Destiny 2 Io Region Chests Guide

A guide to all the Destiny 2 region chests located on Io.

These chests can be only looted once per account (not per character) and will disappear off the map once you have looted them. They give tokens for that region’s reputation, glimmer currency and chance to give you relics for your character’s subclasses.

The chests and the map icons for them only appear once you have completed the story campaign for that area.

The Rupture

There are three region chests on the Rupture section of Io.




The Rupture #1

This one is a bit tricky and require some precise platforming so I find third person mode (activated by using a sword as your power weapon) helps a lot. Follow the path from the landing platform SE towards the region chest until you see some rocks to your right you can climb and follow the path up.


You will see two floating platforms. Jump on them and get up. Then follow the path to the right.


Passing through the room with the pillars, you will see more floating platforms and a teleport at the end.  Go through the teleport and head straight to find the region chest outside.


The Rupture #2

From the first chest, run back the way you came and exit the portal. Once you exit the portal, immediately look for a small ledge to your left. Drop down carefully to that ledge to grab this region chest.


The Rupture #3

From the landing platform, follow the road and run east until you are near the chest marker. Look for a cave and enter through it. Once you are inside the cave, look for an opening on your right (easy to miss) with a bunch of Fallen enemies in them guarding the chest.


Lost Oasis

There are three region chests on the Lost Oasis section of Io.




  • Lost Oasis #1 – 4:23
  • Lost Oasis #2 – 5:00
  • Lost Oasis #3 – 5:53

Lost Oasis #1

From the landing platform, follow the path to your right and immediately look for another path that leads down to your right.


You will see a cave entrance to your left as you descend the path. The chest is right inside the cave.


Lost Oasis #2

From the landing platform, head directly south until you see a cave like structure with some Taken wandering around.


Run past them into the tunnels and keep running through the tunnels until you see the chest guarded by some Taken.


Lost Oasis #3

From the landing platform, head east all the way to the marker of the region chest. You should see a large tree stump with roots spreading out. Look for an opening that that leads to a tunnel.


Go through the tunnel and keep your eye on the right for a well lit opening. Jump down the opening to grab the chest.


Giant’s Scar

There are three region chests in Giant’s Scar.




  • Giant’s Scar #1 – 7:40
  • Giant’s Scar #2 – 8:32
  • Giant’s Scar #3 – 9:25

Giant’s Scar #1

Look for the tall tower near the landing platform. The region chest is on top of it. To make it on top, you need to jump on the cables connecting the tall tower and then jump up from the cables.


Giant’s Scar #2

This one is pretty easy to reach, it is on the left arm of the giant drill as you are coming from the landing platform. Just jump on it from the rocks nearby and walk along the left edge to reach it.


Giant’s Scar #3

Another easy one, just jump down from the previous chest and head towards the cave nearby. The chest is behind a tree.


  • Deep Winter

    Dulfy, making Destiny 2 guides!?! Whoo hooo!!! 😀

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      I just noticed too, thats awesome

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  • Jose Ramon Aguiñaga Morales
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    Got to the top of the tower for Giant’s Scar #1, but can’t get the interaction flyout so I can open it. :/

  • SV108

    Great guide for Rupture Chest #2. That one was driving me nuts, and even another guide from another site was totally unhelpful. Even the video on that site wasn’t related to getting the chests.

    My quick tip for getting that one is to crouch down and squeeze into the small space on the platform above the ledge the chest is on, and dropping down as close to the ledge below as possible. Follow the red arrows on the picture and look for the little bit sticking out. It’s small and hard to see, but it’s there.

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