SWTOR CXP and Daily Areas in September

SWTOR will be bringing back double CXP in patch 5.5 and allowing the daily area CXP to stay until 5.5 as well.

CXP and Daily Areas throughout September | 09.07.2017, 10:22 PM
Hey all,

Recently, we have had more maintenances than normal. This was compounded by our update issues last Thursday which led to over 10 hours of maintenance. Thursday’s issue along with the extra downtime have impacted all of our playtime, and they especially are bothersome when you consider how much XP and CXP you lost from the Double XP/CXP event was running along with the over the top CXP for Daily Areas. So, to make sure your characters can take advantage from both, here’s what we going to do:

  • Since the Double XP/CXP event ended on Tuesday, we’ve decided to bring it back earlier than planned. That is, we had scheduled to make it available in December around the holidays, but it’ll return with the launch of Game Update 5.5. That will give you another full week to benefit from the event.
  • The Daily Area bug is also going to stick around for a few weeks. As Eric mentioned in another post, our plan was to fix it next week in another patch, but we’ve decided to hold off any changes until Game Update 5.5. I’m personally leveraging this as a means of playing my other toons and raising their Command Rank to 300. Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun seeing so many other players taking advantage, too.
    • It is very clear everyone is really enjoying higher rewards on the older Daily Missions. As a result, we are exploring some options such as increasing CXP values above their base rewards, making rotating daily objectives worth high bonuses, and more. We will let you know where we land on these discussions, but one thing is for certain, higher CXP values are very motivational.

Again, I want to thank you all for your patience the past couple of weeks.


  • Haggard

    “…As a result, we are exploring some options such as increasing CXP values above their base rewards, making rotating daily objectives worth high bonuses, and more…”

    At least something good in all of this.

    • Anonymous

      Look how low the bar for expectations has dropped.
      “You know that RNG gear grind that the player base almost unanimously rejected?
      It just became negligibly less grindy.

      • Zeus Fagervold

        “negligibly” Is an understatement and you know it. I achieved in a few days twice as much as I’ve done since the expansion launched. I went from rank 100 to 300, and have probably opened 100+ tier IV crates. When I used to do ops in previous expansions, getting good gear would take weeks, sometimes months. Now I am almost fully 248 decked by just doing simple dailies for 1.5 hours a day for 4-5 days.
        THAT is not neglibly less grindy, it’s insanely rewarding. Way too rewarding. Sure it’s been fun and great, and I am not complaining. But these rates are just way too high.

        • Haggard

          I’m pretty sure they’ll just double the base reward of dailies when they fix the “Feature™” and insert some high value targets of sorts for that extra big CxP reward.
          This is what I think but almost sounds like an utopia.

        • LargeMass

          “This” I couldn’t agree more.

        • Eban

          ^this is what I’ll never understand.
          You’ve played the same dailies over and over for 5 days too ‘achieve’ the BIS gear.
          Now what do you do?
          Do the same dailies next week to ‘achieve’ the BIS gear for an alt?
          Thats horrific mmorpg gaming.
          I wouldn’t thank Bioware if I could max gear every alt I had in under a hour cause it would leave me with nothing to actually do.
          Bioware are dripping content slower than any other subscription based MMORPG out there.
          The best thing about the previous gearing system is that it took time and effort to actually achieve the BIS gear.
          When you acquired it you felt good. You wore it proudly.
          Now it’s just grind those dailies a thousand times and boom done.
          The CXP system is so horrible that when Bioware screw it up by accident and folk can gain levels faster they are thanking them!!
          What The Royal Fuck!
          Worlds gone mad.

          You don’t need CXP boosts you need more new content, wake up.

          • Zeus Fagervold

            When I did nightmare opsing back in the day it was for the challenging fights. However hardcore raiding drains so much energy and almost feels like a second job sometimes, so I stopped. When the expansion was introduced the CXP system was so incredibly slow and unrewarding that doing the math of how long and much I would have to play to get better gear was simply too much. So I quit playing and only came back when new content released.
            Sure I got pretty much no more gear to yearn for now, but at least I’m not left in the dirt for when new content drops. And it makes soloplay a lot more efficient.
            I’d also much rather have the previous gearing system.

          • BobbyOrr

            I would have been much happier if they kept the old system in place and CXP included no gear, was account bound and becomes “extra” cosmetic loot.

