Destiny 2 EDZ European Dead Zone Lost Sectors Guide

A guide to all the Destiny 2 Lost Sectors located in European Dead Zone.

Lost Sectors are basically repeatable mini dungeons where you can go in, kill a bunch of enemies and defeat the captain to get a cache key that allow you to open the cache he is guarding. They can be repeated after a certain cooldown.  The caches in the the Lost Sectors of European Dead Zone rewards uncommon gear and EDZ tokens that can be exchanged for reputation.


There are three Lost Sectors located in European Dead Zone. Atrium, Widow’s Walk and Terminus East.


1. Atrium

First one is located inside the church where Devrim Kay is and is where the first adventure A New Frontier takes you. You should have it unlocked automatically upon completing the adventure. Kill the Skexis Outcast Captain and don’t forget to loot the chest before you leave.


2. Terminus East

Look for a little opening in one of the metal doors and crouch through it to drop down to the abandoned train station. Follow the tunnels and defeat the Kalsis Sunless Captain to loot the chest.


3. Widow’s Walk

The entrance to it is not too far from the church. Look for a building with gragerich billboard at the top and take a right following the neon sign amsel until you see enemies with a captain guarding the stash as usual.



There are three Lost Sectors in Outskirts section of European Dead Zone: Scavenger’s Den, The Drain, and Whispered Falls.


1. Scavenger’s Den

Entrance to the Lost Sector is pretty easy to find at the marked location on the map. The sector is fairly large, cumulating in a boss fight at the end with Graxus Blind Captain after you bypass a bunch of laser booby traps.


2. The Drain

The location for this Lost Sector is a tunnel beneath a bridge at the marked area on the map. Shortly in, you will encounter a fork in the path. Take the right path to proceed into the Lost Sector. As you progress into the Lost Sector, keep an eye for another fork in the path and take the right again this time (if you wander into a large cavern with stairs leading down to a dead end, you took the wrong path here).


Kill the Drekthas Metal Captain for the cache key. The cache is located a bit back in the large room.


3. Whispered Falls

At the marker on the map you will see a tiny hole leading to a darkened tunnels. Keep following and defeat enemies along the way. When you come across chasm, jump on the ledges to your left to continue to the boss. Kill Keldrik Drained Captain to retrieve the cache key.


The Sludge

There are three Lost Sectors in The Sludge: Shaft 13, Cavern of Souls, and Hallowed Grove.


1. Shaft 13

Entrance to this Lost Sector is among the building rubbles at the marked area on the map. Once you get in the tunnels leading to the Lost Sector, you need to do some jumping up to proceed. Kill Calzar Scarred Captain for the cache key.


2. Cavern of Souls

Go to the map marker and you should see a ruined factory with a bunch of shipping containers blocking a large door. Go through it to proceed through the Lost Sector. Defeat Varghul Shadow of Oryx in a darkened cavern for the cache key.


3. Hallowed Grove

Entrance to this Lost Sector is behind the rock marked with the Lost Sector symbol. Defeat Vendraxis Shadow of Oryx for the cache key.


The Gulch

There is only one Lost Sector in The Gulch: Flooded Chasm


1. Flooded Chasm

This Lost Sector is at the bottom of a big slope that lead you up to two region chests. Defeat the Cabal and Fallen enemies and then slaughter Phyzann Drowned Captain for the cache key.


Firebase Hades

There are three Lost Sectors in Firebase Hades: Excavation Site XII, Pathfinder’s Crash, and The Pit.


1. Excavation Site XII

Entrance for this Lost Sector is this little cave entrance visible from the map marker. You may need to jump up some ledges to reach it. Kill Dust-Choked Thrag for the key.


2. Pathfinder’s Crash

At the marked location on the map, look for tracks leading to a cave entrance. Defeat Zerz the Unstoppable Weight for cache key.


3. The Pit

Near the marker is a tunnel that run through beneath the base. There is an opening there that leads to the Lost Sector. Defeat Kurg the All-Seeing Force for the cache key.


Sunken Isles

The last section of European Dead Zone has two Lost Sectors: The Quarry and Skydock IV.


1. The Quarry

Go to the map marker and you should see a cave you can enter. Proceed inside and defeat the cabal enemies until you encounter a small opening on the ground. Crawl through to find the boss room and defeat Fortifier Yann for the key.


2. Skydock IV

Close to the map marker is an underpass that run through the base. Go through the underpass and jump on the ledge on the right. Go through the opening in the wall.Jump down through the hole in the ground when you see it.


Defeat Devourer Darg for the cache key.


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    I have learned to do the lost sectors as soon as i can do them, since once completed, you can highlight them and you see their names, but this is only possible after you do them or at the very least visit them. (but why visit and not do them?)

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