per gathering tick, and they gather faster than all other tools 4 metals or wood. Plants i dont know since i havent seen any multihit plants for a while

      • Chad Dumler-Montplaisir

        UM sickle extracts all extractions in one go. If you watch, every now and then you’ll see two sets of planet material and unbound magic. If you have guild harvesting nodes, you’ll see that it pulls all of the node’s harvest at once.

        • Darkye Rhiadra

          It doesn’t extract all in one go. It does 3 “hits” or extracts 3 resources. The max for a plant is 4. So, back when it was possible to even get plants with max hits (when the wvw buff was active and currently I imagine using the buff from Gem store – I haven’t tried that in a long time though) if you found a plant with max resources (or hits or whatever you want to call it), you had to use the um harvesting tool twice.

      • Darkye Rhiadra

        Yeah the lack of multi hits on everything since the removal of the wvw buff is really annoying.

        The harvesting um tool does 3 hits in one so at least you’re faster when gathering at guild halls lol. Otherwise it’s the slowest -_- harvesting tool. A bit slower than even the default animation.

        And unlike the mining um tool (which is the fastest even with full animation) the animation cannot be skipped since the gather happens exactly at the end of it…

  • Nitrobacter

    geomancer glider? meteor is more of a pyromancer skill ;P

    • kavok

      Meteor shower is an elementalist skill though.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    The meteor glider (that’s the name for me 😀 ) is awesome. Perfect for my ele!

  • Trillium

    Oh COME ON, they release it right after Sheet Music one and don’t have common sense to STICK A BASS GUITAR IN CHARACTER’S HANDS?! THAT WOULD’VE MADED IT ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!

  • Emil33

    ffs they need to bring back the Bandit Sniper outfit as a single purchase. The one time I decide to wait thinking … no need to get it right away, its ok they always come back , yada yada etc etc IT DOESNT … available only as an appearance pack for 2000 gems since it was released :3

    Sorry I’m irritated
    And I’m undercaffinated
    And I think I need a cookie
    I’m a sad panda chewing on my bamboo hoo :'(

    That glider rawks though!

    • kazerniel

      This comment got unexpectedly cute in the 2nd half 😀

      Here, have a cookie!

      • Emil33

        Thank you! Cookies are always welcome XD

  • That meteor glider is going to get on my nerves. Everyone is going to have it.

    • Craig Chopper Kreskay

      yeah ffs join a hot hp train, everyone has view blocking glider skins lol, this one will be the worse. it does look good tho

    • Asda

      All the cool kids in wvw have it, terrifies the enemy to see 20 meteors dropping out of the sky on them.

  • Alot

    When I see this meteor glider, I’m just left wondering how many months worth of low effort mount skins we’ll be going through before they bring out the exotic stuff.

    • hater

      It’s going to be. 1 decent one. 1 okay one. 4 reskins. and repeat for the whole year.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Bought the glider. Love it!

  • Talindra

    The gems literally bought it for me. They know what I want.

  • Ares Zax

    The meteor glider looks awesome, but since I’m betting it doesn’t cause an explosion/damage on landing, it’s still a no buy for me. 😛

    • Itexplodes

      Oh, it explodes upon landing. Totally awesome glider.

      • kavok

        Geomancer glider + Ley line gliding = very much win

    • Alot

      I’m sure they’ll eventually provide a skin to that hovering mount which looks identical to this – at which point you’ll be able to do damage when “landing” the thing.

  • Sebasuns32

    the real question is: did u finaly get that mastery. jk XD

  • oic

    hmm, that maybe the best glider yet

  • Lockheart

    The Rox pack seems a bit of a rip off. Like… 2 communal boosts are 500 gems? what? Just release this stuff separately. In any other industry the bundles would be discounted, but arenanet wants all its money all the time and just tries to pad the thing out with disposable one time use items like boosters.

    • Alot

      I’d love to see the statistics on how many people actually buy these things.

  • Andrew McCunn

    These packs seem like a way of saying ‘screw you’ to anybody who bought the outfits by themselves…why not give a discount to people who already have the outfit but want the immortal weapon skin and mini?

    • Alot

      You don’t get a discount if you bought the skin? That’s odd. Though personally I’ve always viewed the immortal weapon range as the the sole property of veteran credit card warriors.

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  • shanzy aalia
  • Su

    I just want to known if they will bring back Glint´s Gaze Mask… since they removed the Glowing Crimson Mask. 😛

    • Screech

      Same here… Glint’s Gaze Mask would make my guardian look perfectly imo :/

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