          • John Dullebawn III

            Agree totally, even though we were playing the same ops over and over patch after patch, you had to implement atl-east some end game skills to gain the end game gear by defeating OP boses(as it should be). Now we have 248 geared noobs in EV SM wiping a hundred times. And if we all remember correctly most of the people now wiping on EV SM were the ones saying ” I want end game gear but I dont have the time to play operations” so thanks to most of them we now have GC and a much worse endgame community,

          • Mark Saunders

            I was gonna say the same. I like dailies. I’d love the xp boost to be on all planets, but it’s not, and I’m not about to just do the same 4 planets every day until I crack up. I’d rather play something else instead as a week of cz-198 etc is just boring, even if it takes me 15-ish to do all the missions. Life and gaming are all about balance. If you repeat the same fun stuff they become less fun. I’m beyond “less fun” on some parts of SWTOR. I do enjoy other bits still. I love that we all like this game for differing reasons. That’s actually one of SWTOR’s successes. It does need to balance the updates and give more content for all.

        • John Kosto

          Nope, I did all the dailies at Command Level 300 with a Command boost, and I got about 35 crates a day, which means that there is no way in 5 days you were able to go up 200 levels AND get another 100 crates at Tier 4.

          Also, what Eban said.

          • Zeus Fagervold

            I also did a lot of flashpoints and uprisings. I have no reason to lie. I started at level 102 and I’ve opened a shitton of crates beyond level 300. You know how low the droprate for 248 gear is, and I’ve got 247 gear rating now. I have absolutely no reason to lie about this. Sure maybe not 100+ crates in 5 days, it’s been 7 days now.

            • John Kosto

              Well ok, even so….. AND WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? You finally have a top tier of gear almost a year after the latest expansion came out. Endgame gear is NOT the goal of this game. It’s a goal to work towards to, so that you can complete the toughest content of the game a little easier. I don’t understand why you presented it in your first post as a minor problem even.

              This is a blessing for everyone who wants to level their alts in Command Levels, and it’s still pretty screwed up that the fastest way to do this now is doing daily missions in areas that have existed for 5 or 4 or 3 years already.

              • Zeus Fagervold

                Did you even read what I first replied to? Or are you just trying to argue for the sake of arguing? OP stated that the grind was “neglibly less grindy”. And I gave a pretty decent example that it is the complete opposite of what one would consider negligible.
                Your goal, my goal and other peoples goals in this game differs considerably, so yes for a lot of people endgame gear is their goal in this game. Your goals are not representative for everyone elses goal.
                As I also said I’m not complaining, I’m milking this all I can. It’s the system that is wrong.
                This entire system is my problem. It makes gear insignificant. Gear is supposed to be an indication of your skill level and a reward. Now I’m no different than the guys who have been opsing every week since launch to get their gear.
                The new master mode flashpoint requires 242 gear rating. Which means it’s a lot more difficult than the other flashpoints. Yet people now risk having complete retards in their group, because the skill level doesn’t necessarily match the gear rating.
                Things like that make this more than just a “minor problem”.

          • BobbyOrr

            Maybe I have bad luck but I’ve seen the same. Finally got to 300 and opened over 100 at Tier 4 and I almost have my left side done twice but only 1 248 set piece. It seems even with an easy way to get CXP, Ops is still the best place for less rng to get gear and that makes sense to me.

      • LargeMass

        Are there really this many “entitled’s” out there?

        • John Dullebawn III

          nothing “entitled” about what most are saying. If you sell a product and 80% plus of your consumers rejected an rng gearing idea, you do not then implement that idea. If your consumers want multiplayer content you do not just add a shit ton of single player content.

          • Mark Saunders

            If EA ever look back on what sounded the death knell, RNG was it. The money wasted by devs to make GC. A cheap cash grab that annoyed players, was then made into (albeit it free, but only to subs) a waste of players grind time. Do any other mmo’s have similar I wonder. I expect not many.

  • Seph

    They are getting to the end if the year with no real new content. A new op boss or two. They accidentally stumbled on a very temporary way to increase player grind hours, so they are taking credit for this bug being a feature. And far past time of even a hint of 6.0. I’m guessing no expansion at all in 2017.

    • Blackfrost

      the road map is coming out soon so we will see. don’t even know what is in 5.5 yet either.

      • Rompe Himself

        That’s because despite how miniscule and infrequent, the content coming out is, BW Austin too have nfi what to put on the roadmap to make it look filled.

      • Fred Garvin

        They don’t even release real roadmaps. They give minimal details on what’s coming within the next 2-3 months. Other games give details nearly a year ahead of time and stick to the content release schedule. That’s a roadmap.

        What SWTOR does is like if you asked your parents as a kid where you were going on vacation this year and they replied, “Well…get ready…because we going to the end of the block! And then…past the McDonald’s!! What’s next? Stay tuned but know that your choices of travel snacks will matter!”

