Destiny 2 Titan Region Chests Guide

A guide to all the Destiny 2 region chests located on Titan

These chests can be only looted once per account (not per character) and will disappear off the map once you have looted them. They give tokens for that region’s reputation, glimmer currency and chance to give you relics for your character’s subclasses.

The chests and the map icons for them only appear once you have completed the story campaign for that area.

Siren’s Watch

There are three region chests in Siren’s Watch.




  • Siren’s Watch #1 – 0:00
  • Siren’s Watch #2 – 0:25
  • Siren’s Watch #3 – 1:08

Siren’s Watch #1

If you are next to Sloane, go to the landing platform and jump down and enter through the black door below the yellow pipes. The first Titan region chest will be there.


Siren’s Watch #2

From that first chest, run out of the room and take a right towards the hive room (room that used to house the hive eggs in the campaign). Go in and stick to the right side of the room and look for an exit.


Go through the exit and then take a left to go into the room with a bunch of computer cables.


Siren’s Watch #3

From the second chest, exit the room and take a left and run under the pillars. Once you reach the edge, go right towards a small black room.


The Rig

There are three region chests in The Rig.




  • The Rig #1 – 1:36
  • The Rig #2 – 2:53
  • The Rig #3 – 3:27

The Rig #1

Cross the big bridge connecting Siren’s Watch to The Rig and then look to your left towards the shipping containers. Climb up to the level of the containers and then look for a container in the middle to jump up and across to get this region chest.


The Rig #2

From the first chest on The Rig, head towards Bay 3 but drop down on the railing on your left when you reach bay 3. The chest should be visible from above behind some crates.


The Rig #3

From the second chest on The Rig, turn around and follow the walkway all the way. Once you get up to the big platform guarded by some fallen, take the stairs to your right.


Once you finish climbing the stairs, go towards the orange building slightly to your left and then follow it all the way to the end before making a left turn.


Hop on the crates to find your last regional chest on Titan.


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