Destiny 2 MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Weapon Guide

A guide to getting the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic weapon in Destiny 2.

There are three exotic weapon quests you can do once you reach Power Level 265. While you can do these earlier, it is not recommended since these exotic quests are one of the few ways to reach higher than 265 power.

MIDA Multi-Tool is a great kinetic Scout Rifle you can get. This quest chain requires the dismantling of 5 rare or above scout rifles (so make sure you save the scout rifles as you come across them) and also rewards you with a SMG energy weapon called MIDA Mini Tool.


Step One: Enhance

Go to EDZ and pick up the blue questline Enhance.


1. Find Glowing Fallen – You should see some around the beacon where you activated the questline.


2. Investigate Glowing Fallen – Collect six Ether Samples by defeating more of these Glowing Fallen

3. Find Signature Traces Your Nav Mode should lead you to this door that lead you further down below.


4. Reach Cabal Signature – To proceed further you will need to grab the arc charges and put them into receivers to disable the force barriers.


5. Disable the EM Field

6. Destroy Cabal Device

Step Two: Differential Diagnosis

Go back to Devrim and talk to him. This will allow you to pick up the quest Differential Diagnosis after.


  1. Investigate nearby barrier
  2. Breach the barrier – Kill nearby fallen captain to get some explosives and then shoot at it from a distance after planting it to break the barrier.
  3. Bypass Fallen Security
  4. Find Ether Cache
  5. Destroy Ether Cache
  6. Find Another Cache (this take you all the way to Widow’s Walk Lost Sector).
  7. Call in Reinforcements/Destroy Ether Caches
  8. Secure the Area (you can loot the cache after defeating the captain)

Step Three: Experimental Treatment

Go and pick up the third quest: Experimental Treatment


  1. Pursue the servitor
  2. Find the Ether Producer – Defeat the Archon Priest
  3. Cut off Enhanced Ether Supply
  4. Entice the Servitor
  5. Destroy the Servitor (it has a lot of HP so it is a long chase)

Return to Devrim to claim your reward MIDA Mini-Tool. If you lose it in the future, you can buy it but it will be at 265 power level.


Step Four: Sight, Shoot, Repeat

Go back go Banshee in The Tower and pick up this new quest.


You will need to perform the following objectives with a Scout Rifle (any location, any enemy)

  • Defeat 50 enemies with precision hits (i.e. headshots)
  • Defeat 25 enemies with precious hits without reloading

The item he gives you goes in the kinetic weapon slot so you can keep track of your kills.

After you have done that, return to Banshee for the next step

Step Five: Under the Hood

For this step you need to salvage five Scout Rifles (rare or above).


Step Six: The Fall Will Kill You

For this last step, you need to get 50 airborne kills with a SMG. Hopefully you still have your MIDA Mini-Tool. Complete this step and return to Banshee for your MIDA Multi-Tool Scout rifle.


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