        • Shawn Hargrave

          i think they will anounce the first part of an opp where you grind the mobs then the boss to come in 6 months lol

          • Fred Garvin

            Hey, it’s new content! Which trash to pull first? Should you stun them? Choices matter!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Paulo Gomes

          Now, now… You’re being really insensitive here Fred. Who knows? Maybe daddy dropped in to see someone… AGAIN. Or some other member of the family. Or maybe the dog had to go to the vet to get some vaccine. Or maybe he’s got a broken nail and he can’t really type that well on the keyboard.

          I don’t know about you, but I await in nervous excitement the next roadmap… And NEVER in my wildest dreams would I even consider this game’s management anything short of the utmost level of proficiency in it’s kind…


          • Rob

            We should take bets on the next excuse for the delay of the Roadmap.

            I’m gonna guess that Keith has been abducted by Aliens ;-p

          • Fred Garvin

            GASP! I forgot about the variable a visiting family member can bring into play. Plus, Hurricane Harvey wasn’t that far from Austin. It may have washed the remaining 3 Op bosses away causing a mad scramble to re-do the roadmap.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Dataminers found that we are going to “Copero” in 5.6. According to Wookieepedia, Copero is a planet in the Chiss Ascendancy.

      There could be an announcement at the October 6 Cantina.

    • John Kosto

      “They accidentally stumbled on a very temporary way to increase player grind hours, so they are taking credit for this bug being a feature”

      Dude… I wanna hug you for this sentence. It couldn’t be more on spot.

  • “…one thing is certain, higher CXP values are very motivational.”

    Um, you think?

    • Emon McCullen

      They are. I did re-sub because of this bug. However, having a focus on a special area like on a given day in a week will cause the same mess we’ve experienced this last weekend: hundreds of players ravaging the same areas and since teaming seems to be a thing of the past, we all compete for the same respawns.

  • John Kosto

    It’s funny how our expectations for release of new content are becoming fewer and fewer as the time goes by….

    After the fiasco of releasing minimal group content over the course of almost 2 years (if you count as group content Star Fortresses…) here’s what followed:

    1. “We want new ops and group content” – We got Uprisings…
    2. “Just give us at least ONE new operation” – We got 5 more uprisings and ONE BOSS
    3. “Will we get the new op by the end of the year?” – We will get a total of 3 bosses at most
    4. “So… no expansion this year, but we will get 2 more bosses next year, right?” – They will probably just finish this operation by summer 2018…. who knows when 6.0 will drop… and how it will be, I dread that it will be even less content than 2015-2017 which was a mess 🙁

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Dataminers found that we are going to “Copero” in 5.6. According to Wookieepedia, Copero is a planet in the Chiss Ascendancy.

      • John Kosto

        Ι hope it’s not as underwhelming as Umbara…. but that’s not really saying much anyway, right?

        • Twoandahalfcents

          Be nice if they could finally let us go to Kashyyyk. Or perhaps Dantooine.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            or play a dam wookie like i can in swg the problem is tor doesnt really have worlds they have zones

          • Zebedeeeeee

            Seconded. Forget the obscure EU stuff. More movie planets please.

      • Which one dataminers?

        • Darth Ji’inx

          The guy that used to be “SWTOR Miner.” Jedipedia’s reddit has a post on his 5.6 datamined thread if you want to see it, but it’s basically just the name of the place and mentions of its sounds.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      i really dont know how you guys still play this? or try to i should say lol they just treat the customers so badly and all their content focus is on cartel market crap lol at that imagine if they could crank out actual content like they do cartel packs. Pretty sad state of affairs

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    • AJ

      I found this oddly hilarious.

  • sidra arslan
  • Vader

    When does 5.5 come out

  • drt

    Now that I’ve experienced double xp + daily area bug, just daily area bug CXP is not enough!

    I have seen how it feels to get a decent amount of CXP, abouve 2000 per mission. I don’t want to go back!

    Bug + double for ever, everything else is just wrong!

  • Wayshuba

    Hehe. CxP having the effect intended. http://mirror.torstatus.net/shards/us/trends

    Every server except Harbinger down to 0.96 average and Harbinger down to 1.21. That is nominal decline of more than 60% of players since 5.0 dropped. Nice….

    • Jasken

      This is true, I logged into my toons on Jedi Covenant and The Shadowlands, two east coast servers at 10:00pm est. Only 60 people on fleet, the population has declined considerably from almost a year ago, even Harbinger has been light on population compared to the last few years.

      • Blackfrost

        weird, i have over 110 active accounts in my guild alone on The Shadowlands and my guild is small compared to others on the server. was your 10pm est during the week cause you do know that’s when some people work the next day.

