SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 5 – September 12

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 5 – September 12


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  • Ezechiel Darken

    That’s our compensation for 5.4a screwup? :v

    • Darth Ji’inx


      • Ezechiel Darken

        Reskinned pet then!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Bet you a buck they’re just hoping we’ll forget about it. Just like the dozen of so previous times we got promised something that we never received.

      Having said that, they do seem to be having a lot of server stability problems recently. I have to wonder if it’s tied in any way to the hardware changes they did last year.

    • Meglivorn

      The five daily area still raining CXP even without the doubleXP event.

      • Ezechiel Darken

        So not fixing broken dailies = compensation? No, it’s poor PR. :v

  • Gratua Cuun

    Mando armor is mine!

  • HarbingerZero

    Wish I had known about all the pack sales over the weekend…

  • Asteron123

    Hmm, I’d personally prefer the Tracker armor myself. Especially given how expensive it is on the GTN.
    It’s one of the precious few new sets I actually like.

  • DerpDude

    Patches through the mud….sales on time =P

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Because the CM Team is clearly responsible for fixing game-breaking issues (sarcasm)…

      • DerpDude

        Weird…considering the state of the game I was under the impression they ARE the same team.

        • Ezechiel Darken

          CM team works super hours to fill for CS team and help Musco understand the game. :v

        • Darth Ji’inx

          The CM Team’s work is more visible because they have to update the CM on a weekly basis. Most of the Dev Team’s work is behind-the-scenes stuff and occasional updates/expansions.

          • DerpDude

            I know…it’s just a jab at EA’s biggest concern about the game is it’s cash shop =P

  • kirk

    its unfortunate to still see this game in its sad state.

  • Zefram Mann

    Bah! I’ve been wanting that armor forever and just spent all my cartel coins last night.

    If only it had a jetpack.

  • Sabretooth


  • Kubrickian

    Remember not long ago SWTOR was all about guides to Operations, playing different classes, and events. Now it’s about recycled fashion reassembled in a hodgepodge to get twenty bucks out of the player who just likes to log in and dress up in their stronghold.

    • Ezechiel Darken

      Now SWTOR’s section on Dulfy is all about why servers were offline and why players won’t get compensation for it. And Cartel Market, as you said.

      • Amodin

        Honestly, the compensation thing that people look for in an online game has gone overboard and frankly, has become more of an entitlement rather than just a game developer’s good will nature. We all know BW/EA has no such thing, and any compensation that you “think” you are entitled to will be nothing more than a recycled R2 type minion that they can’t ever seem to get past.

        • Ezechiel Darken

          And boink, I don’t feel entitled to any rewards, in fact I no longer play this game. I am just curious whether Bioware will do anything with compensation they talked about or will they count on us forgetting about it.

    • Лев Сафаров

      At least its not site author fault.

    • Rob

      Dulfy’s updates are just a reflection on the games sorry status. It’s not her fault that BW care more about the CM than they do about the actual state of the game. Pretty sure Dulfy would love a thriving SWTOR with lots of active players looking for guides to increase the traffic to her site.

      Personally I only pop in a few times a week while procrastinating at work to see if there are signs BW/EA might get their act together, alas, it’s always more of the same, looking for the quick buck instead of investing in the game to ensure long term sustainable subscription numbers.

      Never the less, thanks for the updates Dulfy 🙂

      • Rompe Himself

        It just means more time for Dulfy to play other mmo’s with actual new and proper sized content. 😆

        • Paulo Gomes

          I wish Dulfy Shifted her attention to ESO. I know the game is supposedly covered here as well, but the last post is from 2014.

          I rarely comment on TOR stuff anymore, although I’ve been accused of constantly doing so. But in truth I rarely comment on this game anymore, except when there’s a major development… Or major fuck-up, like the recent one… 😉

          • Ezechiel Darken

            People will still say ESO is bugged. It is, okay. But compare the amount of content we get for ESO with the amount of content we get for SWTOR and compare how those work. Every single patch for ESO: download, wait few days for fixes, get most bugs fixed, get good gameplay. Ever single patch for SWTOR: download, watch broken things that aren’t dependant on stuff that was added to the game, Bioware might try to fix most of those, they are still broken, servers are down for whole EU because it’s night time in NA/SA, Bioware promises it will never happen again, they test new stuff 48h longer, it’s still broken.
            And holy fvck, I really want SWTOR to be amazing. I really do. I just can’t stand and watch how they trash game related to such amazing franchise, I just can’t pay them for the same ops over and over again.

  • Alan Lockwood

    I swear to fvck, the team assigned to those fvckin useless sales is larger than the one assigned to fixing the game. ffs

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I doubt it takes a whole team to list EXISTING items for sale or in bundles. However, it does take to work on the rest of the game.

      • Alan Lockwood

        You’re absolutly right.
        However, they do have a team reworking old stuff to make them look new.
        Like that armor. 2695cc ? Wth ?
        They should listen to their community, or what’s left of it, and make some real content and useful updates with new features and bug corrections instead of working on how to make us buy recycled stuff we don’t care about.
        It will attract more players, old and new, and they will eventually make more money than they’re making with their present useless cartel maket direct sales Policy.

  • Vanguard

    I love these comments. They do a combinations of these things: 1) Assume the CM is just as difficult to update as an entire game. 2) Assume the CM team is the developer team. 3) Make fun of Musco (As deserving as it is).

    • Rompe Himself

      1) No one assumed the cm was as difficult to update as the game. Quite the opposite. Every one knows how easy it is for them thanks to BW Austin caring about the CM above everything. Couple that with the fact they also reskin the same stuff over and over and call it new.

      2) One would honestly hope it is the BW Austin intern or maybe even the guy who comes in to change the coffee machine filter every week that actually does the CM and not any of the incompotent dev team. It surely can’t take more then one person to take existing assets and give it a different color or mix and match it with other existing assets to make a “new” reskin. Then again, we are talking about a dev studio so useless, they struggle to put out a roadmap despite how tiny the content coming out is.

      3) Both he and Keith deserve nothing but scorn to match their bullshit.


      • Darth Ji’inx

        They’ve actually been cutting down on CM reskins lately.
        (I’m not sure if that’s why we are getting less armors per pack, but it’s still less reskins.)

    • Darth Ji’inx

      No matter how much you try to explain 1 and 2, they won’t listen. That’s the sad part.

      I’m not defending anyone, it’s just that I don’t like people being bashed based on assumptions.

    • Mark Saunders

      I assume/do none of that. I assume 4) MUSCO is a “deep thought” based computer that generates RNG -based patch updates. There are no staff, just MUSCO. MUSCO re-skins items based on RNG colours. New items are created by MUSCO by RNG’ing parts together to create a new item. MUSCO just like Deep Thought was made in the 1980’s and that is why it creates 80’s style shoulder pads on armours. The cartel market is just MUSCO RNG’ing items to form a “pack”. MUSCO has no emotions therefore failed to realise that humans would truly detest Lana. MUSCO created Scorpio to be his wife. He does not know why as he has no emotions. It was just RNG’d to happen. MUSCO will one day destroy us all. Please make up your own mind up of what MUSCO stands for.

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