Destiny 2 EDZ European Dead Zone Region Chests Guide

A guide to all the Destiny 2 region chests located in European Dead Zone (EDZ).

These chests can be only looted once per account (not per character) and will disappear off the map once you have looted them. They give tokens for that region’s reputation, glimmer currency and chance to give you relics for your character’s subclasses.

The chests and the map icons for them only appear once you have completed the story campaign for that area.


There are two region chests in Trostland.




  • Trostland #1 – 0:00
  • Trostland #2 – 0:31

Trostland #1

From the quick travel point, look for a broken school bus. Behind it is a building that you can get in the back to find this region chest.


Trostland #2

Near the same school bus is another building with rubbles that you can climb on. Once you get up, jump through the hole in the ceiling to get to the higher level where the region chest is. It may take a few jumps.



There are three region chests in Outskirts.




  • Outskirt #1 – 1:17
  • Outskirt #2 – 1:54
  • Outskirt #3 – 2:41

Outskirt #1

Go to the location on the map, you will see a building with the blue gragerich sign and enter through it. The take a right and go into a room with the wooden tables and chairs.


Outskirt #2

At the chest marker on the map, you will see a ruined building with exposed walls and joists. Jump on them and reach the highest level to get this region chest.


Outskirt #3

Around the chest marker area you should see a bridge road. Jump under it and turn around to find the entrance to a small cave with the region chest.


Winding Cove

There are three region chests in Winding Cove.




  • Winding Cove #1 – 3:30
  • Winding Cove #2 – 4:22
  • Winding Cove #3 – 5:12

Winding Cove #1

If you head in the direction of the chest marker, close to it you should see a bunch of rocks leading high up. Climb up and you will find the chest.


Winding Cove #2

Close to the chest marker is a crashed ship. If you go under the ship, and look to the right of it, there should be a path through the ledges to jump up to where the ship is. The chest is right next to the ship.


Winding Cove #3

This one is pretty easy to get. You can just jump down from the last chest or just run here. It is right under the bridge.


The Sludge

There are three region chests in The Sludge




  • The Sludge #1 – 5:37
  • The Sludge #2 – 6:04
  • The Sludge #3 – 6:59

The Sludge #1

Right near the landing platform is a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a dark cave with the region chest at the end.


The Sludge #2

To the left of the landing platform is a broken building Go through the squareish door and then make a very long jump to the level above from the shipping container.


The Sludge #3

Near the chest marker is a hole in the wall of the building. Go in and find the chest.


The Gulch

There are three region chests in The Gulch




  • The Gulch #1 – 8:01
  • The Gulch #2 – 8:47
  • The Gulch #3 – 9:36

The Gulch #1

When you get to the area, you will see a huge circular tunnels. To the right of it is a little slope you can climb and you will find a cave at the end holding the region chest.


The Gulch #2

Go the area near the marker, you should be under a bridge with a steep slope blocking your way. Jump up the slope and about halfway, look to your right for a cave entrance.


The Gulch #3

Exit the cave onto that slope. Go straight for the ledge in front of the you and you should see the region chest in a cave along the path once you get up the ledge.


Firebase Hades

There are three region chests in Firebase Hades




  • Firebase Hades #1 – 10:14
  • Firebase Hades #2 – 10:59
  • Firebase Hades #3 – 11:41

Firebase Hades #1

The region chest is on top of a slope in the marked area. Take the path up the slope and then loot the chest.


Firebase Hades #2

Head towards the firebase and take this ramp up.It should lead you into a room with a  holographic cannon spinning in the air. The chest is just on the ledge where some snipers were shooting you.


Firebase Hades #3

When you arrive in the area near the marker, look for some platforms attached to the firebase. Jump to the taller platform to find your chest.


Sunken Isles

The last region of EDZ also have three region chests.




  • Sunken Isle #1 – 12:36
  • Sunken Isle #2 – 13:04
  • Sunken Isle #3 – 13:52

Sunken Isles #1

Probably the easiest region chest to get. It is just lying there out in the open at the marked location.


Sunken Isles #2

Follow the main path into the Red Legion building/underpass and then jump up to this ledge. The chest is just inside the room.


Sunken Isles #3

From the last chest, you want to run back to the underpass and drive all the way to the other end. Then hop on the structure above the underpass. The chest is in one of the corners.


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