    • Mikey Moo

      That isn’t going to happen, because even when they take a dip in revenue, the game is still generating profit, and sizable profit at that, and whenever there is a new expansion, they cash in big. If the game consistently falls into costing more than it produces in revenue then worrying about such a thing would make sense, but it won’t be soon. People always freak out about things the further in between large expansions the game gets.

      Warhammer Online shut down for various reasons, including being poorly managed, and no way forward to recoup costs, or generate new content from a studio that was already having pretty severe financial problems for a long time. The primary reason, however, was that GamesWorkshop had chosen not to renew the license agreement with Mythic, and if they had, the game would probably still be there if EA had felt there was a way to turn it into a profitable game, and/or if they felt like Mythic was worth investing in. BioWare is a massively successful company, and despite very recent shortcomings in terms of critical acclaim, they produce games that are commercially successful by no small measure. SW:TOR has been an extremely profitable venture, they not only made a huge amount of money at launch, and sustained high subscription numbers during the first year of operation (although they did decline to a relatively alarming low prior to the F2P relaunch), they quickly turned it around, and they have adjusted the content they deliver as they need to in order to entice players into the game. LucasArts//Disney renewed their license agreement with BioWare, and extended the length of the agreement by several years, and in order to keep the license BioWare & EA will need to produce content and keep the game alive for the next time the license is up for renewal.

      • Jep Fareborn

        What dream world are you living in, Neo?

      • Wayshuba

        Just a few things:

        1.) According to EA, the game made $17 million in profit on the initial launch (on 2 million copies sold). EA invested almost $200 million in development and $100 million in marketing to launch the game.

        2.) By BioWare’s own admission, the game lost 1.8 million (of those 2 million) players within eight months of launch. It was so bad that EA was already considering pulling the plug but BioWare convinced them to let them try an F2P implementation. Once implemented, user base climbed back up to 400k.

        3.) It is blatantly obvious at this point that SWTOR has a skeleton crew working on it. Like maybe 8-12 people. Considering it takes eight months to produce two operation bosses (meaning if they keep the same pace it will take 20 months – almost two years – to produce one operation). For comparison, WoW, FFXIV and ESO will all have released two full raids this year – in addition to a virtual ton of other fresh content.

        4.) For EA it is not if a title is making money, it is if those 8-12 resources on it could be moved to something that makes EA even more money. Look what they did with the BW studio that worked on ME:A, moved almost all of them over to Anthem.

        5.) There is a good pipeline of Star Wars games coming from EA. I still contend that once they have these games out to give gamers their “Star Wars fix”, they are going to shutter SWTOR.

        All one has to do is go back and look at the history of EA, and how they have handled past franchises, to see that the writing is on the wall for SWTOR.

        • Mark Saunders

          I’d love to know how true this is – without sounding like I’m trolling, which I sincerely am not, on point one, the maths don’t add up. I also heard EA spent $200-300 mill so that sound right, but at 2mill sales, (I guess) at $40 at launch wouldn’t put much of a dent in $200mill? Never mind make a profit. The other points seem reasonable. I have a feeling that 8-12 crew is being generous. I hope that I’m wrong but it would explain the recent bug. Not enough folks to monitor what was being implemented.

          However on a positive note (because we’re all experts in accountancy and business lol, I’m not btw)…

          As for the previous quotes of “Week 20 – 74,379 toons played (figure and average of about eight toons a player – 9,297 players)
          Week 36 – 13,936 toons played (with 8 avg. 1,742 players)” Based on those figures, that would mean a yearly LOSS and not just a $48mill decline (decline does not mean an actual financial loss). If all 9297 paid subs for a whole year that’s just over a $1mill a year to EA. I assume that the cost of 12 IT staff based in the US, not outsourced, servers and infrastructure such as building space that could as said be used for a new game, costs at least $1mill? If they were breaking even, the game would be gone, as a new game would be expected to make more than a $1mill?

          $48 mill is a huge number but I’d love to know what it was in 2015 before I start calling the end.

          I’m at the point of saying if it shuts down, it shuts down. I’ll live.It was for me lots of fun, I’ll have great memories and very few rants 10-20 years down the line. It is what it is. It’s not going to change and become the SWTOR of old, full of people. We might get one last push by EA and get an expansion of merit but I’m not sure they can justify the expenditure, especially if the numbers above are true. 5+ years is a long time in games, (WoW aside) and if people are bored, maybe it’s time for all to move on. I hope we get one last year at least and some solid game-play but I have a feeling that EA will make us just accept what we have and wait for players to leave.

