GW2 Arenanet Announces New Official Forums

Arenanet is revamping the old official forums to a new look right before Path of Fire launch.


We’re excited to announce that today we are launching new official forums for Guild Wars 2. The new forums will offer many terrific features, including:

  • SSO (Single Sign-on) Technology: Log in using the latest in secure systems.
  • Mobile Support: Enjoy an improved forum experience while using your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Avatars: Select from a bank of game-related images to customize your forum look.
  • Reactions: Easily share your feedback on a post or thread through the reactions system.
  • Ranks: Identify forum members who have written posts and threads of particular value to the community.
  • Badges: Increase your forum rep by getting badges based on your positive contributions, longevity, and more.
  • Search Engine: Look up a topic of interest; expand, continue, or update an existing discussion.

The existing forums will be locked later today, but our plan is to keep the current forums accessible in an archived, read-only mode until the end of October. We’ll gather your feedback about how things are functioning in a feedback thread in the Bugs Subforum.


Retaining Content

While we have ported over some of our important sticky threads, we won’t be migrating normal content from the old forum’s database into the new one. If you have created a thread—for instance, a guide, a guild recruitment notice, a continuing fan-art or fan-fiction series—please feel free to re-create that content on the new forums in the proper subcommunity/subforum. (The configuration for both forums will remain essentially the same.) If you think another forum member should move content that they have written over to the new forum, please post in their thread to encourage them to do so.

How to Log In

Our new forums will use SSO (single sign-on) technology, so logging in will be simple yet secure. Join anytime by logging in through your game account’s username (your email address) and password. Your display name in the forums will match your display name in the game. For security reasons, we won’t store your password on the forums themselves, just your display name. Once you have logged in, you can visit your personal profile page to customize your account, and then start checking out the features and functionality of the new forums.

About Accounts

The forums will be visible to everyone, members and visitors alike. Everyone with a paid Guild Wars 2 account in good standing can participate on the new forums. A game account holder whose forum privileges were terminated on the old forums will be granted one-time amnesty in order to rejoin the forum community. Members who join the new forums under amnesty should be aware that they are subject to permanent revocation of their forum privileges upon breach of the User Agreement or Forum Code of Conduct on the new forums. Play-for-free players will be able to log in to bookmark posts.

We want to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions about the new forums, please feel free to post in the forum feedback thread. Once again, welcome to the new Guild Wars 2 Official Forums!

  • Answerer
  • Shadow

    Fun stuff, I found it out one month ago by stumbling across it accidentally 😛 (

    • Shadow

      ^ Oops, remove the ) at end if the link fails, I can’t edit it.

  • Alot

    It would be nice if the forums could be accessed from in game.

    • The One Copper Bard

      Would be nice but it would probably cause latency issues and bog things down.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      When games do that I don’t even use it anyways cuz the little popup version is just pointless. Make full use of your PC master race privilege and get a 2nd monitor. :>

  • Athanasios Retouniotis

    New forum, but devs will still never actively participate :D. Dat warrior bug (Last Stand trait) has been issued many times during the past month without any response (even from a community manager, saying Guys the issue will be resolved when PoF comes out or its just a typo etc) 😀

    • yea theres a bug with Last stand that ignores crowd control. Either the trait doesn’t go off or you just dont get stunned at all. Seems to work when you’re jumping too.

      • Athanasios Retouniotis

        This hasnt happened to me. The most obvious problem, however, is the cooldown reduction bug. The tooltip says that the cooldowns for stances are reduced, but thats not true. I suppose, there is either a typon in the trait description or a bug in the trait.

        • Ah ok yea i saw that on the forums. Did you make that lol? But yea there is no stance CD reduction, that must be a tool-tip typo

          • Athanasios Retouniotis

            The matter has been issued multiple times by an abudant of people over the past month. Sorry, it wasn’t me.

  • Talindra

    Never been, not starting now.

  • Ardenwolfe

    May be a case of too little, too late. Not to mention the moderators are the worst I’ve ever encountered in all my years of posting. It’s not a coincidence that traffic has died there and most posters, if they continue to post, have gone to Reddit.

    Either way, they changed the scenery, but not the situation.

    • DarksunG

      No joke. Super biased, politically motivated censorship.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    rip all my post

  • Certavus

    Maybe they’ll stop banning people for petty reasons this time.

  • Asda

    Oh boy badges and ranks, now we can be even more “your opinion doesn’t matter because of an arbitrary number/sigil next to your name” popularity contest elitists who shun all communication that doesn’t fit the approved echo chamber.

  • Trillium

    Nice try, Anet, but I still won’t go to your website. Dulfy is the real GW2 website and Disqus is superior to whatever tech you’re using.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    The only reason I go to the official forums is for the release notes. And that often fails too if too soon after the release because of… whatever the reason might be (crappy servers, incompetent people managing, or anything else).

    I agree with people pointing out “ranks and badges” are a bad idea. Sure it might increase traffic, but in the long run it discourages quality of content in favor of quantity (aka “shit posting”). I’ve seen this a lot on private forums and sites, and that’s fine. Your playground, you can do whatever you want and this type of game is obviously included. But it’s a bit odd, to say the least, to see it on a company forum, from a company that claims professionalism and prestige.

    Either way, I find it completely irrelevant. And a bit ridiculous, considering the devs themselves avoid the official forums. I highly doubt this “forum revamp” will change that, seeing as how the devs were avoiding the forums because they couldn’t deal with criticism (constructive or otherwise), evidenced in my opinion by a very obvious and immature trend in their posting on reddit (answering to almost all “fluff” and “praise” posts, but conspicuously avoiding almost all “negative”/bugs posts).

  • mandala

    why do they even bother, anyone who plays gw2 knows that arenanet communicates through fb/tt or whatever other social media platform but their own forums; you literally get more information on this dulfy site than official one, and to state the obvious – this site covers more games than just gw2.

  • I find it easier to check here to be honest >.>

    I have been to the new forums because – shiny – and posted a few times etc. Well, getting automatically signed out in the middle of writing a post is probably a bug? I guess??

    Well, I know there’s a Reddit too and I read it sometimes. Maybe the same or less than the forums. But the most concise info tends to be on Dulfy so… yeah. Twitter and Facebook, I don’t know, I guess sometimes there’s some fun fan stuff. Kinda reminds me of random GW2 Tumblrs.

    Am I missing anything?

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