          I feel sorry for those still working on the game who to be honest don’t deserve the trash they get. They likely read lots of what we chuck at them in frustration, they might even agree. It’s not their fault higher management has possibly wasted resources and pushed poor changes in, or that EA won’t fund what the remaining players expect. They are just doing what job they can with what they are given. If time only allows re-skins, that’s due to EA not giving the staff to create more. Secretly, I’m crossing my fingers that they do actually have 8 staff working on running the game as we now believe (maintenance mode)… and fifty off-site working away on either “The Greatest Expansion Ever Created For The Galaxy Far, Far Away. TM” or SWTOR 2.

    • Amkosh

      And they have kept many games open with fewer players. Whether SWTOR stays open or not is likely in LucasArts hands, not EA. I can see them offloading it onto someone like Broadsword to operate, but not closing unless LA demands it either directly or what happened to SWG, when they hiked the license cost up so much, there was no way SOE would pay it.

      Will it happen? Doubt it. LA tends to not care much what players say, but about the people, and LA still likes Bioware.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Gotta love when they pat themselves on the back for an in-game flaw or exploit and reverse-psychologically turn it into a positive thing. Bioware is a bunch of bullshit artists – literally.

  • George DeathLives

    Increased CXP levels in daily areas are nice and all but this just seems plain lazy to me, instead of fixing the bug they are keeping it as a new feature lol.

    • Marrks

      oh for fuck’s sake just shut the fuck up

    • Robin ALISON

      There’s a difference between realizing people actually enjoy those daily areas and them being rewarding again due to a bug made them think on how they can turn this bug into something less “flat lol you get too much CXP”.

      They’re not fixing it so that they can think of something more complex and let us enjoy the bonus. You’d rather they fix it, so that the dailies go back to oblivion and be wastelands, then turned back into something useful 2 monthes later ? Of course no.

  • AbnerDoon
    • jozeiax

      show me your paper work please

  • Fred Garvin
    • jozeiax

      choices choices

  • shanzy aalia
  • Fred Garvin

    Some real Musco gems here from 2009. Funny that a lot of his worries about SWTOR have actually happened since he’s been working for them and he sits there cheerleading the crapfest.


    • Whitedragon
      • Darth Ji’inx

        Fake news! He wouldn’t give someone a hat for free. 😉

      • jozeiax

        wait how is he on this lifedingy

        • jozeiax

          fatmmogamer without his laptop 🙂

          • Fred Garvin

            lol…Chris Christie would be playing some bad Korean MMO just so he could be some kind of cat-girl and eRP with teen boys.

      • Fred Garvin

        Irrelevent as always but I have to say this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile so you’ve earned an up-vote. Christie in the back looking at the camera made me actually lol.

  • Played the game on and off since the beta. Tried to log in this past week for kicks and giggles, knowing there really wasn’t anything new awaiting me, and kept getting an error.

    That’s when I finally said enough, and completely uninstalled the game for good. It’s a sad ending for me because SWTOR was a defining part of my gaming life for a number of years. But like a wise woman once said:

    “Ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

    • Whitedragon
      • jozeiax

        aye needs his morning egg supper and cheese toast matey

    • Eban
      • Fred Garvin

        Nah, if she was Yoda’s wife she’d have said, “For dat, ain’t nobody got time.”

        • Shawn Hargrave


    • Objectively Biased

      Lol you’ll be back. You probably didn’t even uninstall it.

      • John Kosto

        He will not. I find it very amusing when people are like “everyone loves this game, they all come back, they are not going to uninstall, this game is still good, this game will never die” etc.

        • Fred Garvin

          Uninstalling SWTOR gave me more room for memes and gifs which is a win/win for me and everyone here on Dulfy!

      • Um….no I probably won’t. And yeah….I sure as hell did.

        The game was sitting on my desktop since I played the beta. I had always found a reason, even during these lean years, to keep it installed. Whether it was new expansions or just a general itch to play it.

        But the outlook for this game has become so disappointingly bleak, as soon as I started getting these recent launch errors, it wasn’t even worth trying to troubleshoot it.

        Got enough going on in my life and more than enough options. Sadly, SWTOR isn’t worth it anymore.

        • Paulo Gomes

          I feel ya.

          Oddly enough I’ve been getting the hitch to play it again. For the worst possible reason. Yes, it’s sitting on my desktop (not the whole game, just the shortcut lol). If I log in without problems I’m probably looking at a long time of updates.

          But the reason I feel like playing it again is because I feel like it won’t be around for much longer. And it was an important part of my gaming years, just like you. I had so much fun with this game. It will be a sad, sad day when this game shuts down.

          Even in it’s current, uninspired, dysfunctional form.

          I’m thinking of a last run with a new toon, just to remember and relive some of those moments. A nostalgia trip. I don’t even care about the more recent stuff. Do everything up until KotFE. Skip EVERYTHING after that.

          And then maybe I’ll gather up the courage to hit that “uninstall” button…

          • Errtai

            Humble advise from an ex-player to another ex-player: Do not uninstall.

            I did that, and just recently I got that itch to play again. Not only installing and updating took ages, but more importantly your saved keybindings and your saved UIs all vanish if you uninstall.

            So I installed the game, updated it, thenn entered the game. Cool. But my keybindings were all gone. My saved UI’s were all gone. I have (or “had” rather) a special custom UI for my healers. Creating it again was going to take ages so I didn’t even bother playing my healers.

            So yeah, don’t uninstall. That’s my humble advise to you.

            • Rompe Himself

              From memory (I have swtor uninstalled atm), the keybindings and game settings etc are kept in the swtor folder in the username/appdata folder (windows7). Local or roaming i can’t remember. If you make a copy of the swtor folder located there and keep it, you lose nothing when you want to reinstall by copying said folder back.

              I also save myself time if i need to reinstall it (rare now with lack of new game content) by keeping my swtor game folder saved on an external. I install using their install file then when the launcher launches, i close it, copy said folders to their rightful locations, then all that needs updating is whatever update i missed which is a fraction of the time it needs to download vs. starting from scratch. 🤘

          • Rob

            Funnily enough I had this same feeling over the weekend, for the very same reasons. Only problem is choosing which one to go with. For pure nostalgia I was thinking of going with the Sith Warrior as that was my first, but I think all the vanilla stories have their merits so it’s a hard decision, especially as I prefer to do good things for the Republic.

            I doubt I’ll be subbing as I have no desire to play anything past SoR, plus giving BW money seems like an exercise in futility as I know it won’t help improve the game. Although maybe in actually playing again I might feel obligated to sub as I always detested F2Ps.

            And Paulo, if you’ve got a slot on Progenitor or Red Eclipse we should group up and reminisce about the good old days.

    • I’m with you. Started at launch, and I have a lot of nostalgia for my experience in the game for the first few years, as well as the amazing people I played with. I’ve logged in a few times over the years (usually to see expansion content), and thought about re-installing it this morning to check it out again.. but I can’t be bothered to actually do it. I know I’d just login to my messy stronghold, and if I do anything it’ll be the same tasks, in the same places. The world is stagnant, the combat is static, etc. and it’s been a long time since I’ve played anything like that.

  • jozeiax

    the fake news scandal is just so hilarious

  • Vader

    When does 5.5 come out

    • Drool Bear


  • Rompe Himself

    Hey Whitedragon, my power level just went over 9000 on this post…………….

    So hey Keith, umm hate to remind you mid way through September but remember that time you said:


    “To change our direction, we had to retool, reorganize, hire new talent, and get everyone on board with the changed direction. That takes time, so we made a choice and decided to release
    the Operation Boss encounters one at a time. This gave us more time to design, polish, test, and get insight directly from players, versus making everyone wait all year before we released 5 new bosses.

    It wasn’t an easy decision, as we knew we were going to be criticized while impacting progression efforts. But, honestly, it was the right call. We’re discussing future content, how to release it, what’s going to be included, and when, but we won’t be ready to disclose our next year’s plans for a while.”



    “Delivering an Operation is a fundamental change in our direction this year and our plan is to provide you with a new Boss encounter every few months. By doing it this way, we can deliver high quality, challenging Boss fights much faster than making you wait until the end of the year or for an expansion.”

    To quote Bill Lumberg “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”. Here we are, half way through September and that line about making us wait a whole year for a completed Op to validate their roll out of a Op boss every few months despite hiring more people (supposedly though I think it’s bullshit as the meager content roll out through out 2017 has shown), but how many Op bosses out of 5, do we have so far mid way through Sept 2017??


    So maybe we should have just waited for the completed Op instead huh?? 😛

    So when is BW Austin going to tell everyone that their Gods Op isn’t going to be finished by 2017? Who remembers Keith saying this??


    06.02.2017, 11:38 PM| #321 Next

    “There are absolutely going to be times where we say we want to do a thing, but we have to
    redirect and change course. When we realize we can’t deliver, we’ll tell you and explain what’s up. Hopefulllllly, the change will be for the better, but in some cases, we’ll have to refer back to your message.”

    House Mormont remembers, The North remembers, errr I mean the Internet remembers Keith………… 😛

    Funny how similar Ben & Keith are in the bullshit stakes:

    Ben Irving (http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=880070)

    If there is anything I would like people reading this to take away it’s this: SWTOR is absolutely being supported into the future. We have a lot of content coming over the next few months and
    even more exciting things to talk about later this year. All of us here at BioWare appreciate your ongoing support and we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

    Keith Kanneg (http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20170413)

    “As the Game Producer for SWTOR, I help guide and influence the development team to continually improve the gameplay experience for everyone. Regardless of your play style, there’s a lot we have planned for all of us this year. We’ll have fun activities for you whether you’re a player who loves Star Wars™stories, or the veteran who is looking for new challenges and more options to play with friends, or if you simply want to play on your own. Look for the SWTOR Roadmap in the coming weeks where we’ll offer insight about what’s happening this year and what you can expect in the
    coming months.”

    PROMISES, PROMISES, CONTENT, CONTENT, LOTS AND LOTS OF CONTENT!!!! But where, oh where is it?? Oh right…………….


  • Bob Robertson

    I really think people would still bitch and moan if the game somehow became a PayYOU2ToPlay model. I understand everything is relative, but these are seriously some “First World” MMO problems. You should see the mess that the Star Trek Online folks have to put up with. SWTOR looks like a polished diamond by comparison.

    • Eban

      Your logic is as flawed as Bioware’s patches.
      So STO is more of a mess than SWTOR so we should be grateful?

      ”Heh people the game has become shit but the upside is, there is shittier games out there so cheer up!”

      lol ffs

      • Darth Yaoi

        No, he’s 100% right. Trolls will ALWAYS find a reason to complain.

        • HMH

          As you and he did.

        • Eban

          Not every negative comment or complaint is a troll btw.
          Bioware have earned at least 80% of them.

          • Rompe Himself

            80%?? Geez you are too kind to them. Remember BW Austin came up with KOTFE/KOTET after all.

            • Eban

              LOL yeah I know, was being kind to the fanboy.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        theres no mess in sto that im aware of i play it all the time im not sure what the hell hes talking about

        • Eban

          I believe you, (never played STO)
          I find it hard to believe any MMORPG is in a worse place than SWTOR right now.
          Even IF there is a MMORPG out there that are doing things worse than Bioware it sure as shit doesn’t justify the current mess that is SWTOR.

          He’s also using the classic ‘first world’ problem analogy too which always makes me laugh ->
          Dev ”Here’s some crumbs..eat up!”
          Subscriber ”but I’m still hungry, I want a meal”
          Dev ”Shut up, there’s people starving in the world who don’t even get crumbs! you ungrateful little prick!..now eat the sweetcorn out my shit”
          Fanboy ”yeeee we get sweetcorn today!”


          • Drivan

            Wildstar, Wildstar is in worse shape than SWTOR.
            I’ve been playing it off and on an it just isn’t fun. They aren’t the bag of hot garbage that SWTOR is in the bugs, glitches and exploits categories and they are up front about the fact that they aren’t getting much funding from their parent company. It’s that the game content blows and the mechanics are awful. It’s a niche game and it’s lack of popularity is because not many people fall into this gaming category.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Let’s turn that “logic” around, shall we?

      Let’s see the mess that people that play WoW, ESO or FFXIV DON’T have to put up with.

      Now let’s see how much it costs to actually play those games…

      After that, let’s see how much content those people are getting…

      On second thought, let’s not. Yes, TOR is a polished diamond. The beacon by which all AAA MMO’s must be compared. People just like to bitch and moan. Move along, move along… Nothing to see here…


    • Rompe Himself

      You must be the best customer in the world for shit companies to have. So I could serve you a pile of shit on a plate and as long as I can show there is another company out there that does it even worse, say maybe they serve you not so fresh shit and it comes on a mangled paper plate perhaps, I can get away with it using your logic?? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/582d85103442d894863f28a088ed713c52805ca338d54571d0a4db28773f6bd6.gif

    • Shawn Hargrave

      i play sto its better then tor not sure what “mess” your speaking about? but as far as im concerned sto is light years better then tor sto actually has a f2p and sto isnt telling me every 2 seconds as a “subscriber” in my face i really not sure what your saying here lol

    • Bob Robertson

      And I see everyone completely misunderstood my post. I was not saying that it’s OK just as long as someone else is worse, but go ahead and be snarky asses and feel clever for it if you like, because looking witty and cool with the trendy hate is what mattes.

      I was commenting that the amount of complaining seems disproportionately severe considering the actual state of the game. I’m still less than a year old in SWTOR (this time around), so maybe I haven’t had the appropriate amount of time to become all jaded and WARGARBLE!!!-y. (As a side note, what is the official time limit for being a “fanboy”, or perhaps “newb”, or even “n00b”? It would help to know what derogatory name I should classify myself as for future discussions so I am sure that I know my place and do not speak above my station.) I do however come to SWTOR from 5 years in STO, which is why I used that game as a comparison. I also chose STO because Star Trek and Star Wars are both somewhat unique in their fan bases. Each community is heavily invested in their respective universe, arguably more so than any other franchises. In addition, there really is no alternative or substitute for the two MMOs we have available to us. Given those conditions, it’s not at all surprising that people become easily frustrated and are moved to vent their frustrations. I understand that. I have been there too.

      I have bitched about the login problems that seem to pop up for me every time SWTOR is updated. Having the game crash whenever I Tab out of it on a loading screen is always a good time. The support site is such a hassle that I search for help anywhere else first. The constant “buy this and this and this and that thing too” irked me especially. I complained to my STO pals about that being one thing I really disliked about SWTOR and appreciated not having to deal with in STO. I know this might ruin the image some apparently have of me being an all-SWTOR-all-the-time-everything-else-sucks true-blue fanboy, but I suppose that is my fault to begin with for not being precise in identifying what prompted my initial post. Let me fix that … let’s name some names =D

      George DeathLives:
      “The dev team made a booboo that actually works in my favor for once and has the potential to massively improve my in-game quality of life, at least for a time. Bnous: They are encouraging me to take advantage of it as much as I am able. Double bonus: They are also using this as an opportunity to evaluate the merits of a more permanent reward increase, (so they claim). I must now post a response calling them lazy and offhandedly imply they are dumb through my clever use of sarcasm.”

      Now I’m not suggesting anyone need be grateful, but of all the things to complain about. Really? Really?

      This reminded me of the time in STO where something vaguely similar happened and Cryptic’s response was for one of the guys in charge to publicly call anyone who ran the missions in question cheaters and probably also a bunch of 14-year-olds, or people with no lives living in their mom’s basement, etc. Then they did a rollback that caught a lot of people who were in no way involved in any of it. They later reversed it to some degree, but that Eff You! was left hanging out there.

      Rompe Himself:
      I do not completely understand the context of your long post detailing the things Keith has said so I can’t assign weight to it in my mind, but the whole thing came across as kind of petty, especially since it had nothing to do with the topic at hand … kind of like a couple arguing and one bringing up something from the past that the other might have done wrong, not to promote or defend the argument, but just to be mean.

      The cartoon was pretty funny though, so thanks for the chuckle there.

      Paulo Gomes:
      The game IS dying. It’s probably already dead and just twitching. It’s really hard to tell since all online games are declared DOA before they make it out of Beta. I hate it when some of them spend five or six years to completely dead. It makes us all look silly when the things don’t die off when we think they must be about too. Maybe they are holding out for true love, or something.

      Shawn Hargrave:
      Maybe “mess” was not the best word to use. STO is not a mess itself, but compared to SWTOR, it is messy. You cannot deny that there is a large disparity in the overall quality level between STO and SWTOR. I am not going to list of specific examples because this is turning into a book already, but you must have experienced the feeling. I think in STO, we are so used to stuff being a bit wonky or unpolished (or just plain broken) in STO that we expect it to some degree, or at least I do.

      … “The new weapon accidentally heals enemies instead of damaging them? Eh. Not surprising. Whatever. I guess it will get fixed in a couple of days.”

      On the other hand, when I see some bug in SWTOR, it really jumps out at me because I just don’t see that kind of sloppiness on the same scale as I do in STO.

      There we go. An entire essay I shouldn’t have had to write explaining things I shouldn’t have had to explain. Don’t expect me to spoil you like this all the time.

      I guess I can also let this serve as my introduction, not that I expect anyone to read this all the way through.

      Just in case, though … Hi!

    • Drivan

      I disagree with this statement.
      Is STO pay to win, yes, yes, yes. Once you reach the rank of Captain (level 30) you need to start investing money into the game to keep it fun. However, for as old of a game as it is I think the graphics are still pretty damn good, the gameplay is fun and it has elements that no other game has, the space combat.
      Does the ground game in STO suck? Yeah kinda. Does Pay to Win suck? Totally. Are their bugs any worse than SWTOR bugs? No, about the same.
      STO for all it’s faults is still releasing more content than SWTOR is though. They just launched a small expansion earlier this year and another one is coming before Christmas.

      This is just like the folks that want to argue that SWTOR is better off than ESO and that isn’t true either. To be honest there aren’t many games that are in worse shape than SWTOR, except maybe Wildstar, you know the SWTOR and WoW killer… That game blows goat ass…

  • Davrel Kex

    Ok so wtf happened to class balancing with utilities and merc/sniper DCDs?

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